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  1. Come and join us for a night of fun for kids of all ages. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ict-supporters-trust-bowling-night-for-kids-of-all-ages-tickets-51348108575 Always a fun night and due to the lane booking unfortunately numbers have to be limited so please don't delay in booking so that as we can do our best to ensure as many people as possible can attend. We are hoping to have one or two special guests along so make sure you don't miss out.
  2. Statement from Alan Russell, Supporters Direct and Independent chair of the Election Management Group 6 nominations were received, all nominees meet the eligibility criteria and have been suitably nominated/proposed/seconded, and now form the board of CJT – which now meets the requirements laid out in your rules · These board members will serve for a period of three years, or longer should they stand for re-election in future · 3 late nominations were received, these will be reviewed at the first meeting of the new board, and if those individuals meet the eligibility criteria a
  3. Thank you to those of you who submitted nominations. All the forms were collected from the stadium at noon today and have been forwarded to the Election Management Committee for verification. An announcement will be made as soon as we receive their confirmation.
  4. Most recently we worked with the charity Lucky to be here and donated a defib and training to the Inverness Street League. Press photos to follow
  5. Thanks Don, we appreciate your help and of course your proxy form template will be accepted. We have finally received the form we were waiting for from Supporters Direct which is now attached. We are sorry for the short notice but if you could please have these back to us by Monday at 4pm it would be much appreciated. You can send or hand in to the stadium or probably the easiest is to scan and email to [email protected] We hope that as many people as possible can attend the meeting on Tuesday and look forward to seeing you there. CJT Proxy.docx
  6. Please find attached notice of the forthcoming Special General Meeting which was requested by 37 members and will now take place on Tuesday 15th May. The notices have been sent out tonight by email and some will be sent tomorrow by mail, however we have received a high number of bounced email addresses so we would appreciate it if you could fill in the attached form and advise us of any updates so that we have the correct information on file. Special General Meeting Notice April 2018.pdf Membership Details Form.pdf
  7. Please find attached notice of the forthcoming Special General Meeting which will take place on Wednesday 18th April at 7pm in the ICT Social Club in Greig Street Special General Meeting Notice April 2018.doc
  8. Thank you for your comments. I'm sorry that we haven't been able to respond sooner but we are a group of volunteers who all have other commitments. First of all we would like to confirm that the board is indeed correctly constituted and valid as we have worked closely with Supporters Direct to ensure that this is the case. The board is made up as follows Chair - Liz MacRae Appointed Company Secretary - Hamish Wood Appointed Treasurer - Kath Fraser Director - Laura Grant Director - Cliff Sim Co-opted Membership Secretary - Issy Fairclough Thank you to t
  9. Following our board meeting of 27th February we would like to thank you for giving us the time to get our rules registered and accounts signed. The last two months have been very difficult, double family bereavements have made normal day to day activities difficult to undertake and we thank you for bearing with us. Working closely with Supporters Direct Scotland we have now been able to register the model rules and have the accounts signed. The board now has 6 members who are working hard to take the society forward and we would like to invite a further four enthusiasts to join us.
  10. DATE OPPONENT DEPART Caley Club DEPART Stadium 31st January Hamilton 14:15 14:30 11th February Celtic 07:00 07:15 18th February Hearts 09:45 10:00 11th March Partick Th 09:45 10:00
  11. Supporters Bus will leave Caley Club at 12.45 and stadium 13.00. £10 each 12yrs and under £5 each. Book via forum, Facebook or on 07951309504
  12. From start of 2017 all 12 year olds and under will travel for £10 instead of £20. This is made possible by sponsorship, donations and fundraising secured by the Travel Club since the start of the season.
  13. Trying to gauge demand for bus to Elgin. £10 a head. Let us know by 31st December. Either on Facebook, forum or 07951309504. Thanks.
  14. Subsidised bus leaves Caley Club 12.00 Stadium 12.15. £5 each. To book phone or text 07951309504 or message Facebook page.
  15. Leaves Caley Club 7.00 Stadium 7.15. Free to anyone who has travelled with Travel Club five times or more this season. Under 10s free. Under 18s £10. All others £20. To book seats call 07951309504 or message Facebook page.
  16. If you have travelled on our supporters bus five times or more this season you will be able to travel on this bus FREE. This is a thank you from the Travel Club for your continuous support and is made possible by sponsors and fund raising. Also under 10s travel free and 10-16 year olds £10. Usual fare of £20 for everyone else either return or one way. An early Christmas pressie. But book your seats early as we have quite a few bookings already.
  17. Bus times are as follows 26/11 Dundee 10.45 Caley Club 11.00 Stadium 3/12 St Johnstone 11.00 Caley Club 11.15 Stadium 17/12 Kilmarnock 9.30 Caley Club 9.45 Stadium 24/12 Rangers 7.00 Caley Club, 7.15 Stadium Pick up at Aviemore. There will be hot pies courtesy of Hastie & Dyce for sale for £1 on St Johnstone bus. To book your seat contact us on 07951309504 or through Facebook. In accordance with Police Scotland and D & E Coaches there is a strict alcohol ban on supporters buses.
  18. Bus leaves Caley Club 10.00 and stadium 10.15. Pick up Aviemore. £20 per head. Book seats on 07951309504 or on Facebook page
  19. Unfortunately not the first incident at Hamilton, drum got stolen last season and we had to get the Chairman of Hamilton involved to get it back. That's why CJT but got free tickets for this game and got to park the bus in the ground to try and avoid any trouble!
  20. I will check how much of each colour we have, then you can decide if you want to use it. the card is in my office so will check tomorrow.
  21. If its a card display you are looking to do, we still have some of the card left over from the cup final. We have blue, red and white card which would be enough to do something in one section of that would help?
  22. Still seats available for this bus. £15 per seat. And don't forget if you travelled with us last season to Hamilton there will be free entry for you for this game if you travel with us again.
  23. CalyJagsTogether are trying to gauge interest for running a bus to the Rangers and Celtic games as in previous years we have had very little interest and have had to cancel the bus. So, if your interested in us running a bus for either of theses games can you comment below to note your interest. If there are enough people interested we will run buses to these games.
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