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  1. As promised....further information on the Fans v Legends Match can be found by CLICKING HERE
  2. Further information on how you can become a part of the Fans Squad and play against the Legends will follow in due course.
  3. ICTFC v Kilmarnock Caley Jags Together have booked out the Kingsmills Suite for our home match versus Kilmarnock on Saturday 11th August and are inviting the first 150 members (and new members) who book the chance to join us for a little matchday hospitality. Entry for Members is FREE (although we will be happy to take donations from those who wish to contribute). Non-Members are welcome to book, but you will need to join Caley Jags Together on arrival (£1) Offer does not include matchday ticket which you will need to purchase seperately (for Main Stand). Season Ticket Hol
  4. - Been getting it wrong loads and having to correct myself all day, better go check I've not screwed it up anywhere else.
  5. Anyone who is/was a "live" member of the Supporters Trust will see their membership continue (although renewals will be due shortly and we'll be in touch about that). Members of the Supporters Club (who were not also members of the Supporters Trust) should have received a form with the last letter to complete and return. If not then I've attached a form to this post for you....this form can also be used by anyone else who wishes to join. Any forms which currently have Supporters Trust on them are valid for joining Caley Jags Together....this is because we are aware that there's form
  6. Amazing start to the new season with the first bus already full and taking bookings for a second. It's going to be a great day out....don't miss it....book your space on the bus by calling 07951 309504.
  7. I have no real desire to be getting into petty squabbles with anyone over the name of the organisation....and I did not say you were not a member of the Supporters Club (or Caley Jags Together for that matter). I have no way of knowing if you are a member or not and had actually assumed you were given your concern over the name, my reference to non-members was merely that their feedback is, as stated, also appreciated. You are never going to please all the people all the time, and it's inevitable that some will like the name better than others. What actually matters is what the organisa
  8. Thank you, feed back from non-members is also appreciated.
  9. There was never a £1 membership for the Travel Club, so I'm assuming you joined the (as was) Trust....in which case you will have received a letter explaining that nothing changes in respect of your membership.
  10. For those who have not picked up the news from elsewhere yet, we released a statement today explaining that Inverness Caledonian Thistle Supporters Trust and Supporters Club have come together to form a single fan’s organisation which will be known as ‘Caley Jags Together’. The full press release can be read by clicking here.
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