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  1. hughesictfc

    caley top for charity

    hi joe all the money raised goes to the charity blue cross which takes in animals , as you know it costs a lot to keep abandond animals last charity match raised £770 , so it is going to a could cause my little dog died of cancer 3 weeks ago so it means alot to me, kind regards julian
  2. hughesictfc

    3 Points on Saturday

    6 pints of ale , two pies and a draw would be ok.....
  3. hughesictfc

    caley top for charity

    hi all , this year there is a charity sea fishing match for pet dogs who have died with cancer the charity is for blue cross , everybody wheres there colours , and i know this sounds a massive cheek and i am sorry but i was wondering if anyone had a caley top in large they dont want anymore i will pay as much as i can afford and postage it would make me proud to where our top in the charity match ...... kind regards julian
  4. hughesictfc

    Identify the player from former clubs

    no11 dean macdonald ipswich signed him from arsenal who later went on to play for caley, also TERRY BUTCHER ofcourse, josh meekings and sergie belatha all connections with our clubs.......jules
  5. hughesictfc

    supporters branch

    thanks caleyd il sort it out straight away thank you..................jules
  6. hughesictfc

    supporters branch

    well ive tried to join cjg but cant find a online form help please lol
  7. hughesictfc

    supporters branch

    please NO LOL u cant mention i cant even write it c####y in the same breath as tractor boys lol we both play in blue not y######w and g###n i will join the cjt and go on from there i think and maybe we cant sort something out with the midlands lads ,
  8. hughesictfc

    supporters branch

    hi all i live in suffolk just outside ipswich and support itfc and ictfc , and i would like to start a supporters club does anyone know who i have to contact to start one off. thank you all ............jules