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  1. Bill Johnston (Biggin) RIP I'm afraid I have to report the death, yesterday of Bill Johnston, better known as Biggin. Bill was responsible for the setting up and running of the ICT Fantasy Football Leagues. For now these leagues will run their course to the end of the football season. A new Admin will be required should you wish to continue next season. His untimely death came only one month after the death of his wife, Brenda. Bill was a former Club Sponsor and life long fan. He died after a short illness in Urcal, Spain.
  2. I'm back for a third season. Thanks for running it again Biggin.
  3. Thanks for your Fantasy League Management for another season. Hope to see you next season. Albert (Stokies) and Kelwyn (Real Stoke)
  4. Thanks to Biggin for running an informative thread throughout the competition. I hope to return next season for more fantasy fun! Roll on August.
  5. Really looking forward to this. Thanks Biggin, I'm in both Leagues this season. Good Luck everyone.
  6. Thanks Biggin for a well run Head to Head League. I guess I got lucky topping the league with my CD Stoke outfit. That was the closest finish I've ever been involved with. I hope you are running it again next season. If so, please count me in. I'd also like a pop at the Classic if possible.
  7. Hi Guys, Just joined in your Head to Head Fantasy League fun. I crept in just before deadline with CD Stoke. Yes, I'm a Stoke City fan. But do have a passing interest in Caley.
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