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  1. That made me laugh too! Post of the year?! The club’s report on the match: https://ictfc.com/match-report-ictfc-1-0-partick-thistle-24-03-2023
  2. I agree with that. It was a cynical and unnecessary foul, but we see them in almost every game and normally a yellow at worst.
  3. I thought he had a decent game trying to break things up and stop Partick playing in midfield. I was worried when we lost Devine pre-match (and did Mckay miss part of the warm up too as I didn’t see him doing shooting practice) but the defence coped remarkably well with Partick’s thugs and got a deserved clean sheet. A shout out for Delaney who didn’t let the early (possibly harsh) yellow stop him playing his part, particularly as he was the right sided central defender so on his weaker foot. Any word on Ram, as he’s been out for a while now, and we are short at the back depending on the issues with Devine and Duffy.
  4. That must be one of the worst, maybe even the worst, refereeing performance in recent years. I normally have some sympathy for the referees as it’s a tough job, but I’ve given him the worst possible score. Much worse than John McKendrick (who used to be the benchmark) and even Willie Collum. That says it all!
  5. Under the circumstances that is probably our best result of the season. The attitude and commitment of the players after Welsh was wrongly sent off was great to see and hopefully the injustice galvanises them to go on a run. Beat Morton next week and, who knows, maybe the play offs could be a possibility. The first half was dire, with a flat atmosphere and the feeling of an end of season game with nothing at stake. The weather probably contributed to that. Ridgers’ save was the highlight in a half we started pretty well but Partick finished on top. Henderson created a great goal for Shaw then the referee lost the plot with the sending off. From then on it was backs to the wall but we got the job done despite it feeling like 10 v 12. Well done to all involved with, for me, Ridgers MOM followed by Henderson and Shaw. Hopefully Devine is fit for next week and we have some other casualties back too. It felt good getting that win against all the odds!
  6. Delaney and Welsh in for Duffy and Mackay. Presumably Carson at right back and Harper left midfield. Its chucking it down at the ground just now
  7. We are long overdue a home league win. Let’s make tonight the night it happens!
  8. I see you can prepay for the last 5 home league games for £16: https://www.icttrust.org.uk/book-a-course?store-page=Car-Parking-Pass-22-23-Season-p541298601 Ironically the small print says it excludes play off matches….. if only we could get into them!!
  9. We are due a home league win! HT 1-0 FT 2-1 ICT Billy Mckay PT Graham Crowd 2076 Any chance of a reminder of jokers remaining Gringo? Thanks.
  10. Aidan Wilson for Rothes again tonight.
  11. I set this debate off by stating my worry that if we don’t get our act together in the league and IF we beat Falkirk, we will have 29 days between matches, and therefore worried about the outcome. I also said I want us to win the semi, but I’m certainly not getting ahead of myself or seeing us as something we are not. I just want league and cup success, as we all do, but also recognise our position at present. We need to play every game the way we played Livingston and Kilmarnock or our season will peter out tamely.
  12. In terms of our league season, Friday night is a must win game. Three points and we move within six of Partick in fourth with a game in hand, within four of Morton in fifth and ahead of Raith. That leaves the play offs as a possibility, albeit we remain outsiders to sneak fourth, but it keeps the league season alive. Lose and we’ve just the cup to focus on. It worries me that, if we beat Falkirk, we have a 29 day break if we are not in the play offs so we risk not being match fit for a game against one of the Old Firm. I want us to make the final, but I also want us to make a positive impression, and having some play off games will help keep the squad match fit. If ever a winning run is needed, it is now.
  13. How did we line up? Duffy and Harper as full backs, Carson alongside Allardice in midfield, and Shaw and Henderson wide with Mackay in the no 10 role?
  14. The club’s report: https://ictfc.com/match-report-queens-park-2-1-ictfc-18-03-2023
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