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  1. Robert

    Game 32 - Ross County (A) 11 Feb

    HT 1-1 FT 3-3 RC Mckay ICT Polworth Crowd 4531
  2. Robert

    19 years. Yikes.

    Memories!! Wonderful!! 👍👍👍👍
  3. Robert

    Inverness CT -V- Partick Th

    On Saturday, Ridgers indicated he was almost fit when I saw him in the shop before the game. Tremarco should be fine as McHattie was there as cover. Hopefully Coll is match fit. I'm in London on Monday night, so relying on the BBC text commentary to make me enjoy the evening!
  4. Robert

    Brice to manage the Accies?

    If we get there.....
  5. Robert

    Inverness CT -V- Partick Th

    I picked the wrong game to take my 7 year old grandson to: that was woeful, and even he knew that. We started ok, but lost two quick goals, and never really got any control of the match. I assume Rooney had an injury, but the second half formation threw me and seemed a bit desperate. At times, it was 2-6-2 with McCart and McHattie at the back and Coll effectively a right wing back with McKay ahead of him and almost a target man towards the end. If we were planning to attack, why did we not have Mackay or MacGregor coming on at half time, or McCauley earlier? Only positives for me were the couple of saves from Cammy Mackay, McCart being solid at the back, even when playing on the right of defence, and McCauley: he is definitely worth a start. Looking forward, I assume Tremarco and Donaldson will be fit for the cup, and I bumped into Ridgers before the game and he was close to being available today and believes he will make the cup game. A bad day, but we started without Ridgers, Tremarco, Donaldson, Doran and Walsh, so there is still room for positivity about getting a play off place.
  6. Robert

    Game 31 - Partick Thistle (H) 02 Feb

    HT 1-0 FT 3-1 ICT White PT Spittal Crowd 2297
  7. Robert

    Game 30 - Ayr United (A) 29 Jan

    HT 1-1 FT 1-1 ICT White Ayr Moore Crowd 1587
  8. Robert

    Game 29 - Falkirk (A) 26 Jan

    HT 0-0 FT 1-2 ICT White Falkirk Rudden Crowd 3853
  9. Robert

    Fifth Round Draw.

    I was really looking forward to the game when the draw was made, assuming that even if it was to be on TV it would be the Friday evening or the Saturday or Sunday. When I heard it was the Monday, I could not believe it, I am away quite a lot during the week, and am in London that night, so will not even be able to see it on TV, relying instead on the radio commentary (if there is one) on line or the text updates. I hope we still get a great, noisy support, and I will be there in spirit if not in body. Go for it guys!!
  10. First two teams drawn out: we are off to Dingwall again!
  11. I actually thought he did ok. A couple of wayward crosses but he was pushing forward and creating overlaps.
  12. Robert

    January signings

    Reid scored his first goal for us today.... lol.... I was told at half time that Tom Walsh is out for two months with a broken foot. If so, we will miss him badly as he has often been our best player, particularly recently, and we need an outlet with pace.
  13. I agree with DD. A strong start made the game safe. It could have been six or seven by half time. White had a great turn and shot that the keeper saved well, whilst several efforts were saved or came close. Possibly inevitably, the second half was subdued with the game won. East Kilbride did have more possession, but rarely threatened and I only recall Ridgers having one save. McCart again the pick of the defence, but Rooney got forward well. In midfield, Chalmers continued being more positive, but Doran was the stand out. Yes, he has lost pace, but his creativity was apparent. White and Oakley both put in a good shift. Given how Ayr fans will be feeling, we did what we needed to do. Pity it was a small crowd, but some noise from the north stand, and a great tribute to young Dawn. I'm hoping we draw County in the last 16....
  14. It's on according to the club's twitter feed. Will be interesting to see I feel any of the youngsters start. Presumably Rooney and Mckay back from suspension, with Mckay replacing Donaldson, who I hope will not be out for long. Remember the minute's tribute for young Dawn in the 16th minute. Her family will appreciate it.
  15. Robert

    Game 28 - East Kilbride (H) 19 Jan

    HT 1-0 FT 5-0 ICT White EK Longridge Crowd 1387