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  1. I’m not sure who from the ST uses the log in that started the thread, but I’ve sent a PM to it with my apologies for tomorrow and a couple of comments that may be relevant for the discussions.
  2. HT 1-1 FT 2-1 ICT Billy Mckay DU Moult Crowd 2634
  3. None last weekend that I noticed.
  4. We’d be in heaven if we thought we could get a 52% win rate again some time soon!! It helps with context though, as does Moog’s post about Robbo’s issues a couple of years ago. I also fully endorse STFU’s comments about the club’s lack of a sense of community. There needs to be a strong focus on healing wounds and being the community club we often say we are. It is time for strong leadership both in terms of the football side but equally important in terms of the community side. But do we have anyone who can deliver that….??
  5. This summary of his managerial doesn’t inspire me:
  6. I was expecting Robbo to replace Dodds in the summer. It was common knowledge that there were issues between them and Robbo wanted him ousted during last season. I assume the cup reprieve stopped that happening. I think the next two or three games will dictate what happens. Perhaps Robbo until the end of the season but I’d like to see Warren and / or Tremarco recruited to the coaching team to be a potential longer term appointment.
  7. The decision made regarding Dodds is undoubtedly correct. He had lost the fans and we are on our third atrocious run of his tenure. I believe we had two seasons when we would have been promoted had we not had mid season collapses. The start this year made things untenable, as highlighted repeatedly here. We also played predictably in many games and teams knew how to play against us. However, we should also recognise that he got us to the play off final, and therefore closer to promotion than anyone else has managed since our relegation, and, with a bit of help from Queens Park, to the Scottish Cup Final. As a result we had great away days with a large support at Perth and Hampden twice, whilst enjoying beating Livingston and Kilmarnock in the cup run. I stress I agree with the decision but we should remember the good days as well as the bad. Now we need to turn things round, starting on Saturday.
  8. I’m surprised we’ve taken this step but see it as a positive. We all know it had to happen, but who made the call? Morrison? Gardiner? Time may tell but I hope this is a sign that the Board (or maybe even the CEO) have noticed the views of fans and taken a decision they maybe didn’t want to make but they realise they had to to stop the decline of the club. Goodness knows what deal Dodds was on. Hopefully it was performance related so the pay off is not damaging to us. Robbo and Charlie need to steady the ship, starting on Saturday, but it sounds like neither is in the frame for the job. I believe we have a squad that can compete at the right end of the table. I hope they now have the chance to show their real capability. I wonder if Doran will now get a start? Recent starting line ups looked to me that they were either “hope for the best” or drawn out of a hat. I never like seeing anyone lose their jobs but this decision had to be made. I just hope it means onward and upwards for us as we’ve 31 games to right the wrongs.
  9. Got an e-mail from the club today with a 40% off offer from Puma, saying I could share it so hopefully it may be of use to some: Good Afternoon, Please see below 40% discount offer that will be available from club partner PUMA.COMwebsite through to Sunday 17th September. Simply use FOREVER as a discount code and it will apply a 40% discount off the goods at checkout (T/Cs apply).. Please feel free to share with Family, Colleagues, Playing staff and players.
  10. Jay Henderson for County in the North of Scotland Cup against North Caledonian League Golspie tonight. Golspie get the plaudits as County only won 3-0.
  11. That’s unfortunate as I’d have attended but can’t as I’m meeting a pal who supports Dundee United and is coming up that day for a couple of drinks before the game. I hope it is a well attended productive session.
  12. HT 1-1 FT 1-2 ICT Billy Mckay Raith Vaughn Crowd 3000
  13. Andrew MacRae for Brora at the weekend in the Highland League Cup.
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