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  1. Robert

    Brian Rice

    At least it is resolved. I'm sorry to see Brian go, as I do believe he contributed to our achievements, but if he was tempted by St Mirren it is best he gets the chance to go (memories of what happened with Yogi and Dundee United....)l We have time to finalise the back room structure before the season starts, so hopefully we withstand this and deliver the promise many of us see in the squad. Cheers Brian, all the best (until we play you in season 19/20?).
  2. Robert

    Brian Rice

    Oops, just back from holiday and catching up: guilty of reading the messages too quickly! Going off topic, used the Loganair service to Bergen: great city. If you go, take a spare bag and stock up at the duty free at baggage reclaim: a red wine and 40cl lager come in at £20 in the bars.
  3. Robert

    Special General Meeting - Rescheduled date

    Congratulations to the new Board, hopefully you make a real difference. I have never been a member. Can details be posted about how to join?
  4. Robert

    Brian Rice

    This is an important call for the Board. If Rice wants to become St Mirren Assistant Manager, hopefully terms can be agreed between the clubs. If not, we could have a demotivated number 2 at a bad time. Only he and Robbo will know how he is feeling about it all. If he wanted the job, we may be better to simply release him and move on.
  5. Robert

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Great to see Jamie McCart back. He was here at a rough time, but I liked his attitude and application. Even when only a sub, his half time warm up routine showed his commitment. Whether this has any bearing on Gary Warren staying or not, time will tell, but we now have cover in all the back four positions. it will be fascinating to see who become our first picks: Mckay and Donaldson are a solid pairing, but will McCart start ahead of Mckay? Will Mckay be first pick at right back ahead of Rooney? Roll on 14 July and our first cup game!
  6. Robert

    How many more needed for 18/19 season?

    I agree, a centre half is our priority. Assuming Rooney will be first choice right back, Mckay can cover when required. We have cover for Tremarco with Calder and Chalmers, but only Donaldson, Mckay and Warren (if still here) in the middle, with only Tremarco really as emergency back up.
  7. Robert

    Music for the team to run out too

    It improved dramatically last season, certainly where I sit.
  8. Robert

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Personally sorry to see him go. He had pace and worked hard. His goal at Tannadice was a cracker: started in the left back position and knocked it in at the post a matter of seconds later. Hopefully things work out for him.
  9. Robert

    The Pre-Season Thread

    The website has been partly corrected: we are now playing Keith in Kieth.
  10. Robert

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Eight games against Highland League teams on the club website. Cant work out how to copy the link on my phone.
  11. Robert

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Judging by Yngwie's post in the UK Football section, Storey is still under contract but on the transfer list, so we would need to buy him: unlikely!! We should be looking forward, not backward in terms of our squad. Intersting comparison: they transfer list Storey so want a fee, we will release Gary Warren free if he finds a club that suits him. i think we are being the honourable ones!
  12. Robert

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    Trying to get back on topic, Gary has been a great player for the club over six seasons. He was unlucky to miss two finals, but always a great inspiration, even when just a sub. As I said before, I'm not surprised the club has made this proposal, but I think they are trying to treat him right: stating he remains captain whilst he is here is a big statement. On the argument about the leadership off the park, I am not well placed to comment. The previous regime got us to two finals, win the Scottish Cup which will never be forgotten, achieved several top six finishes, got us into Europe, , appointed a rookie Manager, paid wages that were not sustainable if we got relegated and....we got relegated. The current regime has to steady the ship and balance the books, to give a foundation for growth. Yes, it means tough decisions, some we will agree with and some we won't, but it I see too early to pass judgement. This is a key season for us and we will understand the ambitions of the Board better,
  13. Robert

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    I'm not surprised about this. Warren must be the last of the relegated squad still on premiership conditions. The comments from Robbo seem very fair to me. Nothing will happen unless he comes up with a club that works for him. It sounds very different from the treatment of Raven and Fon Williams, and the club is trying to be fair.
  14. Robert

    Ex-ICT players' news

    I see Draper has signed on for another year at County. Wonder how he and Vigurs will fare in the same midfield after how it went in our relegation season.