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  1. Strongly linked with Cove unfortunately.
  2. Well done Gringo and thanks again for running this competition, giving us some light hearted good fun.
  3. I missed the game due to plans made months ago, so relied on occasionally looking for updates on the BBC Sport app, albeit not that often after seeing we were 2 down after 12 minutes. I think the comments made by posters sum things up very well. Our objective for the season should have been promotion. It quickly changed to avoiding relegation. Other than a brief “Ferguson bounce” we never really got results and most performances were poor. We can point to moments in matches or individual mistakes, but so can every team. The bottom line is that we finished 9th and failed in the play offs. We seem to have had a lot of watershed moments. We’ve just had one on the pitch, we now need one off the pitch too.
  4. HT 1-0 FT 2-0 ICT Billy Mckay Accies O’Hara Crowd 2456 Yellow Kerr
  5. Probably the biggest game in our history. No room for errors. Win or bust.
  6. I’m with those who feel we should be focussing our efforts on supporting the players so they get the right result for us tomorrow and we stay in the Championship. However, I’m curious as to what you feel the grounds are for legal action in the event of the scenario you have outlined.
  7. That’s as this is the thread for Saturday’s game….
  8. He’s doing what he’s been told to do.
  9. Fair enough. I just went with what was said on TV as to why Pepple reacted as he did. I said a few weeks ago that Pepple deserved a start as he roughs defences up.
  10. We need to approach Saturday the way we’ve played the second half. Hamilton are nothing special and are there for the taking. We can’t show them any respect.
  11. The commentators said Pepple went to the away fans to wind them up as they were making those chants. We need to learn from this for Saturday. The subs have made the difference.
  12. People with his first touch. We have the momentum, let’s get level!
  13. Lawal and Carragher on for Gilmour and Duffy.
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