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  1. And it’s not as if fans will be inconvenienced by travelling for a game that is called off. Once we know if it is on, all we need to decide is whether to buy the live stream or not.
  2. D&E are also a sponsor and have a prime board so can’t see anything changing.
  3. Dates have been announced for our three postponed games (to date) to take place: 27 and 30 January (Morton away and Queen if the South at home) and 3 February (Arbroath away): https://ictfc.com/rearranged-championship-matches No word on when / if the Buckie game will take place and we may, of course, also need a date for playing Raith if Saturday’s game does get called off. I can’t help but wonder how long it will be until the Championship gets suspended, though.
  4. Good to see that, despite everything, the club is still securing support from businesses. I love the comment below the club’s tweet too about the club having new coaches!
  5. All five Championship games tomorrow were postponed after the cup postponements at the weekend. It looks like none of them have been rearranged so we now have three league games and at least one cup game to catch up on assuming our league does not get suspended. 30 January could now be used for a full round of games.
  6. That’s what keeps life interesting, as we all have different views on different things. I just hope the real truth comes out, whatever it turns out to be.
  7. Interesting statement from Hibs. Their request seems very reasonable and sensible to me. More to come on this I suspect. Hopefully no Hibs players contract it as a result of tonight’s game going ahead. https://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/article/club-statement-1
  8. The arrogance of Celtic in letting the trip go ahead last week defies belief. I agree that playing the game with a weakened side means they have got off lightly, and what confidence can there be that there are not other players who should be isolating given they were all together last week in Dubai? They should have points deducted and given a large fine that can be used to let lower league teams pay for their testing.
  9. Doubt it can be rearranged that quickly particularly as weekly tests now required at Championship level.
  10. Well it wasn’t to be but 5-0 was not a disgrace. Great to hear him described as “excellent” by Dion Dublin after he was subbed. I wonder if that will be his last game given the league he is in is being suspended and may be voided. If it is, quite a game to end with!
  11. He’s in the starting line up, and I really hope he has a great game. Kane is not in the Spurs squad whilst Son and Bale are subs.
  12. Looking at the ties and IF we beat Buckie, there is no reason why we should not be on TV as there are no ties that are real stand outs, the closest being Rangers against Cove. As it will be Yogi against the team he won the cup with, that adds to the story.
  13. Over the next few years the pyramid system could see some decent teams join the league, such as Kelty and Bonnyrigg. Add that to Cove emerging and Queens Park investing to progress, some established teams will suffer. We need to ensure we are not one of those teams that drops down as a result.
  14. Dundee’s game tonight should be used to ensure we are not complacent on Tuesday (if it goes ahead then) as they only got to extra time with a stoppage time equaliser and Bonnyrigg led again in extra time. I didn’t watch it but was hoping when I checked the scores that Dundee would have lost.
  15. Nathan Austin scored the opener for Kelty in the cup against Stranraer tonight. Despite being two up early on, they lost 3-2.
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