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  1. With the lockdown in Aberdeen, you would think it would act as a reminder to everyone that the virus is still a real threat, but I really see complacency in our area. Social distancing seems out of the window in the aisles of Tesco since face coverings were required but, worse, I’d to collect a prescription at the Culloden Pharmacy and the queue outside had many standing very close to strangers for no reason. To top it all, someone came out of the Co-op, came to someone in the queue, took off their face covering and handed it to the person in front of me who put it on. Have they no idea what they are dealing with or no thought or care about those around them?
  2. Encouraging comments from him on the club website. Hopefully he will do a good job for us. Centre half was one position we were light on, now we need a right back and potentially a central midfielder and we will be getting towards a reasonable strength in depth:
  3. Thanks. He’s from Ayrshire so close to home for him.
  4. Oh no, some on here will make them up! Lol! I see Tom Walsh is still without a club. Not saying there is any chance of him signing up again but who knows....
  5. Definitely is. Hopefully we can cultivate youngsters who break through and give us a foundation for the future over time.
  6. Agreed. The original post was seriously intended but some of the contributions thereafter have been embarrassing to read and, I feel, should be removed.
  7. Thanks, didn’t think he’d been at County.
  8. Are you sure he played for County?
  9. Checking the weekend’s results, Charlie Trafford came off the bench and got 20 minutes as Hamilton were thrashed by Celtic. Didn’t see George Oakley in their squad so checked and he is now with a Bulgarian team, Pirin Blagoevgrad. Shaun Rooney was an unused sub yesterday in St Johnstone’s draw with Dundee United, with Jamie McCart starting.
  10. £1.94m is a huge fee but not quite £7m you madman lol!!
  11. This Jackson Irvine? Not sure where you get £7m from.
  12. I agree fully with both posts above. Some clubs need to take a long hard look at themselves and realise that a different formula will be better for the game in this country. Some countries have larger leagues that split mid way through, so keep the interest going for fans. Something like that could be successful here if clubs can look at things with an enlightened, longer term view.
  13. Thanks, I’ve read the full link and the last answer is enlightening too. A full review of youth development in this country is long overdue as it needs to look after the youngsters but also be sustainable and affordable for clubs. At present it seems to do neither.
  14. What is the source of the numbers you quote? They are quite different from the understanding of most posters on this topic.
  15. Fingers crossed for you! A lot could happen but hopefully the infection rates stay low and a crowd is allowed in.