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  1. Gringo, the Dundee game has closed to predictions a week early.
  2. That’s a real shame for Daniel. He has had a rough time with injuries and now this. Hopefully it is a clean break to minimise his recovery time.
  3. Sadly both lost 1-0 at home. At least Fort William only lost 1-0 so clear signs of improvement!
  4. What’s the story here? Trafford was on the bench last weekend. Have we let him go?
  5. Daniel was on MFR this morning, clearly relishing the game time at Elgin and his goal. I think the loan will do him the power of good. Hope he avoids injuries and comes back in January and starts to fulfil his potential and become a first pick for us.
  6. Four all Championship matches. We may end up on tv again. If it happens, when would the game be? Saturday evening or Sunday?
  7. Mackay has scored for Elgin tonight.
  8. Shaun Rooney made the SPFL Team of the Week.
  9. Robert

    I phone scam

    Thanks Scotty, using the site no problem this morning.
  10. Was anyone else getting a scam about i phones coming up on this site last night and this morning? I could only get rid of it by closing it down, but it would reappear when I went back to the site. Seems ok now, so hopefully all sorted.
  11. Watching the highlights, I was maybe a bit harsh on Ridgers at the first goal. Under pressure, he dealt with the cross. I think things then went wrong as Rooney was on the ground after Ridgers’ punch as he would have been closing Linn down. Carson ran half way across the pitch to try to close him down whilst Rooney also tried to get out. I think Ridgers felt Donaldson should have covered for Rooney and closed Linn down judging by the argument between them after the goal. Ridgers saved is at the death. We looked better in the highlights than my memory of the game!
  12. Surely someone could have written their names down for them. I endured Tannadice last Saturday when Dundee United we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of their colours and they had players from several generations taking a bow. All were named letting the crowd show their appreciation. It happened before the players came out. We could have done the same today. I tape the Sportscene results each week. When I watched last week’s, the reporter kept calling Jamie McCart Chris!
  13. Presumably Nathan Austin. Has he found his level?!