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  1. Credit White for that assist for the second goal. More please!
  2. We also need to watch Dunfermline. A win on Saturday is essential as it could well be between us, Ayr, Dunfermline and Dundee for the play off places.
  3. I’ve just seen the score. What’s the story with Draper and Vigurs: neither in the County squad, with Mckay and Chalmers unused subs. Hopefully lack of game time for our former players who have gone otb will deter any of the current squad.
  4. Sounds like a job well done today. Alloa are no push overs at home so a good result.
  5. Rooney and Keatings in for Mckay and McHattie.
  6. HT 1-1 FT 1-2 Alloa Trouten ICT White Crowd 896
  7. I thought McHattie did well playing out of position but a fan behind me was shouting “get him off” every time the ball went near him. I am amazed at some of the comments. I’d have taken a draw going into the game after recent results but we won. We closed the game out well and should have had a second. All the players were working for each other and we seem to have the team spirit back. Saturday will be tough on a narrow plastic pitch but we can win, which will set us up nicely for Ayr the following week.
  8. That will be six games against them this season, seven if there’s a replay. Disappointing, and it will be tough on their tight pitch, but one we should be able to get through. Saturday will give us a feel possibly.
  9. I got the impression Tremarco felt he could play on, so hopefully it was precautionary. Mckay was limping a couple of minutes before he was subbed and was going to be replaced anyway but then had to do a chase back and tackle which left him needing attention. He looked the bigger risk.
  10. A home draw against any team not in the Championship that we have a realistic chance of beating will do me!
  11. I’ve a good feeling about this cup: fourth home draw in a row. We should be able to beat them and get to our second final in three seasons.
  12. I’ve thought that too. The off pitch issues clearly not as impacted the players. However, the bug running through the club maybe was a bigger issue than we realised: only time will tell. There was determination and passion today, so hopefully the guys are focussed and back on track. I’ve seen a comment on social media about our ball boys. Credit(?) to them for twice winding Dundee up, once at a goal kick and then at a throw. Unusual for us to be trying to waste time. That said, the way the guys closed out the last five minutes was spot on. We kept the ball at the Dundee end and played the clock down brilliantly.
  13. A great team performance. Five first team players out, two more presumably not fully fit and we lost McKay and Tremarco to injuries during the game. Dundee had a lot of possession and moved it nicely, but other than one Tremarco cleared off the line and one sitter they missed, we closed it out extremely well. We should have had a second when Doran was put through one on one with the keeper. Doran finished well after Carson, I think, did well to play him in. I agree with the comment above, Carson and Trafford were immense. McHattie was out of position but did ok. Doran and Storey both had their best games for a few weeks. White did well first half. Ridgers had surprisingly little to do, whilst the defence suck to its task. McCart was more like himself. Great to see Rooney come off the bench. Hopefully he will be ready to start next week. A great result, praise to all 14 who took part. Not our best performance this season, but much better than recently and we got the job done. Some poor decisions from the officials, angering both sets of fans at times, but that did not impact the outcome. Hopefully confidence is back and we move up again!
  14. Still no Walsh, Welsh, Rooney or MacGregor. Hope no other injuries.
  15. HT 1-0 FT 2-1 ICT White Dundee Hemmings Crowd 2637