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  1. Do 2nd, 3rd and 4th not have some form of play off???? Lol!!
  2. I agree entirely. I watched two of our home games on livestream when not fit to attend the stadium and bought virtually every away game, whereas I would only have travelled to a few. Therefore I gained by seeing home games I’d have missed, and our rivals gained as I spent money on PPV for games I had no intention of travelling to. I suspect we have seen the end of livestreams but it would be good if clubs and the SPFL could find a way of keeping them. Even a small premium to the ticket price would be fine by me.
  3. Rambunctious! Been reading a dictionary Scotty? Not a word seen every day!! Lol!!
  4. They were mY English team when I lived 8 miles outside Blackpool for 8 years as Fleetwood rose through the leagues and built a new ground.
  5. I’m sure many on here will have a lot of great contributions for this: https://ictfc.com/launch-of-inverness-football-memories-project
  6. I hate posting this but, as we all know, Shaun Rooney has scored twice for St Johnstone in recent days.
  7. We may well use the group stage matches as our pre-season matches again. I hope not, though, as it would be good to get through the group stages this time round.
  8. The draw takes place tomorrow/ https://ictfc.com/premier-sports-cup-group-stage-draw-2022-23
  9. Very well said. An enjoyable “competition” but a lot of work goes into it. Thanks Gringo, and also for doing the Prediction League.
  10. Thanks for doing these again this season. Looking forward to the final outcome.
  11. I have no idea how long Sutherland will be out for, but we must stand by him and offer him new terms.
  12. What a rollercoaster of a season. A great start, albeit a bit flattering, a dire middle, then a great finish to make the play offs. Over the two legs, St Johnstone deserved to win, but it could have been so different had we not lost the second goal or if Doran had pulled one back. I wanted us to win and get promoted but, being totally honest, I was concerned that we could be the whipping boys next season unless we got our recruitment spot on. I hope we can use the last two months as a foundation for next season, and strengthen our squad as well as replacing those key players we
  13. If the BBC have our formation right, it is: Ridgers Duffy Broadfoot Devine Deas Carson Welsh McAlear Chalmers Mckay Samuels with MacKay, Harper, Doran, Allardice, Hardy and Hyde on the bench.
  14. In Perth. The rain went off part way down the A9 so conditions should be good. Parked behind the Glover’s Arms as it’s car park looks pretty full and I’m not a customer. Dobbies have locked their car park up. Plenty scope to park in this area and access to the A9 should be pretty easy. Excitement is building….
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