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  1. Robert


    Or the main stand?
  2. Surely if the Government says fans are allowed in, clubs will be allowed to do it, subject to having a Risk Assessment and all the required safety measures in place. Capacity will be reduced, so presumably only some season ticket holders will get to each game, hopefully through a rota system of some sort with us knowing our games well in advance so we can plan accordingly. It may not actually work financially for the club though, as no walk up or away fans will mean no income on the day other than limited car parking and possibly some catering or shop sales. The club is probably better off not having to pay stewards, turnstile operators etc until normal crowd levels are allowed. I wonder if they could go with volunteers for those roles, so a few more season ticket holders can get in?
  3. Possibly because he went off sprinting and sliding towards the dug out. Fyffe seemed to congratulate him on his way past but the others headed back over the half way line. Certainly no team celebration but maybe they are told not to with Covid?
  4. I didn’t spot it on Saturday but see Mark Ridgers was captain in the absence of Welsh and Doran.
  5. Ryan Christie scored from the spot in Celtic’s 3-3 draw with Aberdeen. I watched it from about the 40th minute and saw all the goals in what was a pretty good game. Marley Watkins played a great pass that resulted in the penalty that Aberdeen opened the scoring with just before half time.
  6. A draw was a fair result. Ayr started well but we had the best of a pretty even first half and had a few decent chances. On a different day, Todorov and Harper could / should have scored. Toddy also had one that came off the bar onto the goal line which may or may not have crossed the line i didn’t get a good view of the Ayr goal and would want to see it again before commenting on whether it was a soft goal to lose. Our equaliser came from a cross from the right by Fyffe that Toddy converted. We had a couple of close shaves with at least one cleared off the line, and the Ayr keeper had a couple of decent stops so all in all a fair outcome. Of the new players, I thought Allardice was the pick. He seemed to be trying to hold our reshaped midfield together. Duffy had a quiet game, whilst once they settled into the formation, I thought Devine and Deas did fine. Deas in particular could become the mainstay of our defence. I didn’t see much from Kennedy after he came on but he has scarcely met his team mates so too early to judge. Of the rest, Ridgers was fine with one double save coming to mind. I understand Mckay has been playing whilst not fully fit, so credit to him and that is probably why he was subbed. Harper got forward a bit but got a nose bleed when through on the keeper. MacGregor struggled to assert himself whilst Keatings was very quiet. With him being subbed, I’m not sure if he is fully fit either. MacKay was happy to shoot from distance whilst Todorov was busy and could / should have scored more. I think we changed formation to a back 4 when Fyffe replaced Mckay and he provided the assist for the goal. From what I could tell he was playing on the right of midfield with Duffy reverting to right back. If those we are missing, Carson is probably needed most to add steel to our midfield. We also lacked pace yesterday, which Kennedy may give us, or Storey when fit playing wide. With 8 out, whilst 1 point from 6 is disappointing, we should improve as players return, but we really do need to get a result next week or we will be playing catch up. Interesting to see how Raith Rovers have started, and they are scoring freely so this early it looks like we will be battling Dundee, Ayr, Dunfermline and Raith for a play off place. Hopefully we don’t get sucked into a fight at the wrong end of the table.
  7. I agree entirely. I was a bit critical yesterday but it was the first meaningful use of the system and I quite enjoyed it on the whole. As you have said, hopefully the club can take constructive comments from the feedback and refine the system for next week. I also linked it to my tv and the quality improved as the sun ceased to be an issue, so using the normal camera podium could be a better option. Credit to the commentator too. As a rookie, he did ok. How many times do we ask fans around us what happened or who got the touch etc. He did not have that luxury or any replays to rely on. Looking forward to next Saturday when getting three points already seems vital given we have Hearts away the following week. Hopefully some of the “missing 8” are fit and ready to play.
  8. You live over the bridge???
  9. Shame he opted for no 77 when no 9 is available!!! Lol!!
  10. Poor second half by both teams. I will take the point given we had 8 players missing. Some promising play at times but some slackness too. Allardice the pick of the bunch for me, edging out the linesman’s head given we saw more of it than most of the players!
  11. It was the same at Dunfermline last week. I’ve muted my alerts as a result.
  12. BBC stats saying we’ve had 8 attempts, 4 on target. Ayr have had 3, 2 on target. Ayr started fast but I felt we weathered the storm and had the best of the second part of the first half. Need to see the one than may or may not have crossed the line. Couple of chances we should have done better with, and a couple of saves by their ‘keeper. Equally we cleared one off the line and had a couple of scrambles. This could go either way. Hopefully the camera work improves this half. Not the same as being there but I’m quite enjoying it (when the camera is on the ball) with a few beers. Or maybe the beers are influencing that! Wonder if we will see Kennedy this half.