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  1. We have appointed a Head of Physical Performance: https://ictfc.com/ross-hughes-appointed-head-of-physical-performance Is it a new role or is he replacing someone? Presumably his task is to improve fitness levels in a way that minimises the risk of injuries?
  2. Robert

    Euro 2020

    That’s a relief as it looked really bad on the pitch. All the players were trying to give the medics privacy by blocking the view of the cameras and crowd. I’m amazed they want to restart the game as they cannot be in the right place mentally. It will either be a tremendous remaining 50 minutes or they will play out a 0-0 draw. Either way, thank goodness Eriksen is awake and speaking. The Denmark captain was immense. As the players surrounded Eriksen, he was the one facing him and he was then looking after the player’s wife. What a leader, taking the responsibility. Accordi
  3. Robert

    Euro 2020

    I was watching the Denmark - Finland game when Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch. All the players were clearly distressed and the medical staff were trying to resuscitate him on the pitch. I hope he pulls through but it is the most traumatic thing I have witnessed whilst watching a game, and it really puts things in context. There is much more to life than football.
  4. Robert

    Euro 2020

    I’m looking forward to Monday’s game, hoping for the best but fearing the worst! The build up has been a bit muted with the pandemic, but there is some worrying optimism about how we will do, and some confidence we will get to the latter stages. As four third placed teams qualify, that may well be possible and the key for us could be beating the Czech Republic on Monday. Three points may turn out to be enough to squeeze into one of the best third placed finishes, although it is more likely four points will be the threshold. It would be great to see the Highland members of the sq
  5. I hope I’m not in the minority, but I will be renewing mine when the opportunity arises, even if I cannot attend all the games and need to watch some livestreams. With 1000 allowed in, assuming we stay in Level 1 and 2000 if we get to Level 0, with 1500 or so season tickets, that means at worst getting to two games out of three, potentially all games. I’ve missed being at live games so can’t wait. I was lucky to be at the Dundee game in December, and you could see how much the players enjoyed having only 300 fans there.
  6. Five of our youngsters have been given professional contracts. Hopefully they include some future Christies or Mackays: https://ictfc.com/five-academy-graduates-sign-professional-contracts
  7. Details of season tickets should be available soon: https://ictfc.com/season-tickets-2021-22-update
  8. It will be a battle of the out of control hair with Carson and Walsh in the same team.
  9. I wonder if this means Doran is not staying?
  10. Really happy with this. As well as pace, he’s got goals in him. A bit wayward with crosses sometimes but that can be worked on. He is also useful in the number 10 role as well as out wide, where he can be effective on both wings. As others have said, hopefully he is able to stay fit and be a great contributor this season.
  11. Nairn suits me just fine, although I’ve a soft spot for Fleetwood, having lived in the Fylde area for 8 years before returning north. The concert is next year by the way.
  12. He makes his debut on 1 July 2022 apparently...... https://ictfc.com/andrea-bocelli-believe-world-tour
  13. Robert

    Colts Teams

    In the midst of all this, the Lowland League teams rejected Brechin, who’s preference was to join it rather than the Highland League: http://www.hflhub.co.uk/index.php/2739-brechin-city-to-join-highland-league Given the location of Brechin, there is logic in them preferring the Lowland League as there would probably be less travel overall. Surely the league should have had a choice? What would have happened if the Highland League had taken the same stance? After allowing the Old Firm Colts in, this paints a very poor impression of some Lowland League clubs.
  14. The BBC app article on his appointment quotes him as saying he will have the final say, but he’d be crazy not to ask Robbo his view, and they will be working together to identify targets.
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