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  1. Great to hear about the effort put in. It is good we seem to be pulling together as a squad. A tough schedule with midweek games for the next three weeks which will be pivotal to our season and our chances of staying second Roll on Hibs!
  2. That’s what counts! One went in off the bar and the other took a deflection but who cares, we got what we needed!
  3. Yes! Big result. But 4 bookings from only 7 fouls??
  4. As things stand only 5 points between us and 7th place.....
  5. 1-1 Think it had been coming. We need a positive reaction now. Walsh on for Storey.
  6. Keatings on. Tremarco joins Vincent and Mckay in ref’s book. Seems we are under the cosh a bit just now.
  7. Doran! 1-0. Judging by BBC text it was our first attempt and straight from a free kick Ayr 1 up too.
  8. Vincent booked for conceding first foul of the game.
  9. Just seen that myself! When did he leave Hamilton?
  10. Toshney, Doran and MacGregor in for McHattie, Walsh and Keatings, who all drop to the bench.
  11. HT 1-1 FT 1-2 ICT White DA Nisbet Crowd 3013
  12. They all need to go to Specsavers! Any word on the new review date?