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  1. Surprised to see McCauley move on. I thought with a full time pre season he could perhaps do a turn for us. Good to see Robbo’s comments about the younger players stepping up and being more involved this season. We certainly need them to, given we have lost four players and only brought two in so far. Interesting comments also about the priority being a left sided central midfielder and a striker, so replacements for Chalmers and Oakley / Austin. It would be good to get off to a fast start this season.
  2. Cheers Gringo, here’s to next season!
  3. Robert


    And next season we have lost the derby and Falkirk used to bring a good backing. Can’t see many coming from Arbroath.
  4. Thanks for doing this Gringo. First year I’ve taken part, and good fun, other than when I forgot to enter! congratulations on your win Here’s to next season.
  5. Renewed mine today too.
  6. Based on BT Sports: McCart Chalmers Doran
  7. I was brought up in Fort William and my postal address before postcodes came in was Fort William, Invernessshire. When Highland Region was formed, Lochaber District Council came into being, but Lochaber was never a "shire" so Invernessshire it was and is.
  8. HT 0-1 FT 1-2 ICT White DU Safranko Crowd 6134
  9. HT 0-0 FT 1-1 ICT White DU Safranko Crowd 2345
  10. I think he appreciates the new start here, so will hopefully see out his contract at the very least.
  11. Great to see our under 18s parade their trophy this afternoon and get the applause of the crowd.
  12. We knew Ayr would come out flying, as they felt hard done to on Tuesday and had nothing to lose. 3-1 is a tough one tactics wise. Do we sit in and play on the break, or try to go for it? That caused some nervousness on the pitch and safety first play, rather than anything bold. Ayr deservedly took the lead, and kept on the front foot in the first half. I thought we weathered the storm, and the second was pretty even. The equaliser settled things, and made it "job done" which was the priority. I only recall one save by Ridgers, so we handled them pretty well. Any word on Walsh or Mckay? Hope both are fit for Tuesday. As others have said, a cup semi, third in the league and now a play off semi is quite an achievement given our budget, so let's give full support on Tuesday. We beat them in the cup, so have nothing to fear! Of the players, Ridgers had no chance with the goal. Mckay and McHattie were targeted by Ayr's wide men, whilst Donaldson and McCart were solid. Trafford continues to grow in importance, although we did not see much from Chalmers. Walsh was struggling with injury, whilst Doran had a few decent moves. Polworth had a decent game, and was so close to giving Doran a one on one with the 'keeper. White was a menace. McDonald did very well, whilst Rooney was solid. Not our best afternoon, but I'd have taken a scrappy 1-1 before kick off, and we are still in contention. Well done guys!!
  13. I’m not sure if it is possible, but joining the Highland League for our up and coming youngsters would be great.
  14. Robert

    Sean Welsh

    That’s great news. He has been very steady. Whilst I hope Chalmers signs a new deal, Welsh and Trafford could be a good partnership next season.