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  1. And if they are as good and committed as Carson, that’s fine by me.
  2. Sorry, the pandemic is more serious than political squabbles and point scoring. Was Cummings wrong to do what he did? Yes. Is Boris a bit of a buffoon? Yes. Is Nicola calling everything right? No. Just be glad we don’t have Trump telling us to drink bleach!! They are doing what they think is right and, whether we individually voted for them or not, they got elected and it is their job to guide us through this. None of us would want their jobs: they are on a hiding to nothing. I just hope the sorry saga of the last few days does not cost lives as people stop following the guidance and become complacent.
  3. Robert

    New ICT Podcast

    For the record, it was said with my tongue firmly in my cheek after a couple of bud lights!!
  4. I have been on the club website just now. Whilst I have voted, it was showing me the options again so may be worth trying again if you’ve not managed to vote yet.
  5. Robert

    New ICT Podcast

    Richie Foran???? Lol!!
  6. That highlights how survival is our single priority. Goodness knows what the structure will be and what our place in it will be. Still more questions than answers and I suspect that will be the case for some time to come. Heard on the radio earlier that an 18 game Championship starting after Christmas is a possibility too.
  7. Can’t remember it’s name but the one on the old road that goes round to Moy from Daviot?
  8. I had no problems when I voted. I went for Ridgers and Harper.
  9. Voting is now open on the club website until 2 June: The options are Mark Ridgers, Shaun Rooney, David Carson, Aaron Doran and James Keatings. The young player options are Cameron Harper, Roddy MacGregor, Ross Gunn and Daniel Mackay.
  10. I totally get it and the focus has to be on survival. However, the time will come (hopefully) when there is a timeline to games starting and at that time there will be players looking for clubs and wage expectations will have dropped. Our own out of contract players will be in the same boat. Whatever happens, it will probably be a much smaller squad with more need for the youngsters to feature and get decent game time. I just hope the club is still alive when games restart.
  11. Looks like the Caramel Wafer cup final may go ahead at some point:
  12. I thought Devine was ok cover for Warren and Meekings. He was quite young I think so will have matured and developed in the meantime. Doubt Meekings will come back north, after that spot of trouble he had, although I’m sure he was found not guilty, but you never know. It would be good if we could attract and afford someone of his quality again.
  13. That’s what I like, we can dream, and I will live it if that comes true. As others have said, all teams are entering the unknown and we have some good youngsters who need to step up. My priority is that the club does whatever necessary to survive and if that means taking a step or two backwards so be it if we can come back stronger. What they need us our support through any tough times ahead, even if we have a poor season or two. I just hope we get some clarity from the Government as to the way ahead in tomorrow’s roadmap and the club can then start to look at what squad they can assemble. Let’s be realistic about where we are: success next season will be a bonus.
  14. That’s a Ford R1114 with an Alexander 49 seat coach body. Fleetnumber T102. How sad am I!! Pictured at Farraline Park, although I don’t recall buses being able to exit that way, but I did live in the Fort at the time.