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  1. So here we are with our first update in what was a very high scoring week. Really bad luck on Chorley Caledonian losing to me by 1 pt when he would have beaten everyone else in the league. I know how he feels as in one of the other leagues I am in I lost 95-96 such a bummer would rather lose by a mile that 1 pt when you have scored so high H2H Highest Scorer 95 Calthis Lowest Scorer 55 Caledonia Allstars / UTV / Craig's Duffers Highest Score Game 189 Calthis 95 - 94 Chorley Caledonian League 1 Calthis 3 (95) 2 Keira FC 3 (90) 3 Lobobar 3 (88) 4 Cat 3 (84) 5 ICT Paisley 3 (82) 16 The Bhoys 0 (58) 17 Leighton Orient 0 (57) 18 UTV 0 (55) 18 Caledonia Allstars 0 (55) 18 Craig's Duffers 0 (55) Classic Highest Scorer 106 Egg Fried Reus Lowest Scorer 49 O'Shins X1 League 1 Egg Fried Reus 106 2 Steaming In 103 3 Calthis 95 4 Chorley Caledonian 94 5 Lobobar 88 22 The Bhoys 58 23 Caledonian Allstars 55 23 Craig's Duffers 55 25 Bored cold communist 54 26 O'Shins X1 49
  2. Just a reminder we still have 8 spots to Fill in the H2H so anyone wishing to join will have until Wednesday and on Thursday I will use Family and Friends to fill the league
  3. so we are still 8 short so after Wednesday I will need to fill the league with Friends and Family so come on lads last chance to get your team in
  4. That's great welcome hope you enjoy it
  5. 3 Headers and one shot all from the centre of the box would indicate where the problem lies , will be interesting to hear what those who were at the game have to say , and When is Robbo going to start Todorov in place of White. Bottom of the league tonight so the only way is up
  6. I would certainly start Todorov ahead of White
  7. I saw it on STV News tonight but have not seen it anywhere else
  8. I was hoping MrCaleyjag would have signed up after I sent him a message but so far no . now only 6 days to fill the 9 spots so lads don't delay too long as I will fill it with friends and Family as we get nearer the deadline
  9. Please note the code for the classic should be lmtz56 and not imtz56. Good to see another couple signed up so we now have 11 in the H2H so still looking for 9 to make the perfect 20
  10. Please note the code for Classic league is lmtz56   not i as in post at top of the topic page

  11. ICT Paisley try lmtz56
  12. Just over a week to go and we are still well short getting close to the point where I will nee to try and fill league with Friends and Relatives , so come on lads get your team in
  13. Good to see we have had another couple of additions to the H2H league but still need more
  14. Only 2 weeks to the kick off and there are no more signed up for the H2H come on lads get your teams in and lets fill the league