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  1. Didn't do much dancing here but do remember the roller skating
  2. A clearer pic IHE but still a shop too dear for most of us and more suited to our dads and grand dads
  3. Scarlet - joshing CB is always allowed in my book as it should be on anyone on this forum as long as it doesn't get personal or derogatory. And Dougie D - most unionists I know don't take it seriously
  4. Maybe we can keep the politics out of this - this is NOT a political forum and I don't think it should be.
  5. So which one is you IHE or did you take the pic? Remember the Teds with the drape jackets and all the rest although I have to admit I never ever took to the look. Probably because I was always a little bit " vertically challenged" as they say albeit not quite a wee bauchle and my hair would never go into a DA at all.
  6. Shand and Lindsay - you must be joking. Too old fashioned, and too dear, Suits at Hepworths and clobber at Johnstons in the Market or Duncan Chisholms were the places to go for me
  7. Scarlet - remember the Chrysler Sunbeam Talbot - made at Linwood's troubled plant just not far from where we reside, . Now long gone of course. Yes - I remember Clancy of the Mounted. Was it Mounted or Mounties? Do you remember Nyoka the Jungle Girl - a sort of female Tarzan if memory serves me
  8. Some good memories of the ballerina and the 2 red shoes. Albert Bonini got some great bands to come north. I even remember going to a dance in Craigellachie - must have been mad at the time but don't remember ever getting to the scene at the Fleming Hall in Aberlour
  9. Many apologies guys - of course there was no std back then and you just asked the operator to connect you. I should have rememembered that especially as my dad worked as a telephone operator on returning home from the war. I can only think that maybe had to many of the Capn Morgan which dulled the remnants of my brain. That's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it.
  10. Love the fact that the Empire's phone number was Inverness 999 - I can't remember what you dialled in those days for the emergency services. Anyone else remember?
  11. The dear old La Scala if I'm not mistaken. Many happy memories especially the Saturday morning matinee and especially good if there was 3 stooges and Flash Gordon serial. Oooh the suspense every week as it came to end with another cliff hanger.
  12. Scarlet - I can definitely sympathise as I also get these memory lapses usually at the most inconvenient time. But I can still remember the Dick Emery character of the "busty, flirty blonde" who would be interviewed by a male reporter on some issue, during which he would make some remark resulting in that inevitable innuendo and so the blonde would playfully punch him whilst uttering the remark - Ooh you are awful etc. Does that not ring any bells with you? IHE - the safety curtain with local adverts - is that not the Empire of late 1950s early 60s rather than the La Scala? The "E" at the t
  13. much appreciated - but do you mean Dick Emery of the "You are awful....." fame
  14. Scarlet - hate to admit that I didn't consider myself smouldering hot nor indeed a cold fish - probably somewhere in between. But I do remember going to a dance at the Dores village hall and discovered that on entry the bouncers did a search for drink before you went in so like all the other drouthy young men we planked our half bottle carry out round the corner of the hall and would go out every so often for a quick one - drink that is
  15. A village hall somewhere but I went to the dancing at many village halls in my youth - so IHE which one is this?
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