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  1. Yet another awful, boring negative game from a John Hughes side. No flair, width or creativity but I am sure that our manager will be happy with the performance. Unfortunately we are right in the relegation mix and unless Hughes changes things fast I fear for us. How are Foran and Roberts going to get match fit if the manager refuses to use his subs!?!? Barry Wilson 100% right, I would love him on the park right now giving us the width we desperately need!!
  2. Great result and much needed 3 points. Great to see polworth scoring again, must be time to get him a new long term contract. However why does it take our manager so long to make changes, does he not see games changing?
  3. Why does it always take Hughes so long to change things?? Needs Williams on for some pace.
  4. Funny how it says meekings is still out on bbc sport but doesn't say why.....
  5. Has there actually been anything in the press or club saying he is injured?
  6. how can any ict fan blame tokely he has been 1 of if not our best defender this season and always plays 110% for the club unlike many this season!! the blame for our relegation has to lie with CB and the board for ruining our club! lookong forward to big rossco breaking brewster next season!!!
  7. craigmac84


    juve were wanting to buy agathe for ?15m at one point, as long as lional keeps running i will be happy!!
  8. 2 changes from hibs team, black in for mcbain and rooney in for odhiambo, he is the best finisher at our club and deserves a run in the team!!
  9. craigmac84


    this guy reminds me of didier agathe, loads of pace but needs someone to tell him what to do and what to do with the ball, playing well tho and long may it continue!!!