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  1. Why do you's even care what we do? You's slagging us off on a forum and chatting ***** about us ain't gonna stop us at all. So stick the dummy back in and do your own thing. End off.
  2. More dreadful patter.. We are a joke are we?? Majority of us work for our money and buy stuff ourselves, so for the record we don't beg.
  3. **** Off! We generally have the worst fans in the Scotland! You do realise we get slated from other teams when we sit in silence? ohh! but its fine! we get praised from you boring twats for 'behaving' and when we do get an atmosphere we get praised by other fans but slated by our own fans!? You's all continue to sit in silence like boring ********, its like a ******* cemetery in our stands! Until it changes We will continue to do what we want to do. Without us home games are *****, You do what you want and sit like a miserable ******* talking ***** and munching into a pies for the whole game.
  4. Exactly! mon the young team! **** everyone else who's a boring *******. Without us the club would be an even bigger shambles. no wonder no one wants to sign for us when you have to sit playing a game for 90 minutes in silence and no wonder no one wants to come to the games when the atmosphere is ****. Without us the games are even more dire and with you's giving us stick for doing what the club needs and that's atmosphere. belt up and actual give us praise for starting to create atmosphere and maybe even join in. ymip, i love you! well said my man. If anyone has a problem with what we do pleas
  5. who else creates atmosphere other than the "young team" aka NSB
  6. we still haven't been informed on what the misbehavior was, so are still unclear to why the ban is in place
  7. Caley jags together have informed me they will not be saying anything on the matter as the board are busy tonight
  8. Each person has tried to book them seleves on individualy including many who attend every away game and have taken the supports bus on a regular occasion
  9. All the ones banned say they will go on the gellions bus if there was one running as there is no other way for us to make the game on Saturday unless we were to get a driver as we can not take the train due to the times
  10. Forgot that creating an atmosphere was a crime at Caley. The bus driver could of easily asked to keep the singing down or stop it completely!
  11. Over 30 people in the young team have been banned from the buses for singing on the way down to Stirling.. we pay £20 each week and make every game, to be told off for trying to create an atmosphere.. The club turning fans away even know we struggle to get 3k a home game!
  12. the youth want pyro! helps build our atmosphere as it is already poor and the standard of football is gay too. lots of love Gus MacPhee
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