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  1. UPDATE: Magazine will be free for foreseeable future. https://www.joomag.com/en/newsstand/a-bridge-and-a-castle-issue-one/0806502001469923765 Editing done as requested by OP.
  2. https://www.joomag.com/en/newsstand/a-bridge-and-a-castle-issue-one/0806502001469923765 Hey guys, today I've decided to launch a new E-mag devoted to the club called "A Bridge and a Castle If enough interest is shown in the Mag then I will contact the company to get its own app on the App Store/Play Store. I want to see how much demand their is for the mag before I pay out a big fee for the App. If you would like your own piece in the next mag then DM me (@BridgeCastle) on Twitter for details. I would love to see the opinions of many supporters in the mag but it doesn't only have to be opinion pieces, just anything you want to say that is ICT related. The Mag will only get better upon each issue. Thanks all.