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  1. Love Meekings, would be over the moon if we could somehow keep him. He posted an instagram video from the physio room with Aaron Doran a few days ago so they are obv still hanging about the club, would that be the case if they had been released? Dunno...
  2. Get the feeling Foran might jack soon if things don't start improving but I hope he doesn't, as everyone keeps saying he has the spine of a good team it's just about getting them to perform. I am sticking behind the manager as it's lack of cash that's the real problem, something that's not going to be resolved unfortunately :/
  3. Would be gutted if Draper left, he has been immense last few seasons!
  4. Glad that Meekings is back in next to Warren, the team will be much stronger with both of them fit and up to speed. Apart from that it looks like it's going to be a tough season but I am right behind the team, let's go boys!
  5. Good job, I enjoyed reading it. Like others have said the visuals could be improved but good on you for starting something like this, really cool :)
  6. Both are really nice, will be buying them asap! :)
  7. That was my point, that the injuries this season have exposed an issue that has maybe always been there but in the last few seasons we have been pretty lucky with injuries and so have got away with it. I'm not suggesting we should be spending more cash we don't have but just pointing out that this season in particular the difficulties with remaining competitive in the league have become obvious and to me that is worrying. You want the team you've supported your whole life to be the best that it can be, there is scope for improvement and it's not all about investment in the football playing squ
  8. If I am honest I am quite worried about the future of the team as a few things have come to a head this season it seems, for instance how threadbare the squad is and how little budget we have to build and maintain a competitive squad. It seems we will be ok this year but we are relying on a loanee striker and it's only understandable that players would move team for longer contracts and a bit of stability, any of us would...as for the next few seasons to me there are worrying signs. I have a lot of other worries regarding the club off the field too, it just seems business wise there doesn
  9. Think a few folk need a reality check, since winning the cup is it not glaringly obvious how much financial strain there is on the club? We are lucky that the core of the team want to be here despite no long term assurances, just one year contracts etc. I'm afraid that is not the fault of the manager or chairman but rather a reflection on the state of modern football.
  10. Depressing game, hey I think there are plenty locals who could do a better job up top than Lopez and they would cost feck all! His anticipation is terrible, Mackay had great hold up play even when he wasn't scoring and we are desperately missing that. Lopez seems to be a few seconds too late for every ball. He nearly scored a great goal at the beggining though so fair play.
  11. Yeah it was just referencing Ultra group names with an Inverness slant, just an idea anyways. I thought it was a bit funny as well haha
  12. An idea for stickers, again the uploader completely skews the colours...they are not as eyewatering!
  13. It would be interesting to see the statistics on how many penalties he awards, it seems like a crazy amount anyway. Think a few players have him round their finger. But his refereeing is appalling, and these guys performances are scrutinised and OK'd every week. It's mad.
  14. I'm sure he knows that. With our budget, where do you suggest he gets them? To be fair he has signed Lopez. Whether Lopez is up to the job is another matter. I was surprised he didn't keep Hooper who at least could score (including one or two when he was trialling with us). Whether Mutombo can play as an out and out striker remains to be seen. I will be interested to hear what folks thought of him today. I think the euphoria of last season will soon wear off and that we will do well to retain top 6 this year. That, in fact, will be an achievement I feel. Sorry but i dont buy all this
  15. Here is some quick designs I made quickly yesterday after I posted that, dunno if it's the kind of thing people would be into but I just looked at other stickers and flags and had a bit of a mess around. You guys into it? p.s the uploader takes a bit of quality out of the picture, so the colours etc are a bit skewed!
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