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  1. The smart money is on Wanderley Luxemburgo. In all seriousness, I'd find it a strange move for JR. Zero pressure at ICT.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong. Was this playoff system introduced after rangers were liquidated?
  3. TopSix


    Sort the catering out, and get a bouncy castle for the kids.
  4. Not a bad shout, in a way. Didn't we used to offer relatively low wages and big win bonuses?
  5. A tie in with Copa would work.
  6. They should have had this one in Dingwall.
  7. Partick at Tynecastle please.
  8. This is a great pub: Give them a call. Table service too.
  9. Ah, but it was two small glasses from a supermarket bottle... 😜
  10. Two small glasses of Diet Coke cost the club money.
  11. Hearts fans rate Anthony MacDonald highly. Any confirmation about Beith?