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  1. Get Sophie to do a painting of one of the old tops.
  2. Still stand by this comment. Far too good for Celtic.
  3. TopSix


    Set of programmes for sale. £25 for the lot. Can deliver deliver in Inverness or take them to the match on Saturday 👌
  4. A good read. We've had some good and bad social media over the years. The commentary of eurovision stands out as a low point, while the commentary from the 2015 semi final was great.
  5. TopSix

    New Kit

    A white and blue strip next season would be great 👀
  6. TopSix

    New Kit

    Too much red in it 👀
  7. TopSix

    New Kit

    Thought we might have gone for a Caley Thistle tartan kit rather than mainly white. Something kitsch.
  8. I genuinely hope he gets on well. Struck me as being a decent guy. I'd like to see us take more players through our development system, too.
  9. Hope he gets on well at Hamilton. Good goalkeeper.
  10. TopSix


    Sort the catering out.
  11. TopSix

    League Cup Draw

    Get Brewster back to work on pre-season fitness and we'll scud all these teams.
  12. Bouncy castle and decent pies.