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  1. Partick at Tynecastle please.
  2. This is a great pub: Give them a call. Table service too.
  3. Ah, but it was two small glasses from a supermarket bottle... 😜
  4. Two small glasses of Diet Coke cost the club money.
  5. Hearts fans rate Anthony MacDonald highly. Any confirmation about Beith?
  6. Could you look at the stewarding please? My pal had his 7 year old daughter at the Kilby match. They went for something to eat and on the way back to the north stand, they paused to look at the night sky. He told me within 7 seconds some jobsworth steward was over at them, telling them to sit down. I genuinely wonder how many people have stopped going due to the awful stewarding. It's far from an enjoyable experience - especially for people with young kids.
  7. Realistically, would people pay for a piece of a flag? You'd probably be better to stick it on eBay with no reserve.
  8. The most disheartening thing is the club do nothing. How many times have we had a thread like this on CTO?
  9. Should reopen the west stand terracing and make it £10 to stand.
  10. I bet they'll do the draw on the Sunday night.
  11. Why are they so keen to get their hands on a complete set from 2016? 😜
  12. The 3-2 victory in the Scottish semi final is unsurpassed. That game had it all.
  13. Proc did a great turn for our club. He slotted in to anywhere he was asked and put in a shift. He was in the pub before the cup final in 2015. All round decent guy. A club stalwart.