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  1. Harry Gow coming in to turn around the pie situation.
  2. Celtic are a selling club. Leicester being linked to Edouard. Surely Rodgers will be interested in Christie too.
  3. £14m? £40m, more like.
  5. I'm sure we can rule out today's match from the highlights of this decade.
  6. Was it true he drove home in his kit?
  7. The 3-0 win over Rangers at Ibrox was sweet. Terry Butcher coming over to the fans at full time was a brilliant moment.
  8. Strangely one of my other favourite moments was the match against Killie when OTJ was sent off and walked out of the stadium. We played the best football I've ever seen us play that day.
  9. The 2015 semi was class. That match had it all. Those were the days.
  10. Video evidence of said event?
  11. Get Sophie to do a painting of one of the old tops.
  12. Still stand by this comment. Far too good for Celtic.