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  1. I'm sure Doddsy knows what he's doing......doesn't he!? :ponder:My lack of confidence of a decent result and performance is reflected in my NPL predictions. At 7p.m tonight I hope that prediction is blown out of the park and my confidence restored...I somehow can't see that happening though.

  2. Massive chance to have grabbed the three points but blew it. Lack of match fitness? Maybe. We need to raise our game if we're going to make the play offs.

    Queens will be a tough act this weekend. We've not won in four and Queens haven't lost in four. In fact we haven't won since we beat Queens away in early Dec.:ponder:

  3. All sounds pretty dire to me. Not much positive feedback from anywhere regarding the teams performance. I'd have thought that after our enforced extended break we'd have been up for  this and raring to go but that didn't seem to be the case. Something is very wrong and needs fixing. But how? We're skint - end of. It's been an awful season and in all likelihood it's about to get worse. We face the prospect of two games a week and we struggle to perform in one a week. Come on ICT sort yourselves out, you're not on holiday yet so get  your sleeves rolled up and get stuck in.

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  4. I have no confidence that we can overcome a strong Arabs team. An Arabs team that have done well in the Bet Fred cup. Our performances in friendlies and the Bet Fred have done nothing to excite us. Is it a smoke screen and real ICT will turn up when it matters? I can't see that happening just yet. It is going to take time and patience. Hopefully we don't run out of games before that happens. Away Win :unsure:

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  5. It is a tough call against the leaders and I think you're right re damage limitation. Having said that, Celtic will lose a league game at some point I believe so why not tonight? Extremely doubtful I must admit but you never know with football.

    With Aberdeen Caledonian Thistle losing at Hamilton last night we are now two points adrift at the bottom. With that result in mind, if Celtic win tonight, they can win the title at home in their next match which is against.....The Rangers :whoosh:


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