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  1. I heard from someone at the game that Clach were sh...erm....'not very good' Still, scoring 10 in any game has to be good.....doesn't it? Nice one ICT.
  2. Deveronvale 2 ICT 10 20 July 2004 maybe?. I was there.
  3. Only seems like five minutes ago since caleycalum retained the NPL Title. Can he get the hat-trick? Lets give him a real challenge. Good luck punters. Your predictions for Game 1 are now invited: HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer KH: Crowd: Update expected to be available no later that 2200 on Sun 10 July
  4. You'd think so wouldn't you? Bloke who runs it must be a right miserable old git 😂 Must admit I never even noticed that...well done. Take attendance bragging rights.
  5. The CTO Prediction League for the 2022-23 season is now up and running and awaiting your predictions. Will last seasons winner caleyjag retain the bragging rights? Will I ever get more correct scores than Mrs Gringo? It would be great if more folk joined in so, go on, log in sign up and play.
  6. Naa...Solihull Moors
  7. Here is your Joker entitlement for season 2022-23 caleycalum 3 Caleyjag 2 Gringo 2 Ictross 2 Jodie Carnie 2 MrCaleyjag 2 Mrs Gringo 2 old caley girl 2 Robert 2 Scotty 2 Everyone else...1
  8. Rules and Instructions for playing the Nutters Prediction League (NPL) for the 2022/23Season. How to Play - General Information To take part in the NPL all you have to do is simply predict the following for all First Team Inverness Caledonian Thistle matches. Competitions covered in the NPL are: The Championship; League Cup; Challenge Cup* and SFA Cup. *Challenge Cup games will be HT and FT ONLY The Half Time (HT) score. The Full Time (FT) score. The scorer of the First goal for ICT. The scorer of the first goal for the opposition and The Crowd / Attend
  9. Gringo


    Maybe Covid has affected many events but it shouldn't stop the club from writing to or emailing those folk that have sponsored players etc. An explanation would, Im sure. be welcome. Maintaining a comms' black out is bad PR and rude. We sponsored a player many seasons ago. I believe he was the first coloured player to join the club [MacDonald?] We had nothing from the club even back then and we've never bothered since. He actually left the club part way through the season so we never got to meet him anyway. Having said that we do contribute to the CTO player sponsorship [missed one season
  10. Friday night fixtures don't help either IMHO. They stopped me going to at least two away games If it wasn't for that awful dip in form mid season we'd have run away with the league. Next season will be a hard act to follow but I'm sure we'll be up for it.
  11. Brilliant. I'm stealing that As for celebrating the occasion she's never celebrated any of my big days so why should bother with hers? Sweat Caroline can do one - I used to like the song when it first came out but has now been ruined beyond repair.
  12. I'm sure Doddsy is on the case. I fully expect a lot of the youngsters that featured last season will continue to flourish within the squad. Finding quality replacements for the likes of Chalmers and McAlear will be tough given our financial restrictions.
  13. It's really good to see these young lads getting behind ICT. Also pleasing to see they haven't been brainwashed in following a couple of teams from Glasgow. Well done lads.
  14. Did you make the roll of honour? NPL Stats – 2021/2022 Total individual entries: 1052 Total correct HT: 232 Total correct FT: 86 Total correct 1st Scorer ICT: 142 Total correct 1st Scorer Opp: 104 Crowd - 10 pts: 1 Crowd - 5 pts: 178 Highest individual points tally: 21 - caleycalum [Game 21 Queens away] Most correct HT: – 20 - Mr Caleyjag Most correct FT: 10 - caleycalum Most correct 1st Scorer ICT: 10 - Robert Most correct 1st Scorer Opp: – 8 – Jodie Carney Most correct Crowd - 10 pts: – 1 Mrs Gringo
  15. That was my last visit too. Heard the awful news whilst travelling up on the train.
  16. What! You want to give me more work!!??
  17. No worries. This was a long season. 51 games in fact. The Spreadsheet that does all the 'hard work' is only designed for 50 games. Just as well we didn't go on a long cup run 😂 Thank you all for your kind comments it's very much appreciated. A few errors did creep in from typo's to just plain incompetence. Although the Spreadsheet does the sums, it's down to me to put the info in correctly. Maybe I shouldn't listen to Rammstein whilst updating the games We'll go again in 2022/23 Cheers all Gringo
  18. So, yet another season in the Championship beckons for us. Two 'new' teams to play at this level too in Queens Park and Cove Rangers. Our boys gave it their all but fell at the final hurdle in a play-off system that strongly favours the Premiership club. At least we put Collum in his place after he tried his hardest to get Arbroath through...anyway...on to the NPL. If gives me great pleasure to announce that caleycalum has retained the title of NPL Champion for another season. It turned out to be a breeze in the end for him. Having taken up top spot in Week 24 none of the chasing pack cou
  19. Mrs Gringo HT: 1-1 FT: 1-2 1st ICT: McAlear 1st StJ: MacPherson Crowd: 7639 Yellow Card: Cleary Gringo HT: 0-0 FT: 1-2 1st ICT: Billy Mckay 1st StJ: Rooney Crowd: 8888 Yellow Card: Devine
  20. Many thanks @Caleyjag. I'll never understand why it takes so long. All updated now.
  21. Despite the abysmal performance in the first 60 mins, I think we all enjoyed that in the end. Well set up for the 2nd leg. Reece McAlear though...wow!! No maximums in the Correct Score section. Caleyjag hit max' points in the First Scorer section. Doofer got the Crowd Section bonus - 20 under. caleycalum has his hands in the title. Yellow Card bonus: Middleton - No takers Stats Correct H/T 1 Correct F/T 0 Correct ICT Scorer 1 Correct Opp Scorer 4 Correct Crowd 0 Within 100 Crowd 1 Your Points Caleyjag 8 Doofe
  22. Mrs Gringo HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 1st ICT: Doran 1st StJ: Hendry Crowd: 4111 Yellow Card: Callum Hendry Gringo HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 1st ICT: Mckay 1st StJ: Hendry Crowd: 4500 Yellow Card: Carson
  23. Sincere apologies young man. Power blip in the old (very) grey matter. All corrected now and thank you for flagging this up.
  24. Bonus Points available on this game. ICT first scorer - Double Points Yellow Bonus - Points awarded in order of booking. HT: FT: 1st ICT: 1st StJ: Crowd: Yellow Card: Update expected to be completed no later than 2200 on TUE 24 MAY
  25. Bonus Points available on this game. ICT first scorer - Double Points Yellow Bonus - Points awarded in order of booking. HT: FT: 1st ICT: 1st StJ: Crowd: Yellow Card: Update expected to be completed no later than 2200 on SAT 21 MAY
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