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  1. NorthStandNoob


    I doubt even platform heels and a trampoline would make him jump that high. 6 foot four of foot on the floor.
  2. Calder is undroppable right now. We should be getting him up the park and giving him the ball as much as possible.
  3. Ridgers : His left hand could stop Brexit Calder : His crosses are superb. Shame Oakley was off the pitch for those last 30 mins Oakley : Welcome back George you absolute collosus. Someone above asked how Doran missed that chance. To be fair, he was a fraction late getting to it. It was not as clear cut a chance as Polworth's. We were all celebrating that one, long before he missed the target. Trafford : Half time warm up showboating - 8/10
  4. It was one heck of a save. He broke Mackay right there
  5. Need to start with Calder and Mackay.
  6. That was grim. Midfield anonymous until Calder came on. What does he have to do to get a start? Likewise Daniel Mackay, who immediately got stuck in and at least caused a bit of threat. Not convinced with our other striking options. One up front doesn't work when the midfielders keep turning back towards their own half, and there is nothing to suggest that White and Austin might form an effective partnership. Honourable mentions to Donaldson, captain in waiting, Ridgers, for the save at the end, and Charlie Trafford, who showed more finesse flicking a ball up during the half time warm up, than the entire team did in the first half.
  7. A great game in the end. The best thing about refereeing performances like these is that they unite the North Stand against a common enemy, the crowd come alive and the team can feel the support willing them on. I still don't see the second penalty as anything more than cynical opportunism. But I have noticed that most teams in this division ( apart from Brechin ) have that level of professional cynicism built in. Defenders know just how much they will get away with, forwards go to ground easily, all part and parcel of why this is a hard league to get out of. Calder had a great wee spell, put over a couple of great crosses and we really should have players attacking those. Can't remember who put one cross over that must have only been 3 yards out and there was no one either in the the centre or back post. Ridgers penalty save was an important factor in us getting anything out of this game. 2-0 down at that point, to an unjust penalty at that, and I don't think we'd have come back. Having said that, St.Mirren could have been out of sight long before...turns out not all superheroes wear capes, but pretty sure Ridgers had the rest of the costume on under his day-glow kit. Their second goal was a cracker, but I always felt we could get one back. We seemed to go more route 1, Oakley came into the game more when MacKay came on, and we generally looked more threatening. Our first goal seemed deceptively simple. Our equaliser even more so. I genuinely think if the game had another 10 minutes to go we'd have won it. We should take heart, although we were under the cosh, we came back and deservedly so. This is the sort of performance and fight we need from the off next season
  8. Rachel from Friends, I think. At half time, it was 55-45 in our favour. I'd have had it 70-30.
  9. This. I get that they were excited. But there's no need to go on the pitch and definitely no need to confront the other team's players. That's just idiotic behaviour and there is no justification for it.
  10. That was sweet revenge for the travesty of the opening game of the season. We were never in danger and really should have been out of sight. My boy George ( see what I did there?) had a great game, obviously got bored of waiting for something to happen and decided to make something happen instead. The first time he went in a run and at least drew a save, he then somehow cocked up a free header, but then went on another run, leaving defenders in his wake and creating the goal. He could possibly have had a tap-in in the second half, if Daniel had opted to cross instead of shoot. There was a palpable buzz around the ground when Daniel came on, a bit crazy the impact that this young lad has, but he's fearless, direct, and things happen when he's on the pitch. He had a mad few minutes, shot saved (should have squared it), got booked, then failed to connect with another cross. His best chance was when somehow we ended up 3 v 2 but the keeper made a great save, from a difficult angle. I'd love to see him and George get a full 90 minutes together. I suspect it would be carnage. Austin - jury is out for me. Showed some good touches, by all accounts his effort was going in before Oakley "intervened". But - he's made of crisps. Pretty sure he was hobbling about prior to being subbed? I'm bemused by the vitriol from certain North Standers to Vigurs. Sure, he might not be quite as good as he thinks he is, and a lot of stuff doesn't come off, but pretty much everything comes through him. He bossed the cup final, and he was never far from the action last night. Donaldson, Warren and Ridgers were solid, and we never looked like we were going to let them score. I was surprised to see that Utd edged the possession, because we were so comfortable, I'd have had it at least 60/40 in our favour, apparently not. Who cares, 1-0, job done, let's do St Mirren.