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  1. Yeah like above I’m a hearts fan so yeah be gentle, I was looking forward to attending the game itself with a couple of mate and having a weekend up at Inverness but sadly not to be so have purchased a couple of v tickets. We won’t forget the integrity of ICT all the best for the rest of the season except against us !
  2. Hi there guys , although I'm a hearts fan I'm not in here to to talk about my own club or troll this forum. I'm only here to congratulate your club on there resent statement, it was not only well worded but it said everything about the dishonestly of the SPFL. Your club has proper morals, dignity and sporting integrity, this is what the majority of our 42 clubs don't have. You are a very proud club and looks to me like very proud supporters reading this thread and rightly so. Although we will be competing in the same league next season (if any) if hearts don't win it I very muc
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