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  1. I think theres something about us that just stops Cillian Sheridan from scoring
  2. Yeesh. Queen's never dropped, they'd been in the bottom tier for donkeys cos they were Amateur and only moved up once they ditched that. Raith, Airdrie and ESPECIALLY Falkirk were stuck in League One for multiple seasons with Falkirk being stuck there for 6 years. It'll NEVER do us any good, and will only leave us likely pinging between L1 and L2 like Peterhead
  3. Don't want to be a downer, but difference between us and them is that both of those teams are very well established for going on 150 years with a large, strong fanbase passing down for generations, so a large fan investment is unsurprising. We've been about for 30 years, with an inconsistent fanbase because a large chunk of the city is either green or blue, and a decent amount still holding the grudge from '94 (for whatever reason) and people only take notice of us when we play a Prem team in the Cup or get to Hampden... It might work fine for other clubs, but when we've such a small fanbase that can be considered "loyal", I feel this may end up being a pocket of shrapnel rather than being something that can make a dent
  4. Happy days as long as the momentum keeps running. Can officially stop looking over our shoulder at Arbroath results and look up the table. Not officially clear of the automatic drop zone, but unless Arbroath win by 9.25 goals in each of their last 4 fixtures, we should be fine to chase Queens down. Massive 6 pointer at Hampden next weekend.
  5. Highland Council offices are open year round, except Bank Holidays
  6. Eh, one place higher than we would've been if Dodds had stuck about. Poor loan signings yes, but he has also had to deal with the fodder that Dodds had brought in in the Summer Window
  7. Meant 9th. Too used to the playoffs that we used to play in when we were good lmao
  8. Also have to remember these are wonky playoffs compared to the playoffs that we should've been chasing. No two week break while the seasiders batter eachothers lights out for us to pick up the pieces at the end, we're thrown into the mixer as well. But I think its 11th v 4th and 2nd v 3rd in the Semis, and all seem to start the week after the leagues finished and end around the 20th
  9. I knew I had heard comments like that before...
  10. Or in the words of Mr Gardiner, "Clickbait Proponents"
  11. Clach, but never to the extent I support the club now... ...at least until a phoenix club appears, then its home and away in the Sneckie District League
  12. He put us on that life support machine in the first place. Things were going relatively swimmingly under Kenny Cam Nothing changes the fact that without him the club dies instantly, unless another rich fool can be found first. Cameron was the one who was responsible for the start of our financial troubles. Allowed Hughes to sign up players on contracts we couldn't afford and them appointed Foran on a 4 year contract. Bollocks, have you forgotten Mr Rae? That, sadly, is probably the grim reality. This is a time when all who want a rosy future for the club need to bury their differences and try to find a way out of the mess. From a fans' perspective we need the Supporters Trust to be as strong and representative as possible. A strong fans voice at Board level needs to be part of the solution. Tbf my knowledge of chairmen kinda evaporates in the times before KC. The nostalgia of when we were good kinda just blanks out all the uh ohs If he’d allowed Yogi to speak to United in the first place I don’t think we’d be in this situation. Graham Rae came in after relegation (there were a few short term appointments) and was there for two years, his regime brought Gardiner in, and Ross Morrison was vice chair. Ross Morrison isn't the money man that some seem to think he is. It's David Cameron and Alan Munro (with one non board member) who have been carrying the bulk of the financial burden the last few years. Getting rid would have zero financial implications for the club. Well FOOLS we certainly seem to find easily ! That’s interesting. But Morrison must have been putting significant money in recently because he’s been granted security over the clubs assets until he gets repaid, no? No, it could mean that he's put in money he can't afford, or is unwilling to lose, unlike others. We're getting a little off topic for this thread, sorry, but it got me thinking and we could actually end up in a situation where the club is forced into administration before the planning appeal is heard, Ross Morrison gets control of the battery storage company through the charge, Scottish Government overturn the refusal, and he pockets the £3.4 million. If anyone is looking for a conspiracy, and if my understanding of the charge is correct, then Ross Morrison could be seen as having a vested interest in the club going into administration. In earlier years, Tulloch put £5 million into the club and then Muirfield Mills contributed almost £1 million. More recently there’s been more cash put in by various people in an ongoing battle against administration. Some of this has been by share purchase, which is traceable through Companies House, and we suspect that there’s also been a fair bit of cash loaned by people both within and outwith the board. We have a fair idea of who they may be, but how much is less clear. For them, this is a bit like a game of Pontoon. Stick or twist? Hope it doesn’t go bust so you lose everything you have put in … unless you have preferred creditor status. The question is - for how long can this go on, with constant heavy losses covered by benefactors on a hand to mouth basis? Meanwhile, over the bridge, it’s not that different, except that it’s easier to identify Ross County’s benefactor, and the amounts are rather greater. Over the last 8 years, Ross County has had £9.6 million in loans from its parent company written off. That’s an average of £1.2 million a year. But how much longer can that also go on? (EDIT - I’ve just noticed that this is actually a match day thread.. not the battery farm one. Apologies, but I’m just following the flow!)
  13. Clach have parted ways with their Chairman and board. Oh how I envy them
  14. From what I'm aware we're waiting 6 months to hear on it. Richest club in League One, or the derby against Elgin will be on the cards for the 2026/27 season
  15. Would be handy if he focused on keeping the club away from deaths door as opposed to catering the Blue Poond freakazoids who never turn up unless Rainjurz are in town
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