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  1. Billy Mckay Bicycle kick vs Rangers during the Reign of Foran was a beaut. Took us off the foot of the table...But not for long, sadly...
  2. Anyone know if there are tickets on sale at the TCS?
  3. Nah, but I seriously hope he isn't a one match wonder, like Jack Brown, who never makes another appearance after his debut
  4. Don't worry we've got the Brazilian! Either he'll be like them and be absolutely incredible, or he'll follow in their footsteps and fall to the ground like he got hit with an uppercut when someone sneezes...
  5. Thinking it's more the SFA screwing us over cos we're the wee team. Hearts haven't got their tickets either with no confirmed date of sale, plus they've got a 25k allocation...
  6. Rather not have Rooney with skinned knees while celebrating in front of the Dingwall Bunch...
  7. Pfft. Don't bother emailing them. They never respond. Sent them an Email in November 2017, after that pure bullsh*ttery of a game against St Mirren, where every decision was against us (might be cos I'm a sore loser, or maybe because it was actually fixed, I don't know). Dropped them a line saying "Hey, can you look into this, something is obviously fishy about this game"...and I still haven't received a response...
  8. Would it be fair to have a banner that reads "F*ck the SFA, put the fans before money!"? Would say what we all think, just not entirely sure whether it'd be worth the money to make it...
  9. Is there any more news on Grae Rae's quest to Hampden?
  10. History going to repeat itself? Us going through via penalties after being down to 9 men. Then hearts get shattered when we lose on penalties to Aberdeen in the finals at Parkhead.
  11. They really don't learn from their mistakes do they 😂
  12. 12:15. Almost as bad as when they moved our derby cup tie to stupid o'clock on a Monday night. What really rubs salt into the wound is that Aberdeen get a nice evening Kick off for travelling the same distance... Money before the fans...
  13. Don't worry lads, we've got skills in beating Hearts in the Semis! But that'll mean we lose to the Dons on penalties...