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  1. Dundee, Hearts, Hibs, Rangers, Celtic and Aberdeen are the other Quarter Final teams. Unfortunately can't make it as I'm working, but fingers crossed we make it to the semis. Can expect a decent turnout if we end up drawing Aberdeen.
  2. Wales U21 player. Could prove to be a decent player
  3. Word has it that we were actually supposed to have Dan Mackay back on loan, as Hibs had turned down a previous approach by Killie, but then Killie made a second offer...
  4. What the hell is even going on anymore. This is the same side that went 7 on the bounce, and were going to "1-0 our way to the title", but now, we've soiled our pants and are clinging on for dear life whilst only being saved by results elsewhere. Granted, we've lost Gardyne, who was a major pillar on the field (and a major pillock off the field), but it doesn't change the fact that this has been going since Octoberish. Don't want to be calling for Doddsy's head quite yet, buttttt it won't be long if we don't start seeing 3 points...
  5. Ngl thats what I don't understand about the betting rule. If it involves your team, then the rules make sense, but why should a League Two player get the book thrown at him for betting on, say, Celtic vs Dundee United?
  6. Tbh, much rather a guy that bets on other matches than one that goes behind his mates back to get his hole from said mates wife
  7. Just found out that Richard Hastings is the manager of Inverurie Locos...
  8. He wasn't part of the first team, but he's gone off to Forres Mechanics
  9. Is it just me or is anyone else a wee bit worried about the lack of inward transfers? Already let 2 midfielders out the door and let one youngster free, all whilst we're needing players to fill gaps in the squad...
  10. Can see a fair chunk of Dortmund fans turning up before they fly home after their game against Rangers. Pretty sure the same happened for our game against Hibs the night after Copenhagen played Celtic
  11. Well...since a good thousand or so jumped ship when the club needed them most
  12. If Duku doesn't get a goal this season, him making a pass off his arse will be forever engraved on my memories
  13. Cammy's one of the lads still isolating (I think, that or injured), and we've got a new lad that I've never seen before, so I can only presume he's a backup backup keeper in case Big Ess gets injured or whatever...or the lads name is also Ryan Esson...
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