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  1. Erm...by the looks of things, we're either winging it by going with nobody at the helm, or postponement. The ENTIRITY of the coaching team are out for the count, except Ryan Esson...
  2. See if they do and we end up with a Borough Briggs away day over Wrexham...
  3. Slight diversion, but Daniel Mackay is starting tonight against Raith, must've been a reasonably quick recovery, and Hoban is on the bench. Game is on BBC Alba if you want to tune in.
  4. Could be potential that Clyde line up John Rankin...
  5. Realistically, most of our Youth are probably promising enough for a call up. Roddy has potential to get a youth call up, but has somehow ducked under the radar. Can't think of the Left Back you're on about, Carl Tremarco is brinking on his 40s, so I doubt Gareth Southgate will be looking to add him into the lineups, and hasn't been called up in the 16 years of his career to any level. McHattie I cast my doubts, as he hasn't made too many games and Cameron Harper could have a chance. And Mckay, not sure if you're referring to Brad or accidentally mispelt Daniel's surname, but no, the Mckay (Brad) isn't looking likely for a scotland call up, however Daniel Mackay, has quite a fair chance, and likely will be in the Scotland squad in the forseeable future (assuming he's not linked with an irrefusable deal down south)
  6. Square up against the Abroath Mugs! 😂😂😂
  7. Was after he bottled a one yard sitter. That's when he stopped being a class player 😂
  8. Doesn't really amount to much, but all in all, we haven't actually conceded that many goals on average...
  9. Robbo in. If it ends in relegation or miss out on play-offs then it's Robbout.
  10. Would've said Yogi, bet then I remember he got Raith relegated...so he isn't the best candidate for the Championship.
  11. See if we don't manage against Clyde, I'll be considering whether I can put up with this crap anymore...
  12. Shocking that Richie bleeding Foran managed a result...and he's the worst manager we've ever had...
  13. Never realised til he shifted it to the side, then he ignored me when I asked for the other one back.