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  1. Tell me again how the SPFL aren't corrupt pricks?
  2. 03/04 was the Scottish Cup Semis against Dundee and winning the old First Division 04/05 would probably be the return from Pittodrie to the TCS...
  3. Well, that, or they're keeping to their age old tradition of keeping radio silence until the last minute...
  4. Call it as is across the board, play the playoffs, expand the leagues and incorporate the Highland and Lowland Leagues into the pyramid.
  5. Games 3 weeks away and I can already see that Coll's given away a penalty
  6. Ravs off in the 80th Minute, Marine going to concede a lot more goals now without the main man...
  7. Wonder if the Beeb have any facts on Ravs that aren't "He started for Liverpool once"?
  8. Still livid that some Chinese bloke caused a domino effect that led to us not being able to go to our biggest game of the season.
  9. Can't see it happening, but could Glenn Middleton, also a winger from the Gers, be a possibility for loan? Would be a stupid move to go through the January window without picking up some players on an, at least, permanent deal
  10. Shame he left so early, man could've turned Buckie inside out
  11. Seen a comment on the tweet from his daughter, turns out someone at the club was a bit too quick on the keyboard, as the family was still spreading the word, and wasn't supposed to go public yet 😬 Condolences to his family
  12. He planning on doing an Iain Vigurs and battering people at Johnny Foxes...before being restrained by 6 of the boys in blue?
  13. Yogi taking shree points north and C*unty off the bottom of the table. Highland Derby in the playoff final looking likely (assuming we get a grip, and get results)
  14. After getting back from work to catch the second half, all I've gathered is Brad McKay is utter guff, the scoreboard STILL has us in green, we can't seem to get rid of Andy Bannerman and the buffering and stream delay is still doing my nut in. We really need the lads from The Wyness Shuffle on the commentary team, and would likely provide commentary that won't make you want to mute the telly.
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