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  1. Have them on by default, just don't bother switching them off.
  2. Loving the stream delay. Getting the goal notification looooooooong before Toddy actually scored. Nice addition to the list of what needs to be fixed
  3. Linesman picking up all the points in the POTM Poll later. Not seen any better actions than his.
  4. Not missing much. All you're missing is a **** game and the back of a Linesmans bald head
  5. It's Automated, there's nobody controlling it. Really needs reworked...
  6. AI confusing the ball with the Linesmans bald head and the spare balls...
  7. Come to realise the camera's thinking the baldy linesman is the ball 😂😂😂
  8. It's AI, supposed to track the ball...and that "supposed to" really needs to be a "has to"
  9. Questionable AI on the camera, thinks everything BUT the ball is interesting...
  10. The same Andrew Barrowman who played for the ugly bunch across the bridge?
  11. We got commentary for this game? Thought it was supposed to be "sit down, shut up" in the camera booth, cos it's not going to be fun listening to someone clack away at their Chromebook and making smalltalk while the games being filmed...
  12. How do you even get into the stream? I'm stuck kicking about in the SPFL Matchcentre home screen, signed in and all