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  1. Jack Waddington

    Where are our subs at Robbo?

    Tonights game. Not the best, but decent none the less. But the real question is, where were the substitutions? It was clear as glass that the team were tired and substitutions were desperately needed. Hell, we barely clung on to get a draw. A single substitute coming on won't cut it, not saying Daniel MacKay is a bad player, he's just not the best player that could've been brought on. If he had come on as a Double with Ricky, then we definitely could've scored. It was quite obvious that the atmosphere was relatively tense when they were pushing up and got several shots on target (all of which saved by the best keeper in the league, Mark Ridgers), and that we were slowing down. The wingers managed to keep pace, but their crosses were for nothing, as most of the time, there were no Strikers or Midfielders in the box to get a head to it. We definitely should've used all 3 subs if we wanted the win, and I know full well that 90% of the fanbase would put all the blame on Robbo if we had conceded a goal and failing to reply. Either way, we're still 2nd, and County are 4th, so onwards and upwards!
  2. Jack Waddington


    There's definitely more at either end of the stand than there are pitchside, but there is at least 3 spanning the pitchside wall.
  3. Jack Waddington

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    An away friendly vs Bolton (or even Astra), which were some of our biggest opponents in non-league format history, would be decent. But I do think that monetary constraints will sink the party cruise, but still, may it be an enjoyable one. Kit wise, I was thinking along the lines of Caledonian and Thistle's final home kits redone by the same manufacturers and sponsored by the same sponsors as they were in the 1993/94 season. Only question about the memorabilia museum is whether it'll be a permanent fixture or just a temporary thing. If it is simply a temporary thing, then surely there must be somewhere in town to set up a somewhat permanent museum. And talking about locations in town, another Caley Thistle shop? I remember we had one in the weeks running up to the Scottish Cup Final in the Victorian Market, but that closed down a few weeks after we lifted the trophy, I know this is going quite some way off topic, but there must be some way to expand our brand exposure, which I was thinking by renting out a shop in the Eastgate or something, cos as we all know, the shop at the TCS doesn't exactly have the highest capacity. I mean, highly doubt the ICTFC board will see (if not actually read) these posts, but those are some suggestions for the 25th Anniversary.
  4. Jack Waddington

    Derby Day Travel

    Usually about 10ish, but that's for games down Edinburgh/Glasgow way, but considering the close proximity, going to put a marker on 12/1ish. Not too late that you're rushing for the turnstiles, but not too early that you're stuck on enemy turf...
  5. Jack Waddington

    Future of Scottish football

    I know it has been discussed for years around scotland, but moving the Old Firm down south to be part of the EFL. Could it potentially improve Scottish Football? If Celtic and Rangers go down south, it could mean boosted ticket sales for clubs around Scotland, clubs (like us) could have a fight in the chance of winning the Premiership. Might sound like a majorly outlandish idea, but it could work out for the better in the long run. Celtic and (not so much) Rangers have been dominating the Prem for years, and we, sad to admit it, only got our Europa League spot (mainly) because of the lack of Rangers. For as long Celtic and Rangers are in Scottish Football, it'll be rotating between them for decades to come, like it has been for years before, with only Aberdeen stopping the rotation a couple decades back. I don't want to sound delusional, but if this happens, we'll (like other Scottish clubs) more than definitely benefit from their move. We'll end up with less Glory Hunters, as they will choose to support their local team, which would also bring in more ticket sales, and we could definitely see attendances at the TCS increasing by a couple thousand, which means more money into the club, which means better facilities, which means better players, which means better results, yadda yadda yadda. Although I highly doubt the Old Firm will be put under the hands of the FA, as the SFA enjoy rolling around in their money pile from Celtic and Rangers. Their move would mean a whole league restructure, to an extent. Aberdeen will more than likely be the main challengers for the title, but, Aberdeen are a less feared opponent than either Glasgow team. Not only would the SPFL benifit, but the Highland and Lowland leagues would too! Brora and Clach, who have been down there since the very beginning, would have a chance to prove their worth and be one of the two to go SPFL. There'll be a major variety in cup competitions too. I know a lot of you won't agree with this, but this could (potentially) be our only hope of going on another European Adventure (if we don't lift the Scottish Cup again).
  6. Jack Waddington

    Scottish Football Supporters Survey

    "4. Which three of the following factors do you consider to be the most important when deciding whether to attend games" 😂 What kind of question is that, I don't put thought into whether I should attend or not, I just go, that's what being a football fan is about, going to games no matter what the circumstances.
  7. Jack Waddington

    NoS Cup v Forres

    Hoping for Brora in the finals. Don't want County to win it if we get beat...
  8. Jack Waddington

    What a load of rubbish.

    No trying to start a rant, but as I have said (on the previous page of this topic), a Bught Park Stadium would (more than likely) never come into existance. 1. Space is too small, no matter at what angle, the TCS is considerably larger (if not near the same size) than the space of Bught Park. 2. Backlash from locals, don't think they'd want a massive stadium sitting right outside their house. 3. Road links, miles inadequate to host traffic for a Premiership/Championship team. Only major roads are the Drumnadrochit road and the bypass...which doesn't even link to the A9, and won't for the forseeable futuee. And the only roads surrounding Bught are almost one way roads, due to people being unable to find parking at the Aquadome. And 4. Albeit a minor problem, Shinty. Inverness Shinty Club have been there for coming on 100 years now, and I highly doubt they'd want to move, and even if we did move in as their next door neighbour, I doubt they'd like it...
  9. Jack Waddington


    Think what he did was both in interests of himself, and the club. He got very few appearances in both league and cup games, so I think leaving for whomever he goes for, is a better choice for him and gets more appearances and furthers his career. Considering we have a such (dare I say it) wide choice of players, with youngsters fighting for their place in the first team and older more experienced players already cemented in their first team slot, Zak probably couldn't've kept up, due to the fact he was injured for the majority of last season, only managed to get a single game this season and may have lightened on his training routines as to prevent further injury. Wherever he goes (hopefully not the County), hopefully he has a better spell than he did with us.
  10. Jack Waddington

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Robbo says there's no more transfers from other clubs, but is willing to take in Loans or Free Agents... ...Is Miles Storey a free agent yet? 😂
  11. Jack Waddington

    ICTFC.com down?

    *11th vs Forres, was originally the 12th, but got pushed back for whatever reason
  12. Jack Waddington


    He is no doubt one of the best goalies in the league, he keeps rooted to the spot as to avoid ******* everything up and leaving an empty net and an easy goal for the opposition.
  13. Jack Waddington


    Coll was good at it, shame he hit the bar though, but if he had netted the rebound, I doubt it would've stood, as I'm pretty sure the penalty taker can't do that and it has to be another player. But either Oakley or Austin should be our penalty taker, or depending on how good Mr Brazilian Guy is, put him on. Looking at clips of him on YouTube (see 1:33 for penalties) the lad seems pretty decent on not only penalties, but around the goalmouth and the pitch as well, and I think he could possibly do well with taking penalties (and hopefully Aberdeen don't notice him and drag him to Pittodrie too soon). If he doesn't take them, anyone with confidence should, Coll I think was just a one off because nobody else was willing (from what I saw), and I doubt he'll be our primary penalty taker.
  14. Jack Waddington

    What a load of rubbish.

    Just had a gander at Google Maps, and that place seems the (almost) perfect location for a stadium, links to the mainline and A9, with a potential link to the Aberdeen road, and would also bring opportunities for new housing estates to expand the only population. Only downside is, the distance from main transport hubs, the station and bus station are a good 50 minute walk away, and even though you brought up the topic of a small station there, I don't think it benefits out of town fans or people on the far side of town who can't drive. In all other aspects, it would more than certainly work it's worth. Easily shared training pitches with the UHI, Retail Park close by, which could also benefit the businesses there. But before this would happen (if it does) the Highland Council/City Council really need to get working, half the roads in the surrounding area would need to be worked on to handle the traffic, depending on where they're coming from in town or outside town. Only realistic problem is the money, we have no source of income that could possibly give us a chance of paying off the stadium. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there word of some guy planning to buy the club (or stadium) earlier this year? I think if that's the case, it could be our only hope of moving out of the Three (and a quarter) Stander Stadium. If this were to happen, and we move into that area (judging that nothing has been built there by then), I'd give a rough estimate of say about 2030/2040 ish by the time we move out of the TCS, and rather than tearing it down, hand it to Clach (if they're still around/out of the Highland League by then) on a loan lease clause, which would also give us some extra money to work with. Albeit it sounds a stupidly unrealistic theory, it could still happen, but it's only a matter of time.
  15. Jack Waddington

    ICTFC.com down?

    Think they mentioned it in the FT Tweet after our 16-0 win over Fort William...either way, we're at home (unsure if TCS or GSP) vs Forres Mechanics on the 22nd, incase you're wondering or search "2018-19 North of Scotland Cup". Shows results and next fixtures if you click on the first link.