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  1. PM in Intensive Care...Not looking good...
  2. That's an image I'd love to have not seen...
  3. Apparently the SPFL are calling UEFAs bluff and finishing the league...according to the Daily Record, anyway... Celtic champs, Hearts down, and unsurprisingly, the lower leagues are left in the dark. Unless there's an expansion or the playoffs go ahead, everyone who's not top or bottom is getting shafted...
  4. Doesn't quite fit the "ICT Family" part, (had no other photos relating to that part), but taking a bit of ICT to Portugal with me for the UEFA Nations League Final (photo taken on the day after the match)
  5. Gonny go ballistic if they void the season
  6. Just searched the name, and the only one in a reasonable age bracket, played for Fraserburgh in 1997...and that's it, no other info on the guy
  7. Ricky Calder, Phil McGuire and Ben Jackson. Caley player, stumbled upon by pure fluke, Bill Paterson
  8. Have a feeling they weren't very imaginative with the kit designs...
  9. If I remember rightly, renewal wise, didn't it say in the letter before the end of last season, that we'd be paying the same renewal rate as usual if we were to go up through last season's playoffs? I'm sure they'd want to follow the same strategy if this were the case. I would presume the letters would be sent out once the SFA decides on how to conclude the league.
  10. Bit of a head scratcher/time warp for a majority, but who was #48 in our 2004/05 season? Managed to snag a player worn training top for a tenner, however, I can't seem to find the wearer of said kit. Hasn't arrived yet, so I can't check for any indications, nor is there any reliable sources showing our kit number history
  11. Trying to figure out where the apparent first proposed stadium site is... Want to say its inbetween Clachnaharry and the ferry, but I'm not entirely sure.
  12. Thing is, we'd only be getting about £31k, and it's been said it wouldn't be distributed evenly, so we could either be handed a blessing or what feels like a middle finger in the face
  13. Looks like Gaz wants to return to the Sneck once he hangs up his boots to do coaching. Gaz and David Raven coaching our Youth sides, fair to say our future teams will be in good hands... https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/sport/warren-s-heart-is-still-in-highlands-194076/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  14. Shame to see some twats have stooped so low as nicking donations from the club. Not loyal fans at all, those caught deserve a stadium ban when football resumes. Thankfully, they have got the police involved and were all caught on CCTV. https://ictfc.com/coronavirus:-club-update---good-news-and-bad-news