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  1. Think we've lost the title of the "never underestimate" club in Scotland...
  2. I'm assuming that the Ousmane Fane talks are out the window...I mean, he is a free agent now, so I guess that rumour was just passing blether to get us in the mood ahead of the window?
  3. Actually wonder how our kits would look if we followed the #SaveOurKit campaign. Most of them have been designed to look decent with the sponsor logo, not really designed for without... Guess it's more suited to teams that use the same design year in year out, not like us where we have a new design every season...
  4. Thought Robbo had been sent to the Naughty Step by the SFA for 3 games? Hasn't been 3 proper games since his "violent actions" at Tannadice...
  5. Pre Order IIRC, they said was sometime in July (so any time within the next fortnight) and will be on general sale sometime in August. Still haven't decided whether I'm going to keep it in its commemorative box, or if I'm going to get it framed...depends if they put out a special match programme...
  6. Genuinely hate to say it, but if we can't put one past Peterhead, I haven't got my hopes up against Raith...still, Mon eh Caley, maybe they've woken up after their training sessions...
  7. What happened to our Twitter Lad he was proper class? Was he the one that was sacked for accidentally liking the gay porn?
  8. This is the exact reason why I don't get excited before the League Cup.
  9. Did make the suggestion they pull this duo off for the home and away kits, guess we'll have to wait for the 50th, would seem a bit pointless using them after the 25th...
  10. Would it be too far to say Pele is an expert on that subject?
  11. It's too blue. In previous seasons, there's been the red to compliment the blue, but now we're back to a block of colour. Plus the blue looks too dark (not sure if it's the lighting or not), and it kinda reminds me of the C*unty home kit...
  12. Upgrade? What's that? I know I'm probably not going to Peterhead away, but I'm just curious...
  13. Is it going to be on Spotify eventually?