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  1. Anyone know of any supporters buses heading south on the 1st of June? Haven't found any possible way to and from the weeg that won't likely end up robbing me blind for an overnight stay... Any help will be much appreciated
  2. Like this? Took it last month when we lost to Morton, but still my favourite pic of the ground
  3. Hi all Looking for a 2013/14 home kit in size large Cheers
  4. Funny that, cos the highlight reel of the game from the week before is still available on the BBC Website
  5. Aye, they've said they've got no access to it/don't have it
  6. Reviving this thread as I'm struggling to get footage for this one. Making a new compilation, this time for our stalwart, Billy Mckay, however, there doesn't appear to be anything from the 4-3 away loss to Killie in April 2012. The Beeb has got highlights of it, but for whatever reason, they're not available...I want to say it has something to do regarding the tragic loss of one of the ICT Family at said game, but at the same time I don't think that'd cause an entire highlight reel to be pulled. So yeah, just in case anyone managed to save the reel before it got pulled, any help would be gratefully appreciated
  7. It's been floating around the supporters bus, not sure if the "Not showing up at training" is a result of chinese whispers, but the falling out with Dodds is almost certainly not.
  8. Last night was the final straw for me. Its been too much of a burden on me physically and financially to watch the same ***** get copy pasted every ******* week with nothing being changed in terms of management or tactics. So while I'll continue supporting the team, I doubt I'll be returning to the TCS until Dodds is either sacked or voluntary leaves. The phrase "follow your team through thick and thin" comes to mind, but when EVERYONE, Fans and Players knows that Dodds needs to walk, that's when boycotts and the like need to be mentioned. Roddy is already not showing up at training for one reason or another, but apparently issues with Dodds is a prime reason. We can't keep putting ourselves through such a mind numbing 90 minutes whilst playing relegation form and not having a win since we battered Morton 6-1 BEFORE CHRISTMAS. That's me off to Clach, and probably other Highland Clubs for the remainder of the Dodds Tyranny. Turrah.
  9. Polly has joined Dunfermline on loan
  10. Over at the Sheep Pleasurers this afternoon. Unfortunately neither Mr Hayes or Mr Watkins were on the park...which is probably the reason why United scored both the goals in a 1-1 draw...seriously boring match
  11. One of the top dons in it was done with an alleged sexual offence of some description. Can't give any more details because of the Courier's stupid subscription service where you're not allowed to read articles without paying £40 per year... https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/news/future-of-club-left-in-doubt-266060/
  12. Reviving this thread as a warning for anyone who's stumbled across this listing on eBay. It's not authentic. I've been in contact with the seller, and found out they aren't part of the "sell fake shirts for big bucks" movement, so they're probably going to relist it
  13. Two words, rhymes with Jordan White. Starts with F and ends in e.
  14. Is my brain broken or something? Thought this was supposed to be on the same night as Partick away, but according to Hearts its on the night before Accies next week...
  15. Former defender Ryan McRitchie starting for Rothes. And for the more memorable folk who can remember the youth players from a over decade ago, Michael Finnis also starting
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