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  1. Interesting that it's the same system that was used for the Buckie game, and got really confused when my email was apparently already in their database 😂
  2. Should've had a further look tbf, but doesn't change the fact that we'll probably still be locked out come next season...
  3. Ah yes, the indoor venue (which we've been told is where the virus spreads worse), is allowed to open it's doors to attendees. Meanwhile, no more than 2 miles away, the outdoor venue is still being forced to play behind closed doors because... Absolute farce. This is the time where fans want to be in more than ever, and the team will want a vocal support going through the playoffs, but nah, you can only see something live if it happens to be a stage show from the West End. https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/news/eden-courts-empire-theatre-to-host-an-audience-234569/?utm_so
  4. Anyone else unable to find the highlights of the game?
  5. Turns out the Cup Winner (assuming they haven't qualified for the Champions League) gets dropped into the Europa League Playoffs, or, simply speaking, two legs behind the Group Stage. Absolutely mental for anyone who ends up winning it. The potential thought of ICT fighting it out in the Europa League Group Stages is something else, especially when there's a high chance of being put in with the European big boys, or hell, even a Premier League side (despite us inevitably being pumped) in the Play Offs would be a dream come true.
  6. Scenes when we go all the way, and end up drawing Astra in the Europa Conference.
  7. Fair to say we have the best possible Quarter Final if we get past St Mirren. Montrose or Killie, absolute dream. Plus one less old firm team in the running.
  8. Away to St Mirren in the fourth round in 2014/15 Are the stars aligning?
  9. Can someone explain why they're doing the Quarter Final draw too? Just going to be a bunch of "or"s
  10. No Highland League ties next round. Brora lost 3-1 to Stranraer Fraserburgh lost 4-2 to Montrose And Formartine, for no better word to say it, were ****** 5-0 By Motherwell...
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