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  1. Jack Waddington

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Aye, at least we'll get to see Rooney batter Brian Graham...
  2. Jack Waddington

    Inverness CT -V- East Kilbride

    Who we hoping for next round? I'm thinking Raith or Talbot, home or away, not fussed.
  3. Jack Waddington

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    I was more disappointed when Nathan somehow didn't score No. 5...I mean, honestly, my nan could've sunk that one top bins!
  4. Jack Waddington

    Inverness CT -V- East Kilbride

    If anything, they'll probably do a Pitch Inspection around Lunchtime/1. Plenty of time to call off the match if unplayable.
  5. Jack Waddington

    Favourite cup memory?

    Probably the 1-0 loss to Dundee last season, fun seeing us play the Premiership teams. And yes, I've chosen that, cos it was my first Scottish Cup game...the reason why it was so recent is because of the inability to get to games before I got my season ticket...
  6. Jack Waddington

    January signings

    According to Charlie Trafford, Jamie McCart is going out on loan...no clues where or if he's just pulling our leg...
  7. Jack Waddington

    January signings

    Why tho? We got the leagues greatest keeper, Mark Ridgers. OFW as backup. We don't need any more, especially as if both those are injured at the same time (highly unlikely) we have main man Esson...
  8. Jack Waddington

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    Aye, there's a chance that the Man, the Myth, the Legend, David Proctor could be making an appearance in Inverness, hopefully the fans aren't too harsh against him...
  9. Jack Waddington

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    Robbo said in the post mach interview that Polly was out with the flu, so realistically, if we had a full squad, Polly would be in bed recovering...
  10. Jack Waddington

    January signings

    Highly doubt we'd even be able to get him. If he didn't go to the Sheep Shaggers in 2017, he more than likely would've been on the wage cut list with Captain Gaz and Dave the Rave...neither of which we could afford. The only way we could possibly get him is if he's willing to work on a reduced wage, but it'll never be a long term contract.
  11. Jack Waddington

    Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    Saw the result coming from a mile off. We're pure awful.
  12. Jack Waddington

    Women’s team finally

    Wasn't there a women's team a couple years back?
  13. Jack Waddington

    Happy New Year

    Transfer windows open, and still no signings announced. Smh. 🙄
  14. Jack Waddington


    Give them Beith back while we're at it. As Trump would put it:
  15. Jack Waddington

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Rooney returned the punch (like anyone would do, you can't shrug off a punch to the jaw), but in all honesty, I can see why punches were flying. Everyone was worked up because of the shambolic refereeing of Andy Dallas, but hell, it definitely added some electricity to the game 😂. Hopefully we have a decent ref who can actually see fouls in the return derby in March. But we need a team that can actually score, we're 100% the more dominant team in possession, cos literally any time I saw us on the ball, the County players were climbing on top of who ever was on possession, just to get the ball. But as stated earlier in this thread, possession does not win games. One thing that does need to be worked on in training, is heading, each and every single corner or cross that was put in (at the away section of the dump) was put in the exact same place above the bar, even though we got the ball first, we need to work on target practice for it. Seriously though, we really need to get a grip, I really can't see this club surviving in the Championship for much longer, our attendances are pure dire compared to previous second tier seasons, and the amount of away fans coming north, we don't even need to open their stand, as there is almost literally a minibus full of them, which certainly does not help ticket sales. If we want to get the chance of Premiership football again, we need to start working the players to score goals and hold a lead. Constant draws don't win promotion spots.