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  1. According to his Wikipedia page he was born in Prince George, BC (sod knows where that is), then lived in Vancouver before moving to Middlesbrough then heading to Inverness where he went to Millburn...apparently his parents were English, but IIRC, you can play for a country through the birth place of you, your parents or your grandparents...
  2. Great assist from Danny Devine. Never thought he'd be beneficial to us after he left...
  3. More than enough, but probably not to fill every exact position...
  4. Surprised Machado isn't in despite how well he played last week...
  5. Scenes when he gets signed by Man City and we become richer than Uncle Roy F.C. could ever dream of
  6. Just remembered that they came through a fairly decent Pars side, where as we came through a Morton side that we wiped the floor with the previous week. I revoke my prior statement of it being an easy draw, and bump it up to a "not too easy, not too hard" draw. Really depends on the outcome of the week before and not letting the players get ahead of themselves. We shouldn't be taking them lightly...as we all know, shocks happen *cough* Elgin *cough cough* Arbroath...
  7. Waterford Away, see how much Zak has progressed since leaving us.
  8. Class game. Machado did rather well considering it was his first Actual game for the club, however, though he did throw off his markers multiple times, his crosses went a touch too high, can definitely see him either in the line-up or on the bench away to Dunfermline. I did say I wasn't expecting us to haul in another 5-0 win, but they learned from Saturday's mistake and bolstered their defence and started their other new keeper, who has likely confirmed his place in the lineups. The Attack was decent, Miles Storey and the lot of them mugging off their markers (even though nothing came of quite a lot of them), the midfield was meh, they did their job and the defence was the same. But, we really took a gamble in playing Cammy in nets, he wasn't exactly the best on the field on Tuesday night, but after the performance yesterday, though I still wouldn't constantly rely on him (Rather have Ridgers), I know he's alright as a backup. Realistically from here on out, (assuming if Elgin beat Dundee this afternoon) the only team we really need to be wary of is Wrexham...and maybe Partick...
  9. As said prior, it has to get to 5 episodes before it becomes available in Spotify...
  10. Nah, same as all cup games, when you buy one, it gets put on your ST
  11. Was more expecting it to be in the Slums, but hey-ho
  12. Can I just refer back to that other topic about the stewarding, as it definitely links into here. The stewards this evening were shambolic, they made no attempt to separate the fans, and didn't try to quieten down the Clach fans who maybe had a touch too much at the fan bar...felt like the Clach fans were getting a bit too rowdy...