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  1. Jack Waddington

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Tbh, that does bring up an interesting point. Richie had been involved in a few punch ups while at ICT, one being understandably for sectarian abuse against him and Doran from some drunkards, and another for something or other, and hell, he ended up keeping his place and eventually managing the team (albeit terribly). Aaron Doran and Danny Devine (and another bloke, who was unnamed), also done in with the police over an incident which the police still haven't disclosed to the public, despite it being over 4 years on, and slapped with 40 quid fines. I am definitely not saying what Ricky did was a good idea (firmly admit that karma gets back to you), but how come he got booted out of the club for clobbering someone (which the rest of these guys had done, some occasions they were a tad drunk), yet the rest managed to keep their contracts and get away with minimal repercussions (i.e. cuffs slapped on them then hauled to court and let off with fines/suspended jail sentence (which I believe was the case in Foran's first punch up))? I guess, in a way, it's to teach younger fans a lesson "Don't be an idiot and start punching people, just cos your car got slightly dented", but surely if that was the case, then Foran, Doran and Devine would've been kicked out to teach the younger fans a lesson of "Don't start fights in public"...
  2. Jack Waddington

    ICT v Astra Giurgiu programme

    You still got the programme? EDIT: Just realised, I posted this a month after this initially went up 😄, worth a shot in the dark.
  3. Jack Waddington

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Not exactly defending his actions, and unfortunate to see him go, but surely there's more to the story. He's a decent lad doubt he'd go ahead and clobber someone over a fender bender. And also, it's confusing, because correct me if I'm wrong, but werent Danny Williams and another player (forget who, may have been Doran) done by the police for a fight or something in the city centre?
  4. Jack Waddington

    Online Shop

    They've taken their sweet time to sort out their site. It was what, mid/late September the site went down for Host Migration or whatever, and little of the stuff we had originally is there, we lack the shop, a decent player list, opponents list (detailing every single team we've played), the list goes on.
  5. Jack Waddington

    These draws

    It's not helpful to our promotion hopes, and it stresses the fans as to whether we even have hope of winning games. Hell, we failed to beat both Alloa and Ayr, which in a majority of people's books, fairly easy opposition to dispose of and pick up an easy 3 points. Though, I enjoy the unbeaten streak which is at 20/21 games now, we definitely need wins to keep the crowd happy.
  6. Jack Waddington

    The League Table

    I hate to say it, but this is our last hope of staying a full time club, it's either get promoted this season, or be doomed for an eternity in the Championship or, dare I say it, even lower. I highly doubt we have the funds to survive another season outside the premiership. And the only way we'll get top flight football is if some of the team actually woke up and pulled their weight, from the games I've attended both our attack and defence is lackluster, we're simply handing the ball to the opposition, and at the rate this is going, I think County are going to take serious advantage of that on Saturday unless we seriously improve our performances tomorrow night. We all know where we want to be in the Pyramid, back in top flight, taking on the big boys and fighting for a return to the Europa League, but none of that will happen (maybe ever) unless the team gets their act together and pulls as a team.
  7. Jack Waddington

    Aaron Doran

    To be fair, he was injured for the most part of last season. But I have to admit, he's not as agile as he was back a couple of seasons ago...not exactly banging them top bins from outside the box as much as he used to.
  8. Jack Waddington

    Friday Night Football

    I mean, it's a Friday night game, if it was a home game, sure, why not, but it's upwards of 200 miles both ways. Saturday, I'd gladly go, cos then I'll have Sunday off, but considering most work a saturday morning/afternoon shift, it's not exactly putting the fans first. I'll make every attempt I can to go to any game, but not getting home until the wee hours is what throws me off. Evening kickoffs should be reserved for Tuesday/Wednesday fixtures, not weekend ones...
  9. Jack Waddington

    Return of OFW

    Apparently (According to Transfermarkt) OFW has had a slight extension to his contract, taking him to the end of November.
  10. Jack Waddington

    Scottish Cup 3rd Round

    Eh, as long as it adds to my groundhopping list and we secure a win, I'm all happy for the adventure.
  11. Jack Waddington

    Daniel Mackay

    Daniel, I feel, is more of an impact player, like Ricky. Run circles around a tiring opposition, he's not a starting XI in my books, but as long as there is an advantage that can be taken, Daniel and Ricky are the ones to do it.
  12. Jack Waddington

    Potential Winter signings...

    As you all of you are aware, we are slowly creeping into that time of the year where free agent transfers start to peak, just before the start of the Winter Transfer Window. I, have come up with an (albeit highly unlikely, and pretty are-you-drunk?) idea/signing. (Brace for it) Usain Bolt...(yep, you all think I'm off my nut), but as all (if not many) of you are aware, Bolt is looking to pursue a career in football and recently scored a double on his "debut" with Central Coast Mariners in Australia, though that game was a friendly, and he has not signed for them...I'm thinking we could get him in as his first club this winter, as A) You want to make a good impression for your first club I.e. not attempting to bankrupt them at negotiations, B) Need to sign for somebody before going to a massive club (he has mentioned wanting to play in the EPL) and C) He is coming to the age where you don't have a lot of time left as a player, he's 32. However, this is all dependant on finances and the case of OFW, and whether he'll be sold or sent on a free transfer. If (not counting on it) the board does make a move to sign him, it could and probably would expand the club's name around the world (If "Super Caley Go Ballistic Celtic Are Atrocious" and Lionel Nessi didn't enough). Another benefit, is that we will get MegaBucks when it gets to the time that he wants to go, as there will be club's globally that want his name. However, all of this may be my weird fantasies of seeing the club get big time again, and I bet my life on that everyone that has read this is saying "This lad is completely bonkers". If you have read this far without lobbing your computer out the window because of my seemingly imbecilic idea, another move could be to offer him a trial...
  13. Jack Waddington

    Return of OFW

    I doubt he'll be getting a position back here, considering we have Mark and the younger keepers. He was sent out due to wage constraints. Money is on he stays on in the States either on loan or transfer, or he'll head down south for England or Wales. It will probably be decided in January.
  14. Jack Waddington

    Robbo extends contract

    Hopefully it pays off. As long as we get a decent cup run (bear in mind, I'm not delusional saying we will win it) in the Scottish Cup, say 5th/Quarters at most, that'd get his new contract off to a great start.
  15. Jack Waddington

    NoS Cup Final V County

    I'll be wetting myself laughing if they start mocking us at the next derby over the cup win, it is literally the diddiest of diddy cups.