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  1. Can't complete their games for the foreseeable future, 3 games in the self isolation period, so 9 point deduction for inability to complete games, 3 points a piece to their opponents, and if it continues punt them down the pyramid, can't have a team saying "yeah, we're ready to start playing" only to play a fraction of their scheduled games. Same thing happened to Bury and Bolton, neither could complete their fixtures so were deducted the points for those games and, in Burys case, punted out of the league entirely for not playing a single game. It's not fair on anyone when you breach lockdown rules then make a half arsed apology statement a couple days later, rules need to be made, so the team that aren't playing because of the opposition's idiocy, aren't being dragged into the dirt as well.
  2. The fair thing to do would be give St Johnstone the 3 points and chalk it down as a forfeit and give a points deduction to Aberdeen, but judging by recent events, those in charge don't care about things being fair...
  3. As there's bog all to do, been scrolling through my Facebook and came across this. Anyone remember it? When the Daily Mail got Michy Batshuayi and our own Mr Mutombo mixed up. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3686568/New-Chelsea-signing-Batshuayi-sees-red-Spanish-police-tow-away-180-000-Lamborghini-holiday-Ibiza.html
  4. At least they're not taking a page out of Iain Vigurs book and start punching everyone up.
  5. Entirity of Aberdeen under the lockdown dome again, looks like football could be further away than we thought...
  6. 14th is the estimate apparently, but club aren't announcing it incase there are any further delays
  7. Deas signing for us could also mean Daniel Mackay could be returning to the first team, as the pair of them have played together in the Scotland U19s
  8. Not quite related to the thread, but couldn't find anywhere else to put it. But C*unty's most famous thing to happen to them since...err...
  9. Moving forward from a Civil War to a more Civilised Civil War without the "who's the fascist" version of Hot Potato
  10. Jordan gets subbed on for his Prem debut and instantly makes an impact when Coll drags him down in the box, shame the Well couldn't convert it for the equaliser.
  11. At least C*unty aren't playing Jail End Roar, so that's a bonus.
  12. Rakes of Ex Caley players in the nights fixture of C*unty vs Motherwell. Coll, Vigs and Snakey Mckay all starting for the Wee Team with Drapes on the bench. Polly starting for the Well with Jordan on the bench. Interesting that Carly isn't in the XI or on the bench...
  13. As we're on about transfer fees, what was the actual fee for Coll? We get a decent 6 figures or did we sell him for peanuts as per?
  14. Black Asian and Minority Ethnics, I think