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  1. Same as usual presumably. Group Stage kicks of mid July.
  2. Not going to lie, the currently arranged fixtures are kinda disappointing...thought it was going to be special opposition, for the 25th Anniversary, but what's been named is Highland League sides...fingers crossed more exciting fixtures will be announced 🤞 https://ictfc.com/2019-20-pre-season-fixtures
  3. Like to say that Robbo is staying put, but it is a fair question, who comes after? Do we look back on previous managers, such as Yogi or Butch, or do we look for a brand new manager? My bets on Robbo's successor to be Bazza. He's done really well with the youth side, and it seems to have paid off well with the main team...
  4. We could pay him in tins of orange paint from B&Q. They might offer us a regulars discount after the 3rd week.
  5. If Clach pulled out of the initial merger talks back in 1994, I doubt they'd want to join us now...
  6. Nah, he had a tantrum about not being able to keep star players, then Raven, who was apparently leaving, pulled a sneaky one on him and stayed on after Yogi left...
  7. Can they not take Fôn Williams instead. He's a financial burden on our part, and they're looking for a goalie. It's a win win situation...
  8. Arsenal was our feeder club...that gave us Phillip Roberts on loan...and that's it...I say we start a feeder with Salford or some team like that. One that'd appreciate a selection of similarly level players
  9. Eh? How is nearly collapsing against Edinburgh City right at the start and turning it around to go all the way to the Semis not overachieving? I understand what you mean about the league cup, and I hate to bring it up again, but we were effectively cheated out of it after Hearts were handed a 2 point deduction. Our season went pretty well if I'm honest, fair placing, despite all the draws. This season has been far from achieving the norm...it's definitely been an overachieving season, and let's hope it continues in following ones (minus the several dozen draws at the start...and nearly bottling it to a League Two side...)
  10. I wonder if Kelty are going to do a Gretna with their new found fortune. Punch way above their belt, then go bust following their relegation from the Prem...
  11. Pretty sure people were complaining about it when Carling and Tennants sponsored the Old Firm a couple years back saying it's an influence on children and whatnot, but I don't recall any ban going out...
  12. I mean, I understand why he left, he was scheduled for transfer soon enough. But Jesus, all the way down to the Lowland League from the Championship...what happened to Airdries interest?
  13. Where are you getting Trafford and Coll's departures from?
  14. No surprise it's been all quiet on the ICT Media Front...papers always bang out the information before the club's computer even boots up...either that or they're posting the announcement via Internet Explorer...