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  1. Is there a league table available, or a h2h? Want to know if we're in for a goalfest or a small scoreline.
  2. C*unty too(?) Know we've had the away end (duh), the one that backs onto the training pitches, and surely at some stage we must've been put in the far end of the Main Stand...
  3. Yeah that's what I meant, forgot to add "of assists" in there 😂
  4. Forgot to mention it, but it wasn't exclusively for just standing the whole match, they said you were fine to stand on the concourse if you'd gone to the food bar, but then you'd have to go to your seat. It's not a case of "f*ck the rules, I obey no-one", it's more a case of the stewards making an issue over nothing. Does it matter that me and a handful of other people are leaning against some railing? I'd understand if we'd been sitting in the seats past the tape, cos you'd have to wipe down the entire row, or had we been blocking the entire path but literally just beyond us was the exit of t
  5. Graeme bagged a brace against Stoke and his big brother Andy has scored against Celtic for Livi
  6. In some ways I felt the stewarding was worse than that bastart at Cove ("git yer mask oan"). Myself, Anthony McDonald and a couple of his mates were shifted off the concourse at the top behind the empty section nearest the usual away stand, where we were causing no problems at all by standing there, and upon questioning him came the response along the lines of "just cos". The stand was absolutely heaving and we were allocated far too few seats. No exits blocked or anything, just think the stewards have a stick up their arses this season...
  7. Absolutely mindnumbing game, but at least we're still undefeated.
  8. I posted it in the wrong forum topic by accident 😂
  9. Seems a bit daft considering the dugouts are in our stand...
  10. Anyone know why we've been dumped in the North East stand rather than the one behind the goal?
  11. Doesn't seem like it, but we're not even half way to breaking our record win streak of 11 league games...
  12. No there won't. Nothing can stop Doddsball
  13. I keep thinking that, literally over and over in my head. Take the Semi Final in 2019, or hell, even the Irn Bru Final in 2018, obviously you've got the regulars who are at every single home game or whatever, then you've got dozens (or in 2019, probably hundreds or even thousands) of faces that never get seen again at any of our games. It's almost as if they don't actually care about the club unless it's a big event, and I can't think of a whole lot of solutions to get them into the games. Aside from giving out tickets at schools, I think another way could be a "sampler ticket", where at
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