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Found 2 results

  1. As part of the ICT25 celebrations, club historian and Supporters Trust Member Ian Broadfoot was invited to write a book detailing the highlights of the club's remarkable 25year history. Ian has lovingly embarked upon the task and has produced 'Milestones and Memories", a wonderful book packed full of facts and memories. The plan was that the book would be published for the start of last season. However, publishing the book requires the printing costs to be paid up front, and much as the club want the book published, there were other calls on the club's ready cash. These financial difficulties have since been seriously exacerbated by Covid-19. The Board of the Supporters Trust have seen the book as an electronic copy and feel it is an important book for the club and supporters alike. We approached the club to see what we could do to help get the book published and the outcome is that, if we can help raise the printing costs, the club will promote and sell the book through the club shop. We are therefore now launching a fundraising campaign with a view to getting the book published in the Autumn. Our aim is to raise sufficient money in the next 4 weeks to cover the printing costs. We will do this through a combination of paid pre-orders and donations. If we raise sufficient money, to get the book to print, then with a good marketing campaign there is potential to make a significant and much needed profit for the club. Donations as well as pre-orders are urgently needed because pre-orders alone are unlikely to be sufficient to fund the printing costs. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly to the club. Ian is not being paid for nor is he receiving any commission from the book. So what makes this book so special? Milestones and Memories is a lavishly illustrated book of A4 size and over 300 pages. It starts with a list of all the significant events in the club's history together with illustrations of tickets and programmes etc from some of these occasions. It goes on to feature some of the most memorable games and features the recollections of many of the players who helped to make these occasions so special. In the longest section of the book, Ian takes us on a journey back in time and details the highlights and main facts of every one of the club's first 25 seasons. There are then sections featuring the 25 players who have made the most appearances for the club and then our 25 top goal scorers. There are sections on the club's managers who have played such an important role in the club's success. The book then goes behind the scenes to celebrate those who have worked for the club either on the Board or as staff and volunteers. There is a section on the youth programme and the community department. Finally, appendices list all the squad players and a wealth of statistics for the anoraks amongst us. All of this is supported by over 500 colour photos and quotes from many of the people involved. This is a very accessible book with wide appeal for all ICT fans. For those who have travelled all or some of the 25 year journey with the club, "Milestones and Memories" provides a wonderful nostalgic trip down memory lane and is sure to bring back many happy memories. No doubt it will be used for years to come as the authoritative source of information in settling arguments about all things ICT! For younger readers and newer fans the book will be a real eye opener about the success the club has had. The book brings to life just what it means to fans of a small club like ours to enjoy those special occasions. Make no mistake, the Coronavirus crisis threatens the viability of the club. The club has lost significant income from the lack of games and it is harder than ever to get commercial support as local businesses themselves struggle to stay afloat. The club will also face significant extra costs when football restarts due to the additional measures required to keep people safe. The club needs the support of the fans more now than ever. You can help by making a donation towards the printing costs and/or pre-ordering the book online via the Club shop. The more of the printing costs which can be raised from donations the more profit the club will get from the sale of the book. Each donation serves a dual purpose; it helps to get this important book published and it puts much needed money into the club's coffers. Donations of £20 or more will be acknowledged in the book, but if you wish to remain anonymous the form will allow you to indicate your wish. The cost of pre-orders is £20 per copy if collected from the club shop or £25 inc P&P within the UK. All pre-ordered copies will be personally dedicated by the author if required. If you want any further information such as postage costs outside the UK, please phone the club shop on 01463 222880. Please note that in the event of us not raising sufficient funds to allow the book to go to print, all money for donations and pre-orders will be refunded. We appreciate that the Coranavirus crisis is affecting individuals as well as businesses and therefore some people reading this will not feel able to make a donation or buy a copy of the book. But there is a way everyone can help. Please, please, please tell friends, family and colleagues who have any kind of interest in ICT about this campaign. As well as the die-hard fans, we particularly need to reach the folk who rarely if ever go to games or access ICT related social media but who still think of Caley Thistle as their team. A final point is that the club will benefit from the sale of the book in less tangible ways than simply profit. The book will stir up memories and remind people how important a successful football team can be to a community. Flicking through the pages will inspire many folk to go to a few more games or buy club merchandise from the shop. Perhaps for some it will represent the start of being a regular supporter for the next 25 years! The fundraising campaign is scheduled to end on 27th September. So please act now. Make a donation, place an order and tell other people about this. With your help, the club can enjoy another great 25 years of milestones and memories. With many thanks in anticipation of your support DONATION LINK : PRE-ORDER LINK :
  2. One word book reviews have always been something that baffled me and seemed rather pointless, something that was done by people who worked for the high brow broadsheets that was designed to make those who hadn't followed a specific education path fell inferior.....until last night (well, the early hours of this morning) when I stumbled upon one of my own. I'd just finished reading Stephen Fry's 'The Liar' when I closed it over and saw the "reviews" on the cover and instantly knew they had all got it wrong......wrong because I knew the word they were looking for was "Unexpected". On reflection I found myself being rather pleased that I was able to sum up the book in one word that I felt covered everything from the story and style to the plot. I think I'll give the one word reviews a little more thought in future before being so quick to dismiss them as pointless....they might be wrong, but the will no longer baffle me or appear pointless. I read a fair bit and will happily flip between most genres depending on my mood and whether I crave knowledge, entertainment or just want to escape the world for a while. As much as I enjoy watching him on TV and listening to him on the Radio, I had never given much thought to reading any of his books as I had this misconception that they would probably make for heavy reading, but I got "The Liar" as a stocking filler and, as I said above, it was "unexpected". It's one of those books that can be read on "different levels", and I don't mean levels of intellect, age (although not recommended for kids) or even class. You can pick it up and read it end to end and thoroughly enjoy the plot which slowly reveals itself throughout the book, but keeps on giving until the end. The individual chapters read as if they are short stories within themselves that could stand alone and leave you quite satisfied. The humour is fantastic and carries throughout the fact it takes the idea of stereotype beyond the ludicrous to the point, well to no point really as it takes you full circle and indulges the predisposition we all have to believing in stereotypes. I believe plans are afoot, and may already be under way for turning this book in to a screenplay or film. I prefer to read the book and then compare it to the on screen interpretation. In most cases it allows you to fill in any gaps in the movie/film/screenplay and enhance the viewing experience. Far better that than already having the plot in your head while reading and knowing what's coming next....for me at least. "Making History" is next on the list of Fry's books for me. It's another stocking filler from a family member who took my love of QI to mean a love of all things Stephen Fry....a bit like a mad aunt or gran takes your love of anything and thinks they should knit you a jumper with it on the front. Many such gifts end up as landfill or charity shop donations...but I struck lucky this time.