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  1. Looking at these highlights we played good passing football and the knockdown from White for Aaron to score a great goal was what I have been looking for all season.
  2. Am sure the uglies will arrive looking for a Cup Final place to go to, plus a feed of biscuits.
  3. What a slide, need the brakes on soon, and to think we were 10 minutes from top spot not that long ago.
  4. Barry Wilson's header at Parkhead which was the beginning of the end for John Barnes
  5. Got to start taking all those chances, and stop the fancy stuff at the back
  6. Good 3 pts, Dundee Utd not getting own way either. Shaping up for a run now we have the best unbeaten record
  7. First time I have seen zero attempts at goal for a long time, not good
  8. Did someone say keeper flapped at the Storey shot at his near post ? did not look like that to me
  9. A hat-trick of headers ....oh dear!
  10. Brown...Tokely...Mann...Munro...Shinnie Wilson...Christie snr...Duncan...Hayes Stewart...Wyness. I picked Brown in goal for his consitency and Stewart for his amazing eye for goal who would have scared Premiership defences
  11. Alot of pace down the left side tonight, MOM Walsh was everywhere, showed blistering pace and sent in great crosses. Some good goals tonight. Youngsters did well when they came on
  12. Some really sad stuff posted on here tonight,maybe some of them will be driving over the bridge on Saturdays then post the crap on their forums. For what it's worth no way was that a 3-0 game.
  13. I have just seen the rant Austin had at the young lad, my opinion is if he could read a game and shifted his backside a bit he would have got that at the back post
  14. Good luck to Liam, I saw him play more good than bad from him, cannot blame him been a good servant for this club. That's football nowadays players have to do what's best for themselves. I would have been off after all the crap handed out to him.