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  1. I have good stream on Android tablet not so good on windows laptop
  2. I think the AI camera picks up that bald head all the time. Thinks it is the ball. Everytime play goes towatds South stand camera zooms back to baldy
  3. Got mine yesterday, no problems signing up and enjoyed watching our great moments again. Looking forward to Saturday
  4. Keeper has best stats, surely he will be beaten soon
  5. Mine ordered, hope many do likewise.Help the club a great deal
  6. I too find the club badge looks like it is stuck on as a afterthought, not usual embroidered quality. Still a cracking shirt though.
  7. That's a pre-order in hope it takes off well. Looking forward to it and of course the upcoming season, be different in more ways than one !
  8. Was meant to get mine for my birthday which was 1st August......still waiting
  9. Great I will do the right one.......and a left boot.
  10. I have seen him training locally and he has got a new lot of pace on him. Looking lean too
  11. Too many people on here doubting Shane's ability to play at the level we are at. Just remember he was playing premiership here. There is goals in the guy I have seen him the past two seasons and he will put away the chances we missed the last two years, so give him some slack
  12. Has Carl not got a coaching school on the go up here, could be wrong. Another thing I would like to see is a Todorov/Sutherland partnership up front. I think that would produce the goals we lack. Shane is looking fit and good to go
  13. Richard Gordon is a Aberdeen mouthpiece, we all know that
  14. I totally agree with Doofers Dad, this is a great chance to end this boring league system and really change the Scottish game for the good. As the Partick Thistle spokesperson said this is not the time for certain clubs to be selfish and think of themselves, as for Thistle, they are the ones hit with a double whammy, which is unfair. If it does go through we go premier which will lift everyone on this forum.