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  1. Good luck to Liam, I saw him play more good than bad from him, cannot blame him been a good servant for this club. That's football nowadays players have to do what's best for themselves. I would have been off after all the crap handed out to him.
  2. Thought they practised from 15 yards
  3. Great read,looking foward to the Pele years as he was my landlord at the time and we had great crack
  4. Going this time, as every semi and final we have had, I have been rolling around the North Sea on a standby boat. Retirement is sweet !
  5. What a team performance fully deserved place in semis. Best look of the day for me was my sons face when he arrived back from the sheep pen and I told him we are in the semis you're nae
  6. Steven Thompson is Chick Youngs love child, never good word for ICT, he was a diver too
  7. Lost count of passes going astray today, but at least we created some chances. Liked how the ICT Teenies led the stomp in the North Stand, young team of the future.
  8. Yogi got it all wrong as a pundit on BBC, thanks John.
  9. 0-2 to put a end to all the County win dirty comments
  10. Will never forget the snippet on Radio Scotland with Chic Youngs immortal words "there is only one team playing football and it is not Celtic" Cheers Chic you have said much worse since !
  11. This is the kind of stuff we are capable of,even though Chick Young says it is absoluteley astonishing and hard to believe. Come on lads give Mr Young a full time report to choke on.