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  1. Wish the boy would shut his stats when things going on the pitch, now on mute
  2. Told you we would win. Class act all round. Scot Allan will make goals for us. Pride of the Highlands.
  3. At last we have made the top 4
  4. My stream is 2 mins behind real time toddy just scored.... after BBC had it up 2 mins before
  5. Just logged on to the video link. so many balls going around in the warm ups pixxelot camera going mental. Hope linesman has plenty hair
  6. See Scott Allan a loan til end of season, classy player straight in today.
  7. Buckie looked every bit as fit as our guys and only 2 games in 3 months. They won more balls than we did, but next round for us and Yogi and a few old friends await us
  8. Just looked at the dodgy BBC and they have Keatings with a 25 yarder for the first goal and Welsh with a shot from centre of box the 2nd. The Buckie lad had a shot from middle of box for his..
  9. Nothing to get excited about, commentator woke me up once. Need to up a gear 2nd half and stamp authority on this game
  10. Great energy in the first half, sat off a bit too much in the second but a great 3 points. A great boost for the team. A great lift for us.
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