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  1. Just watched the game on catchup, was really impressed with how the kids passed the ball around. Made to work hard for this one. Ref was shocking but glad the club is appealing Keatings red card. As for the away support, half must have come from Inverness and the rest from Moray and Peterhead.
  2. Dougal, those same buses were leaving Inverness 30 + years ago. Anyway title of this topic started ICT v Livvi, how did it get to this
  3. Our usual 2 minutes from the Beeb. Lets get to the Final and show them what we can do in 90 mins.
  4. Do you mean our junior Secretary of state for Scotland, he who gets nothing right in this hobby of his . Day job too
  5. Spoke to Shane not long ago......still a pure Wicker, what are you Dougal ?
  6. Ok guys I have seen Shane a few times at Elgin this season, and he has more craft up front than anybody we have, better free kick taker too. 22 goals is nothing to scoff at. Don't write him off because of lower league, remember Arbroath, or have you all forgotten how they tore us another one. Shankland springs to mind too.
  7. Great response to Robbo's roasting last week, well done lads we should all get behind you with praise where it's due.
  8. Looking at these highlights we played good passing football and the knockdown from White for Aaron to score a great goal was what I have been looking for all season.
  9. Am sure the uglies will arrive looking for a Cup Final place to go to, plus a feed of biscuits.
  10. What a slide, need the brakes on soon, and to think we were 10 minutes from top spot not that long ago.
  11. Barry Wilson's header at Parkhead which was the beginning of the end for John Barnes
  12. Got to start taking all those chances, and stop the fancy stuff at the back
  13. Good 3 pts, Dundee Utd not getting own way either. Shaping up for a run now we have the best unbeaten record
  14. First time I have seen zero attempts at goal for a long time, not good