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  1. That's the real spirit of football, fans of a huge club helping out a wee team. Not enough of it , big clubs take note, it's not all about players
  2. Some really depressing posts on here tonight,not sure they are all merited. Players know when they have a mare, dont think some of the stuff on here would give them a boost. Second half was better,if only final ball or cross was. Only way is up. Different posts on here next time out, am sure of it.
  3. Got mine from club shop before the game. Some amazing stats and photos. Memory lane sure enough. Worth every penny.
  4. The South stand was good crack today, enjoyed the game . Only blip was the cockup between our two defenders leading to equalising goal. Thought McPake was going to have a go at Robbo at the end too. Dundee deserved Oscars for all the falling about. Does feel 2 pts lost though
  5. 300 will give them a muffled roar on to 3rd place !
  6. I got my e-mail with details and ticket yesterday.morning. first time ever in the South Stand. Time slot 1415.
  7. I was lucky too, looking forward to a nice drive through. Anyone know if club shop will open, have a couple of things to pickup
  8. I enjoyed that 2nd half, good movement going foward and solid it the back. Unfortunate not to get another couple of goals, Pity I missed the first 45.
  9. just in time to see the pitch getting forked, well done
  10. That has got to be SPFL problem, cant see club doing that
  11. I have windows/firefox but still no joy, maybe a ST conspiracy ?
  12. Same me, tried both android and windows laptop just the same. Who has the magic answer
  13. Cammy in the same breath as Marshall.....priceless
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