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  1. FANS CHARTER : HAVE YOUR SAY!!! How can a match day experience improve? Have your say through this online survey – which is independent of the Scottish FA, SPL and SFL - and contribute to creating a Fans’ Charter which will help make your football entertainment even more enjoyable. James Proctor, who has worked with fans’ organisations for ten years, is the project manager for the Fans’ Charter. He has, in the last three months, been speaking with individual supporters and has contacted supporter groups to find out their views on going to watch football. “This led to ten meetings across Scotland where I listened to the good and bad points of going to the game from supporters of 18 different clubs,” James explained. The discussions produced five areas which a charter should seek to address. 1. Participation – atmosphere, singing and chanting are all created by fans. A charter should recognise that fans are an important part of the match. 2. Fan Relations – the relationships between clubs and fans. Good communications between the two should be recognised as contributing to a good match day experience. 3. Fan Behaviour – Abuse and equality issues such as racism, bigotry and offensive comments should be addressed in the charter with a view to creating a more positive and inclusive environment. 4. Safety Authorities – Stewarding and policing are areas which contribute to a good or bad experience of the game and also have implications for safety. These rights and responsibilities should be balanced in the charter. 5. Facilities – Seating and standing choice were the main issues here, specifically how they affect the enjoyment and safety of supporters at the game. “The objective of a Fans’ Charter is to take a step towards addressing some of the reasons why fans don’t come back or why they find attending matches far from a hassle-free experience,” James added. “This survey offers fans their say on what issues will be included in the charter. “It’s not simply about the outcome. Listening to fans opinions is an important part of this journey into understanding what fans think, why they feel the way they do and what they want in the future. “I would ask all fans to fill in this survey to help improve the match day experience.” Some of you may recall my looking for ICT fans to participate in the initial discussion on the above not that long ago. This survey is the outcome of those initial discussions and is designed to take the process to the next stage by seeking a wider input. The link to the survey is - - and we need as many people as possible to complete will only take a few minutes to do. We need to get as many football fans in Scotland as possible to input to this via the survey, so please help by sharing the link on your facebook pages, twitter etc and encouraging others to also take part. The twitter hashtag is #fanscharter. Please feel free to use this thread to discuss the Fans Charter. I will do my best to provide/get answers to any questions that arise. P.S. James Proctor referenced above is not to be confused by the CTO Forum user of that name....not the same person.