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  1. CaleyD

    new directors

    Would likely cost less than the current setup. The Board of Directors aren't paid and the Management Board is made up of existing staff. The Executive Director role is part-time (at most) and a General Manager costs a lot less than a CEO.
  2. Some of the best penalties I've ever seen us score.
  3. CaleyD

    new directors

    My perception of the different personalities is not that they wish to compete, but that they have different ideas on the day to day running and/or historical disagreements....with the exception of Muirfield Mills who were just an utter basketcase which was always destined to fail miserably! I'm of the opinion that a high level board of investors/directors (charged with securing capital investment and setting the budget) which had a management board/committee sitting below it to take responsibility for operational activities might just be able to pull everyone together. The Management Group would be headed by an Executive Director (the link between boards) and made up of representatives from each club dept (Football, Commercial, Marcoms, Community*, Youth, Fans) plus a General Manager. *Although this now seems a totally separate organisation, it needs to tie into the club very closely.
  4. I've worked for VisitScotland the past two summers doing mobile/pop-up tourist info. I basically spend 6 months of the year travelling all over Scotland, visiting interesting places, telling people how great a country we have....AND they pay me for it!! I've "worked" at 139 unique locations in those two years, plus visited a few more during our down think I'll be up to near 200 places of interest. Best bit is that I get to drive one of these.....
  5. CaleyD

    new directors

    If the club goes to the wall, then nothing happens on the pitch 🤷‍♂️
  6. CaleyD

    new directors

    Finally, some welcome good news. In David and Allan we have two guys who's primary concern is (and always has been) the club....and their past involvement and contributions support that to the hilt. I imagine the first priority will be to bring back the financial stability that existed prior to their (and others) departure....and then go from there.
  7. If I'd shown a bit more to the right it would have been fairly obvious from the also would have revealed the island that's not far off the coast.
  8. The appeal of the drone, for me, is getting that different perspective...or indeed, putting places into perspective. It's also handy for getting above the pesky
  9. A different viewpoint....but where is it?
  10. Whether you're a Robbo lover or hater or something in between and regardless of what you think of any of the players; we need to find a way to make it work because we can't afford to replace any of them. All the stamping of feet, angry words, threats and whatever else won't change that fact. I'm not saying people can't be angry/upset...there's every justification for it...just need to realise it won't change things.
  11. 0-3 win on the road coming up 🤘🏻
  12. With one concert already announced and (at least) one more to be added, it's going to be tough to squeeze it in next summer as well. Good luck.
  13. Good players don't become bad overnight...just need to sort out what's stopped working and put it right.
  14. Wonder what odds you'd get for Shelley Kerr?