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  1. Was just trying to work out where those 20 years have gone 😂
  2. Celtic away in the next round....which is on Feb 8th....please!!!
  3. It's Mck.....ah, never mind 🤦‍♂️
  4. I wonder if anyone else was in for Coll? Thought Brian Rice may have shown interest as he was the one who brought him to Inverness.
  5. On the flip side, we have never paid out much to sign players....swings and roundabouts.
  6. Unless players have minimum release fees included in contracts and these are met 🤷‍♂️
  7. Hate to get all smart ass again, but 🤷‍♂️
  8. Sorry for trying to be informative 😂
  9. There are very real concerns about the state of the pitch.
  10. Unless anything has changed, a decision is only made based on the condition of the pitch at the time of the inspection. i.e. Pitch not playable now and, even with optimal conditions, not likely to be playable at the scheduled time for the game. That's why you will sometimes see an early inspection where they'll say "game on, but further inspection nearer to kick-off". Even if the rain was bouncing off the ground and forecast to continue, if the pitch was playable at that moment...even marginally...they won't make a decision to postpone.
  11. As of the last statement/comment from the club on the matter...we've still not managed to raise the £500k that they said was needed to get us through the season. As such, any money that may come in from player sales will be needed to plug whatever remains of that hole before ANY thought can be given to using it for signing other players. The best we (and Robbo) can hope for is that the board at least allow him to reuse any wages already allocated in the budget and desperation doesn't force tightening of the belt there as well.
  12. Mckay....small 'k' 🤦‍♂️
  13. Nurse...he's broken into the office and got on the computer again!!
  14. The Harper loan is only (currently) until the end of the month as cover for an injury at Elgin. Don't know enough about their squad to ascertain if he'll be covering on the bench or getting 'guaranteed' game time. Lot's of Ifs and Buts, however the scenarios could play out as follows.... If he' gets a game for Elgin and is not needed beyond the end of the month then he returns to us and can't go out to anyone else (limit to playing for 2 clubs in one season)...he may or may not get much game time, but is at least cover for us. If he doesn't get a game for Elgin he could still go out to another club at the end of the month if the main aim is to get him matches/experience. If the player he's covering for doesn't get fit before the end of the month and he stays longer...said player could come back a couple of weeks later and he's sidelined there instead of back providing cover for us. He goes to Elgin, gets games during the month, impresses and comes back to be rewarded with more chances here. For the player, there's no real down side as it provides a bit of opportunity. Worst case scenario is he's back with us at the end of the month and/or sitting at Elgin in the same position he is now.
  15. Robbo is a huge advocate for artificial pitches because he feels that the right ones (such as the one used by Highland Rugby Club) are better than grass, so 🤷‍♂️