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  1. CaleyD

    Rollerbowl - 30th November

    The club have confirmed that players will be able to attend the bowling night 👍 If you plan on attending, then please get booked in so we know what kind of numbers we are dealing with and can get lanes booked etc. Thank you.
  2. CaleyD

    ICT Youth Development

    Is/was involved with Action for Children in the Highlands....and was previously the Child Protection Officer at the club (not sure if he still is).
  3. CaleyD

    ICT Youth Development

    Arrived around the same time as Shinnie and did one season with us before heading off to Dundee Utd; so not sure we could claim too much of the credit for his development as a youth player. However, credit has to go to whoever it was that spotted the potential in these lads and brought them in to ICTFC...even if only for a short spell (in the case of Armstrong and GMS).
  4. CaleyD

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    You're right, and the last time we got relegated the board then committed £1 Million towards getting us straight back into the top league....and that commitment was matched by the fans with increased season ticket sales, merchandise sales we know it's an approach that works. There has been investment since Summer 2017....and the records show that the majority of that investment has come from fans who don't sit on the board*. £900k total investment had come in according to the last figure provided by the chairman....with more needed. So, going back to your idea that "Support from the board needs to be matched by commitment from supporters"....I'd say the support are more than holding up their end of the deal. In fact, they are holding up their end by a ratio of at least 5:1 (based on information to hand). *Never been comfortable with the idea that board members should not be seen as fans.
  5. CaleyD

    Scottish League Three?

    I'm with Kingsmills. Two national divisions with everything below that regionalised is about what we can support based on the size of the country and resources available.
  6. CaleyD

    ICT Youth Development

    We were told at the fans meeting the other week that there was a new foundation being formed...or had been formed and was just awaiting final approval from OSCR which was imminent. The impression given was that all Youth and Community activities would move from the club to the new foundation....separating them financially so that it would no longer be a burden on the club and would be able to attract new income from sources currently being worked on by Graeme Cooper; who they employed earlier this season to set it all up and get funding in place.
  7. CaleyD

    ICT Youth Development

    I wonder if Charlie and the rest of the Youth Department will move over in it's entirety to the new foundation we were told would launch soon?
  8. CaleyD

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Said this on Twitter earlier...but if the board are serious about making a push for promotion this season, then they need to find a way to increase Robbo's budget in January so a couple more players can be brought in...he and the squad have earned it.
  9. CaleyD

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Today's the day....3-0 to us 👍
  10. CaleyD

    Pub for QoS

    Chance of decent weather not all bad!!
  11. CaleyD

    ICT record onnplastic pitches

    Would be interesting to compare it to our record on grass for similar time periods to ascertain if we performed better or not on the astro. By "Would be interesting to compare" I mean....I can't be ersed looking out the stats, could someone else do it? 😂
  12. CaleyD

    All Clubs Attendance records

    Modern attendance records are worthless as they don't actually represent the number in attendance!
  13. CaleyD

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    You really don't see any difference between a drunken scuffle and subjecting a woman to a sustained violent attack that also involved beating her with a shoe? Stop the world, I want to get off!!