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  1. CaleyD

    Jake Mulraney

    I'm a little unnerved by the number of times I find myself agreeing with you lately 😂
  2. CaleyD

    Jake Mulraney

    Yeah because we treated him with the utmost respect by trying to force him out in January and then placed his value as being on a par with a player loaned out to the lower leagues last season with an ongoing medical/injury issue. Then there was the respect we showed David Raven, Gary Warren, Owain Fon Williams etc. Not sure we're in much of a position to complain when it comes to the subject of anyone showing us respect!!
  3. CaleyD

    What would you like to see at Caley Thistle?

    That rental income has been written off/set against other things*....and they have continued to invest in the club (by far the largest investor in the past 2 years, even) it's not accurate to suggest they have had any finacial benefit. Tullochs even went to the extent of donating all their shares to the football trust (not Supporters Trust). *It's only just over a year since they wrote off £300k in rent arrears as a good will gesture to coincide with the stadium gift...which the current board are yet to accept, despite telling us it's "close to happening" for the best part of a year! Not to say they didn't make mistakes, they most certainly did! But they have, and continue to, prove that it was 100% with the clubs best interests in mind.
  4. CaleyD

    What would you like to see at Caley Thistle?

    Tullochs take/get nothing from any car park rentals.
  5. CaleyD

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    More than reservations given that he's not long since had hip surgery. Still can't believe we signed someone with a long term, recurring injury on a 3 year deal....and used Jake Mulraney as a bargaining chip to allow us to do so!
  6. CaleyD

    Liam Polworth

    That, in itself, shows that the perception that everyone is against him is a bit of a misreading of the situation. Couldn't see so many people throwing cash in the pot to support a player they dislike!
  7. CaleyD


    Probably too many big words!
  8. CaleyD

    Cove Rangers Match dotted for highlighting someone had been mistaken 😯
  9. CaleyD

    Cove Rangers Match

    Has been discharged from hospital, with no signs of any permanent damage. He's the brother of Jason who used to be at ICTFC.
  10. CaleyD

    Liam Polworth

    Disagree....I think the opposite is true and fans hold him in very high regard. It appears that expectations are high and the disappointment/frustration of him not achieving what many believe he is capable of has started to manifest itself in a negative narrative. Polworth shouldn't (and I have never seen anything to suggest he does) use that as an excuse for anything and I don't think anyone on here has the right to use it as an excuse for anything on his behalf either.
  11. CaleyD

    Cove Rangers Match

    I'd be quite happy if we scrapped the whole announcing attendance thing. It serves absolutely no practical purpose whatsoever.
  12. CaleyD

    Ex ICT Players Score

    Was it not in Betfred? If not, my mistake.
  13. CaleyD

    Ex ICT Players Score

    Jake Mulraney bagged his first competitive goal for Hearts yesterday. Think I may have said already that I think letting him go will prove to be a big mistake...for us!
  14. CaleyD

    Cove Rangers Match

    Important to be able to grab a result when not playing our best, so gladly take the points and move on to the next game.
  15. CaleyD

    Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle stats

    @Scotty and I might have a little project in the pipeline that could cater for this. Will check with him when he gets back from holiday.