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  1. Dear Mr William Banks, Scotland faces an immense decision in the 2014 referendum on independence. It is a decision which will impact upon the Scottish business community and could, in the case of separation, significantly alter the way Scotland does business with our partners in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the rest of the world. I recently joined the Board of Directors at Better Together – the campaign making the positive case for Scotland remaining within the UK – because, as someone working in the business community, I understand the genuine concerns of entrepreneurs, investors and employees regarding the uncertainty of separation and the irreversible change it will mean for their livelihoods. This decision about our country’s future demands a serious debate and in the months ahead it will be crucial for Scottish businesses to make their voices heard. We would therefore like to invite you to complete our short online survey. Scottish businesses make a vital contribution to our society both socially and economically and we can and should be proud of the Scots’ entrepreneurial spirit. It is something to be celebrated, as is our trading relationship with our UK partners. For 300 years the Scottish business community has shared the risks and rewards of being part of the oldest and most successful single market in the world. We benefit from the stability of Sterling as our currency and from our place within the European Union – why would we want to build barriers for business, risk changing our currency or jeopardise our negotiated terms in the EU? Scotland is stronger in partnership with the UK. Almost every country in the world is struggling in difficult economic times but within the UK 6 million Scots enjoy the financial security of 60 million people paying into our economy – particularly important when events like the global banking crisis threaten our businesses, mortgages and jobs. We are currently part of the 6th largest economy in the world, making us better able to compete as part of a larger, more influential state in an increasingly global economy. But separation would turn Scotland’s largest trading partner – the rest of the UK – into our competitor, and at a time of economic fragility the last thing Scottish business needs is more barriers to trade. Many business leaders have already expressed their concern about what separation could mean for the future of their companies and their employees and are wondering whether all the new rules and regulations that would come with setting up a new country are worth all the aggravation. There is so much uncertainty about what the business landscape would look like in an independent Scotland; about taxation structure and how it would be implemented, whether new operating and trading regulations would mean more red tape and bureaucracy, and crucially on currency, whether Scotland would be able to keep the pound, change to the euro or adopt a new currency. These are just some of the many issues facing sole traders, small and medium enterprises and large corporations in the industrial, commercial and business sectors across Scotland. It is right that the Scottish business community demand answers to the serious and genuine questions the referendum debate raises and Better Together are keen to engage with businesses of every size and across every sector in Scotland. Please share your views,send us your questions and get involved in the debate. Scotland’s future is too important for you not to have a say. It should only take a few moments of your time. You wouldn’t make decisions about your business without knowing all the facts - make sure you know what separation will mean for your business and your future. We hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Phil Phil Anderton Director Better Together t: 01412256288 e: Tell your friends about us Donate to support our work. Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook
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