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    Inverness CT -V- Ross County - Preview

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    2014 begins with a derby

    It's the Highland Derby once again as struggling Ross County make the short trip over the bridge to first foot neighbours Inverness on the 1st of January. That's nice!

    The last derby in Dingwall suffered at the hands of the Staggies floodlights as darkness fell across the stadium leaving the not only County in the shadows, but everyone else as well. Seething! That fixture still has to be replayed with the game being abandoned at half-time scoreless.

    County are struggling with second season syndrome, unable to reach the dizzy heights of their debut year in the top flight. The table shows that they would be sitting bottom but for Hearts being deducted 15 points before the season started.

    Inverness have faltered slightly in the last month, but the decline was hitting before Butcher left as other clubs started to get the hang of our style. Maybe Butcher left at the right time for him with Inverness reaching second spot, as high as could be expected. It's certainly a tough start for John Hughes and despite the lowly position of Ross County, this is a derby and nothing can be taken for granted.

    Young Ryan Christie was blooded against Celtic and he has plenty of talent, I'm not sure the derby is the right moment to throw him in at the deep end. However, David Raven is surely in Yogi's thoughts for a return to right back with Shinnie swapping flanks, with maybe Tremarco retaining the full back berth. Danny Williams has come in for plenty of fan criticism, but with Foran and Vincent still out our wafer thin squad has it's limitations. Ben Greenhalgh, Toby Agdestein and Liam Polworth will also be looking for some game time.


    The fans choice for this one would see Hughes select this favoured formation, the bring back Raven campaign is in full swing......... if only:-




    Raven  Warren  Meekings  Tremarco


    Draper  Ross

    Watkins                                  Shinnie




    Mihael Kovacevic will not play for personal reasons, returning to Croatia to look after his father. Derek Adams is desperate to strengthen his squad, but will have to run with the same squad that lost at Pittodrie. Adams is hopeful that Steven Saunders will be fit after a minor illness.


    tm4tj prediction:- Sometimes the occasion gets the better of the finer points of the game during these derby's. Few chances, plenty of blood and guts, a raft of bookings, but sadly quality goes out the window. A Charlie Christie would be handy right now, but the next best thing would be son of. Lo and behold, the saviour could be just round the corner. I wonder................. However, it may be too soon for young Ryan and I'll hedge my bets and go for a tough tackling no scoring hangover draw.


    Merry Xmas and have a good New Year from all at Caley Thistle Online






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    • Sorry to burst everyone's wee cosy bubble but down this way people say "Inverness" 99% of the time. Now if you look a few miles over the Kessock Bridge you'll find loads of people who refer to us as "Caley" or occasionally "Them" 
    • Is there anyone on the forum that is a recognised spokesperson for the supporters? I think it would be best for someone in that position to collate the thoughts and feelings of the fans and contact the club regarding this. If there isn't anyone, then does anyone have an email address for the club? I'd like to contact them but the message feature on the website has a character limit of 1000 and it's going to take more than that to convey my thoughts effectively
    • Oddquine... I'm surprised you've not changed your "45" to a "62" in recognition of the universal outrage which is there for all to see at the Scottish people being unjustly torn from the bosom of the European Union against their will..... NOT! Let's just be absolutely clear about this. Outrage in Scotland at the Brexit vote is merely a figment of the Nationalist imagination.... or should I say "fabrication". What the SNP are saying - in an attempt to make an excuse for another Scottish vote - is very different from from what is being said.... or rather not being said... in the streets, pubs and clubs of the land. I think that a combination of the pre-2014 polling data and the 2016 result - including necessary qualifications to allow for grievance-mongering tactical voting by Nats - makes it pretty clear that the Scots seem to be saying "Aye.... OK but quite honestly I'm not that fussed one way or another". Let's be honest, the Nats don't really give all that much of a toss about Europe either. All this faux-Europhilia is just their current convenience. But when there's a chance to ignore two lost referenda in order to get yet a second one in Scotland.... what do the facts matter? Indeed it's no surprise whatsoever that the Nats are intent on ignoring this all-UK referendum called by Westminster since they are already even more intent on ignoring the one they called themselves under their own terms... and lost (55.3 - 34.7) even more convincingly than they lost the Euro one (52-48 because your 62% is irrelevant in this context). It looks to me that, if Nicola Sturgeon in any way shares her predecessor's predeliction for the bookies, you would find her going into the shop... putting money on.... losing.... and demanding her cash back so she can back the same nag again and again until it wins. The Nats really have to understand that, if separation is going to happen, this has to be the settled will of the Scottish people and not persisting with trying to wind the electorate up with red herrings until they eventually fluke the vote they want just the once. What Teresa now needs to say is: "Look Nicola, you told us you wanted your big day in September 2014. You got your wish and you lost so you're not getting any more bites at the cheery any time quickly. So bog off back up to Edinburgh and spend your time running your branch office properly for once in your life. It's what you're paid to do so get on with it."
    • I know this won't be important to most but I have decided NOT to attend any further matches until such time as the decision makers at this club decide on how our club is identified on our club crest/badge. Whoever decided to introduce the NAF "ICTFC Pride of the Highlands" crap really should take a look at their professionalism.. Some may think I am being rather petty on this but our identity and history is important to me and the club taking actions such as this is one of the reasons you are seeing our fan base shrinking. 
    • HT 1-0 FT 3-1 ICT Boden Smokies Linn 1560
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