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  1. It is indeed. Well done - they are not the best pictures, and I wondered if anyone would recognise it.
  2. Possibly you could get more (most?) season ticket holders in if they were split across the three stands. Though how you would decide who didn't get their "own seat", and how you would deal with the subsequent complaints, is another problem!
  3. One for the pre-history buffs here. From 2002, although since it's 4,000 years old, I doubt very much if it has changed much in the last 18!
  4. Thanks, weeman. I erroneously thought that it might be further down that side of the loch, and it was only when I was looking at the map that I saw the river and the bridges at Foyers. I hadn't appreciated how wide the river is downstream from the Falls. The colours are lovely. Head over to the "out of Sneck" thread for another "where is this?".
  5. Immortalise yourself on the tunnel wall!
  6. Tough one! Just down from the Falls of Foyers, looking due north to Loch Ness.
  7. So that's on Kessock Road, on the way to the ferry. And these two boats are in the Google Streetview image from September 2015. You're possibly at the light at the mouth of the river, but without knowing how much of the foreground you have cut out, it's difficult to say. The house on the hill was Scorguie House and Lodge - yours for £910,000
  8. Maybe Caley Stadium isn't quite the correct line. Kessock Ferry? Or, since you appear to be on much the same level as the house, the north end of the bridge?
  9. Because contracts ☹️ And maybe no infrastructure to support Caley Jags TV live streaming.
  10. It's OK, I have got it. My first hunch was quite close - used to go, many years ago, to a farm shop not far from there. I see it's for sale for an awful lot of money. Have you had any interest? As to where you were, I'm not sure where you'd have to be to have a clear view. Maybe near the sea end of the Muirtown Basin? Oh wait... how long is your lens? You were in the main stand at Caledonian Stadium?
  11. I can't imagine that there is much that the club themselves will be able to do to refine the system. It's an AI-based system supplied by a company which is not under their control. But I'd hope that someone takes note of the comments here, and feeds them back to the SPFL and the system provider. I know very little about machine learning, but I suspect that it could take some time to actually improve the system - to get it to learn better behaviour. As for the position of the cameras, I suspect that they need a short cable path from the camera rig to an on-site computer which will be in the main stand to maximise its protection. Having said that, the TV companies manage somehow.... As an exile, I agree with tm4tj. If it wasn't for this system, I wouldn't be seeing anything at all, so I won't complain and I will be back. Just praying for dull weather on match days!
  12. I am also so last century ☹️ But "linesman" is shorter... You know these matches where the ref leads everyone out of the tunnel and takes the ball off a plinth? We could set up something similar with hairpieces for follically-challenged officials.
  13. Well, they were. The camera wasn't moving. In case there are any other techies here, I worked out a few things about the system. The Pixellot website - - mentions a "multi-camera fixed rig system" in the centre of the ground, stitching together a panoramic picture of the pitch. The ICT system used four cameras. Two were looking across to midway inside each half. The straight line across the ground and into the sky was where the images from these two cameras were stitched together by the system. That's why there were differences in colour and sharpness there - two different cameras. Would have thought that the system should be able to compensate better for that. There were two other cameras, one covering each end. The sloping lines where their images were stitched to the central camera images were quite clear, once I knew what to look for, and especially after the sun had gone. So four cameras in all, but no camera was actually moving. The system was stitching together the four camera feeds into one big picture of the ground. It was then deciding which part of that picture to show to us, and whether to zoom in or out - just like you or me deciding which part of a very large screen to look at. Clearly, it was mistaking the linesman's head for the ball, which made me wonder how the AI had learned to follow a game. It suggests that the great majority of the people in the games that it has "watched" have had plenty of hair. Made me wonder about that other common flaw in machine learning, namely using only white people whilst it is learning. Probably not such a problem here, because it is watching people moving, and not, for example, trying to do facial recognition. Clearly very far from perfect - but interesting for a (former) nerd like me.