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  1. Are you telepathic as well as clairvoyant? The reason I say that is that I was just wondering what's the longest period of time we've gone without scoring. (Sudden death penalties don't count.) Just over three games now.
  2. Two 3--0s in succession, and we are discussing the shortcomings of our strikers
  3. And you'll stump up the compensation due to him for terminating his contract?
  4. I wonder if they've been told by the new management that there has to be a big clearout for the club to survive. See if anyone can be sold in January, then see who they can ship in the summer (assuming that they are not promoted). Part-time next season if not promoted. (What would happen then to ongoing contracts?) Might explain a sudden loss in form and Robbo appearing lost.
  5. Must be about time someone says our strikers are useless πŸ˜‰
  6. Yup. The week in which our away record becomes better than our home record, and normality is restored πŸ˜•
  7. Thought we were playing Westlife? Big crowd guaranteed, and a chance of a win cos there's only four of them...
  8. That's just what I was looking at. At the moment, our home and away records are almost identical, which is unusual enough. (Ayr's is about the same.) But we've all seen previous seasons, with different player and managers, where the away record has been better than the home record. I am more confident of a result when we are playing away from home. So what is it? Lack of atmosphere at home? Spending time together on the journeys travelling to away games? Maybe they should go on a bus tour before every home game.
  9. So he's unlikely to go to Hearts then... πŸ˜‰
  10. That's what BBC text says. Their match stats suggest that ICT haven't turned up today.
  11. You're right! As I was typing that, I was playing the three versions - first time in many years - and was very amused when I heard that.
  12. Just noticed in the Courier that David Balfe has died: "David was a successful songwriter penning amongst others, Chelsea Football Club's "Blue Is The Colour" and "Beautiful Sunday"." He also wrote ICT's first club song, "Bring It On Home". I am aware that a lot of folk used to slag it off, but it's a catchy, memorable tune. Not at all bad. An airing at the next home game would be fitting. With condolences and sympathy to his family and friends. (And, for those a wee bit younger than me, no, he was not in The Teardrop Explodes - that was another with the same name.)
  13. The Gallo rosΓ© in the picture at the top is currently Β£3.75 at Asda, and Β£4 at Tesco (in England).
  14. BBC says we have had 15 shots, but only three on target 😞 Morton have had 4, with one on target.