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  1. snorbens_caleyman

    Future of Scottish football

    I still think that the Atlantic League, with the big clubs from the wee countries in W & NW Europe, could be a good idea. Celtic & Rangers were candidates for that. Don't know if that idea still has legs, or if it has died.
  2. snorbens_caleyman

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    I understand your logic, but I don't think I agree with it. I think it contains great potential for public confusion about what is and what is not the views and positions of the Trust. At the very least, if an official of the Trust is posting here in a personal capacity, then they should make that explicitly clear. And maybe the Trust should discuss what their position about personal postings should be. If, God forbid, some serious disagreement should arise, you don't want to have a public slanging match about it! Enough already. As always, good luck with your difficult task!
  3. snorbens_caleyman

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    You think? Are you not a member of the Board of the Trust? Your participation in this thread is evidence that the Trust has indeed taken notice...
  4. snorbens_caleyman

    Anyone Recognise ?

    Railway Terrace, leading to the old humpback bridge across the railway. I lived in a flat off to the left of the photo, at the corner of Rose Street and George Street. Our living room was what estate agents would describe as "double aspect", with windows onto both streets - and an excellent view of the bridge over the railway.
  5. snorbens_caleyman

    Cleaning up???

    Yup. Just looked at a thread that I had started, and there is a "moderation actions" option at the top. Gives me the choice of "hide" or "delete".
  6. snorbens_caleyman

    Michael 'Spike' MacKenzie

  7. snorbens_caleyman

    Michael 'Spike' MacKenzie

    I'm not a moderator, so that's not for me to answer. I've just come across your crowdfunding page - The obvious question is whether your two suspects - whom you propose to name - are still alive. Likely legal problems there, I'd have thought. Even if they are dead, it's my personal opinion that airing all this in public before giving your information to the police isn't the best way to do it.
  8. snorbens_caleyman

    Michael 'Spike' MacKenzie

    Is this you?
  9. snorbens_caleyman

    Anyone Recognise ?

    I lived at the top of George Street until 1961, and that doesn't look like it to me. It was a clear road - wasn't obstructed by a gasholder. Have a look at this photo. Rose Street runs diagonally from 8 o'clock towards the top right, and if you carry on through School Lane and the one beside the Old High, you eventually reach the Greig Street bridge in the top right quadrant. So running laterally across the photo, from bottom up, we have the railway, Innes Street (the white street), and then George Street. As you can see, it is quite clear. Looking at the relative positions of the chimney and gasholder in the original photo, it must have been taken between the river and the gasworks. It looks to me as though there may have been a lane running between Chapel Sreet and the gasworks - just to the left of of the graveyard in the photo, but I have no memory of it. Yet I think that's where the original photo must have been taken from.
  10. snorbens_caleyman

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Agreed, however he has now demonstrated how thin the squad is. In other circumstances, this would be followed by a demand for more money, to strengthen the squad. We all know that that's unrealistic. So I'm half expecting to hear "I've done all I can here. There's nothing more I can do.".
  11. snorbens_caleyman

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Bizarre thing to say. Presumably he's referring to players who were in the team last night? In which case one question is "Was it any worse than other recent games?", and another is "Is that how you encourage them?". If he's referring to players who aren't regularly in the team, then he's strengthening their case.
  12. snorbens_caleyman

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    I understand that, but there is a lot of difference between a team playing with confidence based on recent results, and one that will be nervous about things going wrong. 11 days to brood on this - not playing again till the 25th.
  13. snorbens_caleyman

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    I take your point. But exiting two cups and winning only one game in the last four isn't going to do much for the team's confidence.
  14. snorbens_caleyman

    Old Folks' Day Out In The Sun

    And my picture of Arthur Brown was taken when he came out front to watch Carl Palmer - who used to be his drummer! He (AB) is 76, and put on a really good show yesterday.
  15. snorbens_caleyman

    Old Folks' Day Out In The Sun

    Great photo. I saw a review of one their earlier shows, which said that their Spitfire damn near took Nicko McBrain's head off! The Peatbog Faeries ensure that no-one is asleep in the Kent afternoon countryside. Carl Palmer reminds the "Glastonbury grandads" - your description was perfect - how boring drum solos can be. "Arthur Brown - in person!". (Frank Zappa's last words before fleeing the stage at Montreux Casino, as described in "Smoke on the Water".)