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  1. One of my favourites is the Balvenie, and IIRC it's very close to Glenfiddich. Are we looking past Balvenie to Glenfiddich's warehouses?
  2. I've just seen in yesterday's paper that the English and Scottish FAs have received permission from UEFA to remove the Saturday afternoon TV blackout for the remainder of this season. This would enable closed-door games to be televised, should the season be restarted. Personally, I still don't see the season being restarted, despite UEFA's insistence on no admittance to next season's European club competitions unless the season is finished. For a start, it would be impossible to restart immediately permission was given, because players will not be match-fit and the risk of injury would be high.
  3. This just reported by the Guardian: "The Queen has recorded a special broadcast on the coronavirus outbreak to be broadcast on Sunday, Buckingham Palace said. " Another one who hightailed it out of town, and only then started telling us to pull together. Apparently Prince Andrew is the only one left in London
  4. So you missed the opening of the Nightingale/ ExCeL hospital in London this morning?
  5. Ah, OK, thanks. Thought it was a bit early for them to have reached that stage! One report says that these are the final standings, but another says that they haven't decided yet what to do about promotion and relegation.
  6. All teams had only one game to play, and Bruges were 15 points ahead. So no, that's not likely to set a precedent for anywhere else!
  7. I think it's the only sensible solution. It would be tough on clubs like Liverpool and Dundee United, but these are extraordinary times. I would hope that any club who challenged such a decision would get short shrift in court. And also hope that reasonable agreements regarding money can be made with sponsors, advertisers, broadcasters, etc - and season ticket holders.
  8. No close marking (so no change for us :)) Choreographed elbow-bumping to celebrate goals. Bring your own toilet roll, but certainly no wasting it by throwing it onto the pitch.
  9. Not if he has had a test and it definitely shows that he doesn't have it.
  10. As a postscript, all of this was made redundant when we decided not to travel. The reason for our trip was to see my Mum - next Sunday is Mothers' Day. But she lives in a care home in the town, and we decided that there is no way we can take the risk of introducing coronavirus into a care home. The likelihood is probably still low - though increasing - but the possible consequences are too awful to contemplate. Thought we were going to lose money on flights and hotel, but we see that Easyjet and Premier Inn are now allowing customers to amend "non-flexible" bookings. So I'll be doing that as soon as we have picked another date, well into the future!
  11. I do think that something needs to be done, and would welcome larger divisions, whilst noting the consequent problem of teams being marooned in mid-table with little to play for except position. However, I can't see any changes being made for next season. The reason I say that is this season would then have started under one set of rules, especially those governing promotion and relegation, and ended, albeit unexpectedly, under another set of rules. Can't do that. For example, those teams which still had a chance of promotion, but which would miss out if you changed everything, would cry foul. In the Championship, that could be everyone beneath us except Partick. Can't start a competition under one set of conditions and end it under another. I think they will have to declare the season null and void.
  12. I just had a quick look, and I think he's havering Can't see anything there about a premature end to the season. I also had a quick look at the SPFL rules yesterday, and there is absolutely nothing in there about what happens if the season cannot be completed. We are boldly going where no man has gone before. (In peacetime, anyway.)
  13. Depending on how things go, it could be played as a curtain-raiser to the start of next season. A bit like the Community Shield in England, but classier
  14. I would have thought they would attempt to play behind closed doors. There are competitions to finish, prize money to be awarded, promotion & relegation to be determined, contracts (eg TV) to fulfil, etc. That is unless there is a travel ban, or sufficient players and officials become infected to make it unfeasible.