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  1. Ugly Caddy - hope it's not yours! Never seen those cat's whiskers before, and I find that they are known as "curb feelers". Learn something new every day. And I presume that Glashan Court is named after William Glashan, the architect, who recorded many of the old buildings of Inverness before they were lost forever?
  2. My satnav once took me round by Crieff when there were major delays at Perth. Bit of a twisting, turning road - not recommended if you have passengers who might be carsick. And it's bound to add time to the journey. Bing Maps says 2h 36m from Sneck to Stirling via Perth, and 18 minutes longer if you go via Crieff. Would probably take longer than that if Crieff is busier on a Saturday and there is a lot of traffic taking that route.
  3. Interesting. Now ask them how many across Europe have reached their final after being knocked out!
  4. Billy Dodds please!!! With megabucks compensation for the three or four weeks remaining of his contract
  5. Aye - I did look that up a few days ago as I said I would. They were both 6-1s, and there's also a 5-0 by Rangers, so the biggest winning margin in a final is 5. I feel that anything less than that this year would be a respectable result for us. Wish I could be more positive!
  6. But when were the announcements of the Premiership season extension and the revised Cup Final date, to allow for the World Cup in December? Contracts may already have been drawn up and signed before then. Certainly those which lasted more than one year!
  7. I was expecting someone to say that. Did they lift their game for last night's crucial match, then? I have lost count of the number of times over the past couple of seasons that I have said that surely the seasoned professionals on the pitch can see when things are not going well - eg when they are playing hoofball all the time - and that they should try something different, regardless of what the manager has said. But it never happens. Conclusions - they can't think for themselves, they don't know each other that well, and there certainly isn't a leader amongst them. I am going off now to look up the record score in a cup final, because I really do fear for what might happen.
  8. The problem is that getting rid of Dodds before the Cup Final would be suicidal. Heaven knows it will be difficult enough to keep morale up when the players must be fearful of a hammering in the most public arena that there is. Getting rid of Dodds would kill any chances of the team being up for it. But if you don't, then there's only 6 weeks between the cup final and the first competitive match of next season. Not a lot of time for wholesale changes...
  9. I'm inclined to agree, but the new blood would have to hit the ground running! Cup Final 3rd June. League Cup starts 15th July. In between you have holidays and then pre-season training, plus transfer activity. Will be a busy time, whoever is in charge.
  10. Carson should have worked up a good head of steam by now. Bring him on!
  11. Dundee and Morton already both 1 up. Ayr and ICT now 5th and 6th!
  12. It's scary, isn't it? I created an account earlier today, and, by coincidence, one of the things I asked for was a poem about Inverness in the style of McGonagall. It was pretty good. Also, for my wife, I asked for a limerick about Stenhousemuir - and it gave me one which showed that it knew about their artificial pitch! If there are any other computer scientists here, I asked for a 3000 word essay on denotational semantics in the style of P G Wodehouse - this is like asking Robert Burns to describe the internet - and it produced a pretty fair attempt. Further experiments will follow - always remembering that it is recording everything that we ask for.
  13. Well, I bought 5, at the stadium. Me, my wife - and 3 of her (Stenny-supporting) relatives from Falkirk. John Hughes was ahead of me in the queue. Was amused when I said "I thought they'd have given you tickets!".
  14. Yes, but it was the police who requested the earlier kick-off time, despite broadcasters and advertisers preferring the original kick-off time of around 16:45 to 17:30. The FA didn't argue. Convenience of supporters never came into the decision. They should have moved it to Liverpool, which would still be a sensible decision given that there is a rail strike that day. Beyoncé is playing at Spurs' ground that evening, and you know from the news what the Met is like - all Beyoncé fans
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