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  1. snorbens_caleyman

    Inverness CT -V- East Kilbride

    Have just seen the Auchinleck-Ayr result. Surely that's all that's need to motivate ICT today!
  2. snorbens_caleyman

    Next Season

    What's your definition of "big"? I'll grant you that Thistle's last few seasons in the HL weren't good. But in their last four seasons, County finished in positions 1, 1, 5, and 3. In that last season they were equal on points with Caley but lost out on goal difference. That's a loss to the HL by any normal standards. (League tables at
  3. snorbens_caleyman

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr United

    Really important to win this. QoS 3 up on County, Morton and Dundee Utd currently only on one point each.
  4. snorbens_caleyman

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr United

    What odds did you get this week?
  5. snorbens_caleyman

    January signings

    Are you able to tell us what his answer to that was?
  6. snorbens_caleyman

    EU In or Out

    I thought it was very bad that the police didn't step in, despite standing close by whilst Soubry was being abused, and, it appears from some of the footage, accompanying the group to the door into Westminster. I saw a high-ranking officer from the Met on the news yesterday saying that they were now taking advice on whether any criminal actions had taken place. Memo to the Met Police - you don't have to wait until criminal activity takes place. (Ask any subject of stop-and-search.) What you should have done was step in and tell the louts to back off. If you want to make it formal, tell them they are in danger of committing public-order offences. I appreciate that it's a balancing act - that there's a fine line between tolerance and over-zealous policing. But next time, one of the idiots may be carrying a weapon, and be stupid enough to use it, while you stand by.
  7. snorbens_caleyman

    Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    Thought you tended to hit the bar and stay there...
  8. snorbens_caleyman

    Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    If the BBC online text is correct, we have hit the bar twice and the post once. Need to adjust those goals next week...
  9. snorbens_caleyman

    ICT jigsaws

    And here's one I did earlier! Last year, in fact. Honest. The same company also does jigsaws of town centre maps. I was recently given one of St Albans, where I live - but they also do one of Inverness. So if you were becoming stressed over your Xmas shopping, now you know what to buy everyone!
  10. snorbens_caleyman

    U18's Season

    Good grief! Can we not even afford any new ones for 2019?
  11. snorbens_caleyman

    Better Together ?

    That is indeed logical, Captain. Except that the status quo is that we are currently both in the EU and leaving it on March 29th!
  12. snorbens_caleyman

    Better Together ?

    I would argue that it's not undemocratic to have another vote two-and-a-half years after the first, because we all now have so much more information about what Brexit could mean, and also because the electorate has changed. I would also extend the vote to 16 and 17 year olds, since it's their immediate future at stake. But maybe I'm just a sore loser 😖 However - setting aside the democracy question - what do we do if Parliament cannot come to agreement on any course of action?
  13. snorbens_caleyman

    Better Together ?

    That is indeed possible, but down here in England there is also a strong wish to just get it over and done with. It could well be that some who voted Remain, but not ardently so, would vote to Leave in the hope of avoiding more years of argument. Those who wanted a hard Brexit - a substantial number down here - will have had their attitudes hardened over the last couple of years. And will be joined by many who think that May's deal is a non-starter. I think that "no-deal Brexit" would also be on the ballot paper. To answer SP's question, the other EU leaders have always said - and are still saying - that it is a tragedy that the UK is leaving. If we were to decide to stay, they should therefore welcome us with open arms. If nothing else, it might dissuade other countries from thinking about leaving. Though I am sure that they would also make us pay, somehow, for all the trouble that we have caused.
  14. snorbens_caleyman

    Better Together ?

    The deal has only been signed off by the other EU heads. There is a vanishingly small chance of it being approved by Parliament. Consequently, there remains everything to play for - for all sides of the debate.
  15. snorbens_caleyman

    Scottish League Three?

    It's a long way from Brora to anywhere 😊 I think the quality of the SPFL is low enough, without adding another tier. I thought that just a couple of years ago they were thinking about combining the 4 divisions into 2 or 3 larger divisions? What happened to that? Yes, small divisions may lead to more excitement as clubs are rarely marooned in mid-table with no chance of going up or down. But do you enjoy seeing the same nine teams 4 times in a season? And what about the numbers of draws that small divisions give you - 5 in 11 Scottish league games yesterday, but only 4 out of 22 in the English league.