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  1. From a very quick look at the SPFL rules, it looks as though there is provision for emergency recall of recognised goalkeepers - provided that that was written into to the "temporary transfer" contract - but not for outfield players. Temporary transfer periods must be aligned with "registration periods" - basically must end in either the January transfer window or at the end of the season.
  2. Exactly what "assistance" did they ask for from the authorities? Either they said that because of the injury situation, they would not put out the strongest available team. In which case they could expect little sympathy. Or did they ask for a postponement - and for how long?
  3. Presumably the Diddy Cup has no rules about that? There have certainly been recent disputes about that in the Football League, which had - maybe still has - requirements for you to play as strong a team as you can.
  4. Promotion this season is gone, and I doubt if we could to afford to sack and pay off Dodds, and then hire someone new. I know that others disagree, but the number of injured first-pick players must also be having some effect, even if "only" psychological. Someone thought that Dodds' contract ends after this season. We will probably have to wait and see what happens then. On a positive note, I don't think we will be relegated!
  5. BBC stats say 10 shots, of which 1 was on target. How often have we commented on poor shooting?
  6. Just had it again, a couple of times. It's actually "This page is slowing down Firefox. To speed up Firefox, stop this page.". There isn't a "wait" option. Firefox had 15 or 16 processes running - though I had only one tab open - and, at that time, one of them was using about 30% of CPU utilisation. When I first start it up and it's on the default Firefox home page, it has 8 processes running. Right now it's 14, so coming here adds between 6 and 8.
  7. With me - Windows 10, Firefox, no extensions that I know of - when the site first is first loading I am now frequently getting the Firefox message that is something like "This page is slowing Firefox down. Stop or wait for it to load?". It must be having problems trying to load something - maybe external ads? If I stop it and then refresh the page it usually loads OK. I am also now seeing ads (actually copies of the same ad) between messages in a thread. This started a few days ago, so I guess you changed it.
  8. Well, we got that point - but Morton, Dundee, Queens and Partick all won
  9. Hey, we're winning! What's all the gloom about?
  10. Poster coming up for auction tomorrow (Thursday 10th), along with two other posters. This link takes you to the lot on the auction house's website - https://tinyurl.com/3vupnhdp I won't be bidding for it. Good luck if you do!
  11. Indeed. Our main problem since Billy Mckay left for the first time, in early 2015, has been that we have not had a reliable, consistent goalscorer. And that includes the twice that Billy has been back. Yes, I know that players who fit that description are few and far between, but it should be a priority. And, having seen a lot of streamed games during the last two seasons, I know that I've said a few times that basic shooting practice is badly required.
  12. You'll still be in time for the 5.30pm kick-off Toodle-pip!
  13. Depends on what his ambitions and circumstances are - I simply don't know. He is still only 25 - young for a goalkeeper - so I would guess that he could well still be hoping for first-team football somewhere.
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