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  1. snorbens_caleyman

    Nunneries of Sneck

    In the late 60s and possibly early 70s, I used to go there for piano lessons - as did quite a few of my contemporaries. The nuns were all very friendly and happy people. La Sagesse (the Wisdom) is, I believe, a teaching order. One of my strongest memories of the place is that there was frequently the most glorious smell of bread or other baking permeating through the building. Someone really knew the art of temptation!
  2. snorbens_caleyman

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    The last thing we need is another injury-prone player.
  3. snorbens_caleyman


    Whenever we play County next season, we should be able to get them down to 10 men within a few minutes. It's a JOKE!!!
  4. snorbens_caleyman

    Cove Rangers

    Yup - I was disappointed too. Another Highland team that thinks the officials are against them - Was also disappointed that Peterhead missed out on promotion after being second in the division by one point, and 22 points and 31 goals ahead of Stenhousemuir. Still, Peterhead had two sent off - clearly suicide when you're already 2-0 down from the first leg. My wife's family are all Stenny supporters, so I'd better not say any more!
  5. snorbens_caleyman

    The Royal wedding

    Well, yes and no. There's also the fact that every British monarch - from James VI and I onwards - has been part descended from Mary, Queen of Scots. The Stuarts, the Hanoverians, the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas - all of them! Delicious irony, after the treatment she received on both sides of the border. Though of course you could argue about how British she was, given her childhood in France, and her forebears' tendency to marry fancy foreign wummen! There's a family tree at
  6. snorbens_caleyman

    The Royal wedding

    You could break your journey at Hampden, and watch the double treble being achieved. Oh, sorry, you said "overhyped nonsense". As you were!
  7. snorbens_caleyman

    IBM Transport

    Not sure - Austin Healey, Jag XJ6, Jag XK, Triumph Stag?
  8. snorbens_caleyman

    The Royal wedding

    I propose we move this thread to "General Nonsense"!
  9. snorbens_caleyman

    Recruitment Policy?

    Interesting idea, and well-worthy of discussion. Not quite the same scenario, but back in Highland League days, Jock McDonald sometimes offered a job at Tomatin Distillery to a player whom he was trying to persuade to sign for Thistle. Useful if it was someone from outside the area, with no local connections. If memory serves me right, Ian Cumming, the captain of his first league-winning team, was one such. There may well have been others.
  10. snorbens_caleyman

    Live ghost hunt from Tulloch castle Hotel

    I was wondering if it could get us promoted next season Or at least remove the fabled gypsy's curse from the Longman...
  11. snorbens_caleyman

    Caley thistle Board

    Is it a pop-up box asking for the user's consent? There's a bit more to GDPR compliance than that.
  12. snorbens_caleyman

    Morton -V- Inverness CT

    Not at all - this is what's it's all about!
  13. snorbens_caleyman

    Morton -V- Inverness CT

    No Doran - not even on the bench. Is he suspended, injured, or... ?
  14. snorbens_caleyman


    We now have five pages of speculation since last Sunday, based solely - as far as I know - on the posting above. The world is crying out for such creativity
  15. snorbens_caleyman


    My own preference - not aimed at anyone in particular, or aimed at everyone, if you like - would be "The rest is silence".