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  1. Betcha Robbo leaves it until 10 minutes from time.
  2. Excellent picture! The idea is that when a boat is going through, only one bridge will be open at any time. In other words, road traffic will always be able to cross the canal. I was told by a former councillor that the ground there is not at all suitable for a tunnel, and a bridge high enough to allow boats with masts to pass would have been wildly expensive. Spent Xmas at the Premier Inn on the left of the picture, and on the first night we realised that there was machinery running continuously, somewhere outside. "But there's no-one round here except deid people!". (I've just been reading a book of Billy Connolly's stories, so I hear his voice all the time now ) Was only when we went out for a walk along the canal that we found that they are constantly pumping water downstream, around the dammed-off area. You can see the pipes to the right of the canal, going through the underpass at the new roundabout, and then back in opposite the new control house.
  3. It certainly would be. Difficult to think of any other line of business - whether entertainment, retail, services, etc - where the customer is given a detailed breakdown of all income and expenditure. The football transfer market can be likened to a game of poker, in which disclosing fees is the equivalent of giving away information about your hand. Especially if, as we do, you have a weak hand.
  4. The plan for the re-introduction of the one-way system?
  5. That's right, and thanks to climate change its level is rising. If you take a deep divot at the wrong part of the pitch, you get a cold shower.
  6. A good place to ask this, instead of wasting a new thread on it. I was in Inverness over Christmas. In the Eastgate car park on Thursday I saw a big Audi, reg no CA II EYJ, with the club crest also on the plate. (Ideal pressie - so on topic!) Just curious - does it belong to someone well-known? If you crave anonymity you don't have a reg number like that!
  7. MV Eynhallow on a different sort of day, in October 2002. Doesn't look too bad, but I remember thinking that I was very glad that I didn't have to take any ferries that day. We next went along to the Broch of Gurness, and spent much of the time there sheltering from the wind behind a wall.
  8. Went across on the Pentalina a couple of years ago. As you'll know, things like camper vans were reversed onto it, so that they could drive straight off without having to turn on the vehicle deck. One lady driver could not reverse in a straight line, and veered to the left every time. They would stop her before she made contact with the railing, and send her off back up to straighten out and try again. Took her about six attempts, by which time everyone was watching her...
  9. Dear God!! The English turkeys have voted for Christmas. The very people who will NOT benefit from either Brexit or a Johnson government have voted for both. Only consolation for me is that Snorbens (St Albans) has finally got rid of the appalling Tory Anne Main, who had moved progressively further to the right, turning a 12,700 majority in 2015 into a 6,000 majority in 2017, and now into a 6,300 loss. Way to go, Anne! Not sure that the new Lib Dem MP will be able to achieve much, but she is very welcome anyway.
  10. Still waiting to see what Dougal actually looks like...
  11. Some quick research suggested a loose connection to me. The author Neil M Gunn was born in Dunbeath, and in the 1920s took up post as a customs officer at the Glen Mhor distillery, next to the Telford Street ground. Is that it?
  12. Have just discovered that my maternal grandmother - whom I never knew because she died young - was living there as a 20-year-old housemaid for the Frasers at the 02 April 1911 Census.
  13. Are you telepathic as well as clairvoyant? The reason I say that is that I was just wondering what's the longest period of time we've gone without scoring. (Sudden death penalties don't count.) Just over three games now.
  14. Two 3--0s in succession, and we are discussing the shortcomings of our strikers