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  1. I have wondered if the visibility of the pink strips provides just a fraction of a second advantage to our players. The opposite of the infamous Man U grey strip which lasted only 45 minutes.
  2. ...especially since he slips just before the ball reaches him.
  3. You'll recognise that as a great example of intermittent reinforcement - the most powerful conditioning method in psychology 🤩
  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but I can't remember Ridgers having to make one save, all night. He cut out a cross or corner or two, but otherwise had a quiet night. We are still a work in progress, but that was certainly the best I've seen them play this season.
  5. We could win this by kicking their stock of balls out of the ground. Shooting is terrible, and not just in this game.
  6. Aye - presumably Queensbury Rules will apply. Chance for Scott Allan to establish himself as an ICT legend, in just one game?
  7. Surely because we now have the People's Front of Scotland and the Scottish People's Front?
  8. I have to say that I was not convinced. I saw a lot of running around which gave an appearance of sharpness, together with a few displays of petulance and dissent when decisions went against him. Not sure if that is what he is usually like, or if he was trying to show his new teammates that he was fully committed. Considering that he woke up in Edinburgh that morning, and that everything happened so quickly, then his first 35 minutes was too soon to tell anything. But of course I hope he goes on to be a great success!
  9. Moi aussi. Was surprised and a bit concerned that we had a Tuesday game before the Friday cup-tie!
  10. Could we not have got the Buckie commentator on loan until the end of the season?
  11. Hopefully as a sub who is brought on when the game has been safely won. I know we often look like 11 players each doing their own thing, but the chaos that could be caused by a "creative midfielder" who hasn't played with the others doesn't bear thinking about. Having said that, best of luck to him, and hope it works out for all concerned.
  12. You know that feeling that you get near the end of a Scotland match - football, rugby, whatever - when you know that they are about to blow it? The strangest thing happened last night - I got the exact opposite feeling! Even though Russell had been sent off and Scotland were behind, I had the oddest premonition that this would be the one time when everything worked, and we would win. Then France had a man sin-binned, Dulin stupidly decided not to kick into touch to end it all, and the rest is history... And if I was ever in a scrap and could pick someone to be on my side, I'
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