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  1. Love it! One of things that amused my wife and myself down here in the London area was the "discovery", about 10-15 years ago, of porridge as a "superfood". We had the very rapid spread of porridge outlets, in cafes, health food bars, and railway station stalls, all selling this wonderstuff to the trendy young professionals heading to their offices and trading floors in the City, in Canary Wharf, and so on. What used to horrify us was the stuff that was added to it to make it attractive (or just edible). Looking at just one website, I can see, amongst many others, porridge with: almond milk oats, butter, hazelnuts, cinnamon coconut palm sugar and apple fig, agave and chia seeds date molasses and Medjool dates vanilla cream, cocoa nibs, chia, banana mature coconut, dates, almonds, apple, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, hemp seeds, cacao and blueberries. Personally, I can't stand the stuff
  2. It's Spynie Palace, between Elgin and Lossiemouth. Former residence of the Bishops of Moray. We were staying at the Orkney Hotel in Kirkwall. At breakfast, the waitress - English, obviously new - came and asked us what we would like. My wife said: "I think I'll have the porridge today". Waitress: "OK - just hang on, I'll go and see if we got any in overnight". Ever since, I have had this vision of a porridge tanker trundling through the streets of Kirkwall in the wee sma' hours, making deliveries...
  3. Will leave it just now in case Mantis knows. It's probably less than 10 miles from the last one...
  4. I think I'm coming to the end of my photographs which are suitable for this thread. Will have another look for more, but if I don't contribute, it doesn't mean that I'm not enjoying it!
  5. I knew someone who worked in a chicken factory as a summer job, and who promptly went vegetarian. She stuck with it, too
  6. Baxters. "Neighbours of mine, just across the firth", as James Robertson Justice used to say in the TV adverts back in the dark ages. He lived at Spinningdale, and I used to imagine him doing 100 miles across the firth and back in a wee rowing boat, whenever he found himself short of a can of ****-a-leekie. Later addition: do we really need to censor the name of a Scottish soup? Wonder what happens when I write Scunthorpe...
  7. You're right - it's easy. The PM visited a well-known establishment nearby, as part of his Farewell Tour of Scotland last week.
  8. So I've been in the neighbourhood, but not actually there.
  9. Only one solution then - political vetting of anyone attempting to buy a season ticket
  10. And another. Bonus points for identifying the ship!
  11. Have just discovered, thanks to the mailing list The Loop, that this was 50 years ago today - Saturday 18 July 1970.
  12. Aha! It's Moniack. Do they still produce wine? I used to be partial to their birch sap brew
  13. No idea - but I'm sure that IBM will tell us what the car is