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  1. I'm thinking that that could be another "centre of Scotland" in the background of the photo?
  2. Looks a wee bit different on Google Maps. The lines about art in what I thought were a funny script start off "Art is the Flower - Life is the Green Leaf.". This is a quote by Charles Rennie Mackintosh - https://libquotes.com/charles-rennie-mackintosh/quote/lbw6u1j . The red and green things down the edges of the board, that I thought might be chili peppers, are presumably Mackintosh roses, and the funny-looking script is reminiscent of the fonts associated with him. Annoyingly, I can't read or find the name of the cottage, and I can't find any actual connection with CRM.
  3. Ah! I was going to guess Aviemore area. But I know where Laurence used to be - may even have bought a book or two from him - so I'll have a closer look on Monday.
  4. Nope, me neither. Odd - large house, but corrugated iron roof. Built-up area - pavement, and services under the pavement. Is that a large vertical sign at the right-hand end of the house? Under magification, it looks like some kind of stylised script - maybe the alphabet we use, but possibly Hebrew or further east, a Runic script, or even something invented by Tolkien. Very little on each line - is it a list of names? Looks like a pattern of red and green things down each side - can't make them out - some sort of gourd or chili pepper? Go on - tell me how wrong I am
  5. And as an added bonus, here is the Corran, approaching Ardgour on Saturday 4th.
  6. To help you cope with the boredom of the close season, here's some ferry porn. To escape from the Joobly madness, we headed for Scotland, and spent the long weekend based in Arisaig. First time I'd been there - weather, scenery, people, food, drink etc were all fantastic and I loved it. We went up to Mallaig on Friday 3rd June, and these four were all photographed there. We'll kick off with the Loch Fyne. Next, the Loch Nevis. Number three, the Lord of the Isles. And finally, the Loch Bhrusda.
  7. Watching some of our woeful shooting, I often wondered if we were playing rugby.
  8. Not necessarily. If enough people - or, in this case, clubs - want it, then things can be changed. Given that we have just had a lengthy period of no crowd restrictions AND live streaming, then it was the perfect opportunity to investigate whether crowds were adversely affected, or whether clubs actually made more money, very possibly through away fans who wouldn't have travelled anyway.
  9. Very disappointing. I note that the announcement says "we are not allowed to show our home games". The implication being that it was not the club's decision, although there is no clue as to whether the club agrees or disagrees with the decision. Would be interesting to know what, if any, consultation with the clubs took place before any decisions were taken.
  10. I would add a reliable goalscorer - a proper striker. So basically we need people everywhere except in goal
  11. Even stranger, given that Caroline is the feminine form of Carolus, from which "Charles" is derived.
  12. Mrs snorbens and I will mark the occasion as we have done before ... by getting out of the country! Unfortunately, this time we will only be getting out of Engerland, because all of the places we looked at abroad were booked up. It is also - presumably coincidentally - a holiday weekend in Ireland. Last Jubilee, the one where it rained all the time, we had a great weekend in Bruges. Even though it rained all the time there, too. So we are heading up to Sneck on Monday for a few days, principally to see my Mum. Then across to Arisaig, for four days over the holiday weekend. I h
  13. It's not UEFA. Their rules allow national football associations to "request" (ie "enforce") blackout periods, but UEFA themselves don't mandate them. Last time we discussed this, there was only one European country outside of the UK which had a blackout period. Without checking, I think it may have been Montenegro. Somewhere like that, anyway. I had a quick look just now, and came across a recent article which said that the UK is the only place where a blackout is enforced. Not sure if that is accurate, or if the other country has dropped it. Some of the streaming sites have
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