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  1. They are dangerous in that they set a bad example to the rest of us. Well, not us, of course, but to others! The players train together, share a dressing room, and there is very close contact with other players during a game. The additional risk to them by a few huddles in a game - very few, if you don't score much! - is minimal. And I'm afraid that looking for footballers as a whole - there are exceptions - to set a good example to society is a lost cause.
  2. The thing to do first of all is find out what the mood is. If 7, 8 or 9 say "play on", then play on, if deemed safe to do so. If it's less than that, then invite the clubs to say what they think should happen - eg temporary suspension, or abandon the league completely - and then get everyone "together" to talk and thrash out the details.
  3. Would have thought that there is more money (TV rights etc) involved in the Scottish Cup than in the Championship, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Championship was abandoned. And then they wouldn't be able to promote anyone, so no one would be relegated from the Premiership.
  4. It now appears that this could well be the case!
  5. Not in the roads that I am thinking of. Maybe I should have said "a successor" to General Wade rather than "the successor".
  6. Built by the successor to General Wade apparently, with (relatively recent) roads in Sneck named after him.
  7. Killiecrankie viaduct. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g186566-d8073533-Reviews-Killiecrankie_Viaduct-Pitlochry_Perth_and_Kinross_Scotland.html#photos;aggregationId=&albumid=101&filter=7
  8. Thank you, but I'm not wholly convinced. The photographs of that viaduct that I can find do not appear to have exactly that style of baronial turret, nor the row of protruding bricks just under the parapet. However, when I was searching earlier, I did come across a single-arch bridge on the Dava Way which was very similar, so perhaps I should have another look there. The people in the photograph are my late father, a family friend who is also now dead, my younger sister, and - with the hair and the flares - me. Possibly a last outing for the hair and the flares, because I moved dow
  9. I am just about out of candidate photographs for this thread, but here is a challenge with a difference. The difference is that I have no idea where it is! They were taken in July or early August 1978 - hence the hair and flares. On the original film, they follow a trip to St Andrews, so it's possible that we might have stopped off somewhere near the A9 on the way back. Or it could have been a completely different outing in any direction from Inverness. Over to you!
  10. Only place I can think of that would fit that description is House of Bruar. Their lobster and chips is on my bucket list
  11. Oi! I was given one as a Christmas present last week. You saying that my family are cheapskates? Currently available from the shop. Official ICTFC tartan, which I'm fairly sure doesn't go back to the Paterson era...
  12. Hadn't noticed that before, so of course I think it's worth emphasising!
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