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  1. Waited until we had put away four goals before making the subs. A lesson learned from last week, I think - don't disrupt the team if they're playing well.
  2. That would only work if the ball was on the ground. And you can't have one law for when it's on the ground and one for when it's in the air! There are no easy answers - no cheap ones anyway.
  3. I wondered at the time if it was wise taking off Mckay and Wotherspoon. I know they are not defence, but maybe it upset the way the whole team was playing?
  4. 2-0 - Wotherspoon & Mckay. Never in doubt Correction - Carson replaced Duffy on 70, and Lodovica replaced Longstaff on 90+1.
  5. The cavalry has arrived - Wotherspoon, Lodovica and Mckay. Brooks, Duffy and Sheridan off.
  6. Don't want to peak too soon. Saving ourselves for the final.
  7. HT 0-0. BBC says we've had one shot in the first half, which appears to have been in the 14th minute. I am sure that Big Dunc will (have to) be restrained, as usual
  8. "Inverness? Thae teuchters in the Highland League? Awa' an stick yer crystal ball where the sun disnae shine!".
  9. We'd surely hope for Dodds. And then we'd pass them in opposite directions after the end of the season.
  10. I'd guess that you were beside the ruined castle at Lochranza in the north of the island?
  11. Interesting viewpoint! Not far out of town...
  12. Cioch na h’Oighe on the Isle of Arran!
  13. I've just wakened up from dreaming that it was 3-0 at half-time
  14. We were in Arisaig for a weekend last year. There was an Americana festival on - not why we were there. Walking back down to the hotel, we came across one of the locals, who had a face that only his Mum could love, sitting at the gate into his garden, checking out everyone going past, and picking on a banjo. My wife has never seen the film, so she had no idea what I meant when I said "<expletive deleted>! We've just stumbled into Deliverance."
  15. BBC website suggests 4-4-1-1. Boyes at right back and Harper left back.
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