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  1. Found them with "Flower of Scotland"
  2. We're in the sports bar. Full of Germans. Will find the other Scots when we score
  3. Assuming that their employer - ICT, since I don't know the precise legal name - is still in existence, then there is no reason why contracts would have been automatically terminated. And since there have apparently been no communications with players, then there seems little likelihood that contracts have been terminated by mutual consent or by the club.
  4. Would be very surprised if ICT doesn't own the legal rights to the name and the badge. And Caley's too. Unless they have let them lapse.
  5. I hope that whatever the "good news" is, it includes an end date for Gardiner.
  6. I would be pleased to see the resurrection of the Citadel name and maroon strip. The stadium - assuming a new team could play there - is close to where the Citadel ground was. Time to lay to rest the divisive and dishonoured Caledonian Thistle name?
  7. Led Zep - Communication Breakdown
  8. I've just had a quick look at the rules, and came to the same conclusion as Fraz. An insolvency event, of which appointing an administrator is one example, appears to lead to 3 years out in the cold. Seems damn stupid, especially if the administrator can find a way to keep the club running.
  9. The pitch was lifted as soon as the season finished. Would anyone buy a pitch with no grass?
  10. If it was simply a question of money - of paying Gardiner what he is contractually entitled to - then the question for an investor is simply whether to wait until he is gone, or to pay him off now with part of a new investment. At the end of the day, the net result for the club's finances should be the same. As you suggest, though, there's probably more to it than just money. One of the things you'd expect a person working their notice period to do would be to do a handover to bring their successor up to speed. The problem there is that there doesn't seem to be a successor....
  11. This. I worked in information security for many years, and was often asked "What's our biggest risk?". Answer was always "Your staff. Especially those who are disgruntled.".
  12. Just for clarification, when I said that "The Supporters' Trust isn't the club.", I meant that it was safe to contribute to them without the possibility of your contribution disappearing into a creditor's pocket!
  13. I suspect that if the club survives and we get new club management, then a financial appeal to the supporters will be high on their agenda. I wouldn't put anything directly into the club itself until things become clearer. It might just go into paying off creditors. The Supporters' Trust isn't the club.
  14. Time for another book, Charles? Written from the fans' point of view, and titled "Against All Frauds"
  15. And make sure to disable all his computer accounts and change all passwords.
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