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  1. It didn't look like that on TV, but I suppose that there were quite a few Sevco supporters. I noted that some of them had come from as far away as Aviemore. And you deserve a lot more than a free Caramel Wafer!
  2. I thought so too. Thought that the red card was a bit harsh - and then I saw who he was showing it to Haven't gone back to look at it again, but I'm sure that at the disallowed goal, the linesman never flagged for offside, and ran all the way to the goal line with his flag down. Then next time the TV showed him, he was level with the edge of the box and flagging frantically, after the referee had blown.
  3. Citadel did well down there for quite a number of years. Where are those fans now? Quitters!
  4. The only thing that's been consistent about us for the last season or three is that it's impossible to predict which ICT team will turn up.
  5. So why didn't you pick on me when I suggested it on the previous page?
  6. So why not do the announcements in a language that the tourists will understand? Or Polish or Romanian - possibly more local speakers of these languages than of Gaelic. I might even suggest a good case for Italian, although a waiter in Little Italy last year told me that the Italian community in Sneck had all but disintegrated.
  7. Mrs S and I were both pretty depressed yesterday, as the reality of it actually happening sank in. No celebrations that we were aware of here in St Albans, which voted 63-37 to remain. Scotland, NI, and most of the wealthiest cities and urban areas in England all pulled out against their will. Was going to suggest that this thread could be closed down now. But maybe its name should be changed to "Scotland In or Out"
  8. The dining-room became a café, and my mother was a regular for a while when I was small. Slightly related, I see from the Courier that my former dentist Ker Robertson, whose premises were also upstairs in Academy Street and must have been next door to Burnett's, has died at the age of 95. I think that all the metal and porcelain that he stuck in my teeth has been replaced, but you never know...
  9. Yup. My father caused a commotion just after it had turned back, down near Urquhart Castle, and had started heading homewards. The two wakes that the boat had produced before and after the turn were colliding, and the resulting interference pattern looked just like a row of low-lying extrusions - humps??? - above the water. A simple "Look at that!" and a pointing hand caused a stampede
  10. Was reading about the Old High church recently. Apparently it's quite unusual in Scottish churches, but there are folk buried under the floor inside that church. And they reckon that there will be some under Leakey's as well ☠️?
  11. That's sad. I have been in there many times - though not for a long time. My aunt and uncle used to live there, in the half on the left. My uncle, Murd Smith, was engineer at the Craig, and my aunt, Pat, was in secretarial or admin. Both still going strong, in case you knew them, IHE.
  12. Not so! It's just that some of us prefer warmer climes ? Patmos, September 2009.
  13. Well at least Robbo is making changes now, and not waiting until the last few minutes. BBC stats say that shots are 17-6 in favour of Ayr. Though only 3 of that 17 have been on target! And three on yellow cards now. Would be stupid to get sent off and throw it away...
  14. Looks to me as though he's talking about only Celtic and Rangers. And they would never agree to it because of the potential embarassment of being knocked out in an early round. Bournemouth v Hamilton Accies on a cold midweek night wouldn't even cover costs, and that's two Premiership teams. Let's not even think about Crawley Town v Livvie