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  1. Agree that it looks good, but y/e May 2020 takes us only into the start of the pandemic.
  2. Alex Main's book "Caley All The Way" just mentions it in passing, as does Bill McAllister's "Highland Hundred". Though Bill does say that there was a rumour that the Wembley winners "were more relaxed than they might have been" by the time they reached Inverness. The Select team was: J Sutherland (Thistle); A Sutherland (Thistle), Mitchell (Caley); J Fraser (Caley), D Fraser (Caley), R Fraser (Thistle); Docherty (Caley), Robertson (Caley), Macdonald (Thistle), Mackenzie (Thistle), Lamb (Thistle). I love the half-back line of three Frasers! Scorers were Macdonald (2)
  3. That was a good game not to lose. Dunfermline were obviously determined not to lose, and were cynical in doing so. Can't remember when I last saw a team commit so many fouls. The referee was weak. The commentators were biassed idiots. They were surprised when Sutherland went off - it was because he had just been hacked down, you morons. I turned them off in the second half, after my wife booked me for swearing. Duku tries, but he is just not effective. And Billy will never score unless there is good service into the box. Thanks go to Ridgers for keeping us in the g
  4. OK, I give up. Why does the number 4 have so much meaning to DAFC fans? (The only thing I can think of is that most holes on a golf course are par 4s. )
  5. It did indeed make me curious about how much anti-doping testing takes place in the Championship!
  6. Amazing turnaround in the second half. Billy Dodds must have been very eloquent at half-time. Did anyone see what happened in about the 80th minute when Graham and Carson clashed off the ball in front of the main stand? The TV missed it.
  7. It was early afternoon in the UK. I was in my office just north of the West End of London. There were three or four of us in the office, but we didn't have a TV or radio, so were relying on the internet. However, it wasn't as robust then as it is now - or perhaps even today it would still be overloaded - so it was impossible to get a reliable connection to a news site. To any external website, in fact. I was on a mailing list comprising a bunch of fans of the rock group Deep Purple, which had been set up because the crazies had taken over the Usenet newsgroup (remember them?). One me
  8. Still hoping to see McKay and Duku on together, although I realise that this might not be the match in which to experiment. What's the news on Gardyne?
  9. Well, if it's around 1968 or 1969, then I'm playing the records before the game and at half-time. The Dambusters' March, anyone?
  10. Can't complain at 4-0, although I think it flattered us. Buckie just ran out of steam towards the end. One of things that impressed me most was Cammy Mackay's distribution of the ball. Better than Ridgers' - no aimless punts downfield (or off the field). Although I will accept that we were playing a different class of opposition today. He also had a few moments when he had to look sharp, so it's good to know that he's there. Hope McKay didn't injure himself scoring the last goal.
  11. Doesn't look as though anyone else is helping. It's Burghead, where "Moby", constructed in Forres, was launched. Not sure I'd call that "east coast", but then again others might. I checked, and Burghead harbour still looks like that nowadays. BBC news article from 16 June about McLean - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-57482669
  12. Not sure if by "east coast" you mean the same as me - and that could be a clue Have another go!
  13. Now there's a challenge! Took me a while, though. I guess you remembered that I was looking along the Dava Way trail when I was trying to identify what turned out to be Killiecranckie viaduct. It is Edinkillie Church and viaduct, from the A940 between Forres and Grantown. Wikipedia says that the viaduct is used as the symbol for the Dava Way, but it doesn't look like it from their website - https://davaway.org.uk/
  14. Just to add my tuppence worth: Ridgers probably had more to do yesterday than he did in all three previous league matches combined. I do wish he could keep his goal kicks and clearances on the pitch. Just aim up the middle, Mark Walsh didn't have a good day, but in previous matches he and Carson have been very effective attacking down the right. Sutherland - well, I said earlier I'd like to see McKay and Duku on together. I still can't make up my mind about Duku. He runs his socks off and puts himself about - I think it's great how he challenges the opposition when they
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