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  1. I'm not trying to upset you, Kingmills, but I will mention that the Guardian's report said that Graeme Shinnie was at fault for the first two goals. I didn't read the rest of it... Massive game now against San Marino
  2. Apparently that's mentioned in the Bible three times. Where it is named "Kesil", meaning "fool"
  3. What's an Outlook account? 😁 When I replaced the motherboard, I also had to replace the CPU (different socket), memory and graphics card (no longer supported by a current mobo). Windows decided it needed to be revalidated, and the Microsoft person whom I spoke to said that I had moved Windows to a new machine. I persuaded her otherwise. But anything that would avoid that situation would be very welcome.
  4. Mrs Snorbens and I have just agreed that we are taking to the streets on the People's Vote March in London on Saturday. First time we have ever done anything like that. We are so f***ing mad with what is going on that taking to the streets is the only option.
  5. Amen to this. All of my data is stored on at least two external drives. So I have weathered a motherboard failure and a C drive (an SSD) failure with no loss of data. Only the hassle of reinstalling Windows and applications - and even that I could have avoided by using an imaging/backup tool. The IT correspondent on the Guardian newspaper in the UK has coined a law which is that information doesn't exist unless it is in three different physical locations.
  6. I think that you are getting very close to making defamatory accusations, and I am surprised that the mods haven't said anything. By all means, criticise the Board, but if you can't prove it, don't say it.
  7. Yes, indeed, I have in the past made suggestions on how services could be improved. It's often the person experiencing the problem who has the best ideas for solving it. In my working life, in IT, if I had to report to a problem to a boss, I always made sure that I had one or two suggestions for dealing with that problem. And I made sure that people reporting to me understood that I expected that from them. Just saying "it's not my job" helps no one.
  8. So what are your ideas, then? It's easy to criticise - very difficult to see the way forward. I am sure that the Board will welcome all credible suggestions.
  9. Does he get any wages? The accounts give the number of employees at the club "including directors who are not remunerated". I don't know whether that means that no director is remunerated, or that some are and some aren't. (If the former, there should have been a comma after "directors". )
  10. AGM tonight, isn't it? Sound like some more questions to ask!
  11. Or a grant from the local authority. If a condition was that the pitch had to be made available to the community.... well, haven't we all been saying that the club should have more involvement in the community? Might help persuade some of that community to come and watch ICT matches!
  12. My wife's family are Stenhousemuir supporters, and have often said to me how the club has benefited from their artificial pitch. I understand it's 3G, not 4G, whatever that means. (Does it mean that it's slower? ) I have just found this 6-page report on the FIFA website - It includes costs, but note that it must be 10 or more years old. Stenny is a community-owned club, and they received a £250,000 grant from the local authority, on condition that the pitch was made available for use by the community.
  13. !!!!! If the Trust has 10% of the votes, then someone on the Trust really ought to be familiar with the rules or constitution of the club, and with the regulations governing private limited companies (which is what the club is).
  14. If you look back to page 2 of this thread, you'll see that they responded to me within minutes when I asked about the semi-final dates. That was before 09:00, so maybe the trick is to get them before they become busy.
  15. That doesn't prevent it. It merely lists the blocked hours that have been chosen by national FAs. The regulation starts "Each member association may decide on two and a half hours on a Saturday or a Sunday during which any Transmission of football may be prohibited within the territory of the relevant member association." My reading of that is that it's up to each national FA to decide IF it wants to have blocked hours, and then, if they do, to decide what they are. Having said all that, I wasn't aware how deeply embedded the prohibition is, so thank you to everyone for filling in a gap in my knowledge.