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  1. Well, Cove are outnumbered if there is a punch-up on the bench
  2. Hi Danylo. There used to be three whisky distilleries in Inverness, but they all closed down a long time ago - in the 1980s I think. Their names were: Glen Mhor - this distillery was quite literally at the end of the ground of Caledonian FC (Caley), one of the teams which merged to form ICT. Glen Albyn - very close to Glen Mhor - both distilleries were at the side of the canal in Inverness. Millburn - at the east side of Inverness - the distillery is now a hotel, and I was staying in it last week 🙂 Because the distilleries closed down so long ago, the whisky will be very hard to find, and you will have to pay a lot of money (maybe hundreds of UK pounds) for a bottle. I have tried them all, several years ago. I think my favourite was Millburn, although I also had a special single-cask bottling of Glen Albyn which was really good. But none of them was as good as the best whiskies that you can find easily today - Highland Park, Springbank, Macallan, etc - so if you can't find any, then don't worry. You won't be missing anything special.
  3. Please tell me you will be attending all games this season. You have a clear and effective influence on the team.
  4. A google for "30 Old Edinburgh Road" reveals that it is, or was recently, known as Flora Macdonald House. I don't know why. But it might be that the heads on either side of the door are meant to be Charlie (not Bannerman!) and Flora. The heads, and the stonework immediately above the door look quite unweathered - ie relatively modern - to me. One might suspect that the initials could be 'C' for Charles and 'FM' for Flora Macdonald. But I think that's unlikely - I would have expected at least an 'S' for "Stuart", and more likely 'McD' or a conjoined 'MD' - ie with the M & the D joined together - for MacDonald.
  5. Freddie Nield with two different coloured boots, so that he knows which foot is which... (cont on "Old Highland League Days")
  6. Right midfield, with Fat Bob in defence, Wee Eck out on the wing, and Soapy Soutar as slippery striker.
  7. Exaggerating as usual. It was only 19. Clach didn't do so well - beaten 17-0 by Queen's Park. google for scottish women's cup football - google seems to be more up to date than the official website
  8. You need the SFA licensing requirements and the SPFL rules. The SFA licensing requrements set the requirements for each level - USH is only at gold level - and the SPFL rules which who say what level is required for each league, as below: "D4.4 any ground which a Club or the Candidate Club registers or is deemed to have registered as its Registered Ground, must, by not later than 31st March preceding any Season and for the whole of that Season: D4.4.1 with respect to Clubs entitled to play in the Premiership and the Championship have achieved and maintain with respect to stadia criteria at least the Bronze Standard set out in The Scottish Football Association National Club Licensing Manual in force and as amended or supplemented from time to time; D4.4.2 with respect to Clubs and Candidate Clubs entitled to play in League One and League Two have achieved and maintain with respect to stadia criteria at least the Entry Level Standard set out in The Scottish Football Association National Club Licensing Manual in force and as amended or supplemented from time to time; D4.4.3 with respect to Clubs entitled to play in the Premiership and the Championship have had and have adequate winter pitch protection, as provided in Rule H10; ... H10 Each Club shall provide, maintain and use in such manner as to ensure its efficient and effective operation an adequate winter pitch protection system. Such systems shall be fully utilised by the Home Club before any League Match or Play-Off Match where there is a reasonable possibility of its pitch otherwise being frozen or covered in snow or ice so as to ensure that the League Match is able to take place at the venue and on the date and time scheduled notwithstanding such possibility."
  9. I was checking up on it while you were asking the question! Apparently the requirement for undersoil heating was dropped - along with the requirement for 6000 seats - when the SPL and SPFL merged a few years ago.
  10. Maybe we should have a referendum on that I say that because I have lived in England for over 40 years now, and, with no intention of moving back to Scotland, I wasn't bothered about not having a vote in the indyref. Quite a lot of my friends and colleagues down here thought that I should have had one. In fact I thought it would be wrong if I had a vote. It would put me in the same boat as, for example, all those who have retired to Spain and yet still vote in the UK. Doesn't stop me from having an opinion about independence, of course. Different maybe if you intend to move back, but how could you ever tell between someone who is genuine about that and someone who is just saying it? And just think of the logistics of trying to give a vote to every Scottish-born person all around the world!
  11. Don't forget the Challenge (Irn Bru) Cup!
  12. I didn't used to be a supporter of independence. My father, being a old-fashioned Highlander, didn't have much trust in people from the Central Belt, and thought that there wouldn't be much difference in the Highlands being governed from Westminster or from Edinburgh. In fact he reckoned that the huntin' shootin' fishin' brigade from England probably knew more about the Highlands than many folk from the Central belt. He wasn't impressed with the Scottish parliament when it was first set up, reasoning that the if the MSPs had wanted to stand for office, then they had already had three other opportunities - local government, Westminster parliament and European parliament - and so they must have been the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel! I guess that some of this rubbed off on me, but since I had left Scotland in 1978, with no thought of returning, I wasn't much bothered about the whole independence thing. Although my wife and I did notice the big change over the years after devolution, from a nation whose main identifying characteristic was hatred of its nearest neighbour, into a self-confident, forward-looking country. After two or three years of Cameron's first government (the coalition), the word I most often used to describe them was "incompetent". So, as the indyref neared, I found myself thinking what I would do if I had a vote. And, given the shambles that Cameron's government was, and the mess they were making of running the country, I realised that I was thinking "You're better off out of this. Go for it!". And I came to realise that I supported independence. The years since then have revealed new and unimagined depths of incompetence in Westminster. I don't think that a change of government would help. Before the indyref, I saw on TV some economist who had been asked whether the average family in Scotland would be £1.5K better off or £2.5K worse off, or whatever the numbers were. "Look," he said, "no one knows. However, what we do know is that at the end of the day, Scotland would still be a reasonably prosperous country in north-west Europe. Of course there are differences, but on the whole all countries in NW Europe have pretty similar standards of living. There's no reason why Scotland should be any different.". So there you have it. Yes there are serious questions about an independent Scottish economy, which need proper answers - not least about trade with England. And it's easy for me to say "Go for it!", because I don't live in Scotland. But I'd still say it.
  13. I could see a right-wing Brexiteer PM giving Scotland more devolved power, with Westminster having less control over Scotland than it does now. I suspect that none of the usual suspects - Johnson, Raab, etc - cares a jot about Scotland. Since they would draw virtually no support from there, they could be happy to give it more power if that was the price to avoid being remembered as the PM who oversaw the break-up of the Union. You would still lose the benefits of EU membership, of course. But a cunning PM could certainly make independence a very difficult question.
  14. Depends on whether Scotland has been admitted by then