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  1. I could see a right-wing Brexiteer PM giving Scotland more devolved power, with Westminster having less control over Scotland than it does now. I suspect that none of the usual suspects - Johnson, Raab, etc - cares a jot about Scotland. Since they would draw virtually no support from there, they could be happy to give it more power if that was the price to avoid being remembered as the PM who oversaw the break-up of the Union. You would still lose the benefits of EU membership, of course. But a cunning PM could certainly make independence a very difficult question.
  2. Depends on whether Scotland has been admitted by then
  3. Excellent news. I don't know if there has been a change behind the scenes, but that struck me as a really well-written statement. Covers all the ground, tells everyone what happened, gets properly behind Robbo and his staff, and looks to the future. All in a flowing, eloquent and non-pompous style. A seriously good piece of writing. Whoever wrote that, please take a bow!
  4. Sorry, mate. Next time you go down the road, have a look at some of the work they have to do, and then remember how long it took to do the relatively easy stretch south of Aviemore. "Soon" is not a word that I would use!
  5. Can we have a bollocks emoji, please? First of all, the population of Greater Inverness was estimated in 2016 to be just over 63,000. So have 35,000 people really moved in since then? The fact that Dougal is overlooking is that Inverness and Dingwall are very close. Bing Maps tells me that the grounds are 15.2 miles apart. Brentford and Orient in London are further apart. If you are mobile, then 15 miles is nothing. Perfectly possible to live in or near Sneck and commute to Dingwall. You don't have to choose to live in the "village". If players can move club, earn more, and not have to move house and/or disrupt families, then who can blame them? Maybe at some time the pendulum will swing back, and ICT will be the richer club for a while. But I do frequently think of the point that CB used to often make - can the Highlands really sustain two clubs, so physically close together, at the higher levels of Scottish football? Maybe for a periond, once in a while, when all the stars are aligned for both clubs. But on a permanent or semi-permanent basis? If Dundee and Edinburgh can't do it, then it's even tougher for the Highlands.
  6. "Clarke, given a two-match ban by the Scottish FA on Thursday for criticising referee Steven McLean, starts with a home European qualifier against Cyprus on 8 June, with a visit to Group I leaders Belgium three days later." Does that mean he'll have to sit in the stand? 😉
  7. But also, given the last two seasons, knowing that there is a reasonable chance of promotion in a year's time. That has to be the carrot - "Come to us, and help us make it happen!". And if promotion doesn't happen but the club has done well and you have contributed strongly, then you have put yourself in the spotlight and should be well-placed to move on.
  8. Many congratulations to Cove - whom I have never seen, having left Scotland several years before they were admitted into the HL. But, in my view, the more Highland teams in the SPFL, the better. Would be good if Peterhead, Elgin and now Cove could make some more progress upwards. Congratulations to the Blue Toon as well, of course - this time, stay up there! So who are the likely candidates for admission to the HL, apart from the hypothetical ICT colts? What is Golspie Sutherland's situation nowadays?
  9. Understood, but if you are going to play over 50 competitive matches in a season then you certainly need quantity. Especially since the second half of the season can become crowded with re-arranged postponed fixtures and with cup games - and by then you may already have some longer-term injuries.
  10. And next season we just need to repeat what we did this season - finish two places higher!
  11. Sounds like we didn't take our chances when we had them. And now there's a mountain to climb.
  12. Very cheering to see how much confidence and hope there is ahead of Friday. Not so long ago we might have written ourselves off, but this season has shown that the team has gained resilience, and can come back from behind. Not to mention that our away record is better than our home record. Note to Robbo: make sure you practise penalties.
  13. Robbo has just said it's not worth appealing. Radio commentators say they understand why he said that - Polly did raise his boot, etc - but also say that Polly is so important to the team that they must appeal.
  14. I haven't seen it, but that's basically what all the BBC radio commentators are saying. From listening to the match, it sounded to me as though we played pretty well - in the first half, and also for a spell after Polly was sent off. With 11 players on Friday, and our away record being better than our home record, we have every chance of a result.
  15. Same old story. Catastrophe immediately after the break. Polworth red card - so out for Friday as well. Radio commentators say it was no worse than yellow.