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  1. And that kickstarted a great run in the league to the end of the season. You can't overestimate how much success - in any competition - boosts confidence.
  2. Aye, Morton back in Sneck next Saturday, in the Caramel Wafer Cup. Does Robbo stick with the team that beat them 5-0 - that would surely be a psychological advantage, and could help the team gel. Or does he mix it up a bit and give some others a run out - which would also be a good thing. Nice problem to have.
  3. Can't complain at 5-0, but Morton were really, really poor. Including one of the worst penalty attempts that I have ever seen.
  4. ... and the carrier pigeons take a long time to fly there and back.
  5. Too quick, Snorbens... I have just seen that she is to quit because of "the pressures of motherhood". I am being deafened by the bells on my other leg. Anyone else you'd like me to get rid of, since I'm obviously in form?
  6. Sadly, I am just about to go off on two weeks' holiday. But Mrs Snorbens and I will be looking forward, on our return, to joining the like-minded masses on the streets, protesting against the actions of our tinpot banana-republic dictator. Can any of you confirm the story circulating down here that Police Scotland are investigating a missing persons report for someone known as Ruth Davidson?
  7. As I've said before, I don't believe that any cup is a nonsense cup. Sure, some may be more important than others, but the effects on a team's confidence of doing well (or badly) are very real. Winning this cup in 2018 initiated a great run-in to the end of the season.
  8. Thanks for checking, Scotty. I saw only a couple of reports of it last night, but there are many more reports now, 12 hours later, including the fan forums for AFC Bournemouth and Middlesbrough, and the well-known car forum Pistonheads. CTO seems to be fine now, and my phone's AV reckons that it is OK too. I might start looking at ad-blockers or other browsers - I have seen mention of Brave and Firefox Focus.
  9. Just tried accessing CTO using my Samsung Android phone - not an iPhone - and I get the redirection too. First a message from mk***.com, and then lots of error messages which might be failed redirects or might be my antivirus blocking things. Might be something which only messes with phones (cos they're easier to mess with) and not with PCs. I can access other websites without problem from my phone, which suggests that the problem is associated with CTO, and not with, for example, my phone company's systems. I'd suggest that someone (Scotty?) checks the CTO website itself to see that it it hasn't been tampered with.
  10. Do you want tonight's lottery numbers with that? Give them a chance to play 90 minutes!!
  11. It's the first few minutes after the break that I'm always nervous about. Have lost countless goals in that period. Mogadon in the half-time tea...
  12. !!! ... and change the stadium name to Longman Convalescent Home? 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ Although he himself says he is fit and ready to go.
  13. We clearly have issues which need to be sorted out quickly. We have had five competitive matches, have lost to both Dundee clubs, have beaten Raith and Cove, and drawn with Peterhead. I don't buy the line that the League Cup is a noddy cup that no one cares about. It has essentially the same pool of teams as the Scottish Cup (I'm ignoring the non-league teams here), and so it's just as difficult to win as the Scottish Cup. Maybe more so since it's not straight knockout. I sincerely hope that no manager or team says "That cup doesn't count" or "These early games are all about finding our feet". The team needs to learn how to win, and it needs to have confidence in itself. Pretending that early results aren't so important is foolish. At the end of the season, the margin between success and failure could be one point or goal difference.
  14. ...and of course we are always saying how knowledgeable about football the BBC are