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  1. Cameron called the referendum in an attempt to unite his party but it has rather spectacularly back fired. Latest polling suggests that the Tories might actually slip as low as 6th in Scotland. What is really extraordinary is that in the UK as a whole, a party that did not even exist at the time of the referendum is set to win more votes than the Tories and Labour combined. Cameron's miscalculation appears to have changed the face of British politics for ever. Interesting times ahead.
  2. That's a fair point but on balance I think I'm with Kingsmills on this one. I think that with Dundee also in the Championship there would be a big rivalry between the two Dundee sides which would tend to spur the 2 of them on. I think Dundee will be stronger if Dundee Utd are also in the division. But I also think Dundee Utd will probably be stronger than St Mirren despite the parachute payments. Anyway you look at it, I would reckon that it will be Dundee plus the loser of the play-offs who will the favourites to go up next season.
  3. Brilliant statement from the club. Well done to the club and, of course, to Robbo.
  4. No. It's too late to be thinking about this. It's bedtime ffs.
  5. Daniel Hoban and Martin MacKinnon have signed new contracts too. Daniel's is a 1 year extension and Martin's is a 2 year deal. Great to see the young lads getting contracts. We're not going to be short on keepers!
  6. Its only good on the club if the refusal was made with the agreement of Robbo. Regardless of contracts, it is in nobodies interest for the club to prevent anyone who wants to move to further their career, We saw what happened when the previous Board prevented Yogi from speaking with the Arabs. We're still recovering from the consequences. Given the memory of that episode, I assume that the club did speak with Robbo before Dundee were told to feck off but it would have been good to get a statement to that effect to firmly squash any unease. The Dundee statement about the vacant position refers to having been inundated with applications and that some of their targets are currently employed by other clubs and therefore they need to speak with those clubs first. This does not necessarily mean that Robbo has applied for the post, but if he didn't, it means Dundee are targeting him despite all the applications. We have good reason to be a little worried just now. I certainly hope Robbo is going nowhere. I think he's a great fit for the club and he has done a superb rebuilding job in the last two seasons. It would be a disaster for the club if he was to leave. I fear it would be a disaster for John too.
  7. I assume the answer is "no" because the games will not be held under the SFA's jurisdiction. But there is a lovely irony of him being appointed to the top job just a few days before being found guilty at a disciplinary hearing. I expect this irony will be lost on the SFA but it really should be an opportunity for them to finally acknowledge that there is a very serious problem with the standard of refereeing in Scotland.
  8. It would be good to see Donaldson get an extension on his contract - perhaps with a view to him taking the captain's arm band in due course. Tremarco will be 34 later this year, and much as I love the guy, he seems increasingly injury prone and I don't think he'll be able to command a regular place in the team beyond next season.
  9. I hate all the vilification of players when they move on and especially when they move to our main rivals. These guys are simply making a living best they can in a career with a very short lifespan. Moving to a bigger wage may not always be the best career move in the longer term and staying a bit longer at a club you have developed well at, may result in a far better offer the following year. However, players like Chalmers are not earning much with ICT and it is completely reasonable for them to move on. And to do so with our thanks and good wishes.
  10. I think opening up SPFL to promotion from the lower leagues has been a really positive move. It has allowed lower league teams to have some ambition whilst at the same time forcing some of the lower level SPFL teams to pick up their ideas if they want to remain in the system. This arrangement has been a huge success in England. The concern for me is where there is only one promotion place available, particularly in a situation like in the SPFL where that place is not automatic but subject to a play-off. This can result in a log jam where there may be several teams at the lower level who are actually better than several in the tier above. This is a bigger problem in England where the leagues mostly have 20 or more teams, but it might be more appropriate to have the team coming bottom of the SPFL being automatically relegated and the team next to bottom going to a play-off. Good luck to Cove, though. I think they will do well next season.
  11. Confirmation of what we knew/suspected. Joe's been good for us at championship level but I'm not sure he'll add much to County in the Premiership. Can see him getting paid lots more for sitting on a bench than he did for playing football this season. Invest the money wisely, Joe!
  12. Have they not just won the Northern League East division (level 8) by a healthy 12 points? This promotes them to the Premier division at level 7.
  13. Congratulations Gringo. Top of the pack for a while and resisting the challenge of one and all. Well deserved back to back victories. I'd echo CMIB's thanks for your efforts in doing all the hard work in this. Respect. By the way, how did you do in the Prediction League?
  14. The Board has told us how skint we are. CaleyD posted the following section from the annual report at the time of the last AGM. I think most posters on here understand the seriousness of this. It means we simply do not have the money to attract players who are proven to be quality at the level we are playing. Slowly but surely, the club is freeing up money from some of the irresponsible contracts of the past but that serves mainly to minimise the debt rather than free up money for more lucrative contracts. And don't be too dismissive of Robbo going into the English non league in search of talent . Remember, England has 10 times the population of Scotland and teams like Morpeth will be Scottish league 2 standard at the very least. Given that David Carson was not only their player of the season but also the division's player of the season, I expect he will be a very able addition to our squad. Finally, Dean Brill was playing at Wembley today for Orient in the final of the non league FA Trophy. The crowd was just short of 43,000 which was nearly 6,000 more than watched ICT when we won the Scottish Cup. The standard of non league football is way, way higher than non league football in Scotland and it will remain an important hunting ground for us. Our club has a fantastic record of identifying players with the potential to play at a higher level and we need to continue to do that if we are to continue to operate in the top two tiers of the Scottish leagues.