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  1. The Supporters Trust is not going to fold. The issue is about how we can move the Trust forward for the mutual benefit of fans and club. The position is this. The Rules (constitution) state that the Trust Board must have a minimum of 5 Directors. We currently have just 5. In the event of one of the current Board stepping down, there are a small number of people who would be prepared to be co-opted to make up the numbers to allow the Board to tick over and preserve the voting rights in the Club. Hopefully supporters want the Trust to do a lot more than just "tick over", and tho
  2. Arbroath are up to 3rd and have the best goal difference in the division. They are there on merit and we saw tonight the qualities that make them a very hard team to beat. They were very well organised. Every player knew what their role was, they closed us down quickly and anticipated who the ball might be played to and closed them down quickly too. Put simply, they stopped us playing football and were helped in that regard by poor playing conditions and an inept referee. But we didn't help ourselves. It was an uncharacteristically lacklustre performance, and even when we did get in
  3. Great to see the minute's silence in his memory observed impeccably by all at the stadium tonight.
  4. HT. 0-0 FT. 2-1 ICT. Mckay Opp. Nouble Crowd 1734
  5. The recent games against the bottom 3 have shown there are no easy games in this division, yet we are 5 points clear at the top. We must be doing something right. This season we seem to be managing to win games that are pretty finely balanced. The difference seems to be that the team are all working really hard for each other and when we have those "heart in the mouth" moments there is a real collective effort to clear the danger. Pressing hard and winning the ball back then gives us more chance of creating opportunities up front. Maintaining the level of intesity and the team spirit will
  6. HT. 1-0 FT. 2-1 ICT Billy Mckay Opp. Blues Crowd 1920
  7. HT. 0-1 FT. 0-2 ICT. Gardyne Opp Popescu Crowd. 1296
  8. The crowd annouced at the game was something in the 1800s which seemed about right. Should have been a lot more than that though with the way we are playing just now.
  9. HT 0-1 FT 1-2 ICT. Doran Opp. Todorov Crowd. 2816
  10. I'm afraid I was unable to attend the last meeting but I understand the intention is to have the next meeting as an open meeting for anyone to attend. Thanks to those who have submitted issues for discussion via [email protected] and please keep the emails coming. In order to better represent the wider fan base, the Trust needs to increase both the number of members and the number of folk who are prepared to do a bit of work on behalf of fellow supporters. Please nip across to the Supporters Trust section on this site for more information on what the Trust has been doing
  11. With the introduction of the Fans Focus Group, a few folk have been asking questions about the Supporters Trust. It is true that the Trust has not been very visible for a while, but with your help we hope that is about to change. Over the last wee while, the few volunteers who make up the Board of the Trust have been working behind the scenes to improve the infrastructure to make us better placed to work effectively as a bridge between the club and its fan base. We now have a new website where you can find out a bit more about the Trust and how you can join. Improvements to the membership
  12. Buzzing after that. We were pretty flat in the first half. Little ambition when we got into their final third yet struggling to cope with Partick's far more direct attacking. We were lucky to go into the break just the one down. 2nd half was one the the best and most exciting performances for a long time. There was a really positive approach and a real desire in everything we did. Great effort all round but a special mention for Shane who put in an absolutely immense shift. It looks like having a "Head of Physical Performance" is having an impact. The exciting thing about today i
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