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  1. HT. 0-0 FT. 1-1 ICT. Mckay Opp. Dow Crowd. 3511 1st Yellow. Carson
  2. I thought we were significantly better against QOS than we were against Raith last week. There was much more energy and we created a lot of decent chances. Had we been a bit more clinical up front we could have won that very comfortably. We were undone yesterday by poor defending. Their 1st goal was a very good goal but should have been defended better. Paton received the ball in acres of space and both Welsh and Carson went to close him down. Paton released the ball for a 1-2 and moved off into space. Nobody tracked him so he was again in plenty of space to pick a great ball through t
  3. The club has tended to take the position of not standing in the way of players who want to move on and further their careers. It is, after all, perfectly reasonable for players to want to move on to clubs playing in a higher division or paying more money. A career playing football only lasts a few years at best and can easily end sooner than expected due to injury, so it is understandable that players will be keen to grab any opportunity they get to further their careers. Having an unsettled player in the dressing room leads to an unsettled squad. But another important factor here is t
  4. Not only is he clearly lying, he is also admitting he participated in an event which does not, by any stretch of the imagination, "technically" comply with the guidelines as he would have us believe. The guidelines which his Government put in place stated quite clearly that "Workers should try to minimise all meetings and other gatherings in the workplace" and that "only absolutely necessary participants should attend meetings". Clearly a gathering for some after work drinkies is not "absolutely necessary". The rules for meeting people outdoors limited contact to just one other person. Bor
  5. Anyone following Afcon? After hosts Cameroun's 2-1 win in the opener against Burkina Faso, there have been 11 matches played in which a total of just 9 goals have been scored. Nine 1-0 score lines and a couple of goalless draws. It doesn't sound too exciting but I've not watched any of it yet. I'm hoping it will be a big success or else we will have the big European clubs trying harder than ever to justify not releasing players for international tournaments which are scheduled whilst the league programmes are on-going. Lots of coverage on Sky apparently and a few games on BBC. More goals
  6. What worries me is that we seem to have become so poor at doing so much of the basics. For 80 minutes today, we were 2nd to most of the 50:50 balls, we couldn't pass the ball, we couldn't shoot, we couldn't cross, we couldn't find spaces we, didn't try to take players on, there was no movement at throw ins and we couldn't cope with the far more direct and attacking movement of Raith. Thank goodness Ross got a knock early in the 2nd half because he made complete mincemeat of our defence in the first half. Yet again, it was Ridgers who saved us from the scoreline we deserved. We only came al
  7. HT. 0-0 FT. 0-2 ICT. Mckay Opp. McKenna 1st Yellow. Carson
  8. HT. 1-0 FT. 2-0 ICT. Billy Mckay Opp. Kennedy Ist Yellow. Carson
  9. The value of a vaccine passport is that even if you do have Covid and pass it on, you are not passing it on to someone who is unvaccinated. Unvaccinated people are far more likely to become seriously ill with Covid. That is reflected by the fact a hugely disproportionate number of Covid patients in hospital are unvaccinated. It is, of course, the pressure on the NHS that drives the decisions about imposing restrictions. There is a rather unfortunate irony here in that it is the unvaccinated who complain most about their rights and loss of freedom, yet it is their irresponsible actions which
  10. The AGM of the Supporters Trust took place on December 9th with members present both in person and on-line. Lynne Macdonald had decided not to seek re-election and was thanked for her valuable contribution to the Board. But whilst Lynne is stepping down from the Board, we were pleased to welcome John West onto the Board as a new member. Also, Alison McInnes who had been co-opted onto the Board last year is now an elected member of the Board. The current Board members are now: Jennifer Aitchison, Laura Grant, Alison McInnes, Peter Mutton and John West. We were pleased to report on
  11. Just have to stay at home and read "Milestones and Memories". Copies still available and a great late Christmas pressie. https://shop.ictfc.com/product/pre-order-milestones-memories-book
  12. To be fair, our record of holding on to leads this season is pretty good. I've gone through the results of our games in all competitions (full time score for cup games) and in the 15 games we have scored 1st we have gone on to win. 11 times (73%) whilst on the 9 occasions our opponents have scored 1st, they have only gone on to win 4 times (44%). It is, however a worry that the only 2 times we have lost this season after scoring first are in the recent games against Dunfermline and Hamilton. Have opponents identified a weakness? If our defence to the inevitable pressure placed on us
  13. That's a hard one to take. First half was pretty lacklustre but we came out well in the 2nd half with Harper looking far more effective than Doran down the left. We looked increasingly threatening and then Harper was rewarded by getting on the end of a slick team move. We continued to play well for a few minutes and could have got a couple more. We were well on top and looked by far the better side. Then with 15 minutes to go we inexplicably completely fell apart. Whenever we got the ball we gave it away and Hamilton piled men into the box and bullied their way to victory. What should
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