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  1. If the club say they "will have no choice", then presumably they will also have no choice the following week (also at Hamilton) unless several players who played against Dundee have miraculously recovered from previously unreported injuries sustained in that game. I do sympathise with the plight the club is in and I would be supportive of bringing in 2 or 3 youngsters for the game. But public statements like that really aren't very helpful. We may have a long injury list, but the team that played against Dundee are all in the first team squad. One or two may have picked up injuries in that game but clearly we have a choice to play a team which consists of entirely 1st team squad players.
  2. A bit of a grim watch that. There was a good bit of effort and we were generally OK defensively, but we could have played all night and not scored. I lost count of the times when players either failed to see or failed to execute simple balls into space for team mates to run onto. Instead, it was foot on the ball, have a look around and then play the ball backwards for it to be hoofed aimlessly forward. When we did have an attempt it was invariably feeble and off target. With the players we have missing, I'm not expecting us to win the league or even get close, but any player who is good enough to be in the squad should be able to execute the basics of the game better than we saw today. Glimpses of quality were few and far between. I hate to say it, but this is relegation form were are witnessing at the moment.
  3. HT. 0-1 FT. 1-2 ICT. Billy Mckay Opp. McMullan Crowd. 2284
  4. Hopefully the club will open up the North Stand for this tie and make it look as though they actually want fans to come and support the team in a competition we actually won a few years ago. It's not the most attractive tie but it is eminently winnable. We need a good run in the cup to get a bit of a buzz around the city for the team. Hopefully club and fans can come together to get the cup spirit back for this one.
  5. HT 0-1 FT. 2-1 ICT. Billy Mckay Opp. Carrick Crowd. 1008
  6. I'd have taken a point before the game but disappointed not to have got all 3. We played well in the first half and would have gone in at the break with a comfortable lead had a couple of well worked chances not ended up with tame efforts straight at the keeper when a bit of composure would have seen the ball side-footed past the keeper into the net. Nathan Shaw showed great composure for his 2 goals and others need to follow his lead. The surprise return of Danny Devine showed what we have been missing in central defence and David Carson showed why he should be playing in midfield. I was, however, rather disturbed to hear Billy Dodds' comments after the game saying that both Devine and Welsh were not fully recovered from injury. If they weren't fully recovered, they should not have been playing. Putting players who have not fully recovered from injuries into a highly competitive match environment puts them at serious risk of aggravating their injuries. It was a real worry to see Devine forced to go off in the 2nd half and I sincerely hope that was simply a reflection of a lack of fitness . Oh, and why did people boo Logan Chalmers? It only made him play better. In fact, he played very well, and after he came on as sub, he was far and away Ayr's most effective player.
  7. HT. 0-1 FT. 0-3 ICT Billy Mckay Opp. Akinyemi Crowd 1922
  8. HT. 0-0 FT. 1-1 ICT. Billy Mckay Opp. Murray Crowd 492
  9. If we had all of the squad fit, I wonder how many of Saturday's starting line up would have been starting - and in the position they played? Not very many, that's for sure. Missing the central pairing of Deas and Devine together with Allardice is a big loss defensively, whilst the loss of the creativity of Dan MacKay, MacGregor and Samuels limits our attacking options. In addition we are without the often under appreciated Shane Sutherland whose importance to the team is reflected by the fact that he was the players' player of the season last year. In those circumstances, I thought we played pretty well on Saturday. Mackay was rarely troubled in goal, we played some good passing football and created some decent chances. Shaw, in particular, had an excellent game. No doubt with the return of some of the injured players we will create more chances, but the question is, will we take them? Billy Mckay remains our main striker, he works his socks off and has scored 5 goals in all competitions this year, but his conversion rate is just 14% . Oakley has played in 17 games and scored just 2 goals with no assists. He's only had 7 shots in those 17 games. Doran is 7th on our all time scoring list but in 16 games he has only scored 1 goal with 1 assist. Boyd isn't shy at having a pop at goal but just 1 goal from 20 shots is a poor return. Of the players out, only Samuels looks as though he might contribute a reasonable number of goals in a season and therefore it seems to me that we are over reliant on Mckay to get the goals. There is a lot of pressure on him and he gets a lot of attention from defenders, so we really do need others to step up and get their shooting boots on. We also need to be sharper in our attacks and have a bit more movement in the box to help Mckay find a bit more space. Given our injuries, we have performed pretty well defensively and in midfield. What we need now is to be more clinical in creating and taking chances up front.
  10. He scored it just 2 minutes after conceding a penalty at the other end.
  11. HT 0-0 FT. 1-0 ICT Billy Mckay Opp. McKenna Crowd 2214
  12. We can help them out with that dilemma by getting promotion ourselves.
  13. until

    The fault here must lie with Queens Park. They must have been aware there was a clash ages ago. I imagine the club are probably at least as annoyed as the fans are. Whilst the statement is very diplomatic, I am sure somewhat different language has been used in reaching the agreed kick off time.
  14. He's told the Supporters Trust that as well and that the hard copy programmes are simply not economically viable. The Trust is currently developing a draft survey about the matchday experience which we hope to discuss with the club in the near future. The aim will be to issue this as a joint venture. We hope to include a small section on matchday programs, and if there is a reasonable demand for their reintroduction, the Trust would certainly be happy to be involved in its production in order to provide the kind of content fans are looking for.
  15. The combination of defensive errors was a bit freakish, but missing Deas and Devine we can expect to be vulnerable at the back, especially with Allardice missing as well. If we are vulnerable at the back, we have to be more incisive and clinical up top, and that is where we struggle at the moment. We have only scored 4 goals in our last 6 games. We huffed and puffed tonight with good possession but very rarely threatened. Often when it looked like we might threaten, we turned back and played a safe ball which only served to allow Morton's defence to get back in position. And when we did shoot, our shooting was woeful with only 2 shots on target and their keeper never seriously tested. You don't win games by keeping possession, you win them by scoring goals.
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