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  1. DoofersDad

    Game 02 - Cowdenbeath (A) 17th July

    HT 0-2 FT 0-3 ICT Polworth Opp Sheerin Crowd 384
  2. DoofersDad

    What would you like to see at Caley Thistle?

    I think that's a bit harsh. Whether there are bigger issues or not, the fact remains that improving the match day experience is commonly held up as being an important fact in trying to maximise attendance at matches. There are a number of aspects of the match day experience which could be improved and these will be of varying importance for different people. Car parking arrangements are one thing which certainly could be improved. Just because there may be bigger issues does not mean we cannot address other issues too. As far as I am concerned, folk should be warmly encouraged to put ideas forward.
  3. DoofersDad

    Liam Polworth

    Polarising Polworth. This could end up being the longest thread of the season.
  4. DoofersDad

    Russia - The World Cup

    We often complain about refereeing at ICT games but it is a great shame that two refereeing errors changed the course of the game. Certainly there was some terrific football to admire but I can't help thinking what the result might have been had the referee not awarded the free kick and the penalty which gave the French a grossly undeserved half time lead. I suppose one can forgive the referee for the free kick when he was conned by some skilful and probably well rehearsed cheating by Greizmann, but the award of a penalty was simply farcical. The VAR system has been generally positive but there is no way that was deliberate handball and the fact that the referee took so long to make his mind up should have told the referee that it wasn't clear and obvious as required by the VAR rules. France came out and played much better in the 2nd half and scored 2 excellent goals but you can't help thinking that it might have been a very different game in the 2nd half had it been level at half time. Full marks to Croatia though who pushed to the end and played top quality football throughout. My fears for this world cup have been well and truly been put to bed. It has been really good and there have been good reports of the atmosphere and visitor experience outside of the grounds too. Putin will be a very happy bunny. There may have been a large number of goals from set pieces but there have have been some wonderful goals from open play too. It's been a good World Cup.
  5. DoofersDad

    Liam Polworth

    My wife was in Simpsons garden centre. She said there was panic when a football suddenly landed in the bedding plants.
  6. DoofersDad

    Cove Rangers Match

    A win is a win but I thought the performance was rather disappointing. The starting 11 only contained one new face (Rooney) but yet the team played as though they were just getting to know each other. We were the poorer side for the first 20 minutes but then came more into the game for the rest of the half. One decent goal and one courtesy of a defensive howler should have put us on easy street for the 2nd half but we rarely threatened. Ridgers was arguably the busier of the 2 keepers and it was worrying how often Cove got into scoring positions. A couple of great last ditch tackles and poor finishing saved us from possible embarrassment. I agree with others that we lacked the vision and bite in midfield. I don't agree with the dismissive comments of Cove. I thought they played with more fluidity and purpose than us at times and they looked more than capable of holding their own against teams in the 1st and 2nd division. Hopefully this was just some post-holiday performance and the cobwebs will be blown away in the remaining group stage matches. We need to play better than this when the league season gets under way..
  7. DoofersDad

    Cove Rangers Match

    I ‘m English and I ‘m going to the Cove game. Better chance of seeing my team win!
  8. DoofersDad

    Liam Polworth

    Spot on, bdu. He is no longer a young lad breaking through, he is 23 and I believe we only have one outfield player in the squad who is over 26. He is now one of the most experienced players in the squad and this is going to be a crucial year for him. Other players will be looking to him to show some leadership qualities and to take control of the game. This season represents a tremendous opportunity for him. Hopefully he will do well and want to stay here for the Premiership campaign next season.
  9. DoofersDad

    Cove Rangers Match

    The Circus is in town. From the announcement on the club's website it appears that the away car park should be available but it only refers to "limited" parking spaces being available. It would be helpful if the club could be more specific about this and perhaps reassure those with mobility issues that there will be sufficient accessible parking for them. I doubt that the circus just turned up unexpectedly today, so it would also have been helpful if the club could have provided this information a bit earlier. Communication, communication, communication.
  10. DoofersDad

    Game 01 - Cove Rangers (H) 14th July

    HT 1-0 FT 2-0 ICT Tremarco Opp Megginson Crowd 1449
  11. DoofersDad

    Russia - The World Cup

    I think a sober reflection of England's performance will demonstrate that it didn't quite live up to the rather belated hype. There is certainly much to be positive about with a very young and inexperienced squad playing in a rather more adventurous way than has been the case in recent years. Players like Trippier and Maguire were outstanding and there was a good understanding through the team. Whilst Croatia ended up as worthy winners, England could and probably should have been 2 or 3 up at half time. They were much the better side in the first half but a failure to be clinical in front of goal during that period will have cost them a place in the final. Their frailties at the other end were displayed when Croatia came more into the game in the 2nd half and began to show the kind of form that swept aside Messi and co in the group stages. I suspect that had England made their 1st half superiority count, France would have shown up their defensive frailties a bit more clinically on Sunday. The forthcoming Euros will perhaps give a better indication of how good this England team can become, but I think they have demonstrated enough to suggest they will be a real force in the years to come. As for Sunday's final, I think France have got that bit more quality up front and I expect them to win in normal time. It would, however, be great for the game if a country with such a small population could win the biggest competition in the world. Should be a great game.
  12. DoofersDad

    Russia - The World Cup

    F***all's coming home.
  13. DoofersDad


    I think it is inevitable that this site has become less vibrant over the last 2 or 3 years. It is a reflection of the downward fortunes of the club since the Scottish Cup win and a brief European adventure. Not only does that sap enthusiasm, it also polarises opinion about what the appropriate expectations for the club are and some folk simply don't like listening to views which are very different from their own. I had a look at P&B a while back and was surprised at just how poor it is. Following Dougal's OP I have been dipping in and out of it and it hasn't got any better. It does, however, have the advantage that it allows fans from different clubs to read and comment on each other's threads. There are also reasonable threads about wider football and other topics which allows discussion with a wider group than possible on here. It therefore has its place. But if you simply want discussion around your own club then CTO is a far superior medium in which to do that. CTO has so many advantages in terms of it's structure, functionality and quality of discussion. Maybe the mods here get things wrong from time to time, but the thing is that all people should be able voice their opinions or ask questions without being subjected to some sarcastic or abusive comment from some know it all with far more ego than respect for others. Of course there are people on here who some will find irritating in one way or another, but this is a club specific site and one of the joys of it is that it provides a platform for all. If you don't like a particular poster then settings allow you to ignore them or you can simply scroll down to the next post without reading. We are very fortunate to have such a well structured and well run site. Long may it continue!
  14. DoofersDad

    Next season expectations

    Same for me. And also for the manager to continue with a positive and attractive style of play. Where this takes us is anybody's guess. We have a small squad and regardless of how good they are and how well they gel together as a team, all of that can be turned on its head with a bad run of injuries. We have seen before how we have struggled with 4 or 5 regulars missing but also how we can go on decent runs when able to field most of the first choice 11. Our success also depends on the squads and fortunes of the other teams last year. Every year this division finds one or two teams doing better than expected and others less well. One hope (rather than an expectation) is that Aaron Doran gets back to his best. After his horrific injury he has put in a lot of really hard work to get himself back in the side but he has yet to show the same speed and sharpness that he did before. He's still young though and maybe a combination of continued recovery and experience will help him become a really effective player at this level. I think the lad deserves some success and I think the club deserve it too for the support they have given him and the faith shown to give him a new contract. Fingers crossed.
  15. DoofersDad

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    Speaking as one of the new CJT Board (and, I would emphasise these are my personal views) I see nothing at all wrong with CJT members airing their personal views in public. Indeed, I think it is good that they do if it stimulates debate. CJT's purpose is described in it's rules as "to be the vehicle through which a healthy, balanced and constructive relationship between the club and its supporters and the communities it serves is encouraged and developed". Included in the objects to achieve that purpose is the phrase " by being the democratic and representative voice of the supporters of the club". It is difficult to see how we can do that if we do not ourselves encourage and participate in debate. The concept of being the representative voice of the supporters is important. Whatever our own views may be, our rules require us to be representative. That means listening to what the supporters think and in some cases this may mean that CJT as a Board take a formal position different from that of the majority of the Board members. Board members are democratically accountable to the membership for their actions But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The new Board has only had one meeting and the most important business there was to agree to invite the 3 people whose submissions were slightly late, on to the Board. Two accepted and one declined. So two of the Board members have not yet had the opportunity to attend a meeting and some of us are still to meet each other. Despite that, Don has provided an update following the first meeting which states clearly that work has already started on getting the 2 key issues of communication channels and membership properly functional. Work is also going on to ensure the procedural side of things is consistent with good practice and above all, the law. Only when these bits of infrastructure are properly in place can the CJT Board be in a position to legitimately represent the supporters. And remember, this includes being the custodians of the precious 10+ % voting right at club level. It is therefore very clearly in the interests of supporters who want the supporters' voice heard at club level, to support the CJT Board in getting the infrastructure properly in place and in encouraging debate. As a new Board member who had only met one of the the other Board members before, I am really quite excited by the potential for this new Board to develop a Supporters Society with an effective and representative voice within the club. But it can't be done overnight. To use the vehicle analogy in CJT's purpose, I'm afraid we have inherited a vehicle that has been in a bit of a car crash. Work is currently going on behind the scenes to do the major repairs necessary to get it through the MOT (AGM in December). If we can achieve that, then we'll be back on the road. Personally, I see the main role of the current CJT Board as getting the Supporters' Society (CJT) up and running again. Where we go from there will be up to those elected at the AGM.