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  1. HT. 0-2 FT 1-3 ICT. Doran Opp. Nisbet Crowd. 4119
  2. Yup. Quiche lorraine and spotted dick
  3. I can understand there are reasons why the club may not be too interested in staying in this competition, I mean, how much money would we lose if we had an away tie at Waterford? But there would be money to be made from a final, and with so many of the more fancied Scottish teams having bitten the dust already, we might well be favourites for this now. It is maybe not the greatest of competitions but it would be rather good to win a trophy in our anniversary year. Saturday demonstrated we have good depth in the squad so there is no reason we can't go all the way in this competition whilst also giving some valuable game time to some of the squad.
  4. I don't see why a loan back clause would stop a sell on clause also being there. I would be very, very, very surprised if there was not a decent sell on clause.
  5. It may appear to be grossly unfair, but the reality is that the disparity in rewards is a consequence of market forces. Whilst I have tremendous admiration for athletes like your daughter and other sportsmen and women who work so hard to be the best they can in their chosen sport, few people have any desire to watch even top level athletes run round a track 25 times on a regular basis. However, people are happy to pay to watch football week in and week out even when the players are far from being the elite. For instance, I was at the game on Saturday and was well entertained. In fact, had I paid twice the price I would still have felt I had got good value for money (although that is certainly not always the case!) It comes down to personal choice. If some people wish to pursue a sporting course which they know is not well remunerated, they they can hardly complain when they don't get well remunerated. But then, that is not the reason people pursue these sports. When you know your chosen sport does not offer significant financial rewards then what you are doing is, effectively,a hobby. Do footballers get paid too much? Some are undoubtedly getting far more than their talents warrant but then that is the same in all aspects of the entertainment business and other walks of life. But that is market forces for you. The key to making money is not so much the level of skill required to do what you do, but whether people want to pay you money to do it.
  6. The Supporters Trust has taken this matter up with the club. CEO Scot Gardiner was very aware of and concerned about the problems with the Morton "fans" and explained the very specific circumstances of this incident. Because of the game being on TV with an early KO time as a result, and given the distance Morton fans would have to travel, Morton supporter groups told Morton that they were asking fans to adopt a 100% boycott of the game. The club gave its support to that stance and informed ICT of the situation. Opening the South stand involves significant extra expense with a separate servery, extra cleaning etc., and the decision was taken not to open the South Stand. However, recognising that despite the boycott, some people may still come to the game, the club set aside the South end of the main stand to accommodate any who turned up. In the event, more than expected turned up and unfortunately, amongst these was a group of around 20 whose behaviour was very poor. Scot recognises that the situation must not be allowed to happen again and therefore they have taken the decision that, despite the financial implications, the South Stand will be open for away fans for all future games this season. This includes the game on Saturday when it is anticipated that the crowd will be even smaller than last Friday. As Fraz rightly says above, this is the sort of issue you might expect an SLO to deal with, but the club does not currently have an SLO. Scot has agreed that it would be useful to have a separate meeting with the Trust to discuss what elements of the SLO role, as defined by the SFA and Supporters Direct Scotland, need to be carried out and to identify how that might be done within the financial constraints faced by the club. We'll update you with progress on that in due course.
  7. Oops! Thanks for correcting me. But it is a national cup and the day we won it was a great day out and a great morale booster to the team. A bit of extra cash too. It is a competition we should be trying seriously to win.
  8. I agree that getting club specific feedback would be useful. Clearly there will be issues where fans of different clubs will have widely differing views because of the widely differing ways in which those issues are addressed at clubs. I haven't seen any such data but I can find out if it is available. Given figures from previous surveys which detailed the number of responses from the top 10 responding clubs, I doubt that more than 50 ICT fans will have responded and therefore any results are not going to be particularly representative. It just goes to emphasis the point that the more people who complete these surveys, the more valuable the data becomes and the more likely that it will result in action. Thanks for filling it in yourself by the way. That makes at least two of us!
  9. Robbo was saying after the Morton game that he will be making a raft of changes for Saturday's game with Harper, MacGregor, Trafford, Welsh and Storey all starting. Maybe a bit of a risk as the league cup is a potential money spinner and morale booster. However, we do have a bit of depth and those coming into the side will be anxious to prove themselves.
  10. You say "It's almost as if it's designed to make fans feel like they are being listened to when they aren't really." I don't think that is fair as it is run by Supporters Direct Scotland which exists to try to narrow the divide between those who run the clubs. Supporters Direct Scotland at national level and Supporters Trusts at local level need to know what fans feel is important to them if they are to be able to represent those views to the football organisations and the clubs. The football organisations and the clubs also (mostly) want to know because at the end of the day, it is the fans that pay their wages. Note that following a previous presentation, the clubs specifically asked Alan Russell, CE of SDS to give a presentation about the results of last year's survey. If the clubs don't provide what the fans want then the fans will stay away. It is therefore clearly in their interest to listen to the fans views. Previous surveys have identified that value for money is the thing that matters most to fans and a number of clubs have taken note of that in their pricing structures. Last year's results showed for the first time more supporters felt the prices were fair rather than poor value. Fans in some clubs may feel they are becoming more disconnected from the clubs but the opposite is true in many. The appointment of Supporter Liaison Officers and the trend towards fan ownership of clubs is having a huge impact on the engagement of supporters in some clubs. If fans want the clubs to connect with them, then the more fans who complete surveys like this, the more connection there will be.
  11. The more people who fill in these surveys, the more likely it is that things will change. If people can't be bothered to feedback their views when invited to, then the powers that be will assume folk are happy with the way things are. For instance, I have taken the opportunity to voice my view that we need to have safe standing areas to help boost the atmosphere at games. If everyone who held that view filled in the survey and made that point then maybe we would get somewhere with it.
  12. Supporters Direct Scotland have launched their annual survey of football fans in Scotland. It can be accessed from the link below which also gives a bit more information about the survey and a link to access the results from last year's survey. The survey closes on 15th September- so don't put it off for another day. This is the chance to get your voice heard.
  13. Kelty Hearts seem to have ambitions and have recruited players whose level is above Lowland league standard. I'm sure Nathan would do well in League 2 and probably League 1. Note also that Calder scored for Bradford PA In fact plenty of former ICT players scoring at the weekend. Special mention for Jonny Hayes getting one for Celtic against the Rangers. Great to see him scoring at that level after the bad injury he had.
  14. I was a bit disappointed with the team selection but I am happy to acknowledge that Robbo knows more about team selection than I do. It was a terrific team performance. Morton have started the season well and were the league's top scorers before tonight's game, but they were never given time on the ball. We won a lot of ball from good solid tackling and then used it more quickly than is often the case. Everyone seemed to want the ball and there was decent movement off the ball. Great to see a few balls played inside the defenders for a change. We've been lacking that even though the strikers have been looking for those balls to be played. I thought we more than edged the first half and were pretty decent. Rooney and Walsh were really impressive down the right whilst Doran threatened several times when cutting in from the left. But we scored an excellent 2nd goal early in the second half and kicked on from there as the players' confidence grew. It's been a long time since I enjoyed a game as much as that. Well done to Robbo and the lads!