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  1. DoofersDad

    Game 19 - Queen of the South (A) 17 Nov

    HT 0-1 FT 2-2 ICT Walsh QOS Dobbie Crowd 1312
  2. DoofersDad

    All Clubs Attendance records

    They might have had someone from Dingwall doing the sums.
  3. DoofersDad

    All Clubs Attendance records

    That win brings the run up to 24 and brings up to =16th with Livingstone on the list of longest unbeaten runs. Another 3 games without defeat and we would rise sharply to joint 10th. Airdrieonians record is 25, Falkirk and Raith 26, Partick, Morton and Stirling Albion are all on 27. Unfortunately we have some way to overtake County who are in 3rd place with their run of 37 games without defeat. That is just one behind Rangers (remember them?). Celtic are way ahead with a run of 62 undefeated. Surprisingly, Dundee Utd's best unbeaten run ever is just 16 games and puts then 36th on the list. These and loads of other interesting bits and pieces from I have no idea how reliable the data is but what I have seen looks pretty sound as far as I can tell.
  4. DoofersDad

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    A great result after what must have been a very difficult week for the players. Not only have we finally put the sequence of draws behind us , we have ended a winless run and extended our record unbeaten run. A rearranged defence kept a clean sheet and according to the BBC stats we had 15 attempts on goals so must have been creating a fair bit. All of this has got to give the team confidence going forward. The smallness of our squad was illustrated by the fact there were only 5 on the bench today, however, the U18's terrific result last night and throughout this season shows there are young lads pushing for a place in the 1st team squad. There's a lot to be optimistic about.
  5. DoofersDad

    Back 4 Partick tomorrow

    Partick have the worst defensive record in the league and confidence must be low having lost their last 6 league matches. Whilst the manager may have decisions to make at the back, the key tomorrow must be to dominate in midfield and put them under pressure. Maybe a back 3?
  6. DoofersDad

    Game 18 - Partick Thistle (A) 10 Nov

    HT 1-2 FT 2-2 ICT Walsh Opp Spittal Crowd 2811
  7. DoofersDad

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Actually you are not disagreeing with me on that. I too find it very difficult to see how he can continue here but the club need to wait upon the sentencing before making that decision. This discussion has been based solely on the Prosecution case which is clearly compelling. Another fact which will act against Calder is that the report talks about identification not being a problem. That suggests Calder was arrested sometime after the event. Had Calder felt any remorse after this appalling assault then the sensible thing would have been to immediately turn himself into the police. What the report does not address and what seems bizarre is that if the evidence of CCTV footage is as clear as reported, why did Calder not plead guilty? He and his lawyers will have seen it. There is either some significant bit of information which has not been reported or, in the cold light of day Calder has made an incredibly stupid decision. If the evidence is as straightforward as folk here are assuming then his defence lawyers will have advised him to plead guilty, If that is the case then his behaviour is even more reprehensible that we already know it to be. So whilst the information we do know makes prospects look very grim for Calder, the club cannot react in a knee jerk fashion. They need to base their decision on the full facts of the case, (some of which may not be known until the detail of the background checks is known) and take legal advice. It may be there will no legal grounds for dismissing him but if that is the case, the best thing all round may well be for Calder to agree to a termination of contract by mutual consent. What we don't want to happen is for Calder to successfully sue the club for wrongful dismissal.
  8. DoofersDad

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    If you read my posts, you will see that I have repeatedly stated that Calder's actions are inexcusable so please don't accuse me of trying to make excuses for him. Calder will be sentenced by the courts and will have to take his punishment whatever it is. After that, it is surely in the interests of all concerned to minimise the risk of Calder re-offending. That requires trying to have an understanding of why he behaved the way he did and supporting him (as a society) in his rehabilitation. Trying to understand the reasons for crime is not to excuse those crimes but is a vital step in trying to prevent future crime. Failing to support the rehabilitation of people with criminal records only leads to more crime and the distress it causes. That's why it is important to raise issues to try to help an understanding of why Calder behaved the way he did.
  9. DoofersDad

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Absolutely nobody is giving any hint that Calder's behaviour is acceptable. Absolutely nobody is saying that footballers should be treated more favourably than anyone else or that better players should be treated more favourably still. What some people are clearly saying is that footballers should be treated far less favourably than the rest of us. Your prejudice on this matter is clear when you say the attack was without provocation. How do you know that? Were you in the courtroom and did you hear Calder admit there was no provocation? Of course, provocation does not excuse his actions, but it may explain why he flipped. You talk of community values, but one important value in a community is to support the rehabilitation of offenders. The courts will punish him as part of the due legal process but you seem to feel he should also be punished by the club and the community and thrown out of his chosen career. He needs to accept the punishment of the courts, but what purpose does it then serve to punish him for the rest of his life? I would hope and expect that Calder is utterly ashamed at what he has done and is now full of remorse. The responsibility of a caring society is to support people who have offended and try and ensure they don't offend again. People who are given a second chance are often the very ones who then become very active themselves in supporting community projects, often atoning for their own wrongs many times over. That is why I don't think the club should make any rushed decisions here. I don't think it is in anybody's interests to kick Calder out Professional Football. It may well be that it is best if he plies his trade elsewhere, but that is a decision for the club in the light of all the facts.
  10. DoofersDad

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    There is absolutely nothing in what I wrote which in any way condones what Calder did. What we shouldn't do, however, is rush to judgements when we don't know all the facts. From the report, the facts are clearly not as clear cut as your summary would suggest. In fact, the report paints a rather bizarre picture and there are clearly gaps which may have a bearing and which presumably will be known to the courts and will be taken into account in sentencing. Yes he knew the victim. He dropped her off at her car. She then, for some reason or by accident drove her car into his. The report doesn't say whether this incident happened at the point where he dropped her off or at some later point after they had both driven off. The report says that following the collision they agreed to drive to a pub car park. That means that immediately after the collision they must have had a discussion. One can imagine he was pretty annoyed but there is no suggestion that he was in any way threatening to her at that point, indeed, had he been, then why would she have agreed to drive to a pub car park? There is no information in the report which says whether they got out of the cars at the point of collision - perhaps they spoke on their mobiles and agreed to drive to the car park and look at any damage there. At the car park Calder punched her through her car window. When she got out of the car he is reported to have hit her with a shoe / thrown a shoe at her. What shoe? Did he stop to take off one of his own shoes to hit her? Or perhaps when he went to talk to her, she tried to hit him with her shoe? After all, many women will remove high heeled shoes for driving. He claimed he was acting in self defence so presumably he told the court what he was claiming he was defending himself from, but that is not reported. Did she try to hit him with the shoe which perhaps he took off her and later threw back at her. Did she say something to provoke him? What caused him to lose the plot? We simply don't know the answers to any of these questions. Let's be clear. None of the unknowns I have outlined can possibly excuse Calder's behaviour, but they may help explain it and may influence the sentencing decision. I would expect the club will have far more detail about the incident than we will ever know. I hope the club will make a statement tomorrow but I would also expect them not to rush to making any decisions other than a suspension until after sentencing.
  11. DoofersDad

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    I’m absolutely gutted by this news. He’s been terrific this season but a moment of utter madness has put his career in real jeopardy. It’s a huge blow to the club and to him personally, but one can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been for the young woman being attacked like that by an out of control young man. Personally I don’t think one moment of madness should end a promising career. This is a very serious incident but other players have done worse and resumed careers. I would agree that suspension until sentencing is an appropriate immediate course of action and then the club will need to decide what to do in the light of the sentencing decision.
  12. DoofersDad


    County took the lead against the run of play and immediately the young lads started a Caley chant. Two minutes later Oakley stuck the ball in the back of the net. That's what proper support does for you.
  13. DoofersDad

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Are you worried you might drop a clanger?
  14. DoofersDad

    Consecutive draws

    There's another thread on draws. Below is what I wrote on that. "Someone asked on another thread whether 5 draws in a row was some kind of record. Now we have 6 in a row so I did a quick Google search. It appears that the record for consecutive draws in the history of the Scottish league is 7. A record held by St Johnstone. A draw against County would see us equal that and, of course, break our own record for games unbeaten. On a less positive note, 6 draws means we are also 6 games without a win. Our record winless streak is just 12 games so that is one record we don't want to get any closer to. In the English league, the record is 8 consecutive draws. Several teams share that record, most recently Swansea in the Championship in 2008/9. I don't know about anyone else, but I thought the record might be a bit more than that." So yesterday I believe we equalled the all time Scottish record for consecutive draws as well as beating our unbeaten run record which now stands at 23.
  15. DoofersDad

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    What do you mean by “such a team”? It was a derby game and you can expect no quarter to be given. I didn’t see anything particularly underhand in the way County played. I have seen several teams this season at the TCS which have bent the rules a lot more than County. I thought it was a thoroughly enjoyable game played with passion but in a generally good spirit. A great advert for Championship football and a good game for some good natured banter with opposition fans after the game.