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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55708298 You can read a report on Lennon's rant here. He's totally out of order. Not only does he seem to not understand the seriousness of the situation, but he also seems to be directly contradicting his Chairman. Football has been given a chance to continue and this has required all clubs to strictly adhere to the protocols. Many clubs have gone to great lengths to keep their staff and the wider public safe, but it is folk like Lennon who's failure to properly understand what's involved is going to lead to a further shut down of football i
  2. Jason Leitch has been asked about this and the explanation he gives is that assessments of risk consider the total exposure and not whether one aspect of one sport is greater than that in another. It is then about avoiding additional aspects of risk which are not essential to the game as these would add to the total exposure to risk. We also need to understand the significance of the new variant being around 50% more infectious. The maths of this are really quite scary. If the previously dominant variant had an R number of 1, that means that on average, each person catching Covid wo
  3. With today being the day of Ian Broadfoot's funeral, it is perhaps a day for a bit of reflection. Thinking of Ian today, I picked up my copy of 'Milestones and Memories" and looked back on some of the great days and wonderful people associated with the club. I also had Robbo in mind and I don't think I had really registered before that it is now over 18 years since he first came to the club as Manager. To be here now as Manager so long after first coming here is a testament to what he means to the club and how much of a fit he is for the club. Robbo may not have been here when the club enj
  4. I seem to remember the offer being more specifically related to Elgin and perhaps other teams in their League Cup group because the teams from lower divisions were required to have players tested if they were playing a premier division side. I can't see us using County's machine unless we pay a proper commercial rent. Regular testing is an expensive business.
  5. The First Minister said today that any actions against Celtic were a matter for the football authorities. It is appropriate that the football authorities should take action here, but why is it solely down to them? In general, people are exempt from staying at home if they are unable to work from home and the exemptions specifically stipulate that training for professional sport is included in that. But the new law also states that travel should be as close to home as possible. Surely nobody believes that the trip to Dubai was essential and therefore they should be facing prosecution.
  6. Watched the 2nd half and extra time. Bonnyrigg played very well and might even have snatched an equaliser with the last kick of the game. There are decent players at the lower levels and they are increasingly well organised. And, of course, the players will always give their all when there is a chance of being part of a cup upset. I am sure it will be drilled into the players that they will need to be on their game.
  7. HT. 0-1 FT 0-4 ICT. Sutherland Opp MacAskill Corners 11 Fouls 26
  8. I'm really shocked and saddened at this tragic news. On behalf of colleagues on the Supporters Trust Board, I can say it was both a pleasure and a privilege to work with Ian in helping to get his wonderful book to print. Ian had put so much time and effort into the book and I know he was hugely grateful to everyone who kindly contributed to the fundraising campaign. He was also very touched by the numerous messages he had received from folk congratulating him on the finished product. "Milestones and Memories" is a worthy memorial to a man who has made such an important contribution to the
  9. HT. 1-0 FT. 2-2 ICT. Storey Opp. E Murray Yellow. Brad McKay
  10. I tend to share your views on Yogi. His success here was based on the squad he inherited at a time when a number of the bigger clubs were struggling from having hit the self destruct button. When it came to replacing players that had been part of the success, he was found wanting despite having a bigger budget at his disposal. Having said that, I think the situation at County may well play to Yogi's strengths. Whatever his faults may be, he is a very good coach. He brought a technical discipline into our defence and the team kept shape well under him. At times it was excruciatingly
  11. Even stronger indications it is Yogi. https://www.rosscountyfootballclub.co.uk/news-items/john-hughes-appointed-manager
  12. It's not just the sacking so close to Christmas, but he was sacked before he even had a chance to speak to the press about the game. For somebody who has given many years to the club, that seems a simply shocking way to treat him. He deserves great credit for the dignified way he spoke to the media yesterday. Interestingly, nearly a day after his dismissal and there is still no statement on the club website other than a rather strange brief bit on Facebook and Twitter which says "Ross County FC can confirm that Stuart Kettlewell has been relieved of his duties as Manager. Stuart was
  13. A very well deserved honour. Many congratulations, Ian!
  14. With Christmas just around the corner what could be better for a late present or a brilliant read for yourself than a copy of "Milestones and Memories"! There has been terrific feedback and and it really does bring back so many great memories of the club's first 25 years. Reading through it will also reveal many facts and anecdotes that even the most ardent Caley Thistle fan will have been unaware of. And with over 500 pictures there's a good chance you might even spot yourself in the book! Why buy something less interesting from Amazon and add to their already vast wealth, when, w
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