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  1. I believe the club were expecting to receive the tickets today.
  2. You can watch some extraordinary games on TV, but the games that really stick in the memory are the games you actually attend.
  3. I'm afraid that I don't know what the Board's rules would say about your first question. My guess would be that there are no rules to specifically prevent the Board from co-opting back any member that had been voted off, but if they did so, they would have a fair bit of explaining to do. On the second question, the answer is no. There are 4 resolutions being put forward by the Board. We will have to see what transpires at the meeting, however, the role of the Supporters Trust is to work with the Club Board and not to takes sides in any Boardroom politics. We may vote to support non contentious motions or simply abstain. There would need to be a clear and compelling reason for the Trust to vote against any resolution put forward by the Club Board.
  4. No. I am sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that members of the Club Board are appointed by the existing Board members and are only subject to any democratic process when their term of office is up and they need to seek the approval of shareholders to continue as Directors. This year, both the Chairman, Graham Rae and Gordon Fyfe are seeking the support of shareholders to continue as Directors, and there are resolutions on the agenda to that effect.
  5. Communication from the club seems to be very hit and miss. The Club's AGM takes place on Monday 18th March but there is no notice of it on the Club's website. The only reference I can find to it is right at the bottom of a news item titled ""Culture change is key to positive future for ICT", which now appears on page 2 of the latest news items. It appears the Club is issuing notice of the meeting to shareholders by email this year (presumably to save money) but neither I nor my son have received the relevant email. I am in contact with the club about this and have in any case been forwarded a copy from a colleague on the Supporters Trust Board.. But I do have a concern that there may be shareholders who are unaware of the forthcoming meeting either because they, like me, have not received the email, or because the email has gone into an unmonitored junk folder. This is not just poor communication, it runs the risk of the legitimacy of the AGM being called into question. As a Supporters Trust Board member, I would be interested in hearing if any other shareholders have not received notification, regardless of whether or not they have any intention of attending the meeting. It may be be that our failure to receive the email is an isolated glitch but it would be important to know if it was not. Please either let me know via this thread or PM me if you prefer.
  6. The problem is that options are so limited and Hampden is not a great venue. From an Old Firm perspective it is far from ideal as it only has a capacity much the same as their own home grounds. Other football stadia in the country can only hold just over 20,000 at most. There is no ground with a capacity between just over 20,000 and 50,000. As things stand The big two always play semis in their own city. I would like to see Murrayfield brought into use when they are playing or, better still, pack them off down the road to Manchester to an even bigger ground so they can understand what travelling to a big game entails. Can’t see the good folk of Manchester agreeing to that though!
  7. HT 1-1 FT 1-2 ICT Doran Opp Dobbie Crowd 1178
  8. According to public records at companies house it is not her husband's company as he only has 25% of the shares. It's her company as she is listed as a 75% shareholder and the sole Director!
  9. Personally I feel Hampden should be reserved for the Final. Having said that, there is a need to be clear about where the semis are going to be played ASAP. One way to achieve that would be to play the quarter finals to a finish at the first time of asking. That way a venue appropriate to the geographical location of the teams and the anticipated crowd could be quickly decided. That would also help in reducing fixture congestion and in keeping costs down for fans.
  10. The people who should be punished are those who commit the offences. At the games where these offences are most obvious there are dozens of police officers and dozens of stewards. If they did their job properly then large numbers of the perpetrators could easily be identified and prosecuted. That would soon have a major impact. All it needs is the political will. Clubs cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of individual “fans” but it is reasonable to expect them to help the police to identify perpetrators and to ban them. If they fail to do their bit then sanctions should be imposed but not such as to hurt the players (e.g. points deductions) or the majority of decent fans (stand closures).
  11. HT. 0-0 FT. 2-1 ICT. Brad Mackay Opp. Pawlett Crowd. 4611
  12. I would see role of the Trust being to work with the club on behalf of supporters to develop a scheme and negotiate on how any financial input from supporters translated into influence in the club. I would also rather see any crowdfunding contributions going direct to the club.
  13. Ross, a question. Is your suggestion just flying a personal thought or is this something the Board has tasked you to raise here? I agree with Caleyboy that the Supporters Trust would be the channel for fan involvement with the idea. Personally it is an idea which I think might be worth exploring but I cannot speak for the Trust Board as it is not something we have discussed as yet.
  14. HT. 0 - 0 FT. 0 - 0 ICT. Walsh Opp Millar crowd. 2047
  15. HT. 0-2 FT. 1-3 ICT. Walsh Opp. Mckay crowd. 3281