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  1. HT 2-0 FT. 3-1 ICT. Walsh Opp Ginnelly
  2. Hmm. I think I'd rather have played Covid Rangers and lost 3-0.
  3. I wasn't able to see any of the Peterhead match but was greatly encouraged by what others had said. Such a disappointment then to witness this lacklustre performance. When we got the well worked equaliser I thought we would go on to win comfortably. It should have given us a boost but we seemed to drop off the pace, and when we did create chances our efforts on goal were woeful. Fair play to Stirling though. They looked better than some Championship sides I've seen and they moved forward quickly with good movement from players who at times seemed quicker and fitter than us. They looked a
  4. A timely reminder that there is a lot of Covid circulating locally. Everyone at the club has done a tremendous job in trying to keep the club Covid free, so hopefully everyone going to the Stirling game will follow the rules and help to keep it that way.
  5. Definitely need a few more to sign up for this. Only 9 were in it last season and Doofer's Mum came 2nd. That can't be allowed to happen again! Seriously though it is a great little challenge which only takes a couple of minutes to do before each round of league games. It's a bit like betting but without losing any money.
  6. We signed goalkeeper Ryan Esson from Hereford in 2008. He's still with us as a coach. I doubt many at Hereford remember him though. He only played one game for the Bulls at the end of the season before being released.
  7. Judging from Friday's performance, the person he is most likely to have passed it onto is Mason Mount! But terribly bad luck for the young man who must have been relishing the prospect of playing against Modric and co. Let's hope nobody else tests positive and Scotland can make it through to the last 16.
  8. This announcement just one day after they appoint a new manager! Is this Uncle Roy's way of telling Mackay who makes the decisions about playing personnel?
  9. Terrific achievement from the players and coaches. And what an inspiration for the youngsters coming on behind. It has been such a challenging season in so many ways, so this is wonderfully positive news with which to end the season.
  10. Managed to see most of the 2nd half and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some good play from both sides. One or 2 glitches with the stream but overall a better experience that we've had all season and with the potential for this to be an excellent stream.
  11. If true, that's probably a ploy for the Rangers to give him a substantial pay rise. I've heard it said that their success this year is due more to Beale than Gerrard, and they won't want to lose him. Having said that, he is somebody who may well want to have a managerial career. Taking a head coach role at an ambitious smaller club with the support of someone like Robbo may well be the perfect stepping stone for him, even it it means taking a pay cut. I imagine many of the more established managers would not want to work under a sporting director so I would expect a younger, relatively unkn
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