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  1. Robert mentioned earlier that there had been a virus affecting the players this week. I wonder if this had any effect on what sounds like a very poor 2nd half performance. What we've seen this season is that any of the teams are quite capable of beating any other team on their day. If a few of the players have been affected by a virus then that can make a huge difference. Chance for a bit of a change to the team in the cup game against Clyde next week and then back to firing on all cylinders for the home game against Dundee and away at Alloa. We are sill in a play off place and 6 points from those 2 games would make our position seem a whole lot healthier again come the end of the month. Keep the faith!
  2. HT. 0-1 FT. 1-3 ICT. Walsh Opp. Donnelly Crowd 965
  3. That was disappointing in several respects. If we are to have a chance of winning this league then we needed to at least not lose that game. Utd have been on a run of poor form of late and we should have been more positive and taken the game to them. Instead, they clearly had far more hunger and we let them come on to us and dominate us in every aspect of the game. Utd didn't even need to work too hard for their goals as we helped them out with all 3 - our central defenders went AWOL for the first, we gifted possession for the 2nd and gave away the most stupid of penalties for the 3rd. We seemed to be lacking leadership on the park and showed a lack of attacking ideas beyond the long hoof until Walsh came on. It was disappointing if not bewildering to see Todorov not starting. He played the full 90 minutes on Tuesday and played pretty well. He seemed to offer a good bit more than White does and scored a good goal too. To be fair, White wasn't too bad yesterday but lacked support. Maybe Walsh is not match fit yet but it is clear that he provides our best options going forward. As soon as he is back in the starting line up, the better. I don't know if young Machado is injured, but from the little I've seen of him it seems abundantly clear that he offers so much more than Storey does. The less said about Storey's 30 minutes on the pitch yesterday the better. MOTM was Trafford who gave his all and who made several good tackles and interceptions. Carson had a good game too but perhaps not quite as effective as he was against Queens. Ridgers was solid in goal but there's really not a lot else positive to say. If we are to retain any realistic thoughts of the title, we just have to get a win against an Arbroath side who are doing very well. If we are not going to seriously challenge for the title, we at least need to aim to be comfortable in a play-off spot.
  4. HT. 0-1 FT 1-2 ICT. Todorov Opp. Shankland Crowd. 2609
  5. Well that's Levein finally lost the manager's job at Hearts. Hands off Robbo! He's not Budgeing.
  6. A rare away day for me! Great to get the 3 points but a generally scrappy game. Both sides had periods of pressure but the difference was that we took our chances and Queens didn’t. They really need to find a decent striker- that Dobbie’s sh*te.
  7. HT. 1-1 FT. 2-2 ICT. Todorov Opp. Dobbie Crowd. 1111
  8. The problem with large events in Inverness is that there is a limited choice of venue. If you want to book an event at the Drumossie for a Friday or Saturday night then the booking needs to be made a year or so in advance and certainly before the fixture list is out. It is pot luck whether the date coincides with a home fixture or not. Unfortunately on this occasion, not only was it an away fixture but a more distant one. The issue for me, therefore, is whether the event should be on a Saturday night at all. For me personally, I think the Hall of Fame event shouldn't be seen as a fund-raising event. If it makes a profit, then great, but it should be about players past and present and the fans who watch the team week in and week out. It should be about celebrating achievements of the past and making connections between the fans and the current players. It should be priced to make it accessible for fans who simply can't afford to attend events like Saturday's event at the Drumossie. There is a sponsors' night coming up on Thursday 14th November and I see no reason why future Hall of Fame events shouldn't be on a weekday too. Of course, we all know that the club is short of money and therefore fundraising events are necessary. If there are some folk attending such events who would need directions to the ground were they ever to go to a game, then that's fine by me as long as they are paying a good sum for their ticket, buying raffle tickets etc. Hopefully the experience will encourage them to get more involved with the club one way and another. Maybe with the 25th Anniversary coinciding with significant financial concerns and personnel changes at the club, there has been an over-emphasis on appealing to those with deeper pockets. Whilst it is great if those with deep pockets can help the club out in some way, it is vital that the club does not lose sight of the fact that the long term future of the club depends on the numbers of fans coming through the turnstiles. If the fans feel taken for granted and alienated and stop coming as a result, then all the fundraising will count for nothing.
  9. HT. 0-2 FT. 1-3 ICT. White Opp McAlister Crowd 1681
  10. Very frustrating not to have won that. After conceding a well worked early goal it was clear that we would need to be patient to break down a well organised team defending in numbers. There was certainly no lack of effort throughout the team but we lacked the inventiveness and penetration to bother the Alloa keeper unduly. The pressure eventually told and we got a stunning equaliser from Captain Carl. It seemed strange that the left back was taking corners on the right, but when the ball came back to him he lost no time in smashing the ball across the keeper and into the top left corner - a stunning strike! White then put us in front late on and that should have been us sitting at the top of the table. But no. Rather than focussing on keeping possession we pressed for a third. The result was that we lost possession and McCart was put under a bit of pressure, but he should have done better than conceding a throw. The defence went to sleep for the long throw and Trouten had an easy task of picking his spot. Robbo will be raging and the dropped 2 points might well be crucial later on in the season. Good to see Keatings back and he was unlucky when his excellent late free kick came back off the bar. Both he and Carson introduced greater positivity into the play when they came on and if fit enough I would expect both to start against Morton next week.
  11. HT. 1-0 FT. 3-0 ICT. White Opp. Cawley Crowd. 1891
  12. With the Dundee home game rearranged for the following Saturday (23rd)
  13. They also knocked out Queen of the South. We underestimate them at our peril.
  14. Not the greatest performance, but job done. We rode our luck a bit. Dominated possession but never created too much. When we did create we were wasteful in front of goal and took the lead thanks to major defensive blunder which Curry did well to take full advantage of. Good to see Curry and Machado score their first goals for the club. MacGregor was generally pretty lively but should have opened the scoring on a couple of occasions in the first half, He was unlucky in the second half when a good low shot was very well saved by the Alloa keeper. He's a good prospect but needs to get a goal or two to settle the nerves. Biggest surprise of the day was a decent performance from John McKendrick. Probably an easy game to referee but he kept the game flowing. Did well not to book Carson for a rash challenge and his lengthy warning was as much a message to the rest of the players as it was to Carson. Another home draw in the cup and the same result next week will do nicely.