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  1. I'm not optimistic. There are several European countries which have eased lockdown measures to some extent and are now seeing a worrying rise in the number of cases. If lockdown measures are eased too much, it is clear to see what is going to happen. This virus is not going away any time soon. The Scottish government have taken a cautious approach and unless there is a radical change of direction, large scale gatherings are not going to be permitted for some time. When things do open up a bit more I expect that it will be with reduced capacities.
  2. I suppose Brora v Yeovil might set a record for the longest trip for a competitive game in the UK. Unless you make it to the final then this competition is a loss maker. Personally I rather like it but I can't see the clubs showing any enthusiasm for this.
  3. So having gigs at the stadium is nothing new! That was some line up though. Atomic Rooster originally had Carl Palmer in their line up on drums but he left to be part of the trio of Emerson Lake and Palmer. Don't know if that would have been before or after coming to Inverness but he was a class act.
  4. I think it looks great. It matches my complexion. We've got a cracking couple of kits for next season but unfortunately rather fewer games for them them to be seen.
  5. I see Jake Mulraney was playing for Atlanta Utd tonight in the US Major Soccer League. He managed to get sent off in the 26th minute after a second yellow card!
  6. Agreed. It seems that if all the clubs who have at some stage said that this was the sensible option had actually voted for it, everyone would now either be happy or at least not feeling too hard done by. Not forgetting Brora and Kelty who have been utterly shafted with no say at all over the matter.
  7. Like you, I don't pretend to understand the ins and outs of legal processes, but it seemed to me that Lord Clark recognised that Hearts and Partick have been shabbily treated, yet felt he had no option but to rule that they were bypassing due process and the issue must go to arbitration. Had they done so, then presumably part of the preliminary process would have been to ask the SFA to request the various documents and records to be shared. Their argument would be that without such sharing, it would be impossible for the arbitration panel to determine whether the SPFL's actions had been appropriate or not. If the SFA refused to ask the SPFL for the documents or the SPFL refused to disclose them, then going to the Courts would be fair enough because they would have evidence that the arbitration process would not give them a fair hearing. I am not aware of any evidence to suggest that if due process had been followed, the relevant documents would not have been released. Nor can I recall seeing a statement from either of the clubs saying why they were by-passing the arbitration process. But having fallen out with the SPFL it does seem rather careless to then fall foul of the SFA as well. I'm not sure the SFA bringing a notice of complaint before the arbitration is dangerous. From their perspective, two clubs have acted in breech of the articles of association and therefore they are required under their rules to issue a notice of complaint. I suspect that SFA rules require issues to be dealt with within a specified timeframe, but waiting until the arbitration process was over might have left them open to accusations that the result of the arbitration influenced the decision to issue a notice of complaint. At least this way it is a straightforward case of the clubs having broken the rules and being subject to a disciplinary process as a result. Sure, as Kingsmills suggests there may well be a jobsworth mentality within the SFA, but if Hearts and Partick had followed the appropriate route in the first place, there would have been no question of a notice of complaint.
  8. Is it idiotic to expect that rules are complied with? Hearts and Partick clearly have good reason to feel aggrieved with the SPFL and I have huge sympathy with their plight, but the SFA Rules of Association make it pretty clear that their arbitration process is the appropriate course of action in such cases. The Court of Session made it clear to Hearts and Partick that that was the case. We now have the situation that with the Premiership season due to start in just over 2 weeks time we have yet to start an arbitration process which should have happened a few weeks ago and which could potentially reinstate Hearts into the Premiership. The potential ramifications of that are obvious. Had Hearts and Partick gone to arbitration in the first place, then we could have had a definitive position by now. My advice to Hearts and Partick is to accept whatever the disciplinary process throws up and get yourselves new lawyers.
  9. Didn't see that coming! Neilson obviously likes the Championship.
  10. Absolutely agree with that. This is why the 14:10:10:10 model as temporary measure would have been the sensible option from the word go. Apart from ensuring no major disadvantage to any of the member clubs, it could have given breathing space to agree a more radical review of the way Scottish Football is structured. Hearts and Partick are right to feel aggrieved and betrayed by others member clubs but I think they are on dangerous ground here. They not only have the SPFL's Articles of Association to contend with but also those of the SFA. The SFA's require that when clubs are in dispute they should use the SFA's arbitration services, and the fact that the 2 clubs have chosen not to is why the SFA have written to both clubs to explain themselves. The clubs say that they are in dispute with the SPFL and not with any other club, however, the SPFL is a member organisation and it was the clubs themselves who voted to make the decision. Of course, you need to be a lawyer to understand the convoluted wording of these legal documents so I may have it all wrong. But it seems to me that the courts will simply tell Hearts and Thistle to go away and use the SFA's arbitration process. They could then be deemed in breech of both organisations' Articles of Association and be on the receiving end of sanctions from both. Added to that, if their action causes any delay in the Premiership season starting off, they could be liable for paying other clubs some compensation. One thing I don't understand here is why they have asked the courts to scrap promotions. Stopping clubs being promoted clearly harms other clubs as much as the vote which took place harms them. If they simply asked the courts to scrap relegations then there is a ready made solution in the 14:10:10:10 model. It seems like there is still some mileage in this saga and if we can be sure of one thing it is that the outcome will not be the right thing.
  11. This vote shows what little ambition so many clubs have. The 14:10:10:10 set up would have meant that each season no less than 8 clubs would be playing in a higher division than will now be the case. Together with the fact that those who voted against the proposal voted for the forced relegation of other clubs, today's vote really shows Scottish football in a very bad light. No doubt those clubs who voted against the proposal will be justifying their position on the grounds of "now is not the time for reconstruction", "we need to focus on dealing with the financial crisis", "we need unity at this time". We could have had unity and we could have combined it with decency and ambition. But the truth is that these clubs have voted for some narrow and in some cases, misguided, notion of self interest and Scottish football will be the worse for it.
  12. And here Brilliant news. Robbo is a great fit for our club.
  13. Brilliant statement from Partick Thistle. Let's hope it shames others into doing the decent thing. I'm not holding my breath though.
  14. If we end up in the Premiership I think we would do well to avoid coming last. Having said that, the additional money would allow us to sign players we would not otherwise be able to. With the impact the virus is having on all clubs I think there will be a lot of decent players who will have some difficulty finding a club playing at the level they aspire to and we might find a bargain or two. We will be stronger in the Premiership than in the Championship. My guess would be that we might well survive in the Premiership, but if we are in the Championship we will not be good enough to win promotion. Also, Premiership money would mean that even if we did get relegated from the Premiership, we would be better placed to go straight back up the next season. Ronaldo is spot on. If we do get the opportunity we need to embrace it fully.