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  1. Hardly headline grabbing signings, but our club does have a knack of identifying players who have not realised their potential at other clubs and then bringing them on well. Time will tell if these lads come good too.
  2. Thanks for posting that and congratulations on writing such a good objection to the Council. I don't know how these development plans work, but I assume that this is not saying that the land will be used for these purposes, rather, it is saying that should the owner wish to develop the sites then these are the kind of developments that would be allowed. It might be better though to state that whilst the ground remains where it is, the land can only be used primarily as a car park. If there was any concern about this plan impacting on the club in the near to medium term, I would have exp
  3. Speaking as an Englishman, I didn't enjoy that at all. Biggest home defeat since 1928 and just such a turgid and uninspired performance. It was so bad it makes you wonder whether England have recruited John Hughes to advise on tactics. I enjoyed the cricket though.
  4. It is an interesting article. It would obviously be nice if the club could operate without a significant operating loss, but it is very encouraging the losses are much less than they were. The strategy of diversification appears to be paying off and there has been a huge amount of effort behind the scenes to establish a more stable financial base to support the club moving forwards. One area where the club has not done so well is in terms of communication and supporter engagement. This needs to change. The Supporters Trust has recently written formally to the club to get a commitmen
  5. It will be very interesting to see how the concert venture works out. The idea of setting up their own production company was so that a 3rd party doesn't cream off the profits. But making profits requires strong ticket sales. I've no idea how many tickets have been sold or how many need to be sold to make a profit, but Scot Gardiner said in his statement last Friday that there is still availability in all levels for both concerts. If people from further afield were thinking about coming to Inverness for the weekend they might find that costs of overnight accommodation will make them change
  6. With Andrew and Harry wanting to get in on the act "The boys are back in town" might be appropriate?
  7. That's a really informative and timely statement from Scot Gardiner.
  8. Good post. I'm not a fan of flares myself but they are commonplace on the continent and rarely cause a problem. Problems happen when we get too restrictive on what folk can do and and what you can't. Flares can cause injury if thrown and can disrupt games if thrown onto the pitch. If you ban flares, then when people defy the ban by lighting flares then they are more likely to also throw them - it minimises the chance of them being caught literally red handed. Rather than ban flares, far better to allow them in specific areas of the ground on the understanding that they won't be thrown.
  9. So when do the lads have to report for pre-season training? It's not much of a break for them and even less for the management team.
  10. We can be really proud of the team. For a club with our budget to get so close to promotion is a fantastic achievement. At one point in the season it looked as though we might even slip into the play-offs at the wrong end of the table, so the turnaround must give us hope for next season. The turnaround has also brought in new supporters and hopefully the excitement of the latter part of the season will persuade them to attend regularly next year or become season ticket holders. We will be saying goodbye to several of the squad, but one thing this season has demonstrated yet again, is
  11. Sadly I can't be there tonight, but it is just fantastic to see such a large number heading down the road. Hopefully folk will be heading back in jubilant mood. If we should lose, it certainly won't be due to a lack of effort from the lads on the park or a lack of support. Win or lose, let's hope the enthusiasm for supporting the team will be carried over into next season.
  12. HT. 0-1 FT. 1-2 ICT. Samuels Opp. Rooney Crowd 7931 Yellow. Broadfoot
  13. HT. 0-1 FT. 1-2 ICT. Billy Mckay ST J. Rooney Crowd. 3872 Yellow. Carson
  14. It appears that Willie Collum also reports for the BBC. This is what the BBC report said about Devine's red card. "The visitors were reduced to 10 men when Devine contested a high ball with Jack Hamilton and the defender pulled the Arbroath frontman to the ground as he looked to race clear." Brilliant spirit from the lads winning in such difficult circumstances. My thoughts are with Shane who was obviously in a lot of pain and looks to have sustained a pretty serious injury.
  15. HT. 0-2 FT. 1-3 ICT. Samuels Opp. Jack Hamilton Crowd. 4811 Yellow. Little
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