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  1. HT. 0-0 FT. 1-1 ICT. White Opp. Nisbet Crowd. 3512
  2. HT. 1-0 FT. 2-0 ICT. White Opp. Shankland Crowd 7741
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    Tora Tora Tora!

    Incidents happen in the blink of an eye and it is entirely understandable that referees will make incorrect decisions from time to time. As a result, players who are innocent of wrong doing receive inappropriate sanctions. It is these injustices which an appeals panel is there to set right. Unlike the referee, the appeal panel can view the incident in the knowledge that a contentious decision was made about it. They can see the incident several times. They can see the incident in slow-motion. They can see the incident from different angles. They can specifically look at different aspects of the incident on different viewings. As a result, the appeal panel in the James Keatings appeal will have clearly seen that:- a) the defender made no attempt to go for the ball, b) the defender lent into Keatings and nudged him, and c) Keatings was put off balance by the contact. It is inconceivable that anyone looking repeatedly at the footage can conclude that Keatings dived. Yet this is the conclusion the panel apparently came to. That a panel set up to correct obvious errors can themselves come to a decision which is so obviously wrong beggars belief and brings the SFA into disrepute. The SFA should now take the appropriate action both to reverse this injustice and to take steps to prevent them making a laughing stock of themselves again in the future.
  4. I don't think the decision was a case of protecting the referee. I was interested to note that at the same appeals session, Hamilton's appeal against Jamie Hamilton's red card against Hearts was upheld. In that case I think the panel applied a bit of common sense, but it was a far less straightforward one than Keatings'. In Hamilton's case the ball clearly did hit his arm but it did not appear to be deliberate and the contact resulted in Hamilton having less control of the ball. Nevertheless, you can understand why the referee gave Hamilton a red card. One might argue the panel should not have upheld that appeal because it is perhaps not obvious that the referee made an error. That to me makes that decision to be a sensible common sense one. In the Keatings' case there surely is an obvious error. Dickson clearly makes no attempt to play the ball. He doesn't even have his eyes on the ball; he has his eyes on Keatings. You can see him lean into Keatings and give Keatings a nudge and you can see the impact of that nudge on Keatings. It is a clear and obvious foul. I also think it was clearly an intentional foul both because Dickson made no attempt to go for the ball and because he applauded the referee's decision. Had he realised he had been beaten to the ball and was genuinely trying to avoid the collision, he would not have done that knowing there actually was contact. Not only should the appeal panel have upheld the appeal, they should have referred Dickson to the Compliance Officer. This seems to me a clear case of the SFA punishing a player for the remarks the manager made. Yet again the SFA have demonstrated that their disciplinary processes are not fit for purpose.
  5. Supporters Trust is right behind the club on this one. Well done to the Chairman and CEO for their courageous statement today!
  6. Friday night! Well, there's a surprise! It's annoying, but RiG's analysis suggests there may not have been too many options on this one. With it being shown live on BBC, I can't see many travelling down from the Highlands on a Friday night for this. But I'm sure those that do go will, as usual, make it sound as though there are a lot more ICT fans there than there actually are. At this stage in the competition the team will need all the help they can get.
  7. I have to say, I rather enjoyed the game. The wind was a major factor and it was quite amusing seeing how completely inept Livi were in coping with it. They never seemed to quite understand that a 40mph wind would blow the ball off course. I think it was 3 times their keeper kicked the ball straight out for a throw in. Remarkably, Douglas Ross actually awarded the throw in to us on each occasion! We certainly coped with the conditions better but it was the commitment of the entire team which so impressed. Livi were chased and harried when they got the ball, and as a result were rarely able to impose themselves on the game. Nobody had a poor game but Welsh, Carson and Trafford were all excellent in midfield. Also a mention to Mckay and McHattie who did a great job in central defence following the departure of the established 1st choice pairing. We have these excellent team performances from time to time and one just wishes that this level of commitment was shown on a more regular basis. A very disappointing crowd but great to see some of the young lads back and making a bit of very welcome noise!
  8. Just over 20 years ago the tie against Celtic had to be postponed not long before kick off due to wind damage at Celtic Park. The tie was then re-arranged for Feb 8th. Surely 20 years on we are not going to have a cup game either postponed or abandoned because of high winds!
  9. HT. 0-1 FT 1-3 ICT Doran Opp. Dykes crowd 2000 1st Yellow. Tremarco
  10. It's obviously disappointing not to win but I'm not as negative as some. Alloa may be part time but they are certainly no mugs and have now taken 11 points from their last 5 games which is better than any team in the division. It was a game we certainly should have won given the chances we created but as is so often the case we failed to win both because we don't capitalise on the chances we make and we self destruct at the back. The penalty was soft. It looked like a perfectly fair shoulder to shoulder from Rooney but it was also totally unnecessary. He was in position to get to the ball first and shepherd it out of play without using the shoulder. He asked the referee a question and the referee got the answer wrong. From then on, we were chasing the game and for the most part did that reasonably well. Tremarco and Doran were getting balls across from the left and Storey and Rooney were doing the same from the right. What is encouraging is that according to to the BBC we had 23 attempts on goal which was 5 more than any other team in Scotland. Surely that's a positive! It isn't that we aren't creating, it is that we need to be more clinical in front of goal. Despite all our attempts at goal the Alloa keeper was never seriously tested apart from the one goal. Any saves he made were routine. White again had chances where he should have done better, but the worst misses today were probably by Storey who demonstrated why playing him as the main striker would be unlikely to solve our problems. According to BBC stats he has scored just twice from no less than 29 attempts at goal this season. It was good to see Sean Welsh come on in the 2nd half and it was a cute ball from him which played White in for the goal. There were other opportunities for more dinked balls to be played in behind the defence, and whilst White seemed to be alive to the opportunity, some of our midfielders just don't seem to see that kind of ball. It'll be interesting to see what we can create against Livi next week. Motherwell only had one attempt at goal against them today so we are going to need to create a lot more than that if we are going to progress to the next round.
  11. HT. 2-0 FT 2-1 ICT. Storey Opp. O'Hara Crowd. 2006
  12. Losing both Donaldson and McCart is a huge blow. Whilst other clubs are strengthening in the transfer window, we are weakening. Combined with our lack of fire power up top, it is very difficult to see how we will be able to maintain the consistency for the rest of the season to stay in the play off positions, let alone to show the extra quality to win the play offs. However, Welsh and Walsh returning to the side will be a real bonus and we have a lot of options in midfield. Both Carson and Vincent have played at the back before so we do have some flexibility to move things around, although it is far from ideal. One positive thing about this is that the departure of our 2 best central defenders to Premier League sides prepared to pay a fee for them shows again the ability of this club to identify players with promise and develop them. Our record in that department will attract players with potential to us, but that alone is clearly not going to get us back into the top flight. We lose our best players when we need them most, but we will only keep them if we can offer them a contract which persuades them to stay for an extra year or two. We need money for that.
  13. With regard to the disallowed goal, I think it is impossible to see from that camera angle. Jordan certainly had his arms up and out a bit but he had his eyes firmly on the ball. It looked as though the keeper ran into him rather than Jordan making contact with the keeper, however, the telling thing for me was lack of reaction from the other ICT players. None of them seemed to be looking to celebrate a goal or to show any dissent at the decision and they were in a good place to see. Sad to say, the footage also shows other efforts Jordan had which were, frankly, woeful.
  14. The Supporters Trust, in conjunction with the Angel Wings Baby James Legacy, is delighted to announce that it is holding what promises to be an exciting evening event on Saturday 21st March in the P&J lounge at the Stadium. Tickets will cost £26.64 (£25 + booking fee) and are available from Eventbrite. This event is to celebrate the first 25 years of the club's history and to relive some of the fantastic memories those years have provided us with. To help us do that we will watch some video footage from the archive, have a little quiz, listen to a speaker from the club's proud past and have a Q&A session. We are calling it a "legends evening" not just because we will be reliving some of the great moments the legends of our club have provided over the years, but because some of the legends will sharing these memories with us in person. A 2 course buffet meal will be included in the cost of the ticket. Come and join us - it should be great fun! Further details to follow. Ticket numbers will be limited so book early on the link below to avoid disappointment.