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  1. This is why the matchday experience survey is so important. It gave a voice to the generally silent majority and gives the lie to the narrative that only a small minority are unhappy. It was open to anyone to complete and over 300 people took the trouble to offer their views. It is important to note that the demographic make up of the respondents was remarkably similar to a major survey the EFL conducted a year or two back, and therefore, it is reasonable to compare our results with the those in the EFL survey where very similar questions were asked. Some will argue that people who perceive a problem are more likely to respond to surveys. That may well be true to some extent, but the point here is that fans of other clubs in a major survey have expressed satisfaction with aspects of the matchday experience whereas a comparable sample of fans from our club are expressing dissatisfaction. The survey therefore provides robust evidence that a significant proportion of the ICT fan base are unhappy about several aspects of the matchday experience. To suggest it is only small minority of "clickbait proponents" is demonstrably untrue.
  2. HT. 2-0 FT. 3-2 ICT. Billy Mckay DU. Cudjoe Crowd. 3084
  3. It's very interesting to read what the CEO said to the Courier. There was no suggestion that Robbo and Charlie are not interested in the post on a permanent basis, it was simply that they wouldn't be considered. Gardiner is quoted as saying "They are 100 per cent interim. They both have very important jobs, so they know that's what they are going to do." It would appear, therefore, that even if one of them wanted the job and was a better candidate than any outsider applying, they would not be considered because they are currently doing a job at the club which is, apparently, more important than being 1st team coach! That really is the most crass statement I've heard for a long time.
  4. If that's the plan, then why not simply announce his appointment to the end of the season? Given they have advertised the post, subsequently appointing Robbo till the end of the season would hardly be a ring endorsement of their faith in him, especially as it would also mean they were unable to recruit anybody better.
  5. I've no idea if the Club have someone in mind, but their statement did include an email address for applications. If you think you could do better than Dodds, the address is footballdept@ictfc. Let's hope they look at that account more than the slo@ictfc one or we will be without a manager for the rest of the season.
  6. In the Club statement announcing Dodds' sacking, the Club stated "We have great plans for the club as we head towards our 30th year." Would the Chairman kindly tell us what these plans are?
  7. I got the impression at the Club's AGM that Gardiner had wanted Dodds gone in the middle of last season, but that the late upturn in form and the cup run saved him. Now the club have sacked him just 5 league games into his new 2 year contract extension! Obviously the results so far have not been good, but to sack a guy just 5 league games after extending his contract is a pretty drastic and expensive change of mind. So just what has happened? It would have been good to be a fly on the wall for the discussions which led to the decision. There are some mitigating factors. Firstly, the later finish to last season with the Cup Final undoubtedly had a knock on effect in terms both of contract uncertainties and in getting players back to match fitness after a much needed end of season break. Secondly, whilst results have been poor, performance wise we are not far off it. Much has been said about our defensive howlers, but yet we have not lost a league match by more than one goal. At the other end, we are averaging more shots and more shots on target per game than our opponents manage. Then on Saturday against Raith, the general performance appears to have improved with there being a consensus that we were the better side. It hardly seems to justify such a radical change of mind, and yet less than 24 hours later, Dodds is shown the door. This must be about more than a few poor early season results. It seems to me that defenders are making mistakes and strikers are not finding the net because they are low on confidence. And they are low on confidence because they are worried about being publicly criticised by the manager. Too often, Dodds has made criticism of players in his statements, and whilst not naming them, it has been crystal clear who he has been referring too. It seems to me that Dodds has lost the dressing room and that will be why he is going. Having said, that, he will not have lost the dressing room just in the first few weeks of this season and we all know of his fallings out with players previously. It just makes it all the more bizarre that the club should award Dodds with a new contract only to sack him 5 leagues games later. Sacking Dodds was the right decision, but the timing of it illustrates how dysfunctional the management within the club has become.
  8. HT. 1-0 FT. 2-1 ICT. Adam Brook RR. Calum Smith Crowd. 3106
  9. I don't speak for the Trust, but what I can tell you is that the Trust exists to represent the wider fan base. Proof of that is the Matchday Experience survey which involved a lot of work to get and report on the views of all fans who could be bothered to complete the survey. It was not restricted to members only. The survey results will be useful to the Trust Board in pointing out to the club what the views of the wider fan base are on the issues raised in the survey. But in terms of the credibility of the Board representing the supporters as a whole is concerned, that can only come from those on the Board having the backing of the supporters. As I have said before, Trust Board members are elected by the Trust Members. If people don't join the Trust, then the Club will say the Trust isn't representative of supporters as a whole and will remain disinclined to engage. Now, I absolutely get that you may think the Trust Board is not doing enough or you don't like what they are doing, but you aren't going to change that by bleating from the sidelines. The Trust Board, unlike the Club Board, is a democratically elected body. If you don't like what the current Board members are doing then you have the power to do something about it by joining the Trust and either voting for someone who has views more aligned to your own, or standing for election yourself and see if your views are supported by the membership. Whatever your views of the current Trust Board may be, the fact remains that the current Board members are keeping the Trust functioning. They are keeping the supporters voting stake in the club alive and maintaining some level of communication with the club. They are also the only supporters of this club who, at the moment, appear to be willing to do that on behalf of others. As for this Forum, it is completely separate from the Trust. It exists for exactly for the reason you suggest and therefore you are both an insider and very welcome on here. You would also be free to give your opinion as a member of the Trust. Indeed, your membership of the Trust would make it more, rather than less likely that the changes you would like to see would be taken up by the Trust. You said in an earlier post that radical change is needed. So, what are you going to do about it? The Trust is the mechanism through which supporters can obtain influence and change within the club, but it will only achieve that if far more supporters join the Trust and shape its future. As long as supporters stay outside of the Trust and moan about the Trust and the Club from the sidelines, then they are part of problem. Change happens when some people do something and when others support them in their efforts.
  10. Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the historic votes which led to the merger and the creation of ICT. The intervening years have brought a great deal of success with the club having won the Scottish Cup, had several years in the premiership, and played in Europe. There have been some hugely memorable days during that period and we can look back with a lot of pride. Against that history it is very sad, 30 years on, to see where the club is now. We are struggling in a lower division, getting beaten by part time sides, haemorrhaging support, and have a Board of Directors and senior management that seem to care little for the supporters and their concerns. It therefore seems like an appropriate time for people to make their views known to the club. The current decline on and off the pitch needs to be turned around, and soon. As STFU says, the Supporters Trust is best placed to represent the fans. Hopefully an open meeting will be the opportunity for people who are concerned about the state of the club to come forward and offer some constructive help to the Trust. The Trust Board is democratically elected by its members and all supporters are welcome to join. The Trust Board is, therefore, what the supporters make it to be. If the supporters want the Trust to be more effective, then the supporters have it in their power to make it so.
  11. HT 1-0 FT. 2-2 ICT. Shaw Opp. Wighton Crowd. 2331
  12. HT. 1-1 FT 2-2 ICT Billy Mckay Opp. Todorov Crowd. 1711
  13. The problem with this is that you need a mass walk in first.
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