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  1. Inverness Caledonian Thistle's community coaches have been working in partnership with Heart Research UK and Subway to reach out to children across the Highlands about how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The coaches have been traveling as far a field as Skye, Fort William, Wick and Thurso to promote the message to 8-11 year old in the attempt to spread a very important message throughout the Highlands. The Community team of Scottish FA certified and Licensed coaches also run after school sessions across the city as a means to give local children the opportunity to participate in o
  2. dam17

    John Hughes

    Ive heard from a very reliable source that the players didn't want a young manager - which of course excludes Hartley.
  3. The Robertsons bar on Gorgie road (opposite Tynecastle) is welcome to all ICT supporters this afternoon! Pop in for drink...or two
  4. True, the Scotland squad worries me more. Haha. A few questionable call ups but on the whole I don't think its too bad. I can see us sneaking a win if I'm honest.
  5. That England squad really doesn't worry me. Its full of overhyped players who are nothing more than average. There are a few very good players in there but as a whole I dont think its as good as people have said.
  6. I agree with Libero. The only player that you could drop is Roberts and I am not a fan if Foran on the wing.
  7. Keep it the same. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  8. -----------------------------Gilks---------------- ---Whittaker----- Berra----- Webster------- Dixon Naisy-------------- Fletcher--------------- Kelly--------- ---------------------- Shinnie-------------------------------------- ----------Griffths----------------Miller-----------------------
  9. Thoughts on Scotland squad? How would you have it lined up?
  10. dam17

    Nick Ross

    Alex Macdonald aswell although he left...
  11. Would you ever take Darren Dodds back? Have seen he's gone to Falkirk, given the chance would you have taken him back?
  12. Barry Wilson's agains Motherwell, in the scottish cup
  13. where is he off to?
  14. Macgregor Hutton---- weir----- macmanus---whittaker ------------------brown----------------------- maculloch------fletcher--------maloney ------------------miller----------------- -------------iwelumo---------------
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