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  1. With all due respect this is not the time to be criticising Billy Dodds. I have done so this season and during the poor run last season. Stress levels at the club must be quite high currently and if ever there was a time for united support, it is tomorrow. The injury situation is unprecedented at the club. After Ayr we have two games that are not critical to our season - Stirling is important from a financial point of view but our need is to get more players back into the playing squad. The first of the double headers against Hamilton is definitely not important. We may lose to Ayr and Dundee but if we can get a lot of the injured back by the league game against Hamilton we still have a long season ahead of us. I am sure that the players who take the field against Ayr, Stirling and Dundee will believe they can get results against the odds............we've done it before when the support was superb.
  2. Dodds has been getting ratty with a few players in the last month or so. Maybe he is feeling the pressure that supporters have been putting him under when performances have been poor. However, in terms of man management, the current crop of injuries would seem to suggest that support and sympathy are vital to retain unity under very trying circumstances. I did not expect us to win at Morton but potentially we had no too bad a team on the park. The Manager needs to calm down and put a supporting arm around EVERY player to help us tough this out.
  3. The injury to Robbie looked bad yesterday. However, he did walk out on crutches to a waiting car so we can but hope the healing process will be relatively straightforward. Another blow to Robbie and the club. We wish him well in his recovery. Unless some magic money materialises we are unlikely to be able to sign a short term replacement being a player of experience.
  4. Today's results when taken with this season's results overall confirm what a really challenging league this is. So credit for what we have achieved so far but this is really just the beginning of another very tough season.
  5. No. I see us having more determination to beat Partick as RC at present are once again struggling in the higher league and their luck will one day run out, and they will be relegated.
  6. Ross County's capitulation last night also adds to an incentive to really up the performance on Friday night.
  7. Probably cheaper to travel away than switch on the floodlights at home!! Let's hope Rangers B do not prevail and send out a squad that would have attracted a large crowd to the Caledonian Stadium.
  8. Partick will certainly start as firm favourites on Friday night so we will not be underestimating them - a cause of many home game points lost.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/63080244 The current financial problems for the country will impact on many clubs.
  10. Set pieces a problem to be addressed in training this week. This league is certainly very competitive. Brilliant win though as a defeat would have piled pressure on our management team.
  11. The club are not any financially stronger after the concerts and with electricity costs increasing substantially for floodlights it is likely to make matters worse. Will some clubs seek to play games at noon during the winter to save costs? A new right back is therefore very unlikely. So perhaps we will see Wallace back there tonight, Danny in the back four, and David in for Roddy. We can but hope although the signs are not too good.
  12. To be fair to Dodds, he initially was loyal to those who convincingly beat Cove last week. We have started the season well but clearly next Saturday it will be no more Mr Niceguy and a warning not to underestimate the opposition.
  13. Billy produced a captain's performance yesterday. We are currently very youthful which is honorable. However, the 'old guard' of Billy, Mark, Aaron (youthful) Robbie and Scot were vital to the win which was very enjoyable yesterday. Hope we haven't peaked too early as we did last year. However, we do need experience long term in the middle of the defence so hopefully Danny's niggly injury is resolved or Davie Carson is put on height growth hormones to extend his utility.
  14. Noticed that Deas has a two game suspension. Hopefully Danny will be back for the Arbroath game because we looked a bit too youthful against Queens. Kirk Broadfoot was a major influence last year and with current injuries and the suspension we lacked a bit of experience.
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