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  1. Clyde did beat Arbroath away so will be quite confident. Managed by Danny Lennon, they do of course have a former £2m Scottish International leading their attack and now their captain. However, we have so far not underestimated the opposition in this competition and should therefore just start as favourites to progress.
  2. That was a very good exercise for the club. Tactically we changed the team to provide more experience for younger players and those needing more game time. Robbo given the afternoon off. Unlike some previous years we did not lose because of such changes and performances means Robbo has a selection headache for next week. A different style but very important game next week. I think yesterday's game was the performance and result we needed to follow up the Ayr result.
  3. In terms of gratitude, as supporters we owe a great deal to those who have worked very hard and achieved financial success, and then in effect donate to their football club. Imagine where the club would be if that was not the case. To the outgoing chairman and his associates, we owe them a debt of gratitude. What is important going forward is a clear need to return to good stewardship.
  4. Great guy. Echo what has been said on here. Hope that the medical condition does not impact on his future career. We only ever saw him with a smile on his face. He wore the number 16 shirt with pride especially in the famous cup final win.
  5. We need to await the EGM. Remember that the club now have the asset of the stands and in terms of the going concern test certainly have three Directors who believe that to be the case.
  6. Have you costed this idea? Business rates are pretty high, unless there are copious reliable volunteers then staff costs are high, technology and other start up costs could be high. If this fails, then the club's balance sheet worsens. There can be no guarantee that this suggestion will result in a significant increase in revenue to justify the expense...I may be wrong but am happy to see your proposals. I am sure the club would too if it is viable.
  7. The crowd number may have been disappointing but the positive (home) support for the team is a major breakthrough. Long may that continue especially in adversity. Some comments here about an easy win - no such thing!! If we are to do well we must never underestimate a team - Partick will be very dangerous next Saturday!!
  8. Quite an honour too for ICT to have him leading the club as Manager.
  9. Clever shout from Aaron to his mate Devine after many games of basketball in Inverness.....'my ball Danny'..........but to be fair to Devine here is a quote from his time in Inverness 'There’s a few Irish boys here and we stick together. .... I’m quite close to him, but also Aaron Doran. We try and get out to socialise away from football when we can.'
  10. Dunfermline were the better team in the first half. Tremarco made a vital headed clearance off the line after about three minutes. The early use of substitutes ultimately won us the three points. Dunfermline's substitute Danny Devine was given a very warm reception by our large travelling support and returned the favour with the handball to enable us to achieve our first away league win of the season. Every little helps and the history books will show we won. Three league games in a row with a clean sheet. The wind caused problems for both teams. Pity really because the playing surface was first class but underused.
  11. This must be great experience for our lads. More great publicity for the Fort. Imagine the publicity if we had a young player called Ben Nevis and he had gotten the winner!!
  12. A draw was probably a fair result but towards the end we had very good chances to win the game. Playing Storey changed the dynamics although generally we played better than in the Betfred Cup. We contained McGowan better this time. Dundee did use their three subs before we used any which was a bit of a worry as we dipped slightly. However, we picked up when Roddy was introduced with Jordan. The latter did win his headers but with balls played to him then gave away possession. He really needs a boost. Toddy had about 8 minutes when he came on and had one half chance which he nearly took. Expect himt overtake Jordan soon. Jordan will come back though. Overall this was a stabilisation result after those two bad visits to Dundee and if we do not get too cocky, should give us confidence to pick up.
  13. The performances by Partick, Dunfermline and to a slightly lesser extent Morton, show how highly competitive the Championship will be again. I suspect Dundee could get a good result today against a deflated Aberdeen side. We need to be on absolutely top form this Saturday.
  14. Credit to Rooney who looked knackered at the end - great effort after a long time out. White looked thinner in white but still failed to convert a lot of Walsh deliveries to his head in the first half. Carson is a very good new recruit - he has played in a few positions already and looks very promising. Vincent for me is very lively. Pleased to see him back. I thought Arbroath played extremely well. They have some very good players and should have retaken the lead immediately after half time. We were lucky not to be in the same hole as we were against Cove. Walsh did have a very good game and will probably be happier assisting Todorov but needs Robbo to rest White. Keatings is another good signing but like most of the team needs more game time before we wake up. However, two games in, and we have hauled ourselves off the bottom. The Championship is a brutal league to be in. Dundee United look as though they will walk the first place as long as Shankland remains fit. As for the other 9 teams, it is safe to say there are 3 play off spots up for grabs and we need to target one of them. Onwards to Dundee in two weeks time and it is time we achieved something there again.