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  1. Important to see who approved this move -
  2. What will instalment 3 contain? I suspect what we hear next will be even more exciting. This decision would have been taken some time back. Gardiner believe's like Alan Sugar that the club should think outside the box. In his mind 'Poor home form because of poor atmosphere. Let's build on our good away form. Let's drive anyone living in the Inverness area on a massive journey for coaching or training to meet up with others in a new alien environment. Who cares if we lose masses of supporters at home games. We will soon be rich. ' Duncan Ferguson with a Freudian slip recently said something like ' given our poor home form we plan to drive the team on a D and E coach out of the Highlands and bring them back as if it were an away game.....' Let's hope Ross County beat Raith.
  3. If there are serious financial reasons for keeping Ferguson, hopefully Bollan can be released. If Essen were number two, Ferguson would need to rethink and adapt to Scottish football.
  4. We will have Cameron Ferguson as our Centre Forward. It is likely he will be signed on a long contract to ensure we make a small fortune from the subsequent transfer fee.
  5. Did the Club mean 'Bored'? 11am and Gordie still has not been given approval to release his press release. Sometimes 'no news is good news......' but equally silence is deafening if you are a sponsor or supporter or employee.
  6. Sadly there seems as though redundancy will be discussed. I cannot imagine any team needs a highly paid Chief Executive in League 1. However, if he is to leave, it has to be done fairly...'You must be selected for redundancy in a fair way, for example because of your level of experience or capability to do the job'. It is likely that the Club's legal advisers will be present to advise on the next steps. Company accountants key as well.
  7. Montrose do have a lot to and they could be playing Championship football next season if they win the 'final'. Wrong to assume they have nothing to lose. They no doubt believe they can replace their neighbours Arbroath.
  8. Curiously there is an 18 game rule after which a player is automatically suspended if they reach 6 cautions. I have been through the BBC records and by my count Sean played 6 games for us in the Championship. When Inverness played Queens Park at Hampden in early April it was his 13th game for them. He then played in their final three games without missing a game.
  9. It is a big straw and surely valid? Why should one club headquartered at Hampden not be subject to scrutiny?
  10. Robert - Sean was also booked playing for Inverness against Ayr in the 3-1 win away. I am assuming the two yellows he received in his sending off equalled one red. He served a one match suspension for that. In the Championship this year he had one sending off and a further 7 cautions. By any stretch of the imagination that leads to a further one match suspension in April 2024. By definition he was ineligible to play but who is responsible for enforcing that suspension? Is it the SFA or is the club liable for not seeking guidance from the SFA?
  11. Queens Park kept poor records last year which resulted in ICT gaining a three nil win in the Scottish Cup because they played an ineligible player. Sean Welsh joined them in January 2024 and was soon sent off. He served a one match suspension on 27 January 2024. He was then booked on the 24 Fbruary against Dundee United. Booked on the 9 March against Partick. Booked on the 16 March against Raith. Booked on the 23 March against Ayr. Booked on the 6 April against Dundee United. Booked on the 13 April against ICT. That's six bookings and the SFA rule is ' 1 match dated suspension Effective from 14th day Accumulation of six cautionable offences in (For every further accumulation following date of match when the same Competition (including cautions of six cautionable offences, sixth cautionable offence incurred under Part D below) the suspension applied will be occurred and to be served in extended by one match.) the same Competition.' By my calcu;lation, those 6 cautions means he should not have played against Arbroath against whom he scored? The SFA have only just published suspensions for April with his suspension not listed. Does anyone know if it is the clubs responsibility to keep accurate records of suspensions and if so take responsibility when making a team selection?
  12. There will be load cheers in the Highland Council after they receive news that we have reached the playoffs this year after narrowly missing out last year.
  13. Sympathy for Doran. Samuel and sometimes Billy, would get more protection from referees if they played rugby. Being grabbed round the neck is deemed very dangerous but in football it seems referees often give the benefit of the doubt to the perpetrator. Dunfermline is now very important to our survival. On our previous visit we were pretty poor with Dunfermline unlucky only to get a draw after hitting the woodwork 8 or so times. Sean McAllister is likely to be our match winner this time I trust.
  14. Looks like Big Dunc has had the desired effect in getting Arbroath fired up. Excellent psychology. Hope are lads are ready for the fight tonight.
  15. Dom Thomas still injured. Should be quite meaty in midfield today. Thought Sean had had 6 league bookings this season but SFA disciplinary records online are a few weeks behind.
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