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  1. Raith are a top class side in this league. We really need to up our game after the poorer performance against Morton.
  2. In recent years the crowd could see the energy training out of our teams in the second half with teams upping the pressure. Substitutes were often left til the last 10 minutes when games or points were lost. Under the current regime substitutes seem to be used more wisely so that energy levels do not seem to ditch so much. The signing of Broadfoot was significant in my view. Both Billy and Michael's signatures were a bonus that Ross County need considerable praise for. We must not forget the bond that developed in the club last year around the personal issues which came through clearly with t
  3. 'The big question is will I outrun Glass in the sack race?'
  4. We might as well play without a goalkeeper...............
  5. Just hope Partick's performance last night adds motivation to our players today.
  6. I received an email from the club today confirming that the current COVID rules on red zones will continue until the next review scheduled for Christmas times. The club add 'We recognise that the situation is far from ideal but in what was an extremely constructive and respectful discussion, all 10 clubs respected the differing situations and challenges we all still face.' From a personal perspective this is completely sensible.
  7. Will be our toughest game of the season so far. If ever there was a game not to kid ourselves this is it.
  8. There are nine teams to keep an eye on starting next Saturday with Hamilton hoping to be the first to beat us in the league this year.
  9. Lucky in the end after significant possession and dominance. Missing chances on a big scale is always dangerous.
  10. Interesting to see Steven Dobbie came on as a sub in the 72nd minute. Storey scored in the 75th minute and Dobbie in the 77th minute. 'HEREFORD 1 AFC FYLDE 4 POWERFUL Fylde ruthlessly exploited Hereford’s lack of defensive steel with a runaway win. Two first-half goals from Nick Haughton were added to by Jamie Stott and substitute Stephen Dobbie to leave the Bulls with nothing but Miles Storey’s consolation strike.'
  11. Still remember Foran and Hayes having a bit of a scrap at East End Park so if the pressure builds today, we must keep our discipline.
  12. Always very dangerous playing the team at the bottom - Alloa under Peter Grant springs to mind.
  13. To me Roddy's tackle just after half time demonstrated how much he wanted to win this game - thereafter the whole team became driven. A great result. On Graham - in the first half he appeared to jump for high balls by ignoring the ball and generally causing trouble for the defender. His one good moment was creating space in the box at 1-0 but Mark made a great save. The subject of divers in football is well documented but he seems to have a history playing against us whereby there have been quite worrying off the ball incidents. The incident with Carson was very underhand but Carson'
  14. It will be interesting to see if Billy gets the nod against Partick. Great to see players back from injury to strengthen the resources available.
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