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  1. One could argue that the game against Hearts on Sunday is a waste of time - however, if we can imagine their kit colours as identical to Arbroath, it offers a great chance to practice how to start with a league win.
  2. Sensible signing. The team appears more balanced this season with regard to age and experience.
  3. Dalneigh is the former horse racing centre of Inverness and thus comparable with Monte Carlo.......not that Ryan will care. The key is the size of the sell on clause Yogi negotiated.
  4. https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/celtics-ryan-christie-closing-5m-20887422 This would be an amazing move for Ryan ....and for ICT.
  5. Pleased to have bought my ticket. Here's hoping Ryan Christie comes on as a late substitute tonight, scores the winner, and is then bought by an EPL club or Nice for a sizeable sum........
  6. All signings have reason to develop. Gardyne does not want to retire just yet. Billy will be just as keen to score now as before. McAlear has a career in front of him with an EPL club if he can develop. Duku still has a point to prove. Gardyne and Billy also add much needed experience that will benefit our really good younger talent. All good news and pleasing in the light of the lockdown mentality we have come to accept but now keen to move forward.
  7. Three very good signings - reason to be optimistic.
  8. Gardyne is a top professional. He would bring great experience to the club. Billy could be a superb addition if he was prepared to accept our wage structure. Disappointed that a supporter would use the term venomous at a time when sports people have had to switch off using social media.
  9. Pele used to sign players down the line. There is a glut of players to chose from - players will be desperate to get jobs.
  10. Brad is a good player who will be a valuable signing by Falkirk. He may become their captain and will most likely pick up a league winners medal next season. He moves closer to his roots and as previously stated, a three year contract offers some stability.
  11. Agreed but bringing Booby Mann back would be ambitious! Billy at least has had an induction into the Club and as Assistant at some good clubs should be a wise choice. However, football management is not easy and in the current climate the supporters will need to be patient.
  12. Arriving at the ground to be told that the game was off ..................and leaving after the re-arranged game with a significant police escort. Probably the only time in our history that we had such a convoy.
  13. He is an experienced coach. A sound appointment for Dunfermline.
  14. A brutal cull over the Bridge. Vigurs might be the only option for a move to us.
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