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  1. Tactically we got this spot on yesterday. It was basically a meaningless game as will be the games against Alloa and Dunfermline. Dundee United felt it was an easy win - long may that thought continue especially if we can beat Ayr in the play offs. 3rd place for us might mean a few extra pounds - which is important - but tiring ourselves out is not the strategy for beating Ayr and then taking on Dundee United again with the little ***** likely to see if can add to the two controversial penalties he has 'won' against us and the extremely dubious goal he scored yesterday (one could argue what goes around comes around with justice against us for the Meekings handball). Eventually a referee though will see through him. If we are serious about the play offs we plan for them - not Alloa or Dunfermline. 4th gives us a better advantage with second legs away.
  2. Week in week out, playing on a plastic pitch, probably would not suit Aaron.
  3. Ross County have a stack of players out of contract at 31 May 2019. I suspect Draper, who is one of them, will not be deemed good enough for the SPFL so maybe he might want to return...........if invited.
  4. Liam deserves to move on up and develop as a player. He may help us move up but regardless we should all wish him well in his career.
  5. A senior player not playing. Possibly taking up a wage or two. Hearts had virtually a full squad available that was way in excess of our lightweight squad and budget. Simple economics.
  6. It would be easy to be disappointed today but this was the diddy team mixing it with Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts. Amazing really when you consider Owain Fon Williams , Col Donaldson and Sean Welsh were out of the squad. We've lost Angus Beith from the squad. We probably had to sell George Oakley in January. Daniel Mackay has had an injury packed season. Carl was injured quite early on in today's game. We had three youngsters on the bench today. So all things taken into account, quite a remarkable achievement. The cup experience this year might prove very useful in the potential games against Ayr assuming we make the play offs. With us having a superior goal difference and 8 point advantage, I cannot see Dunfermline winning all three of their remaining games and us losing all four of ours although nothing can be taken for granted. Tuesday game at Morton is now a big game - we move on.
  7. A bit premature to be concerned about this. Ross County might lose tonight, Ayr win and Hearts beat us 5-0 Saturday..............however, relegation is now very unlikely. Feet on ground....
  8. We might have to support Ross County on Tuesday home to Dunfermline. And then on Friday support Dundee United home to Ayr.
  9. Ross County are now virtually champions. We need to learn and move on or the shadow will increase in their favour. Draper is likely to struggle in the SPFL next year.
  10. To be fair to Robbo, he has to juggle with a quite small squad to play 4 games in a short space of time. Last night we were outstanding for 80 minutes. Real high tempo but an injury to Welch created a need for change. Aaron had run his socks off. The sub changes then let Alloa back in the game. However, we just survived. What is evident about this season, is that we learn game by game, so I expect a more composed 90 to 95 minutes on Saturday. That game is very very important to us. Win that and it puts significant pressure on Dunfermline. Regardless of the nervous end to last night's game, let us really get behind the team Saturday. They are really playing some great football for most parts of games at present.
  11. Putting pride back in the Highlands. Always look on the bright side of life................
  12. You are a football supporter and therefore low on the SFA list of priority stakeholders.
  13. ........ ....as a diddy team we must overcome all forms of adversity if we are to win this cup for a second time....plus I hope we are seething tomorrow night............
  14. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/william-hill-scottish-cup-semi-final-details-announced/
  15. The BBC picture of our first goal looks like a contender for 'Spot the Goalie out of position!'