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  1. So on the bench we could have Roddy in a mask, Tom on crutches and Shane with a stookie and crutches. Clearly Tom and Shane would struggle if they had to join in the penalty shoot out. However, if we were forced to put these guys on the bench I am sure they would give everything if brought on. PS If we have problems, think about Rangers and Hearts - they are part of the Willie Collum card fest at Hampden Park this Saturday.
  2. Forgot to say 'Honi soit qui mal y pense' to Bobby Linn. You are still a talented player but justice was served on Arbroath when you missed the penalty. That will teach you to get a player sent off.
  3. Thank you Willie Collum. Magnificent result against the odds. Players looked absolutely drained at the end...apart from Mark Ridgers. We now play a side that drew in Turkey with Galatasary in the Europa League in August. Quite an achievement for our players to be on the same pitch as the St Johnstone players in the SPFL play off games. Hope we have 11 fit players for the two games. Not sure if Tom Walsh will be allowed by the SPFL to play on crutches. Hope Shane is not too badly injured.
  4. Was wondering if Joe Hardy might start the second leg instead of Billy. He struggled badly against the muscle of Arbroath with Joe being a little bit more robust. Billy might prove very effective coming on at about 70 minutes if we were still level and heading for extra time. Equally Aron starting instead of Shane might change things but allow Shane to come on maybe after 60 minutes.
  5. Well deserved. Do not now get sent off against your former club loan club Arbroath!!
  6. Yogi does the double! A very odd situation at East End Park this year given their apparent high budget start. Donaldson, Polworth and Chalmers - good players, poor club.
  7. Nerve wracking stuff but history shows we won. Lots of room to improve following both games. Partick played really well in both and could easily feel unlucky. Good to hear McCall say '' I'd wish Inverness good luck in the semi-final." However, given how tight he marked him, it was a case for Carson of,,,,Breakfast at Tiffoneys. Arbroath will be well and truly up for the next two games. They are going to be tough games with Arbroath well rested and bitter at how Killie stole the league from them.
  8. As the loyal Calais supporters say 'this will be tres tricky'. I am sure the players will be mindful of how Manchester City were almost there ....but blew it. Mindful that Partick might unusually be motivated by how Rangers recovered from 1-0 down. It is critical that our supporters at no stage feed players the message that tonight will be easy. Expect Brian Graham to be hyperactive. Partick are as likely as any team in this league capable of beating us. Some of us still remember being favourites to win our Scottish Cup Replay against Partick on 5th March 2002 only for Scot Paterson to scor
  9. Really pleased that Ryan's decision to play for Bournemouth has paid off when they secured Premier League football last night.
  10. We faced a very dangerous Killie side recently and all our players gave everything. We need the same tonight. Brian Graham needs to be better marked than in the last home game. Will we play in pink? At the moment we do seem to pose quite a goal threat with our January signings now proving to be very positive. Reason to be optimistic but cautious, better than being in 5th, better than being a Dunfermline supporter.
  11. Killie will be bricking it if Arbroath win today. As things stand, our next really important game will be against Partick Thistle. However, if we win that, we might just end up with the semi final play off against.............Killie.
  12. A touch of this would be nice...............https://www.killiefc.com/classic-matches/09-02-1985-inverness-thistle-a-scot-cup
  13. Our targets are clearer now. Acquire a few more points to stay in front of Partick, and then try and beat them in the play offs although expending lots of effort will be wasted if we are not in good shape for the two playoffs. See where that takes us. Kilmarnock will be champions and we cannot catch Arbroath. Raith are weak and will not catch Partick.
  14. ....Ross County now sitting 5th ......................
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