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  1. Looked quite dangerous against us at Tannadice. However, he was subject to the Tannadice boo boys so a refreshing move to the Highlands might put him back on track - assuming our supporters this year adopt a positive attitude to all players even when not performing to their maximum capacity!!! If he gets a decent haircut that would help him too.
  2. Just read some background to Owain's 4 years on ICT's books and his absolutely positive comments on that stay. Tonight he has an art exhibition on recent Scottish life. From a personal point of view can I just say thank you to Owain for his time at the club. He is an absolutely decent guy who gave everything to the cause and I for one salute him. Here is wishing him all the best for the future.
  3. Some very challenging games. Just what we need to get into gear.
  4. Regardless of what happened this year Dundee United have made themselves favourites to win the Championship next year. That makes it easier for 9 chasing teams.
  5. No 3 played Jordan on side. One issue to bear in mind if we beat Ayr could be accumulation of bookings. Not sure what the rules are but possibly another advantage for the SPFL side and Dundee United. Clear evidence from the highlights of the danger that Ayr pose. They are very good on the road and were grateful that they did not have the long mid week journey.
  6. Brilliant result but bear in mind Ayr beat Dundee United 5-0 at Tannadice. Never ever underestimate the opposition.
  7. Trafford is now looking like a player who was once an international. He is starting to believe in himself and more confident on the ball. On the basis Ayr will be pumped up for the play offs, we need to super concentrate during both games. With Shankland back, we are up against some very dangerous attackers in their team who not only respect him but feed off him. Under no circumstances do we underestimate the task in hand. Ayr are a very good team. Early in the season they were league leaders and will wish to put the record straight that ICT may have finished 3rd but they want to join the SPFL more than ICT do. After all, they did go to Dundee United in late November 2018 and hammer them 5-0. Shankland scored 4, Moffat 1.
  8. Semi Finalists in the Scottish Cup, 3rd in the League, very successful under 18s. A great season so far.
  9. He is a great guy who has been pretty outstanding this season for us. Great news.
  10. Dean Brill has capped a brilliant return to playing by helping Leyton Orient back into the football league from the National League (and into a Wembley appearance in the FA Trophy Final). At the same time Garry Warren (and Alex Fisher) is heading into the National League with Yeovil likely to finish bottom of League 2.
  11. He signed a FIVE YEAR contract in June 2018!!! Now being linked with the Scotland job!!
  12. It is critical that ICT has an image that is genuinely honest. McMullen has been caught out before, and he will be again. It was a blatant handball yesterday and I suspect he was as shocked as we were that the referee saw it otherwise.
  13. Tactically we got this spot on yesterday. It was basically a meaningless game as will be the games against Alloa and Dunfermline. Dundee United felt it was an easy win - long may that thought continue especially if we can beat Ayr in the play offs. 3rd place for us might mean a few extra pounds - which is important - but tiring ourselves out is not the strategy for beating Ayr and then taking on Dundee United again with the little ***** likely to see if can add to the two controversial penalties he has 'won' against us and the extremely dubious goal he scored yesterday (one could argue what goes around comes around with justice against us for the Meekings handball). Eventually a referee though will see through him. If we are serious about the play offs we plan for them - not Alloa or Dunfermline. 4th gives us a better advantage with second legs away.
  14. Week in week out, playing on a plastic pitch, probably would not suit Aaron.