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  1. I would imagine this is the source of the opposition: 14.Notices of Amendment (Planning) Should a Member of a Planning Applications Committee wish to have a decision on a planning matter re-considered by the full Council, they must submit (to the Head of Legal and Governance) a Notice of Amendment (Planning) not more than 3 working days after (but excluding) the date of the Committee meeting at which the resolution or decision was passed and no later than 5pm on the final day. For the avoidance of doubt, individual emails and/or individual written signatures will be accepted from Members who wish to submit and/or support Notices of Amendment (Planning). ~ 9 ~ Notices of Amendment (Planning) must be in writing, signed by 19 Members of the Council (including at least one third of the membership of the relevant Planning Application Committee) and will be submitted to the next scheduled meeting of the full Council.
  2. One point of view. Another is that Highland Council is once again complaining about budget pressures and service cuts. From a cost benefit point of view the battery farm is a win for the Council and definitely for the club.
  3. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/SC732789 Two Directors - Chairman and David Cameron.
  4. Yesterday was an historic day for the Club. Today brings back great memories of the convoy under police escort out of Paradise. Hibs appeared to be very unlucky last night so are they coming to the Boyle under General Montgomery or can our new squad produce? Duncan just cannot motivate or coach the team to win at home. The odds are against us.
  5. It started with: Ross County Football Club are delighted to announce the appointment of new manager, Derek Adams. CEO Steven Ferguson added - “We are delighted to welcome Derek Adams back to Ross County Football Club. But, after a few weeks .....The County manager - who started his third stint as Staggies boss a few months ago - will leave immediately after the club accepted his resignation. Derek said, ‘After much consideration in recent weeks, I have made the decision to resign from my position as First Team Manager. Over my Twelve League games in charge, we moved 6 points clear of the team directly below and have been extremely close to gaining more victories and draws. Those with a keen eye will spot that he did not mention losing at home to Partick 3-0 in the Scottish Cup.
  6. Given the comments of the Chairman on Saturday it does not look that simple. Lose this Saturday and stay near the bottom of the league does not generate lots of revenue. We currently do not know the true operating position of the Club and most of us listen more to the Chairman, than the CE.
  7. Motherwell 5 Ross County 0 He was not seething last night but says he will talk to Uncle Roy today. Looks like his motivational record is not working as he admitted the County were basically 'Sh.....' He has basically brought in a stack of poor recruits in the transfer window. Hope we do not feel this way. Ross County manager Derek Adams: "The scoreline doesn't flatter Motherwell in any way. It is not good enough, the players are trying but the quality they had has not been good enough and that is why the scoreline was what it was. "We are in the same position now as when I took over and it is really difficult. From my point of view we have had opportunities to win games but we have not had enough quality to see it over the line."
  8. It will be very interesting to see the mood after Wednesday's South Planning meeting. If the Councillors side with the Officials and turn the Battery Farm application down, the Clubs finances will not look good. If we survive the play off place - at the bottom end - the place money will be probably less than we budgetted. We do not know how much changing the football side of management has cost. We do know that Nathan and Cammy will have options next season. Duncan has a long commute. Next season looks very challenging as things stand. With so many loan players the question is where does the drive to succeed come from? The performance against Raith was good but they are on a poor run currently. Hibs play Celtic on Wednesday so we can but hope they are humped. They may feel aggrieved that Aberdeen beat them to the League Cup Final and therefore will be driven to beat an easy ICT side in the Scottish Cup. Hope Duncan can motivate his new squad to produce something special.
  9. Yes, I did see that Scotty but thought it an unusual name.
  10. Quite an amazing rotation. Some of our established players may now sign pre contracts with other clubs whilst other longstanding players may not be offered extensions. Even if we do well with the changes, next season will involve a massive squad update. On a more humorous note the Club press release says Aribim left the Cavalry to go to Spain!!!
  11. I do not begrudge David Carson moving to Livingston. He gave everything he could for the club. He is all action and might well create the spark to get Livy moving and help them get closer to Ross County.
  12. Samuel would have impressed the new Chief Executive of Raith Rovers - Andrew Barrowman scored 2 in 30 games for ICT!!!
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