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  1. 23 hours ago, Alan Simpson said:

    How they gonna manage that by burning shops? There's no time machines my man can't go back and change it! A bit of a joke group tbh tearing down statues etc graffiti on Churchill what's that all about not gonna get sympathy with that behaviour

    What's your solution to hundreds of years of systemic racism?

  2. 2 hours ago, Alan Simpson said:

    Ffs what next no club in Scotland should be associated with blm they're a pretty dodgy group besides hardly overrun with BAME up here wtf does that even mean BTW 

    What's dodgy about wanting to overturn hundreds of years of systemic oppression of black people?

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  3. On 7/22/2020 at 7:26 AM, MacOne said:

    Why wouldn't they? The ugly sisters show us what blind support of a team means when mixed up with politics and religion. 'Tory posh boy' is like saying 'lowlife, thicko nationalists', not accurate, not useful.

    Tory posh boy is an accurate description of the UK prime minister and his acolytes. 

    That ICT has supporters sympathetic to such types just shows how much Inverness football culture has changed, and how out of touch it is with the working people of the city, which voted Yes overwhelmingly in 2014.

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  4. If only the club had not alienated itself from its colleagues in the Championship by hitching itself to the most despicable elements in Scottish football. If only we could have foreseen this outcome.  

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  5. 2 hours ago, lightlamp2 said:

    Possibly. A lot of the championship clubs seem to have a diddy mentality (Ayr comes to mind). And voting to keep hearts in the championship so they can run riot at their grounds must sound a treat to them.


    Also honorary mention to Elgin who have already confirmed they are voting to deny themselves promotion to league 1. I can understand where Strachan is coming from with his comments now. As i said...diddies

    There are few moves more diddy than hitching your train to the most discredited, self-interested club in Scottish football, in a scheme hatched entirely for their benefit, thereby alienating all your colleagues, and undoing all the good work and goodwill of 25+ years existence in one fell swoop.

    Now that's diddy. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Hiro said:

    Top flight clubs might vote for it but the championship clubs won't.  Our name is mud- actually our CEO's name is mud and if it benefits him Championship clubs are less likely to vote for it.  To say our relationships with the other clubs in the Championship are strained is an understatement.  We've also not heard the last of WhatsAppgate either......

    Exactly, a few of us said this would come back to haunt the club, and sure as feck no one in the Championship will want to see ICT get its way. The club's good name scorched in a matter of weeks.

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  7. Thought you said it was a gift from our Tory posh boy benefactors.

    Never thought we'd have Tory Unionists supporting the Caley. 🤮

  8. 8 hours ago, Yngwie said:

    How it must sicken you that ICT have been saved, or at least given a fighting chance of getting through this, by the generosity of a UK Tory government, whilst the Scottish Government have done nothing except show little appetite to allow football to restart as quickly as other parts of the UK and Europe. 

    Our chairman referred to the funding as a “fairy from a Westminster” in a podcast and our official statement described the UK government’s funding of the majority of our wages as “a Godsend”, and that was even before they extended the scheme for a further 4 months. It’s not even a loan, it’s an unconditional gift that we don’t have to ever pay back. Doesn’t quite fit your description of them only acting “for the rich”, bearing in mind also that about 750,000 other Scots ordinary workers have so far kept their jobs and a decent income because of the UK government’s steps to bail out Scotland, again.

    What do you think would be the best way for ICT to show its gratitude? Would it be a the “Boris Johnston Stadium” or a statue of him out the front?

    Bail out Scotland. The state of this. 😃 

    Norway is dipping into its oil fund to support its population, but oil-poor Scotland has to rely on its southern benefactors to bail it oot, again!

    You actually think you won't be paying back this 'gift' with interest for decades to come? 🤣


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  9. 3 hours ago, DoofersDad said:

    I have some sympathy for your view Lizi.   But I'm afraid the "powers that be" do have an idea of what we want.  The real power here is Sky TV, and their viewing figures show that the Scottish viewing public want to watch The Rangers and Celtic and particularly when they play each other.  They also know that Scots would rather sit at home or in the pub and watch Liverpool or Man Utd or Barcelona than go out and support their local team.  As long  as premiership clubs feel they will be better off with the TV money than without it, then our league structure (at the top end at least) will be dictated by how much the TV companies are willing to pay for what.


    'Scots' have some of the highest per capita attendances in world football.

  10. 15 minutes ago, TheMantis said:

    Sure, it's been a shambles but the impression I get is that people from the outside are pointing the finger at Scot Gardiner as he has previous and apparently is a diehard currant bun. We're just seen as the mugs who took him on despite all the baggage, and (it has to be said), we were well warned. I am not judging him - just saying how it appears from things I've read.

    This is exactly it, the only logical reason for such an illogical course of action. An extended job application. 

    Let's just see where Cooper the dug is going for a pish in a year or two.  

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  11. The club is being used as a vehicle to further the agenda of another club.

    The fans are being taken for nice-but-glaikit teuchters, and tbf, he may have a point with that.

    The damage already done to the club's reputation is considerable, and if this is not addressed quickly it could be irreparable.

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  12. Come on TF now guys, if we can't see what's going on here and the damage being inflicted on the club then really it will be dragged down with the dregs of Scottish football.


  13. 7 minutes ago, Scotty said:

    I read that statement differently, especially when he blows smoke about the reputation of DAFC .... no-one has said anything about DAFC, it was about an individual and he seems to be hiding behind his club rather than defending his personal reputation or denying what was said. In fact, he admits to making comments on the date specified, but like all bullies minimises it or attempts to blame the victim(s). I personally have no faith in ANYONE on the SPFL board to conduct business in a fair and impartial manner. They are rotten to the core. 

    Time will tell I guess.

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  14. The good folk of ICT are being played like a fiddle, for obvious ends. A fatal mistake to align the club with that rotten institution at Ibrox and undo 25 years of goodwill across the decent clubs in Scotland.

    Dunfermline's chairman's words should be taken seriously: 

    "Since the SPFL director’s resolution was first issued, a number of clubs in the Championship would confirm it is the behaviour of Inverness that has continually been aggressive and confrontational. However, no one felt it necessary to win points in public, as robust conversations take place in the normal course of a competitive business like football."

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  15. 12 hours ago, Jack Waddington said:

    In some aspects, I can understand why the revamp of the leagues was denied, but they could at least work on League Two. Set that up as a Two Up, Two Down system, or at least make a League Three. Another thing they could potentially do is add the NCFA as a feeder league to the Highland League.

    The whole thing is a shambles, and is disgraceful how the Ugly Sisters and Co. are so focused on getting money into their already well lined pockets, that there are other, smaller clubs that could go bust if they get relegated.

    Time to unfurl a banner on the opening day that reads "F*ck the SFA"

    SFA don't run the league mate.

  16. From the BBC, Cooper the Incontinent Dug again centre stage:


    Leaked Whatsapps pour fuel on fire - Saturday
    Would we get clarity? No chance.

    First, photographs emerged of signed ballot papers showing Championship trio Partick Thistle, Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Dundee all voting 'no' - which would have been enough to defeat the motion. However, Dundee's was not registered by the SPFL, with the Dens Park club apparently reconsidering their stance.

    Cue bedlam. Had they just changed their mind? Had someone 'got' to them? Did they sent it to the wrong place?

    Enter Scot Gardiner, the Inverness chief executive. He joined BBC Scotland's Sportsound to try to clear up some of the confusion and instead doused the flames with fuel by disclosing the contents of a Whatsapp group containing the Championship clubs.

    Dundee's voting slip, signed by managing director John Nelms, though the SPFL say they only received it after being told to ignore any Dundee submission
    Gardiner said Inverness, Thistle and Dundee had agreed to vote the same way and to share their ballot papers in the chat to confirm they had done so. Thistle's was posted just after 14:52. Dundee's followed at 16:24. Then Inverness' around 15 minutes later. At 16:52, Dundee secretary Eric Drysdale reiterated "DFC vote submitted".

    Then the SPFL statement appeared, highlighting the discrepancy, followed by another message to the group from Dundee saying the vote had not been received but giving their "solemn word" that it had been sent. After a slew of panicked responses, Drysdale then disclosed that he'd been told by chief executive John Nelms "to hold off on resubmitting their vote" before the Dens Park club went silent.

    No sooner had Gardiner relayed this - and excused himself from the broadcast so he could take his dog out to relieve itself - than Rangers issued a statement. And it was a big one.

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