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  1. Crikey, nae luck AD, both yer teams died.
  2. Why is he more important than you or me?
  3. Geordie Stewart was a prince of footballers, just a young genius with the ball at his feet.
  4. The Better Together mob would say that, shameless as the UK falls apart, dragging Scotland down with it.
  5. Well, that's Scotland out of Europe, not what it voted for, now denied by Tory toffs any say in its own future. Better together...
  6. I'll set them up mate.
  7. Not seeing any dangling mate...
  8. Why are people so convinced he wants to leave?
  9. Do people really think a club going for a historic 9 or 10 in a row is looking to offload a key player at a crucial time in the season? Or that even if that very happy and settled player was looking to leave, his club would spend precious time renegotiating an agreed contractual arrangement? There is one club here that is desperate for cash, which makes Buster's post above the most credible. He also has a long way to go to justify any 20m transfer fee.
  10. Where's all the unionists telling us that Better Together would keep us in Europe and save us from narrow-minded nationalism and xenophobia? How's that working out for ya guys?
  11. Inverness has always been a football town, and has/had some of the oldest clubs in the world. For more than a century, the town supported 3 or 4 thriving clubs. So, whatever the problems ICT have, it is not that the town has no football culture or history. Quite the opposite.
  12. Centuries of deforestation, SP, indigenous trees replaced by the hideous forestry plantations you see in the photo. Check out Trees for Life, they are working to bring back the natural flora and fauna.
  13. Won't someone please spare a thought and a penny for the poor middle-class people who can't play football.?
  14. Classic night, funny, don't remember the snow... Alec Young, Norman Miller... Bonus was Section B getting sent home with a flea in their ear.