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  1. dougiedanger

    Club Statement

    I am glad this is taken incredibly seriously.
  2. dougiedanger

    sectarian chants

    For those who think all this is just 'PC gone mad' etc., if you came out with this stuff 30/40 years ago you would have had a far stronger reaction and most likely a sore face for your troubles. Being a sly racist/sectarian does not make you a man. Having played football back then, I never heard anything like this because men knew how to act and it would only be the weakest ones who would try anything like this. They would soon be put in their place. Sadly, being a right-wing tw*t is now equated with being a man, but make no mistake this is a new thing, and shame on anyone who goes along with it.
  3. dougiedanger

    sectarian chants

    Pele was a sound guy and would never have put up with this kind of sectarian bile creeping into the club.
  4. dougiedanger

    sectarian chants

    Have I logged on to Follow Follow here ffs? Bizarre stuff.
  5. dougiedanger

    sectarian chants

    I would have thought even Sevco would have responded to such a sectarian outburst by one of their players. Not only is the club silent, you have guys on here defending it. Shocking stuff.
  6. dougiedanger

    sectarian chants

    Is the club just going to ignore this?
  7. dougiedanger

    Better Together ?

    Hope yer right Kingsmills mate, for the time being our voice doesn't count for anything.
  8. dougiedanger

    Better Together ?

    We don’t matter and never will until we wake up and become the progressive modern state we need to be. Scotland does not exist.
  9. dougiedanger

    Better Together ?

    How could anyone with an ounce of sense or judgement conclude that this chaos visited upon the country by the Tory party and a large number of English voters is anything but an unmitigated disaster. May has 'played a blinder'?? She barely knows what she is doing from one day to the next, and still you have Scottish voters who would rather tie themselves to the sinking 'UK' ship and the Tories who have created this and multiple other disasters over the years.
  10. dougiedanger

    Better Together ?

    If nothing else, this shambles has shown Scotland and England are two completely different places, politically and socially. Let's get the heck off this sinking ship while we can and chart our own course along with other modern, outward-looking social democracies.
  11. dougiedanger

    Better Together ?

    ooft, killer final line for Scarlet P, a good if misinformed in this case poster. Good point, too, about the younger generation, though Laurence sez their 'stock' is low doon sooth, so maybe they will have to stay and build their country into what it might be, instead of going down with that sinking ship down there.
  12. dougiedanger

    Better Together ?

    Keep posting Laurence lad, with every post you strengthen the case for independence.✌️
  13. dougiedanger

    Better Together ?

    The irony of that final line from a Brexit Brit.😃
  14. dougiedanger

    Better Together ?

    Gee, this Better Together thing is really working out, just as well we are too stupid to go it alone and put all our faith in our lords and masters, Boris, Jacob, etc. Fair play to all the No voters, you guys really called this one, caps doffed.
  15. dougiedanger

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    All the best Scotty.