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  1. dougiedanger

    Better Together ?

    Gee, this Better Together thing is really working out, just as well we are too stupid to go it alone and put all our faith in our lords and masters, Boris, Jacob, etc. Fair play to all the No voters, you guys really called this one, caps doffed.
  2. dougiedanger

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    All the best Scotty.
  3. dougiedanger

    U18's Season

    More Roddies than a Stornoway Parahandy tribute night.
  4. dougiedanger

    League cup semi finals

    He was asking for a ballot as the fairest way of deciding who plays where. Instead, there was another random, unexplained decision with no reasoning given. Every supporter should be aghast at the calamities regularly inflicted on the game by the authorities.
  5. dougiedanger

    League cup semi finals

    Rodgers was complaining about the process rather than the decision, the usual lack of transparency by Scottish football authorities.
  6. dougiedanger


    That's a great story in itself, your dad, the war and having to set up home in another country. It would not have been an easy job maintaining the playing surface at Telford Street as the drainage was not so good and it could get quite boggy. Thistle Park always had the best surface. It's an interesting angle on football in Sneck, hope you get some more feedback.
  7. dougiedanger


    Tell us more about yer da mate, sounds like a top notch guy, was he Polish, a footballer himself, where aboot were ye in Caley Road?
  8. dougiedanger

    Alan Hercher

    He just had a great knack of being in the right place at the right time for scoring opportunities. Mind the night he came back from Australia, think he came on as sub, drifted in at the back post to nod home the winner.
  9. dougiedanger

    Alan Hercher

    Guy's a football legend and a cracking person as well, so sorry to hear this. RIP Herchie.
  10. dougiedanger

    The Royal wedding

    Quite right, Scotchland would be great if it wasn't for the pesky people.
  11. dougiedanger

    Pre-season Friendlies Roll Call

    Aye, just by the dugout.
  12. dougiedanger

    EU In or Out

    Let's hear it then.
  13. dougiedanger

    EU In or Out

    Devolution is a joke anyway, either you want to take responsibility for your and your family's future or you hand it over to Rees-Mogg, Boris et al.
  14. dougiedanger

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    I don't know the rights and wrongs of the discussions, but CaleyD shows a remarkable level of restraint in the face of constant, unprovoked attacks on his character.
  15. dougiedanger

    Gary Warren told he can leave