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  1. Where's all the unionists telling us that Better Together would keep us in Europe and save us from narrow-minded nationalism and xenophobia? How's that working out for ya guys?
  2. Inverness has always been a football town, and has/had some of the oldest clubs in the world. For more than a century, the town supported 3 or 4 thriving clubs. So, whatever the problems ICT have, it is not that the town has no football culture or history. Quite the opposite.
  3. Centuries of deforestation, SP, indigenous trees replaced by the hideous forestry plantations you see in the photo. Check out Trees for Life, they are working to bring back the natural flora and fauna.
  4. Won't someone please spare a thought and a penny for the poor middle-class people who can't play football.🙁
  5. Classic night, funny, don't remember the snow... Alec Young, Norman Miller... Bonus was Section B getting sent home with a flea in their ear.
  6. What did ye used to have? Hamburgers in gravy, delicious, like those Goblin hamburgers ye used to get in a tin.
  7. Ah man, chicken curry, rice, and chips...
  8. One time at training, the new thing was 'change of pace,' so all the drills were about change of pace and beating yer man, all that. Next game, up at Milton, JB on the touchline as animated as ever. The rather rotund full back, 'Donnie', gets the ball, big bit of space in front of him, into which he lumbers gradually. 'Change of pace, Donnie, man, change of pace...' JB yells. Donnie's mind is willing, he pushes his head forward to see if that will help, but to no avail, still in slow motion... JB punches the ground, raging. 'Aw fer fck's' sake, Donnie, ah didn't mean to fckn go slower...'
  9. Massive part of so many of our lives, gave up everything for his teams, not that we properly appreciated him, but the influence he had on so many young people will stand. He would rant on for nearly all of half time, then with about a minute left would turn to Jackie and ask if he had anything to add. ‘No John, I think you’ve covered everything.’ The Beaton Generation.
  10. Here's hoping IBM, hopefully some people will have think about what's best for the country's future...
  11. This is no the Clach forum mate.
  12. So that's Johnson as your PM, everyone happy with that?
  13. Give the guy a break, he has a serious decision to make: Jeremy or Boris.🤔
  14. Everyone okay with ‘Boris’ as your PM? Out of Europe, this fella who hates Scots and Scotland, how are your prospects now?