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  1. Time to get off the sinking ship, for once and for all.
  2. The strip doesn't match up with any on that site for clubs starting with 'A'. If anyone has eagle eyes they might decipher the tattoos sported by five of the players. The only one I can make out appears to be a character with a Tam O'Shanter.
  3. What do we think about the ICT player caught singing an anti-Catholic ditty? The club weren't exactly quick to denounce this "vile sectarian behaviour".
  4. A Sneckite takes a day trip to Dingwall with his pet, a wee stoat-like creature. The pet is thirsty, so they head into the Mallard, where Gudgie Coff is working at the bar. Sneckite: ‘Excuse me mate, my pet is thirsty and fancies a beer. Do you serve minks?’ Gudgie Coff: ‘Aye, rakes.’
  5. Gudgie coff heads into the big toon of the Sneck, looking for gardening tools. Losing his bearings, he goes into a swish menswear store, where a trendy Sneck gent in suit and tie greets him. Gent: ’Good day sir, how may I help you today?’ Gudgie coff: ‘Ah’m lookeen fer a rake.’ Gent: ‘Yes, how may I help you, sir?’
  6. Man goes into a garden centre in Dingwall. Gudgie Coff is working there. Man: 'I want a rake please'. Gudgie coff: 'A rake of what?'
  7. Edam well should leave little England. For the Gouda his business.
  8. Does the UK 'balance the books' ?🤔
  9. Enjoy yer Brexit all ye unionists.
  10. Still Better Together though, eh lads.
  11. I am glad this is taken incredibly seriously.
  12. For those who think all this is just 'PC gone mad' etc., if you came out with this stuff 30/40 years ago you would have had a far stronger reaction and most likely a sore face for your troubles. Being a sly racist/sectarian does not make you a man. Having played football back then, I never heard anything like this because men knew how to act and it would only be the weakest ones who would try anything like this. They would soon be put in their place. Sadly, being a right-wing tw*t is now equated with being a man, but make no mistake this is a new thing, and shame on anyone who goes along with it.
  13. Pele was a sound guy and would never have put up with this kind of sectarian bile creeping into the club.