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  1. 11 hours ago, old caley girl said:

    Did you actually read the statement 

    Yes I did thanks 

    Another way of looking at this latest blip is that the supporters trust who don’t represent the whole ICT support I would like to reiterate wanted one of their own to fill the position but have thrown the toys out of the pram when the club haven’t offered them such role 


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  2. Fair play to the club they should decide who fills this role it’s not for the likes of a caleyjagsforever to decide they only speak for their members not the entire ICT support

    The club will no doubt offer candidates to apply that way they will get to approach a broader and wider fan base 


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  3. You would think it would be the responsibility of the parent club to accurately collate all the info regarding results and history etc

    After all they stripped the assets took the names and attempted and somewhat failed to take the majority of the Inverness football fraternity with them

    I think a measly few photos on the stadium wall and the HFA in Dingwall is totally unacceptable in my opinion 

    Had it not been for the likes of Mantis and the contributors to his nostalgia site there would be absolutely nothing







  4. 1 hour ago, CaleyD said:

    Yet, here you are, unable to keep away 🤷‍♂️

    A tad rich considering you’re last dissappearing act resembled Shergar going missing then reappearing in burger rolls somewhere on the emerald isle

    You sneaked back in trying to be some sort of self appointed saviour,well you don’t full me





  5. 17 hours ago, IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER said:

    Dougal is a long term season ticket holder and has probably has been to more games than most - and he rarely shouts at games. 

    Haven’t renewed this season Ender but you are right I’ve been attending games since the seventies and I have a far greater knowledge of football than most of the roasters on this site anyway

    Im now signed up to P&b are you a member there ?

    As for shouting at the dump you get treated like a leper so is it any wonder why it’s so quiet



  6. Maybe it’s just me but this site seems to have deteriorated quite considerably over the last year or two and the contributors have become less and less 

    Its plainly obvious that traffic has reduced dramatically the question is why?

    1. Twitter and Facebook has put the final nail in the football forum

    2.  Caley thistle fans seemed to have started posting elsewhere reading pie and bovril there are a number of ex CTO posters now active on that site and they certainly don’t seem to hold back from slagging us off

    3. Over zealous moderating any subject that is in anyway slightly contentious seems to get closed or deleted altogether. 

    4. Caley jags forever fiasco 

    Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill but I personally think there is something really wrong within the ranks of support 

    I’m more disillusioned with Scottish football as a whole than any of the reasons I’ve given above if I’m being honest although I’m thinking  of giving pie and bovril a go even if it’s just to help the boredom






  7. So yet another pre-season playing against pure diddies and therefore not preparing sufficiently enough for the season ahead

    I’m not saying we should have glamour friendlies but a little imagination from those that claim to be the guardians of this club is needed 

    We deserve better



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  8. From Cool Hand Luke

     What we’ve got here is failure to communicate, some men you just can’t reach, so you get what we had last week, which is the way he wants it. Well he gets it .I don’t like it any more than you men



  9. First time I’ve logged in for ages due to my disillusionment with Scottish football but it sadly seems little has changed

    Think most folk know my general feelings on caleyjagsforever so I won’t go over old ground but it’s vitally important that a club like ours has a fans movement with a say at board level

    At the very least I think a name change is required especially if there is to be new blood on the fans board all credibility appears to have been nullified under the previous regime

    One thing I do find curious is however why someone who has spent most of his football watching life being a season ticket holder at  Tannadice would even put himself in such a position to lead a fans group of another club why?

    I find it astonishing that the lack of Invernessian input there is in ICT but I suppose that’s society now or it is in this neck of the woods 

    This is the time for ordinary Inverness punters which certainly appear to be a dying breed to step forward to get involved and you challenge what’s already in place 



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  10. 23 hours ago, Charles Bannerman said:

    I am just home after my traditional couple of quiet hours out on Boxing Night, which always include a visit to the ICT Social Club.

    Tonight I walked into the bar to find seven people - Laurie Redfern, a stalwart regular, Sandy the barman and five Rangers fans playing pool and playing Rangers songs on the jukebox. By happy coincidence, my arrival in the bar coincided with the jukebox proclaiming "Hello, hello...." to which I took great delight in responding, loudly "You WERE the Billy Boys".... which went down about as well as a Hail Mary in the Louden Tavern. :laugh: But, as Corporal Jones used to say.... "They do NOT like it up 'em Captain Mainwaring! they do NOT like it up 'em." Into the bargain, I didn't particularly like what I think is the ongoing presence of a picture of Ibrox on the Social Club wall. This is the Social Club of Inverness Caledonian Thistle - much more recent winners than (The) Rangers (if at all? :lol:) of a national title. There is baggage here that we really do not need. Get rid of the bloody thing!

    My point? If the Football Club is, as we now know, being reconstructed as an institution much closer to the community and the fans. This must therefore also become the case with the Social Club. Friends of mine🤪

    Got as far as this and suddenly realised this entire post was probably completely fabricated nonsense, certainly has an air of “against all odds”  to it

    As for the social club whether it was pre merger or post merger it was infiltrated by some of the biggest belters Inverness had to offer and by the sounds of it still does



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  11. Think most folk on here know my feelings on Caleyjagsforever so I won’t go over old ground but I also won’t claim to say I told you so either

    We should remember these type of fan groups do not represent the entire clubs support, however they can cross the line when they try and act like they do so

    New board members might make a difference but everyone needs to be reading from the same hymnsheet therefore getting the correct folk in is vitally important but they should be vetted first not just added because they are keen

    Background checks are a must





  12. 12 hours ago, jingsmonty said:

    Interesting feature, which I missed on the night as I was sitting shivering in the North Stand...silly me!

    I have to agree with Robbo about the history though - as a former Jaggie, we do have a long shared history with 'Caley', but our club was formed in 1994...please don't get me started on the Refuseniks who abandoned us though!! 

    Refuseniks did not abandon anyone or anything they simply did not want to become a part of a franchised institution, I admire their stance and their integrity 

    Robbo is 100% spot on and I admire him for stating the bleeding obvious, maybe old Caley girl and Kingsmills should contact him if they take offence and tell him Hearts and Hibs should have merged years ago as it would have been the making of Edinburgh as a football force ffs 

    Well said Robbo


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  13. 39 minutes ago, jingsmonty said:

    Fair point, but think the whole 'attracting undesireables' is totally overblown - there's thankfully not much of that in Inverness

    Don’t you believe it, The Apprentice  boys of Derry don’t march in Inverness because they fancy a nice stroll in the spring sunshine they do as they have a supportive network for these marches to take place

    You only need to go out in town on a Saturday night and it won’t take long to see how many undesirables there are in Inverness


  14. I personally don’t have anything against such an event or the armed forces for that matter but it’s the type of character these events attracts is the issue

    Far right groups like the SDL, local supporting orcs,loyalists, unionists the orange order all try and jump on the bandwagon and use the armed forces as an excuse to meet up for a good bevvy and possibly cause bother

    Like Rene says it should not be exclusive to the armed forces  and other professions should also have their day



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  15. 21 hours ago, ictchris said:

    Some of the utter pish that people write on this website is an embarrassment. Imagine being a grown man and sitting down and typing this stuff out.

    If I can give you some advice Chris never venture into the latest download section on the main page that's where the real wallopers seem to post stuff

    Lord Provost Dougal