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  1. dougal

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Decent performance in my opinion we matched County once again but the real problem here is JR’s inability to kill off teams tactically once we get the lead. He can blame the defence all he wants but it’s the same defence tactically he sets out week in week out I think the replay is a huge game now for Robbo, he has to change something and I would start to try and play the game on the deck I just think we are too predictable and County know that now Bigger park will actually suit County next week so we can’t afford to set up the same like last night. Dougal
  2. dougal

    Scottish Cup Pitch Flag

    Had The supporters trust or any group of ICT fans for that matter been in possession of the flag last night it would have been the ideal time to display it due to the number of fans in our end. It certainly would have added to the occasion especially with it being on live tv. Cutting it up would be an absolute outrage and I would have to question the motive for carrying out such an act. No-one would want a rag as a momento.The only place to benefit would be the clootie well or the nearest landfill site. Dougal
  3. dougal

    Having a ball

    Well that alone will help the sales. Dougal
  4. dougal

    Scottish Cup Pitch Flag

    Think handing it over tho the newly named ICT supporters trust as a free gift would be a goodwill gesture. Doofersdad would it be something the trust would be interested in? That way the flag remains within the club and can be displayed at any game in the future Dougal
  5. dougal

    19 years. Yikes.

    ^^^^^ Fake news I think the more likely scenario was that you were outside the main gates involved in the demonstration calling for John Barnes to resign. Dougal
  6. dougal

    Women’s team finally

    ^^^^^^ Verging on tears. Shame Mr Caleyjag still obviously can’t take a lighthearted joke. Your sensitivity is quite sweet though you remind me of my late grandmother. Dougal
  7. dougal

    Having a ball

    Nah as I’ve matured I’m more choosy who I drink with Dougal
  8. dougal

    Caley Away Superiority Complex

    So the fact that you don’t have a season ticket ,rarely attend home games and freely admit to not buying official merchandise you ain’t really adding to the coffers or contributing to the club you seem to have a lot to say about then? Dougal
  9. dougal

    Caley Away Superiority Complex

    Well I will give you a comparison from my own experience. I went to Stenhousemuir in the Scottish cup early nineties on the bus organised by Finlay’s Bar. Maybe you were on it but then again you might have been in the East end of Glasgow that afternoon? Now that was an away day probably only bettered by St Johnstone in the replay same campaign I think! The away day now is now unrecognisable you are sitting amongst numerous blue rinses where the highlight of the journey is sampling the home baking that they take turns distributing each week and that sadly is no fishing trip. Dougal
  10. dougal

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    Only some of the stuff? So what stuff are you ok with? Dougal
  11. Robbo alluded to this very subject yesterday in his post match comments. Robbo we do indeed have a minority away support that create a better atmosphere than the entire home support however they aren’t the ones paying your wages ya rocket. Caley Away are lining the pockets of all the other clubs they visit and they should remember that instead of coming on here and shouting how good they are compared to the home support This is the time that all fans home and away should unite it’s not all about my dads bigger and better than your dad. Dougal
  12. It was reported yesterday 2100 attended but I think most sane people will admit it never looked like there was even close to 2000 there, either the figures are being manipulated or the club are including all season tickets sold whether they are in attendance or not. My concern is that this will continue to drop not just because of the poor football on show but Robbo's criticism of the home support in his post match rant is not going to help matters. Ok probably the weather was also a factor yesterday which I fully understand but when does these figures actually become a concern to the board and the so called guardians of the club? Dougal
  13. dougal

    Stadium gifting complete

    I’d rename it the Inverness and Nairn Enterprise Plastic Dome. Weren’t they the ones who had the great insight to locate a stadium in the worst posdible position Inverness could offer? It doesn’t matter what it’s renamed it will always be known as the dump by Invernessians because that is exactly what it is. Gift eh? Don’t make me laugh lol Dougal
  14. dougal

    The Battle of The Jags

    Nah they already have one roaster doing that, having said that maybe he’s back running around a track like a headless chicken so there could be an opening after all Dougal
  15. dougal

    ICT v County

    The great Jock Stein once said “Football is nothing without fans” I fully understand you endorse the franchised model when it comes to football clubs but he was right without fans the game will die Dougal