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  1. Was the official attendance announced yesterday ? Dougal
  2. As a club have the custodians consolidated that we are a championship outfit, maybe once in a blue moon we might get a chance for a year or two in the SPL although even that seems unlikely as the years pass by! Without a serious cash injection or a Uncle Roy appearing over the horizon I tend to think that we have reached our correct level in the Scottish game. I think our fan base or what’s left of it have resigned to the fact we are, a result like yesterdays debacle would have sparked outrage on here in the past but it’s passed with hardly a whimper reading the match thread etc. I still think they the board are heading us down the part time football route at some point similar to the model that Arbroath are adopting but I sincerely hope I’m wrong Thoughts? Dougal
  3. It’s been 4 years now I would have thought that would be classed as a LOT of time. Are we blaming the pandemic or CaleyD? It would be good to know has this project been finally binned. Still confused Dougal
  4. Football in this country was correctly called of in my opinion. The sad reality is that fans from some clubs maybe not them all would fail miserably to observe a minutes silence which says a lot about the society we now live in. Dougal
  5. This has the potential to be the lowest ever competitive home ICT attendance. We should play in that ghastly away top it will be like going back in time and recreating a fixture at Kingsmills against the likes of Rothes. Disillusionment Dougal
  6. I’m not trying to throw the current supporters trust board under the bus in fact I’m wishing them all the best as they hopefully grow and prosper. Doofersdad to me is one of the most level headed and sensible posters on here, a marked improvement on some of the lunatics who were on the supporters board in previous guises. My point regarding the Invernessian still stands though. The lack of involvement by locals in ICT whether that being on the Supporters Trust Board, Mods on CTO or for that matter the most prolific posters on here is quite staggering and I don’t believe anyone can argue with that as these are hard facts. I’d even go as far as saying our neighbours up north have got as much Inverness support/involvement as ICT. How they have managed that I don’t but you have to tip your hat to their marketing department despite what you might think of them as a club. Dougal
  7. Now now Huisdean we both know where your loyalties lie , love how guys like you switch allegiances depending on what way the wind blows. I’d hazard a guess you’ve seen far more games at Pittodrie than you ever have at the dump but I’m sure you will correct me if I’m wrong By no means I’m singling you out there are many more on this site that have big teams too I can name a fair number if asked Come on ye reds lol 😂 Dougal
  8. You have got to wonder what the Duran Duran boys thought all about it? Hundreds of empty seats in a half constructed stadium along with the waft of turds from the landfill site. I guess not the most pleasurable of experiences and one they are unlikely to hurry back to in the future. Dougal
  9. Hi Mr Mantis Thanks for the warm welcome back not going to lie I ain’t been to a game since the pandemic but I can see myself making the odd appearance this season when I can be bothered. I agree the folk you spoke about in 1994 never had any foresight other than personal gain hell mend them, the fact that this subject still lingers on 28 years later on albeit on Facebook pages as you put it anyway speaks volumes. Great shame the pyramid system never came to light back then as there would have been no need for such merger/murder etc The Inverness football fraternity have body swerved the new club from day one and continue to do so, the dwindling numbers now attending is the proof in the pudding. 108 years of proud tradition poured down the drain to suit a minority Caledonian Fc RIP Moving forward they should do a Ferranti thistle/Meadowbank rebrand I suggest it’s time to lose the CT and replace with City or United Along with different neutral coloured strips and badge changes the club has still a chance to grow but not in the current form. Dougal
  10. Thanks for the info can you expand? I’d hazard a guess the numbers would mirror the numbers of moderators on CTO most are no longer residing in Inverness and have little or no ties to the city. Looking at the website I notice there are only a few board members mentioned why do some remain anonymous, but then again I suppose this happens in all secret organisations not just the trust. Dougal
  11. Are there any born and bred Invernessians on the board ? Dougal
  12. One things for sure the concerts won’t attract new fans to ICT. All I heard from various work colleagues friends etc that went the facilities were inadequate and the queues horrendous. Most commented on the location and they couldn’t understand how a stadium was ever constructed where it was. I never heard the exact figures now being branded as losses but that a loss was made maybe the board were too ambitious with the acts secured. Could they or should they have ran a smaller event to begin with as a trial run? Jedward? Dougal
  13. Question 1. Why has it taken 28 years for ICT to even acknowledge Inverness Thistle? Question 2. Why the sudden change in tact just seems a very cynical attempt to get the fools from up the hill back on their plastic bandwagon? It screams desperation to me they have finally realised that the majority of Invernessians have turned their backs on their highland football experiment they created. ICT was created for the incomer to Inverness while hoping the new generations would also jump aboard in time. Since relegation from the top flight it looks like both are also dwindling away. A massive own goal by the marketing department and shame on them. Dougal
  14. Every senior club in Scotland so far has come through COVID I fail to see why the ICT board should be singled out and applauded. Dougal
  15. Official Attendance last night? It may well be a diddy cup but it was heartwarming seeing Cove put 5 past an Orc Eleven🤣 Dougal
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