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  1. dougal

    Inverness Restaurants

    Before today's game I decided to go for a bite to eat in the Castle Restaurant on Castle Street Now this establishment is still my no1 favourite eatery in town and I have dined there many many times over the years Delicious food, great portions, reasonably priced and always busy with hungry customers Does anyone know when the Castle Restaurant opened in Inverness I'd guess it would have been the 1970's but my first memories were the early 80s? Over the years many restaurants have opened and closed their doors in Inverness but the Castle Restaurant keeps out serving the lot What memories do others have of restaurants from the great days of yore? (past or present) Dougal
  2. dougal

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    I nearly fell asleep attempting to watch the first half, second half improved slightly but if this continues just watch the already poor attendance drop as entertainment was at a minimum Sad thing is Yogi probably thinks last night was a success as ball retention was reasonably good Hope this post was acceptable to mods and won't be removed by mods without an explanation Dougal
  3. dougal

    Billy McKay best goals video!

    Great watch he will be a huge gap to fill when he does eventually leave the club whenever that is Still think if Yogi got a decent striking partner in beside Billy you would get even more goals out of him Dougal
  4. dougal

    Hamilton v Inverness CT

    Superb result huge three points already as it was a tricky opening fixture Delighted that we beat the first plastic pitch cheats let's hope we can do the same to Killie Accies and Killie for relegation Dougal
  5. dougal


    JIM I would class that as an extremely lucky escape Dougal
  6. dougal

    Positive or Negative

    Take it you went to Dens that day as a neutral then..? Dougal
  7. dougal

    Mckay to Fleetwood/Frankfurt/Fraserburgh?

    I agree 65k is scandalous if that was the correct figure offered Realistically though we will have to accept a reduced fee one of these days though otherwise he will eventually have to go for nothing while out of contract Billy McKay realises for him to become a starter on the international scene he's going to have to take the step up to a superior league and he now sees his future lying elsewhere Think Yogi's reluctance to find him a strike partner speaks volumes Dougal
  8. dougal

    Scottish League Cup draw

    Well there's the sectarian singing, bigotry and threatening behaviour from the Orcs for a start Saying that there will be certain board members and fans delighted with a trip to castle greyskull as they can play homage to their big team Other than getting some money in the coffers it's a sickening draw for us and one which we could easily fall Judging by the game the other night against Hibs looks like the Orcs do indeed walk away so not even convinced the money side will be that lucrative Dougal
  9. dougal

    Positive or Negative

    You are an odd individual Davie, a self acclaimed Dundee Utd supporter who's watches ICT yet wants Aberdeen to win the league Good fishing on your part though as I've nibbled Dougal
  10. dougal

    Birmingham Away

    Water retention would be more apt Surely the club should vet what Yogi is going to say to the tabloids before he meets up with them Dougal
  11. dougal

    Summer transfer targets

    Yogi's lack of business in the transfer market is very alarming, I can see us doing a County this January where there will be an influx of panic loanees arriving Have we downsized our scouting etc? New signings over the summer is a must for any club in my opinion not only does it help take new fans in but it also keeps existing players at the club on their toes Dougal
  12. dougal

    Predicted Final Table

    Will we be cheating when we have one as well? Yes 100% cheating but hopefully this ridiculous scenario never comes to fruition The only way I would grudgingly accept such a pitch was it to be part of a purpose built community stadium move away from our current location Installing a plastic pitch at the dump would be the last straw for me and many more traditional Invernessian football fans you would see another 500 at least coming off our home crowds Dougal
  13. dougal

    Birmingham Away

    The fact Birmingham fans see Andrew Shinnie as a diddy sums up the state and standard of Scottish football for me Maybe too big a step up for the lad wouldn't be surprised to see him return to Scotland when his contract expires Dougal
  14. dougal

    Predicted Final Table

    It's maybe a saving grace that the Orcs along with both Edinburgh clubs are in the championship this coming season as it could be argued that it will be the weakest top flight scottish league ever I honestly believe ourselves and County could be in a relegation fight from the off Celtic Aberdeen Dundee Utd St Johnstone Motherwell Dundee Partick St Mirren Ross County ICT Kilmarnock Hamilton Hopefully both Killie and Hamilton will get relegated seeing they are cheating with their plastic pitches Dougal
  15. dougal

    Birmingham Away

    Worrying stuff reading this, what I can't understand is Yogi's insistence in continuing to try this tippy tappy defending, time after time now it has resulted in us conceding soft goals Considering Yogi as a player never played this way I find it very strange this is how he sees it in his head anyway Yogi was a stopper and a no nonsense defender that had little football in him so surely he'd more qualified on the game he knows not trying to introduce some continental style that is obviously foreign to us Think It's time for a rethink in tactics or it's going to end in tears Dougal
  16. dougal

    County v Caley Fans Match

    Both the charities have been named in post #6 . I know...but that's not what I asked. I'd like to support the ICT fans by donating to their chosen charity, so need to know which of those 2 it is. Very childish response both worthwhile charities and both should benefit equally in my opinion as a result of this event Take it you and caleyjagsforever are not involved in this event then? Dougal
  17. dougal

    Merger Talk

    In my opinion the merger reminds me of ethnic cleansing. Without a shadow of doubt in my eyes anyway there was a deliberate process put in place to rid the old guard and install the new ICT have created a prawn sandwich support and only the youth coming through now can change that but it will take time, the club is still only 20years old Ok stadium location doesn't help but the atmosphere at the dump is up there with the worst in Scotland I fail to see how putting beer on tap is the answer but it might get some of these clowns to burst into song or chant so all suggestions are welcome Dougal
  18. dougal

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    Is it any wonder that we see so many kids and and adults too for that matter wearing the latest replica tops of the Old firm, Aberdeen and County in Inverness Ok it could be argued that there will always be an element of this but the club are doing themselves no favours whatsoever in this delay and it will effect sales or worse still make some kids by other teams kits.A one off delay I could accept but this is a recurring problem and needs addressed Dougal
  19. dougal

    Merger Talk

    I thought the whole point of this forum or any forum for that matter was to stimulate debate and that means the debate should be from both sides however that is obviously not the case and that happy clapping is the only side that is tolerated No wonder so many ICT supporters have left CTO for P&B over the years and not returned Pathetic!!!! Dougal
  20. dougal

    Merger Talk

    Inverness had been deprived of senior football for decades and it was a disgrace that it took until 1994 for it to come to fruition Bannerman keeps harping on about how many more fans attend now than they did in the highland league but let's be perfectly honest here it wouldn't have mattered what team gained entry whether it was ICT,Caledonian,Inverness Thistle,United or plain old Inverness the numbers would have increased as the attraction was senior league football Had Caledonian entered alone you would have all the same ICT fans that attend today minus the odd jaggie granted but the whole Howden End would be there too The merger has decimated the Inverness football family and fragmented it into the following categories 1 Pre merger fans(Caley & Jags) that attended highland league games regularly 5% 2 Pre merger so called fans that maybe attended now and again or indeed if ever(Jonhny come latelys i.e CaleyD) 15% 3 Incomers to Inverness/post merger fans 40% 4 Inverness youths born after merger and as a result not permanently scarred 30% 5 Menopausel women 10% Yes folk can argue over the % against each category but I doubt I'm far off the mark Dougal
  21. dougal

    Clach v ICT

    Sneck boy I will back you up on this one no way are you exaggerating about Davie Milroy's headers I clearly recall watching him head the ball 50yards or more at a frightening pace too, maybe that had something to do with his oddly shaped heed though to be fair Dougal
  22. dougal

    New Sponsor

    I agree that these stupid subway mascot costumes look pretty tragic but we should remember that Subway are an American firm and that if they can introduce a bit of disney into our game they will They are the main sponsor so they will now have a big say what happens inside the stadium on match days Dougal
  23. dougal

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    Crazy how long we take to release new replica strips I would have thought like season tickets the priority would be to get as many as possible sold ASAP so the money is in the bank and could be made available to Yogi for squad additions or ground improvements Regardless whether it's the clubs fault or the supplier it's time for better communication between the two in future Dougal Dougal, and those who liked your post. Has it ever crossed your mind that we dont take long to release a kit. Is it not obvious by now that mid-July is the time we have released kit since using Errea. All clubs have a time of year when they release such. We choose July. Alex if this latest debacle is down to the supplier and not the club well surely the club should be trying for a new supplier Would there have been the same delay had we had atraditional football supplier like yer umbros,adidas,admirals or le coq sportif? It's ok trying to do things on the cheap but that brings it's own problems Dougal
  24. dougal

    Merger Talk

    Not the initials I was thinking of, but here's a picture of the man in question! Don't really get schoolboy humour hence why I don't get many of the resident schoolboys posts on the forum but for the life of me I don't really see the relevance of a squirrel to be honest or am I missing something? One things for certain I'd rather be a squirrel than a weasel#charlie though any day of the week Anyway back to Mikey Noble's article in the telegraph about no go areas in town, I still think that exists to a certain extent, I never wear colours to the football but on numerous occasions I've seen various licensed establishments turn away ICT fans on match days due to wearing replica tops (no football colours being the reason given by bouncers) yet away supporters seem to get the green light and gain entry Not sure if this is widespread in Inverness but maybe that's why the Innes bar is so popular as it welcomes in our support wearing colours Dougal
  25. dougal

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    Crazy how long we take to release new replica strips I would have thought like season tickets the priority would be to get as many as possible sold ASAP so the money is in the bank and could be made available to Yogi for squad additions or ground improvements Regardless whether it's the clubs fault or the supplier it's time for better communication between the two in future Dougal