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  1. Dave there were busses leaving 30+ years ago but not in the same numbers as they are now. Dougal
  2. I’d hazard a well educated guess there are more born and bred Invernessians that follow County than ICT. Think we need to remember that ICT were not formed for the fans they were formed for the ego trippers and the greed of certain local businessmen. Along with the worst possible location in Inverness to put a football stadium our attendances are no surprise to me. Busses leave town to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Dingwall every Saturday with Inverness football fans, there is no town or city in the whole of Scotland that has such a diversity of fans that support clubs other than their local team. When you have large swathes of Inverness like Merkinch and Dalneigh who despise us we struggle for identity The Inverness football fraternity was ripped to shreds from the off and it will take a generation or two before the wounds heal over. Dougal
  3. Result not too shabby considering we went a goal down and the defence we now have I suppose. What concerns me more was the atmosphere never can I remember it being so flat. Maybe we could get Peat and Diesel to give us a tune at half time that would liven things up Dougal
  4. I actually feel a tad sorry for Robbo after this debacle of a transfer period. 800k losses the last two years though tells its own story though I guess we are in a desperate situation. Im hearing next to depart is Ridgers to Countyin the summer when that boy from Chelsea returns home. Dougal
  5. Pog mo thoin Yet another concerning development it seems to me the club has ran out of ideas attracting Invernessians when they are targeting the local garlic community. dougal
  6. I know Orcs have very low intellect but here goes. Maybe this has escaped you but we are possibly going to lose our entire defence, Coll to County, Jamie to Partick and Shaun to Dundee. These three along with Ridgers are the sole reason we are currently second in the championship and in a play off spot. To be in this position is an absolute outrage and the board are 100% guilty of not tying these guys down on longer contracts or at least have them staggered so situations like this can’t happen. Im starting to question whether the board really want us back in the top flight also the fact that two of the players seem willing to transfer to two of our present rivals at the moment I wonder do the players think so too. Dougal
  7. I also agree we let Sutherland go too soon previously however taking him back would still be a risk. Think it all depends on Shane’s mindset as there is a footballer in there that naturally can score goals. Being exposed to Elgin folk for years though isn’t a plus point let’s hope he ain’t developed that annoying twang they have. Dougal
  8. Questions must start to be asked regarding the pitch and it’s future suitability the last few years we have seen more and more call offs. Im afraid sea water, sea air and been open to the elements for twenty years has done untold damage. Never should a football pitch been situated on an area that was only suitable for a landfill site. Dougal
  9. Berra has never been a top player. Just imagine a back four with Berra, Toshney and another couple of jobbers? The match ball would be bouncing along the A9 much to the the annoyance off all the drivers on the Kessock bridge. The mind boggles Dougal
  10. This continuous transfer movement north over the bridge is a deeply worrying trend and in my eyes an absolute outrage. Cant believe how many home fans see this acceptable behaviour from the so called guardians of this club. Maybe it’s time for a name change ICT to ICR would be appropriate as we have basically become Inverness County Reserves. I don’t even think Donaldson will be that great acquisition for County but he’s far better than the likes of Lewis Toshney who is a proven county reject. Never have I been more disillusioned Dougal
  11. It’s sad because County are now extracting the urine out of us as they Lord it up in the league above. It shows a complete lack of ambition from the so called guardians of our club shame on them. Doubt you will be so upbeat when you hear who the jobber is that is lined up to replace him. 3 or 4 trialists will be training with us shortly and if the names I’ve heard are correct the future is deeply concerning Dougal
  12. Coll Donaldson is the latest County signing or will be in the next 24-48 hours once again it reinforces that we are now the official feeder club for County Sad days Dougal
  13. MrMantis the first three films were great but then again I was a kid then, sadly the trilogy has deteriorated as it’s progressed. They are sci fi fantasy but you get a far greater sense of reality from them than you would get from reading the likes of Against All Odds Dougal
  14. Along with a green brigade beanie Dougal
  15. Any on here watching the Darts? Ive hardly missed a throw the competition gets bigger and better every year. Enhanced this year by the women and fair play to Fallon Sherrock think what she achieved by taking two scalps has done the game and particularly the women’s game the world of good. Anyway I think the tournament is now wide open and anyone could win it. Anyone but Gerwyn Price for me and I will be content. Feel free to discuss here? Dougal
  16. Still think the club should have issued limited pre merger kits to celebrate the 25th anniversary. They would have sold like hot cakes and a tidy profit would have been made. Sadly there seems to be a lack of forward thinking in our commercial department. Am I surprised? NO!!! Dougal
  17. Ryan Christie is on his way to the English Premiership he’s too good for Scottish football Without doubt the most talented footballer that has come from Inverness Dougal
  18. From a football point of view it has to be the Scottish Cup Final it’s been the pinnacle yet the club has sadly been on a steady decline since however and the fans have dwindled away. From a non football point of view it has to be Bannerman’s resignation from the forum never have I seen toys thrown so far out of a pram in what can only be described as a seething mess. Both the above glorious days IMO dougal
  19. Welcome to the forum Joseph. Inverness has expanded massively in the last twenty five years and the influx of incomers to the area has been huge so much so you really struggle to hear an Invernessian accent in the stands during home games at times. Ross county have as many Inverness born and bred supporters if not more so than ICT astonishing that may sound but it’s true. Think there are a number of reasons for this but Inverness has never embraced ICT and continue to not do so. The so called guardians 25 years ago got it so terribly wrong the stench still remains today lingering about in the city all be it not so strong. Time being a great healer and that I suppose. We do attract fans out with the city from the likes of your rural Aberdeenshire’s, Chorley and Caithness yokels Etc but they also seem to have the baggage of being old firm fans. As Inverness keeps expanding let’s hope more incomers arrive and swell the attendances at the dump Dougal
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    Could you not have enquired regarding the availability of the lodge from the brethren or did you have another ceremony Saturday evening? Does it not speak volumes that no one on CTO appears to have attended the Hall of Shame Dougal
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    I still find it absolutely astonishing that there is still a lunatic fringe within our support that think rank and file fans mean something to the guardians of this club. I very much doubt there were any true supporters in the Drummossie last night. You could probably count them on one hand at a push. Hall of Fame more like Hall of Shame Dougal
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    John Beaton

    Fat John Skinny John’s barmy army RIP Dougal
  23. Now that was a huge passionate and predominantly Invernessian support it certainly puts into perspective the football experience from a fans point of view every other Saturday down the dump under the new guise. I do remember the snow that night and I also remember the Airdrie section B for bigots hurling snow balls at The Caley Ball boys and Hamish Morrison. Watching that footage reinforces to me why it was and still is an absolute disgrace that Caledonian Fc weren’t allowed to go alone but then again the merger wasn’t done for football reasons. what could and should have been eh? ? Dougal
  24. I’m not on CTO much these days mainly due to the soul destroying happy clappers but there are some amount of melt downs on Twitter regarding the move of Joe Chalmers and rightly so IMO. It appears now instead of being a feeder club to Aberdeen for years which I could grudgingly accept, we have now an unhealthy allegiance with County(Draper,McKay,Vigurs etc)and this certainly doesn’t sit well with me and many others. Its quite frankly not good enough and it is bound to have a detrimental effect on the purchase of season tickets for next season. It clearly shows the so called guardians of our club have very little or any ambition on returning to the top flight. A club from a city with a population of nearly 100k bowing down to a club from a village that has 5k sounds absolutely ludicrous but that’s what’s happening and only highlights this new worrying trend. Dougal