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  1. your fans were great, sung their hearts out and looked like they really enjoyed themselves. Made more noise than ive heard from an away support in a long time. Puts a lot of travelling SPL teams supporters to shame thanks ! You see: We didn't lie :_thumbup:
  2. Great support Antwerpfans !! About 200 fans went to ICT ...
  3. f*ck Liverpool ! Antwerp is an English football club... We are a feeder club from Man Utd...
  4. We beat the rivals !!! :_blah: http://rafc.tv/?page=1&video=1075 amazing sound !
  5. It's all in Chinese. :( :D :D :D Nice one ..
  6. Can't wait for a new trip to Scotland :023: Falkirk and dundee was amazing... Hull City, Bristol, ... always a great away-support ! Falkirk Linkage -> Dunde linkage-> Bristol City Linkage -> Bristol was just amazing ... 1000 lads... Let's go ******* mental !
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