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  1. Goals and points are the only stats that matter. We are in real bother now
  2. It was awful to watch rolling about then rolling to get his foot back into the pitch. Then when the ref carried on with the game he decides to come on to the pitch. Ref waves him back to the touchline and the Utd fans weren’t half booing him. Deserved tbh Can’t be bothered with that crap whichever team you play for
  3. Local derbies with the reborn Jags
  4. That was utter crap. But WTF happened at the end. Ferguson shook hands with the Ayr manager and went straight up the tunnel and to top it off the only player that bothered to come down near the north stand and show any kind of appreciation for the fans was Alex Samuel and he’s a Ross County player.
  5. Hope you are wrong but not good times for sure.
  6. I’ll just play in goals. No running about
  7. There will be a few more thinking you are right
  8. We are in trouble apart from the initial surge. When he had Dodds players we haven’t done well. Since his own signings we have been really poor
  9. Happy New Year Les.  Scott was saying you were on the mend last Saturday which is good news.  Wishing you all the best for 2024 and hope you have a better year than last.


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