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  1. Do they do season ticket refunds. What a poor service £260 or whatever for this. And yes im being a bit sarcastic like many I’d never ask for it back but a lot of money for a shortened season and then to be lumbered with this poor quality service is like a smack in the face with a wet fish. And i rarely if ever do I complain on a forum 😀 would we willingly donate for anything else with such a poor product I highly doubt it For the first time I actually feel really taken for granted 😢
  2. Is the camera man pi$$ed whats going on?
  3. I agree. Carson was getting to the point he would be in my team sheet every week. A midfielder who isn’t afraid to get stuck in. Great work rate and getting better the more he played.
  4. 3 onwards looks ok. I could sit outside with jacket hat etc and watch on laptop. Could freeze and get a more realistic experience. Can even have a hot pie 😀
  5. £10 PPV for games is very reasonable. In what will be a short season probably works out about half our season ticket price Good value for non ST holders
  6. The second chance should have hit the target
  7. Went there when I was 15 or 16 to watch Soldier Blue and the exorcist many times after. Loved the La Scala always went upstairs especially when I had a girl 😀😀
  8. Finding money for season tickets is going to be quite challenging for a lot of people this season I’d imagine. Like many I’m sure I’m now furloughed and going to get 80% wages. Spending money on my renewal is about the last thing I could afford at the moment I always do the early bird thing but maybe not this year 🙁
  9. Great ideas but unlikely to happen. Those in charge will bend over for the Ugly Pair and Sky Tv. If there’s not 4 games a season for them to televise they won’t even consider it.
  10. Looks like he’s going to need a bus
  11. We are now closer to Partick at the bottom than Utd at the top ?
  12. I really don’t like singling out players as I have no doubt they all give their all when playing but in the last 4 games we drew with Alloa lost to Morton beat QoS and lost to Dundee Utd. Guess which one Todorov started
  13. Totally agree was at the game v Arbroath when Herchee was immense Even the div3 team was much more exciting than what we are watching now.