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  1. Maybe not if he goes to the football 😀
  2. WOW just WOW What a day p.s. the roadworks on the A9 just now unreal they are everywhere p.p.s. Rig thanks for the troll inn tip. Not sure if it was meant seriously but we had a great time the only two ICT fans in amongst jam packed Arabs great place to be and would go back in a heartbeat
  3. And incredibly Queens are now only 5 points off bottom having played a game more than the teams below them. Tight league now
  4. My mistake I thought it was the uncovered section didn’t realise they had some undercover as well. Thanks
  5. Doesn’t seem fair that Quay get the uncovered section. I don’t suppose for a minute they will be many of them but at least give them a roof over their heads. What happened to our highland hospitality
  6. I must agree with this. The whole situation was a farce why only two turnstiles for such a big crowd was ridiculous they finally decided to open the gates beside the turnstiles but the game was starting and there were still hundreds of people waiting. Many who had turned up long before the game was due to start
  7. Cheers Scarlet. Certainly did enjoy that. Wish I was as young as the profile pic. The picture is Bradley Ray. Rides for Suzuki in the British Superbike Championship. IBM will testify. I’m just a little older less hair and not quite as thin. And not able to speak. Think I lost my voice after last night really croaking today 😀
  8. Could be in for a long night. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this go to extra time and penalties. Though a dodgy decision letting us score the winner in the 91st minute off someone’s chin would be outstanding
  9. jagster


    We might pass him on the way up. Hamilton are crap and this could well be the season they come down.
  10. jagster


    Well that’s pretty $hit news. Are we now relying on injury prone Austin. Jordan White and two youngsters in McGregor and Mackay
  11. I wonder if there might be Some spare cash if Polly is moving on. I’m still hoping he stays tbh
  12. Barring a miracle we aren’t going to win the cup but I’d love to get Auchinleck, failing that a home tie against one of the big guns, Celtic Rangers Aberdeen would be a decent crowd probably some tv money which would be good for the clubs finances