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  1. Just wouldn’t be right without Marley Watkins
  2. Must be a good pension 😀😀
  3. Maybe a good omen we beat Morton twice in a row. Feeling good about this tournament we must have a chance to get to a final again Always enjoy a day out with a few beers good craic. It may not be The Scottish cup but someone has to win it why not us.
  4. jagster

    Top scorer

    I’d imagine Todorov would have had a fair bit less time on the field
  5. Interesting you mention White being top scorer last season. To the best of my knowledge he only scored 7 goals in league games. That is not a great return from your main striker. Todorov and Storey would be my choice surely 7 in a league season would be attainable by one or both and we certainly had a lot more pace when they were on. All about opinions I suppose
  6. I’ll be back tomorrow to the North Stand😉 Can’t wait
  7. Great video. Doesn’t seem like 25 years ago. I was in the Howden End with a friend and as you can guess by my name it was probably the first time. I was normally where the Arbroath fans were 😀
  8. How you doing? I’m still MiA. Hoping next time I see you will be in the Premier league Even next week still won’t be able unfortunately 🤕
  9. Totally agree with this. Anthony Mcdonald had his head down just beaten 3 or 4 men then took the shot. Austin should have been applauding him not shouting at him.
  10. 4 years since David Raven scored the greatest goal of his life 😀
  11. Well said, out of interest we will have to sponsor someone else next season now. If it goes to a poll I would vote for Mark Ridgers, a local lad who hopefully will be with us for a long time
  12. Heard from someone that Polly wants to stay but it will be dependent on what kind of offer he is given. Let’s hope they offer him a good one. I personally think we are a better team with him in it
  13. Maybe not if he goes to the football 😀