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  1. Finding money for season tickets is going to be quite challenging for a lot of people this season I’d imagine. Like many I’m sure I’m now furloughed and going to get 80% wages. Spending money on my renewal is about the last thing I could afford at the moment I always do the early bird thing but maybe not this year 🙁
  2. Great ideas but unlikely to happen. Those in charge will bend over for the Ugly Pair and Sky Tv. If there’s not 4 games a season for them to televise they won’t even consider it.
  3. Looks like he’s going to need a bus
  4. We are now closer to Partick at the bottom than Utd at the top ?
  5. I really don’t like singling out players as I have no doubt they all give their all when playing but in the last 4 games we drew with Alloa lost to Morton beat QoS and lost to Dundee Utd. Guess which one Todorov started
  6. Totally agree was at the game v Arbroath when Herchee was immense Even the div3 team was much more exciting than what we are watching now.
  7. Haven’t read any of the previous posts and having been in the fluke since end of game my comments may be alcohol induced. Charlie Trafford totally immense today. Was totally committed and never gave up. Sean Rooney was the same until his unfortunate injury. We didn’t have the class to see off Utd White can’t win a header and his goal scoring record is shocking. No doubt Gregor and his stats will be on shortly but scoring goals against teams in the chocolatecaranelwafer thingy isn’t the same as goals in the league. God knows what his scoring record in the league is. Without Welsh we don’t have the class for that final pass and we are struggling to break teams down. Draws against Alloa getting beat by Morton isn’t the sign of a team going places We are now in the position that we need to win Three more games than Utd this early in the season. Frustrating to say the least ??
  8. It didn’t look that many tbh. At least I got my pie quicker ?
  9. Yes must agree with OCG at no point was it mentioned that they wouldn’t be renewing and Scott Gardiner was saying they will still be having talks with them. Whether successful or not time will tell. I came out last night feeling positive and our new chairman really does seem to have the club at heart which was good to see.
  10. Must be dearer for the clubs with the youngsters not paying but there would be many who couldn’t afford it I’m sure and we could miss out on a gem. A double edged sword really No easy answers
  11. Interesting the figures Duncan Shearer quotes. Much less than the club are claiming and I didn’t realise the youth themselves have to pay as well.
  12. Sounds worrying or is there someone waiting in the wings
  13. Just wouldn’t be right without Marley Watkins