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  1. jagster

    Inverness CT - Morton

    3 points out of the last 9 with two home games is a poor return. I would drop Chalmers for Calder as he gives us pace on the left and Austin for White. I still wouldn’t start with Daniel yet tbh
  2. jagster

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    2-0 polly
  3. jagster

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    😀1-0 Rooney.
  4. jagster

    What a load of rubbish.

    Where’s Blair when you need him
  5. jagster

    Ryan Dow

    Would this be a loan or a permanent signing isn’t he still under contract with them?
  6. jagster

    Cleaning up???

    I hope this thread doesn’t get deleted. Cleaning up by Buckett.
  7. jagster

    He's One Of Our Own

  8. jagster

    Hearts Game

    Robbo came over really well on the tv there
  9. jagster

    Season Ticket

    What do you mean slightly? 😀
  10. jagster

    Season Ticket

    I’ll try and get there a bit sharper if I can that’s why I tried the online thing never easy on a work night to get there early I suppose it’s just teething problem with a new system
  11. jagster

    Season Ticket

    I’ve gone online and under orders/reservations it says order confirmed at the top and the picture I’ve enclosed is the bottom half but if I touch on eticket nothing happens and the Guide just opens a blank page I’ve tried this on an iPhone and iPad with no success no sign of a qr code
  12. jagster

    Season Ticket

    Thanks for the replies
  13. jagster

    Season Ticket

    Quick question if anyone can help. I’ve just bought the ticket for the Raith game using this method it’s classed as a mobile ticket does that mean it’s added to my season ticket card or do I show my mobile phone at the checkout an oldies question for all you young uns😀
  14. jagster

    Pre-season Friendlies Roll Call

    Does it have a bar? Do they sell pies? 🍺 🥧
  15. jagster

    New kit?

    The home one looks like something Stella McCartney would design for the GB Olympic team