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  1. Haven’t even read it because I’m on the shot. But the very Name CaleyD knows that he has the club and fans at heart good to see you back and somebody that will keep Billy’s surname spelt right. How does it go again
  2. Why is it the only time we hear from him is when they want money. Ie season tickets Concert tickets etc what happened to the night at the Caley club when him and the chairman said there was going to be much more communication with the fans as we are the lifeblood of the club. Seems like all forgotten now
  3. Re: the match day program even highland league clubs have them. Every away ground we go to from Starks Park to East End Park have programs why can’t we. Seems pretty amateurish tbh
  4. 100% agree with you there Scotty If we don’t give him a chance how will we know
  5. Going to be great to see Gary Warren up here again after he signed for Clach. Should put a few extra on the gate
  6. Senior moment goes along with your first OAP season ticket!!
  7. Have you got page 54
  8. We look poor hoofing the ball up the park. take a draw now
  9. Shane doesn’t seem to get taken off very often. Surely there is a reason he’s been playing in Div 3 all these years
  10. Just home. Pretty tipsy. The picture was before the game Robbo was great crack.
  11. Always at the games. Enjoyed my day all the same
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