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  1. We attended the Raith game with the ballot system last season and the numbers there were way short of the number allowed. I’m lucky enough to be off work tomorrow and will queue for our tickets. Not going to be easy for those still at work. Maybe an online option as well. As it would generally be the older/retired who could go to the ground and those at work or too far away to easily make the stadium could then access tickets that way. I think there will be unhappy ST holders this way. I was given hospitality as a Christmas present for this game. I’m assuming that’s not going ahead
  2. Dukus best effort was when he wiped out a fan in the warm up. Fair play to him have the old guy his shirt after the game
  3. Always harder to get into a Game As a sub like joining your mates for a **** up half way through Who knows what they are laughing about
  4. Mckay and Sutherland would be my preferred options as well. Duku is never going to score enough goals to get us up. I think billy would guarantee as 10-15 and with others chipping in it could be enough. On a side note being from Forres where is the place to go for drinks next week Thunderton house maybe or other reccomendations
  5. Think you are being a bit unfair on Billy. He’s never really had the chance coming on as a sub other than the Buckie game. He needs to be starting a run of games to get back to goal scoring ways
  6. Didn’t Richie Foran get MoM after two or three months and that season didn’t pan out too well
  7. Certainly is and he’s even louder in the flesh
  8. I’d imagine a fair few will go the PPV route. We’ve got our tickets but for the two it’s ££20 but we could watch for £10
  9. Would you know if any of the serveries will be open for a drink. If not are we allowed to take in a drink of water/juice in a plastic bottle
  10. Just renewed and paid Cheers
  11. Brora game off Games cancelled came down for tickets and it’s just been called off
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