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  1. jagster

    New kit?

    The home one looks like something Stella McCartney would design for the GB Olympic team
  2. jagster

    Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    This is going to be a massive game on Saturday. I don’t think either team have lost since they beat us last time. I stand to be corrected though
  3. jagster

    Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    Wouldn’t have believed that esp since it’s been so nice up here
  4. jagster

    12 week minimum ban for standing

    Are you watching? are you watching? Are you watching Graham Rae? Good on them and they were standing when they were singing it, we need more of it tbh. On the subject of the statement there is a bit that says abuse of stewards, what if it’s the other way round I.e. a steward Called me chubby yesterday. The fact I’ve known him over 20 years and I’ve put a couple of pounds on might have helped
  5. jagster

    Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Some strike by Aaron as well. Great team performance all round
  6. jagster

    Suspensions v Dumbarton 14/04/18

    I agree with you on this one DD for all the insults thrown at Vigurs and Polworth we are a poorer team without them. Maybe Doran or Trafford will step into the breach
  7. jagster

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Ditto to that
  8. jagster

    Player of the Year - Brechin

    I’d imagine The refs ratings are always higher when we win
  9. jagster

    Eastgate redevelopment.

    I remember Catweasel
  10. jagster

    Eastgate redevelopment.

    Both mr Macdonald and Mr Weeks were really good Wasn’t there an English teacher Mcdonald as well.
  11. jagster

    Eastgate redevelopment.

    Didn’t realise he had died. Never nice whatever you think of someone. Db was definitely being bullied by more than one though they might not have all been involved at that time. I stayed 3 drs away from him and regularly would cycle my chopper to school with him. Anyhow it’s all in the past now thank goodness I did at first think you might have been him when I saw the initials of your name. You made me laugh when I saw the name Piggy Ross haven’t heard that in years p.s. don’t remember the name harper what did he teach
  12. jagster

    Team for Brechin

    Better with the bike gear ones. My mate has a Bmw one that plugs into his bike usually we are freezing and he’s complaining about being too warm. Modern layers are good enough on the bike without the heated ones. He’s a wimp tbh https://www.infinitymotorcycles.com/product/keis-heated-v106-comfort-vest-black-x10?gclid=Cj0KCQjwzIzWBRDnARIsAAkc8hFA7TB7tFQJSNrkCyJ82jiwdtp6buP51-C1zRpiu-bnFnPStSnb69QaArsTEALw_wcB
  13. jagster

    Eastgate redevelopment.

    It was a friend of mine that did the deed. He was being badly bullied by one or two I won’t name but you would have known who they were as I’m guessing we are about the same age. He had to finish school at Kingussie high school after doing it. He eventually ended up as deputy Governor at Peterhead prison He said to us that morning that if they followed him into the toilets and bullied him something was going to happen Didn’t realise he had a knife though I often wished he had bumped into them after school years later as he was more than capable of sorting them out one at a time for sure As soon as he did it he walked straight to the office and told them he had
  14. jagster

    Team for Brechin

    Seems to be drying up a bit now. Going to be a wee bit chilly down there tonight thank goodness for Bovril
  15. jagster

    Team for Brechin

    What’s an aquifer maybe someone on the forum could enlighten me