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  1. You guys are unbelievable, no wonder the stadium is the dullest place in scotland on a saturday afternoon when people like you complain about minor things like this. I for one found it amusing and enjoyable. We should want to make our rivals uncomfortable in our back yard!! If you enjoy pipebands so much go to the highland games not a football game - tool
  2. I propose that we nominate Grant Munro as an inspirational person as the olympic torch bearer when it comes to inverness, if you agree do so here http://www.london2012.com/games/olympic-torch-relay/carrying-the-olympic-flame/nominate-a-torchbearer.php
  3. The announcer is looking for an inspirational song for the team to come out to on matchdays. Something that will in years to come be a song that is instantly connected with Caley Thistle. For instance Nessun Dorma is a particularly inspirational. Please leave your suggestions
  4. Yes i cant appreciate that saturday was not ideal but sitting in the main stand if you cant see the number of the player coming off especially when there is no board, give him a few weeks to adjust his sounds to the system and bed in with his unfamiliar surroundings.
  5. There was a problem with the PA system for the Queens Park game, it was unable to be fixed in time for the Real Villadolid game, hopefully it will be working again in time for the Antwerp game on saturday. The guy that did the Second half on tuesday is to take over from Jud. Jud does his best when he's asked to fill in, thats all that can be asked of him.As for the anouncement of the wrong number for the sub, they were on the other side of the pitch, unless they had binoculars im sure it was a strain on the eyes. The second guy on tues made an effort to pronounce the spainish players names a
  6. The second anouncer gave they Real team names ago. Is he to be permanent?
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