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  1. Scorers were Liam Polworth, Josh Meekings and Calum Ferguson
  2. Inverness CT u20 3-2 Hearts u20 (FT)
  3. Reguero, Skinner, Watson, MacKenzie, Warren, Morrison, Laing, Polworth, Ross, Oswell, Whyte
  4. so his last game would have been Wick v ICT a year ago? Ironic i would say!
  5. forgot about him! Where he nowadays?
  6. its a younger team! but there will still be a 7/8 first teamers tonight!
  7. Barry Wilson has left Elgin, currently not involved in football at all, he will be there as assistant manager if the current one cant make it etc but he is currently leaving football to concentrate on his new shop
  8. Renegade its a players testimonal! I'll be there + 1, will be doing updates but if Ross P is doing them its fine!
  9. and Ben Herd has signed an extension at Aldershot
  10. Just scored his first goal for the club in the 1st minute!!
  11. caleyrule


    got released today........
  12. Unless some-one from russia or dubai is away to buy elgin tokely certainly wont be going there, as far it seems peterhead is a done deal
  13. He is fit, been fit the last 7-10 days, seems to be a Hearts case, since he wont be here next season he wont be played
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