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  1. Don't think I could have managed another 30 mins of that drivel tbh
  2. Torture!! They should have paid us to watch that!
  3. I think they realised and to their credit clarified it's a season ticket buying window. For all ST holders
  4. Yup certainly changed days going in now.
  5. And North stand ST holders 2nd class citizens again!!!
  6. Can I alter 1st scorer to Oakley please Won't let me edit Ta
  7. Did the club not close on the Monday after to give the staff a rest? I was at DD and there were youth players and staff working. Obviously I don't know who paid them.
  8. Are you paying? We don't have any money!!! As for folk mentioning Jack Ross .......cloudcuckoo land springs to mind!!
  9. Not making excuses but I do wonder if the players are bring affected by the off field shenanigans? Think this might be a long hard season If we had gone through we would have got Celtic at home ....
  10. I believe that was an alternative on offer. Surely better than this? Or just me?
  11. If they had gone with just renting the stadium to a bona fide promoter they probably would have made money?
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