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  1. When we were in level 1 it was a legitimate call. We were lucky enough to get into the Dundee game and I felt ultra safe. Obviously not an option now sadly.
  2. They are mates. Its all a wind up
  3. Mwell forums I expect 🤣🤣🤣😁
  4. Cant find the tweet now but they appear to have upset their main sponsor too who confirmed hes not allowed in. There is also a pic of the Galloway family in the stand in which George is the only one with a mask on. The others have them round their chin. Another rule broken as should be on at all times whilst in stadium. That apology has just wound fans up more that I can see.
  5. Maybe if you did my job youd not feel its ridiculous? Its for the good of the many. Imagine trying to stop folk getting sick....
  6. I agree. We watched Chelsea on tv the other night and no way would I attend with others that close to ke even outdoors with masks on. The scientists dont know how far apart is the best distance but iy is clear the further away the better. Therefore whilst I agree with SG we could get more in Id rather we got chance to build it up. For instance fill the empty sections first with say another 30odd each section and look to get up to 600 ish to start with. The main stand is a no go at moment (even wings) as must be covid secure. Id also like to see a coffee van outside that you could v
  7. He was unhappy re everything! Had a long conversation with the ref off the pitch at half time. Clearly a man who is feeling the heat and under extreme pressure....
  8. Im not sure how they could apply that rule? It would be all older folk in? I wonder if he meant who purchased first?
  9. Im told there are 300 going tomorrow. However if there are season ticket holders out there still not invited (I know there are) I suggest they contact club urgently if they wanted to go and find out what has happened to their invite.
  10. Doesnt neccesarily need to be IV? Just need to live in level 1 Id expect. My guess is every 3rd game to get everyone in?
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