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  1. I think you might struggle. To my knowledge very little replica shirts were sold in HL days. Good luck with the search though
  2. Totally agree. Time to put up or shut up! Or at least tell us if they dont intend to invest why.
  3. No. The first £250k is made up of various folk including current directors.
  4. I shall ask him! He would more likely be on a bike these days though...
  5. Thats not actually what was said. 3 players have rejected offers to resign at the moment abd want to wait
  6. We were poor! Hate to single folk out but the younger players were up for it as was Trafford. Carson wouldnt get a game for a HL team on todays performance. Special mention to Harper for his topnotch setpiece goal. 2nd half entertaining enough. Fisticiffs and lots of yellow cards. Well done Brora.
  7. I should add the best way forward is for us to get promoted. Apart from the obvious increase in money the added increase in away crowds would be welcome. Those who thought a couple if seasons down would be a great wheeze have now well and truly been shown a reality check
  8. They were not mentioned last night to my knowledge. I think the purpose of meeting was to try to obtain new investment and persuade certain individuals to come on board? As for youth it is very clear the current set up is expensive and doesnt work for us. There is an argument that it isnt value for money. Dropping down a teir doesnt have many benefits either. I think its clear to carry on as we are we need more funding.
  9. Can I refer you to the post by A sofa in San Tropez on page one of the Chairman resigns thread. Explains exactly how we are keeping doors open prior to soft loans being written off. I think what club are saying is this is unsustainable in the Championship long term. If you are local come along on tuesday and ask exactly that!
  10. Also can I encourage everyone who can manage to come to the social club at 7.30pm next tuesday to hear from the CEO and chairman how fans can help. All welcome. Please share news of this meeting to those not on social media
  11. I assume that will be a topic at tuesdays meeting?
  12. So sad. Announced at EGM last night. Hugh was a true gentleman. RIP