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  1. Think we need to agree to disagree here Mantis
  2. I agree. Some of the posts on here are embarrassing.
  3. Was saying the same yesterday. Could we not drop down a level re project brave or just go it alone?
  4. Yes you are. As all the players are in furlough. Whats the point in paying now? There will be plenty players available
  5. I loved the marque dances we had at the Caley Park in the 80s. Such happy memories
  6. Im.also trying to forget that...lol
  7. I love Tynecastle best even though the steps are very scary near the top! In the championship it would be Ayr if I had to pick one.
  8. Have to disagree. Even one season in top league would bring far more financial benefits than staying in championship.
  9. With regards to ICT25 I am.personally disappointed that so far we have not seen Ian Broadfords book published and sold? I thought it was to be sold for last Christmas so would be good if at least available for the next one.
  10. Oh help! No no no... Stuart Morrison however, a much better pick.
  11. Not up to date. No mention of David Cameron or Alan Munro either
  12. The source is journalist Scott Burns. He is normally very reliable.
  13. We were maybe "lucky" that we were a couple of weeks behind London when lockdown called. However that means we have less cases and less immunity and therefore more vunerability in the Highlands.