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  1. I read an article yesterday that states that SPFL are not involved and deals with individual clubs
  2. I think you need to feed back to the club. I used the other email the lucarossi one as it cut out at half time. Did get an instant reply but she wasnt much help.
  3. A lot of moans re the quality esp over the bridge.
  4. 5th 6th and 7th in our house then...lol
  5. I watched the game in the Corriegarth. The Heathmount looked dead when I walked past. Do they even show football? There were some ICT connected folk in the Corrie (not present players) but didnt see any players premiership or otherwise in there.
  6. Says someone who I bet doesnt work for the NHS. We are all fed up but making out the pandemic is over is just plain stupid. Alan probably thinks covid caused by 5g....
  7. Not getting into a fight but you should touch your mask as little as possible and again if mask/covering is not over nose its useless.