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  1. Totally agree. Im not keen on the online vote tbh as folk that have never seen a game can still vote in theory. I prefered the old fashioned way really
  2. Did the same at Edinburgh City to Walsh. Seems its never his fault?
  3. the club cannot have anything to do with a testimonial due to tax implications.
  4. I just think it showed the gap between a top half Championship team and a top 6 premiership one tbh. I personally enjoyed my day despite the result and I am grateful we got so far.
  5. Obviously not but I will be amazed if Polworth is still with us next season.
  6. He has put his house on the market. I think he is away tbh
  7. We have no money! Wishlists useless...sorry!
  8. Ictross Ht 1-1 Ft 1-2 Doran Ikpeazu 17890 Polworth 28
  9. Same as us normally and no....lol
  10. The Supporters Trust has just received an email re potential parking. Glasgow Clyde College can provide paid parking. To apply please use Https://www.yourparkingspace.co.uk/ Hope this helps! Please note this is just sharing info and the supporters trust do not endorse or take any responsibility for using the link