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  1. Don't park on the pavement across road. Cars have been ticketed recently. I park further down in industrial estate without any issues
  2. I sometimes think some people would rather a spectacular match and we lose....lol No one remembers the match eventually only the result
  3. I think we had a poor first half. We didn't cope well with swirling wind conditions. However we were just coming on a game when the sending off happened. From then on it was all about getting to pens imho. Real back to wall stuff. Very proud to be part of the noisy crowd watching that. Even if some of it was through my hands....lol
  4. 0-0 1-2 Sutherland Jack Hamilton 4876 Deas
  5. I think we need to mix it up a bit. Lining up with the obvious won't work imho. Therefore agree with above fully
  6. 0-0 1-1 Billy Mckay Jack Hamilton 2702 Deas JOKER
  7. I was the first female member of the management committee of the pre merger Caledonian FC and was not allowed to attend the North of Scotland dinner etc. In these days they were definitely "sportsmans" dinners. I also was not allowed in several boardrooms at the time especially in the central belt being a female. As you say we've edged forward but it is clearly not enough
  8. It appears the speaker who caused upset was indeed Bill Copeland. Reading some of the replies to Eilidh Barbour on twitter it appears we have a long way to go in this country with equality in football sadly.
  9. I totally agree. Would be happy to join in with other interested parties to bring this forward.
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