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  1. It has been very unfriendly in the past at times.
  2. No his problem is no patter. Needs to actually speak to people? Find it disappointing that no mention in this article of making a club friendly to ICT supporters? None of the other stuff mentioned exactly new thinking?
  3. I think most strips are adapted from templates not original designs? Could be called lazy by some
  4. I think it is the anniversary strip
  5. What a lovely tribute Scotty. Ive know Ken since pre merger days and he was a great guy. Condolences to his family. Sleep well Ken. Another ICT fan looking down from heaven.
  6. Spot on! I dont like looking back so would rather see some new blood in.
  7. We were not one of the clubs mentioned as being there on the PFA Scotland twitter
  8. Im told his name is Rod Mitchell. Allegedly a Rangers fan.
  9. And is the new steward full or part time? Also doesnt seem much of a gap between Alan leaving and new one starting? Just an observation.
  10. Early bird deals extended till 6th June! After I gave in and paid today ha ha ha
  11. Think that is a big Feck Off then......lol
  12. Ok I will bite! Are you for real?
  13. hmmmm remember 2010? That ended well for them then?
  14. Totally agree. Thank you Gringo. It does seem the younger generation in my house much better at this game than me!!