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  1. Oh help! No no no... Stuart Morrison however, a much better pick.
  2. Not up to date. No mention of David Cameron or Alan Munro either
  3. The source is journalist Scott Burns. He is normally very reliable.
  4. We were maybe "lucky" that we were a couple of weeks behind London when lockdown called. However that means we have less cases and less immunity and therefore more vunerability in the Highlands.
  5. Ok the centenary club was indeed started by Caledonian FC. It begun in the year Caley became 100 years old.1986 I think? The original idea came from Bolton FC who called their scheme Lifeline. Nat Lofthouse came up from Bolton and the original scheme was lauched at the Caledonian Hotel. The scheme has changed over the years slightly but ICTFC did indeed inherit it. Charlie Christie was commercial manager for Caley and to my knowledge still runs it for ICT.
  6. SPFL statement says only 39 teams voted. That means 85% in favour at moment?
  7. Hope your friend ok Robert. Sadly a lot of folk thinking we are immune up here. We are not.
  8. Various options were looked at ....Stratton Lodge and where the uni is now. Caley tried to move previously. To the Carse, Bught and Charleston that I remember.
  9. Gosh! I was ar stadium today. Saw a couple of players and coaching staff which suggests we are still training. These are unprecidented times
  10. Id be more worried if they were not meeting to form an action plan tbh
  11. Not going to happen now anyway so not worth debating
  12. Dont think we should be encouraging travel so home fans only for me