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  1. I believe the main stand will open for the 1st league game if 2000 fans allowed
  2. Every other row blocked off so you just sit in the open rows. They recommend 2 empty seats between groups. Go early my advice to get pick of seats. Worked well as far as I could see on tuesday.
  3. Not my cup of tea. Totally OTT presentation last night. Tbf I do understand he reads out what he is told. Each to their own but far too in your face for me.
  4. All in all a great night out. A bit dismayed to have Andy Bannerman inflicted on us again!! He even read out a long list of rules most of which I didnt listen to but there was mention of not sharing drinks.... 😂😂
  5. Totally agree on last paragraph. Nowhere near as well organised as when we were there in Dec. Folk just ignoring stewards sadly...
  6. Sadly no bar anymore. Being used as a dressing room due to social distancing
  7. I sponsored with a friend. Always got a gift each in the past. Tbh dont think it would have broken the bank for a pic each? Yup last season (19/20) got absolutely nothing not even a letter of thanks. I assume shirt sponsors received their top.
  8. Beware if going for gift option. Last season we got nothing abd this season we got one unframed 7x5 photo.
  9. I think this way of doing badge is a bit marmite tbh? You either like it or dont? Its grown on me and actually I now like the way it enables the badge to stick out and be seen? I agree re the white border though. That would be better gone.
  10. They should all be double dosed by Sept being in the age group they are. Not sure I would agree re deserving. Tbh I think they should and will be vaccinated when its their age groups turn
  11. Its a bit concerning quite a few 1st teamers havent been seen yet? Can only assume they do have knocks tbh
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