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  1. Any chance of a wee reminder of jokers left for everyone?
  2. Ooh this is getting exciting in chez MacDonald 😂
  3. Having endured some poor performances this season and actually worried at other end of table Im happy with any win tbh. Personally I think the one thing McCann has brought to the players is belief. A work in progress me thinks....
  4. I dont think they are tbh. CC tried management and it wasnt for him. Happy to have Billy in as goodness any help welcome at moment?
  5. Im on a different wavelength here sorry. Not handing over one penny till I know exactly what Im buying which preferably would be in person. No way am I paying anymore for substandard (esp compared to others) streaming. I cannot listen to Andy Bannerman one more second!
  6. Im not sure I believe that anymore tbh. Is there a problem in dressing room esp with more experienced players? Has this been going on for longer than at first glance? Is the rot too deep to turn round? Personally think Neil McCann has a much bigger job than he maybe imagined esp improving morale. Cant wait for this horrible season to end personally. There will be a big turnaround of players in summer and a rebuild needed. It brings me no pleasure to write a post like this either but closing our eyes to the obvious doesnt do anyone any good.
  7. Not disputing this but were things much better earlier in season? Hmmmm
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