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  1. Agree. Very professional performance but no one poor. I went for Carson, Ridgers, Tremarcco in end.
  2. It was a sore one. However we appeared to get oyr fair share of the decisions yesterday. I didnt moan once re ref...lol
  3. Hmmm this is not a criticism of Jordan at all but to say he scored 2 yesterday when offside is rather pushing it.....
  4. Rich mans toy to fight over sadly.
  5. One that knew a wee bit about foorball would be good....lol
  6. Cant believe anyone thinks we are in a position to replace the manager! If Robbo walked we would get Wilson and Kellegher.
  7. How worrying is that interview? He looks a bust man! The body language so telling. If players doing own thing has he lost dressing room?
  8. Id says depends on deal? Are the promoters just renting stadium or are we involved in catering/hospitality etc?
  9. I travel to most away matches and can assure you we are the only club doing bar bag searches. Obviously having bag searches to enter the ground is different!!! As for the pies this seems a newish issue? Looks like its happening since Pauline left.
  10. It used to be everyone out by 2.50? The checking of handbags is quite frankly ridiculous! No other stadium bar does this. Its totally unfriendly now and I can see why very little people use it.