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  1. Daniel Mackay stretchered off apparently
  2. Carson seems more marmite than Vincent on here? My opinion is that hes a bit of a rough diamond at moment but has promise.
  3. I agree. Perhaps theyve made it too limited? I think they could have raised a lot more money on these.
  4. Id get a move on guys! Some sizes seem limited
  5. Not true. All tops will come with box. Source is the club.
  6. Oh I had also erased that Dunfermline day from my mind. That was an awful
  7. 0-0 1-1 White Nelson 2354 ICTRoss 0-0 2-2 White Nelson 2456
  8. Oh wow!! Watched the penalties from the Telford St tunnel with the late Fiona Mackenzie. What a night that was!!
  9. Hearach tracked it down I think. Drop her a PM
  10. That was a proper cup tie. Think Cove will do well in Div 2. How nice to watch a game in warm conditions too.