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  1. Im assuming it is in covid protocol? As a concussion the medical team would have to wait for assistance and would not be able to be assisted by our medical team?
  2. He was dire for both sides imho. Letting wild tackles fly in at same time as stopping game for very little.
  3. I think its common practice to sit in the allocated area? The stand was in no way full with plenty empty seats. I dont usually stick up for stewarding companies but no club will let you sit outside allocated areas. Our own included
  4. Great summation! However I still feel drained this morning. A really invested supportive Caleyaway crowd who kicked every ball with them. Well done Dunfermline too with low key friendly stewarding and fantastic catering stand which even had a contactless payment device.
  5. We offer nothing in final 3rd of pitch sadly. Depressing
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