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  1. I remember when an angler hooked a fish in the Legion Pool he would cross the bridge passing his rod hand to hand under each of the cable supports until he got to the other side of the river bank to land it. Why I don't know. Huge crowds would stop to watch the spectacle. However I think I must be mis-remembering ( though the image is clear in my mind) as I don't see how he got the rod through the big tower. Any old-timer fishermen care to enlighten me?
  2. Here's another: http://tworedshoes.wordpress.com/
  3. As Inspector Clouseau said to the Meenky's organ grinder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnlIWpZSPXU @1.33 "Are you bland?" No, Monsieur. The Inverness Flock (born circa 1964) See #41.
  4. "Size 4....doesn't seem familiar" If Size McKay was in the band, it was Size 4. Ian only ever played in that band except for one night in a scratch band with Roderick in the Muirtown Motel "Jeep Solid" and one night with the Caley Band filling in for Beenz when he was sick. EDIT: Just remembered they were also called The Grope for a short while. Maybe them? Roderick played with many other bands including with some guys from Edinburgh. May have been them you saw too. "It wasn't the Flock either......." http://www.rytenuff.com/flock/img004.jpg
  5. Re Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers: They didn't play the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders War Memorial Boys Club (Planefield Road) I believe you're thinking of The Rebel Sounds from Keith with the late Benton Green on Lead Guitar.
  6. "Another local band with Size mackay and Noddy mackenzie...can,t remember their name" ....The Size Four. "Also seem to remember a gig in the argyle bar in grant street with reunion of above band" ....Nope, that was The Flock. "Chris somebody and the Rebel rousers?" Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnfl3gNRoK8
  7. If you type Dochfour Drive Inverness into Google then click on Google Maps then zoom in to the corner of Fairfield Road and Dochfour Drive until the wee yellow man gives you the "Street View" you can see for yourself. The sandstone house is there on the corner of Fairfield Road and the more modern house with a huge external chimney is there in the grounds where the yard was. https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=dochfour+drive+inverness&ie=UTF-8&ei=1zAvUvO8PJGp7AbDvYDoCA&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAg
  8. I remember the yard. No longer there, a house has been built on the grounds.
  9. A large percentage of new builds use Marley type tiles, but if the surrounding houses have slates then Planning will often insist that slates be used to blend in with the area. Slates are more expensive .
  10. After a Google I found, "Gobhlachan - Gaelic for an earwig, a Parr and a Shad". Must be the way I pronounced it which confused the Gaels among my acquaintances. Do these fish have a fork-like tail by any chance? Many Scots pioneered Canada. Perhaps Eulachan is another corruption of a Gaelic word.
  11. When I was a kid we always referred to earwigs as Goolachans. ( I don't know how to spell it.) People from other parts of the country don't seem familiar with this name. I had always assumed it was a mispronunciation of a Gaelic word for earwig but my Gaelic-speaking friends have never heard of it. The kids don't seem to use that name any more, though I have heard them use Goolie and forkytail. Maybe it was only in our "gang" that earwigs were called Goolachans?
  12. Yes, it's a "mash up". FTTH is fibre to the home. FTTC is only fibre to the cabinet which services your line, with the remaining cabinet to home via the original copper cable. Dalneigh? There is a cabinet on Smith Avenue whirring away so it's obviously enabled. The one near my house is silent. I stop and put my ear to it every time I pass by to listen for the fan noise. Folk must think I'm a header. The online checker ( I'd post a link but I don't think I'm allowed) reckons I may get 62.1 mbps. I get 2.80 mbps at the moment. I wonder if the reason why so few cabinets are actually switched on when so many cabinets have been in place for months is due to the fact that the service requires a visit from a BT bod to install ( self install isn't possible) and there wouldn't be enough bods to cope with the demand if they enabled them all at once? I also wonder if they did Glenurquhart Road first to give the Council Offices priority? BT need council permission to site the new fibre cabinets on the pavements etc.
  13. rytenuff


    Now that (parts of) Inversneckonia has finally got Fibre To The Cabinet has anyone in here got it and what's your verdict? My area is provisionally earmarked for Sep 2013 and indeed the new FTTC cabinet is already in place next to the old cabinet, but I'll believe it when it happens.
  14. No mention of the Caledonian Ballroom then? Hot Chocolate, Amen Corner with Andy Fairweather Low, The Tremeloes minus Brian Poole, Cozy Powell, Runrig, Jimmy James and the Vagabonds.....and heaps more. Re. the Tremeloes. It was mid winter and the A9 was almost closed with snow. They arrived very late and went straight on stage in their travelling clothes, big jackets and overcoats, unshaved and unkempt. They used the resident band's gear (New Safari Drinkhouse Band I believe) which they were of course not familiar with and certainly not of the quality they were accustomed to and proceeded to play a blinder. Great tight vocal harmonies too. They were never a favourite of mine, but I really admired them for rising to the occasion playing totally unprepared so as not to disappoint the punters.
  15. Found a resource for amongst other things, copies of Inverness Burgh Directories. Unfortunately the latest edition is 1941-42, just a bit before my time. However, many of the shops and businesses mentioned in that edition are still very much current. If you're bored and have nothing more interesting to do take a shufti here: http://archive.org/search.php?query=Inverness%20burgh%20directory%20AND%20mediatype%3Atexts
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