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  1. That was simply awful apart from winning a point. The Gayfield weather will win the home team more points this season.
  2. What do you expect with the usual gale force wind blowing off the North Sea. Do the yokel commentators know what an offside feckin is !!
  3. Yip and I have had a New Year vision and suspect that it is the Arbroath team in the dressing room after the game.
  4. Happy New Year Shaun - And dont worry I have always regarded you as a clown 🤣
  5. Jhesus - This bloody forum is jam packed with old farts from all over the globe. We will be getting updates on the feckin Ice Hockey next.
  6. Just noticed this and so sad. I will always remember his usual welcome to me - which was a sigh and a "you're back home again" but I always got a handshake and a free dram on the way out.
  7. FFS - Six feckin double "Doddsies" - Goodnight and God Bless 🥰
  8. Friday nights are fer quaffing a few celebratory Doddsies 🥃
  9. Well that was well fought and deserved. Killie never really threatened. I will go for Allardice (MOM) followed by Mckay and Sutherland (effort). As a TV and part time away supporter what the feck has gone down in the interim. Top of the Feckin League !!
  10. I think that I will reserve judgement !! Crossing, final ball and finishing lacking again, scrappy stuff which could suit Killie and their penchant to steal games late on. But we ARE the better team.
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