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  1. What should we do ? Should we simply discuss the result and have a brew ? Should we quaff a single vodka and coke in respect of a point ? Shall we have a double vodka and coke as we have taken a point away from a team supposedly destined above us to go up ? Of course it is a feckin "Doddsie"
  2. This is a trial by the Serimax company to ascertain whether sending their apprentices on training experience placements. It ties in with the company's aim to work within the local communities that they are situated in. It sounds that this can only be a positive. It would be interesting to see if it is still happening at Dungwall and what the gudgies thought of it. The only worry that I have is that the club bring in Balfour and Caley D to train them up. Or even worse - Charlie Bannerman.
  3. Well providing updates are considerably easier than the Biggin's version. Unfortunately only 9 entries in the League version and only 8 in the Head to Head. Anyway Tokely > Tolkien is at head of the Main League not by much. Caledonia Allstars are propping it up but again only by a very recoverable margin. TT has not entered the head to head where 4 players share the lead with 3 wins and 1 defeat - On goal difference we have Leighton Orient, O'Shins X1, Keira f.c and Chorley Caledonian. The Toronto entry is on par with the main Toronto team league performance 😁 Highest weekly
  4. If anyone is interested "Pearsons" on Market Street in Chorley are putting "Doddsies" on their offerings on 18/09/2021.
  5. As the effects of the “Doddsies” clear my noggin I can reflect further. Duku isn’t my type of centre forward. Strange to say that he is probably too skill full and not physical enough. However the opposite could be said about Shane. What we need is a Shane Duku !! I think that we may have to witness the separate pairings of both with McKay before making a decision. My other major good feeling about this season is that we have more cover than usual and a number of players who can step up, fit into the system and not look out of sort playing out of position. Perhaps I purposely blanked out the G
  6. O2B back home. So nice to quaff in the Innes and take my place in the North Stand. What a wonderful day or what a wonderful 45 minutes. As usual I may be brutally direct with my comments BUT we are definitely going in the right direction!! First half was a mare but the eejit McCall decided to defend what they had and did not go for our throat. We were looking all at sea for a while but we were given the chance to get back the control and although the rest of the first half was poor we had gone onto the front foot and never really looked troubled after going a goal down and we morphed into the
  7. This thread makes me feel that this is a Thistle v Caley derby up the hill. So far we have an aging and dilapidated Kingsmills and a boisterous and expectant Howden Ender. 💙
  8. It is more about toasts than curses. I am probably making a significant personal gesture but when I raise a double voddie and coke in celebratory fashion in the future I will refer to the joyful glass as “Doddsie” and savour the moment -This experiment is still in the research period but I assure you that I am working as hard as I can. Hopefully some peeps may be able to join me in an experimental scoop later today. 😎
  9. Read again Moog. I think that I echoed your views.
  10. When was the last time that we led a league after 4 matches. That was as good a vocal support at Killie as I have certainly witnessed. RIG sums the action up well but I have been busting to do a Smileymometer. Killie really did not look like scoring and we did look dangerous on the break. The only two negatives were that our final pass was abysmal and we could have racked up 4 or 5 otherwise. And I think that we could have employed swapping Gardyne and |Walsh on a regular basis (or was Gardyne played there becos of Burke ?)Gawd do we look solid defensively. A structured back four and three or
  11. Who is on the march and what watering hole are we heading to ?
  12. Chadwick Stand 2004 (c/o Caley Jags) - It will be good do be back. Fatter, less hair, minus my good buddy but SOOOOOOOO looking forward to it
  13. Well if there are no away tickets but the stream remarks about a situation in the stand - then guess feckin what ??
  14. My first chance to be at a ICT game since late 2019 - Please let me in !!
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