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  1. When you are forced to shop at Poundland and the more promising loanees break down then you actually are left with the choice of the duffers on the sale shelves.
  2. Of course I thought he would score and it was an absolute sitter - almost as bad as Lawal - which would have put us in cruise control. I actually thought that Billy would score in the first half as well. We had five at the back - Ridgers and 4 stalwarts + Kerr. We had Anderson and Longstaff battling away in central midfield. And the "problem" was that Doran was playing in a drifting role and played more sideways and backwards passes than anyone else. Billy was in a number 10 role but rarely supported Samuel. Samuel is the blessing. He does the work of two forwards BUT he is NOT a target man. BUT he is our ONLY real attacking option. Doran and Billy were whacked when taken off. I suspect that we will go for the same on Friday as Lawal and Peeps are not really starting options. Only one thing for it which was only too evident yesterday - Dogs of War football.
  3. "we never looked likely to score" ?!! - Billy and Lawal missed absolute sitters. Billy missed a clear chance in the first half and we had 2-3 efforts blocked. As I alluded to before Samuel is our ONLY up front option. Billy and Doran were played due to the need for their presence and we went 5 at the back - but still should have won comfortably.
  4. What is happening folks - was Dunc spot on in his summing up ?
  5. Well I wouldn't exactly say that it was comfortable but we looked in control for the most but survived some hairy moments. Rodgers wasn't really tested but that is due to the back four being simply immense. Devine was absolutely outstanding and Boyes, Duffy and Harper were close behind. What a free kick from Harper which turned out to be the winner. Kerr played in a strange position in a cross between a full back and wing back. Anderson outshone Long staff although committment was never in doubt. Disappointed in Doran and Billy and both are past their sell by dates. Billy would have had a comfortable brace in days of you're. Samuel is a McGinn version of a centre forward and sure knows how to win a foul. I have seen all the comments about not going forward enough or shooting enough BUT the ONLY player running the line up front was Samuel. Everybody else goes wide !! We have NOBODY to support Samuel. And don't tell me that Dunc told Lawal to cut the ball back The worst feeling for me is when the chant of we are staying up started with 3-4 minutes to go. But the Dogs of War mentality was clear to see and that was a big, big result. Noticeable that Dunc left the players to take all the acclaim at the end. Another ++ for the big man
  6. I can't remember the last time I felt so nervous going to a game. What should I do ?
  7. Ach - what's the panic - the spondoolicks from the Battery Farm will come through - so we can recharge, flash the cash and bounce around like Duracell bunnies again - heading upwards with Europe as the goal and not trips to Cove and Montrose.
  8. Duffy Dog nets but please tell me we are with the gale now
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