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  1. This is the main thing that is cheesing me off. Why the secrecy? There would be more chance of appeasing the fans if we were given an update - even if it was understandably added that we will be looking to add to.
  2. And as Steve Austin once remarked to me in Texas "Johndo, that's the bottom line cos bigterrybutcher said so!!"
  3. This has been a typically patronising and boring party political broadcast on behalf of the Self Preservation Society
  4. From what I have heard "gagged" and being lined up for a return to Everton
  5. What is special about our 30th anniversary
  6. I will be very interested to hear his views on what has happened over the Summer - how much is salary is going to be - and how much influence he has had on the new squad !! To me he should be receiving a League 1 wage with win bonuses added on.
  7. Personally I would like to know who are going to be wearing the feckin strips. Unfortunately this has become an emergency fund raising exercise and another plea to the fans to cash out and save the club. I would pay the same for a wee photo showing Gardiner finally leaving the stadium.
  8. And does any particular individual or "company" receive a share of the sales ?
  9. I'm not sure now that the club can exist. Even if it does then how can we ever trust or respect anybody who has been part of the silence.
  10. Spandau Ballet - Communication
  11. Paul Sheeran has gone bonkers now ?? But what chance has anybody got unless the current mess can be corrected and that may take more than a season.
  12. Will we ever debate football again ? I feel like I have been doing a Law degree in the last few weeks
  13. Did anyone notice that Steve Clarke adapted Dunc's style of play against Finland ?
  14. Don't you just wish that we could get the truth - pr a morsel of it from the horse's mouth. It just goes to show what shackles or threats Gardiner has deployed.
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