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  1. This is so much better than debating football.
  2. Unfortunately this is a case of two individuals fighting both for the club and their own positions - including the financial perspective - but perhaps in a no lose position. Lose out and the option to leave and apportion the blame - win and be heralded as saviours. Personally I would bite the bullet and go for the latter. All is fair in love and business
  3. This would be the icing on the cake but we can't afford a below Par performance.
  4. Did you hear it on Sportsound ? Or was it the North Star
  5. My old man said be a County fan - I said f@@@ off, bollocks yer a **** - we took the Jail End in half a minute, we took the Briggs with the Staigo in it - Hammered in the Mallard - and in the Commercial too - cos when you are tipsy, ye canna trust a gypsy - in their manky Dungwall slums
  6. If this was an away fixture then a slight degree of trepidation would be normal but playing at home really should be a foregone conclusion. Let's just hope that the forthcoming draw / draws land so kindly.
  7. Fraid that injuries will delay our ability to gauge progress and only a favourable outcome and an improved performance will suffice. The question as to why we always seem to have a spare of early season injuries remains unanswered and worrying. Dunc has the same excuse as Dodds should he wish to use it ?
  8. I initially thought that it was Sheridan Smith as she would be a real distraction up front. But I suppose she wouldn't have gone for a short contract and the thought of showering with some of our present team would also have been a turn off.
  9. Oh what cherished memories - the Animals day trips to Morayshire
  10. Perhaps not in the right forum but Dunc will be devastated by this as most Evertonians will.
  11. in the late 70's and early 80's - probably.
  12. All I can say is - Thank feck we are not financially dependent on Donview and Naelifts.
  13. As Abraham Lincoln once said to me in a Manhattan diner - "Johndo, don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition." And I would also suggest to any interested party to refer to the latest findings by the UK Groundwater Forum where the presence of Devonian Carboniferous-Older cover has been confirmed in the area containing the stadium and the Longman area.
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