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  1. What about restocking on those black hooded balaclavas that we used to wear to Elgin away games and down the Carse Road at home games ??
  2. Great to hear from you Jock - and good to see that somebody has showed you how to turn off the Capital Letter button and adjusted yer feckin font. Keep Safe mannie.
  3. Has anyone actually considered that a more independently run investigation might blow the current regime to feckin smithereens and the people who forced its implementation will be considered martyrs and heroes - and treated with a fair degree of caution in the future. Shure this is the best possible outcome but it is still possible. Debate ??
  4. We need a Pumpa deal. Some fecker with enuff spondoolicks to pumpa load of dosh in the coffers.
  5. Nice to see some new posters on the forum. Welcome and Flock off from me.
  6. There certainly appears to be a "puppet on a string" feel to all of this. Hopefully we will not become the fall guys in all of this.
  7. Spot feckin on. There was no point in debating. Same old feckin story.
  8. Perhaps on Friday when we sing "We'll Meet Again" we could direct it at our current squad of players as well as the WW2 veterans !!