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  1. Polly having a good game is akin to us winning 4-1. Consistency is the main outcome. This thread is heading towards being renamed "Who are we not going to get in the transfer window".
  2. Don't you just love the smell of fresh cut grass ?
  3. Good idea - With all our draws we would only have been 4 points behind the Arabs last season and not 9 points !!
  4. My Eastern European GP once warned me that "Chernobyl will fall off if ya don't stop ……… it "
  5. I was actually being serious. I will always have a "CaleytillIdie" mentality but lets face it many of US and our Jeggie equivalents have departed to the Howden End and The Shed in the sky. In 25 years, apart from any Immortals, there will be very, very few left.
  6. I really don't give a feck who stands beside me on the terraces or sits beside me in the stands or who gets ejected from the ground with me.
  7. It simply has to be Mark Ridgers to blame 🤣
  8. Or Roy is a snake in Inverness ?