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  1. Jhesus - that is the same prices for the Clach v Fort William game ?
  2. So basically the three people on the panel will never know who the other two were. But there simply has to be a lead - a Chairperson - surely it is their responsibility to ensure that due process is followed. This must be the Scottish version of VAR 🤣
  3. He might have been stocking up for a wee celebration later. Come a long way from the Valley. YOU'LL NEVER BEAT CARL TREMARCO.
  4. I wonder if there are others who are gutted that they will not be able to attend due to the unfortunate / unavoidable change of schedule. Robbo really doesn't do rotation. I suspect / hope that if Toshney is deemed fit that he may replace MacKay. Doran may well start in the place of Storey. McGregor and Harper would be rotation players to give the likes of Tremarco and Doran days off but the stakes are too high at the moment.
  5. Good point. Lets all get wrecked at the Rugby Club.
  6. Of course it's an excuse and attempted face saver. There also will probably be some feckin confidentiality clause. All that is frustrating me is that if someone did not follow the protocol then they should be named and shamed. And there again the actions of one individual should have "rubber stamped" by the SFA itself. I bet the next decision will ALL be out in the open ?
  7. Surely the three names of the decisionmakers must have been made public ?
  8. Should also say Testimonial and perhaps the club should be referred to as Club Rugbaidh na Gàidhealtachd ? Has the makings of a magnificent pishh up.
  9. I was going to post that but knew there would be another jolly Jonah in the wings !!
  10. Hear, Hear. I would go as far as saying that a boycott would be a grave error. 😁
  11. Bottom line is that the SFA realise that this one will not go away so have to save face, so have scapegoated. The card will be rescinded and James will be able to play in the final.
  12. Is it too simple to suggest that the Orange Lodge Sevco player involved in the incident issues a statement to the SFA stating that there was contact and that it was a foul tackle on his behalf ?