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  1. The Crown, Union and Celtic - are they not the main words in Sevco chants ?
  2. It is enlightening from a psychological view that peeps routinely publicise names from the past who never really set the place on fire in the first place. And even more psycholgically interesting that Satan is usually the first poster to point out the faux-pas ?
  3. Jeez mun - Can you not guess the name of a specific individual who would dosh out a sponsorship deal in gratitude or a wee bit of a power play ? Good shout - If ICT provided the wee man with home schooling over the last 12 months he should be doing it fer feckin free ?!!
  4. Feed the fish to the young pelicans ?
  5. Lets just employ a young, enthusiastic, cheap non-narcissistic personality - or stick with someone who's heart is already in the club.
  6. Dougal has the experience of Roundabouts. He would be Magic.
  7. It does sound like an updated term for the role Grassa had. The problem with it is that most managers are unsure of the "power" of the Sporting Director. I cant see either Dodds or McCann going for this and doubt if we can afford it. It is going to be an insider.
  8. Airdrie it is then. I could not imagine social distancing or hygeine measures in the Norseman.
  9. Montrose would be my preference and an Away Day we aint had fer years. From my travel perspective I would rather go to Brora than Cove. I hope Hamilton stay up as I feckin hate the place. Airdrie is another jaunt that we aint done in ages and a tidy wee ground.
  10. I am happy that the world is becoming a safer place to live in. I am happy that me and the missus have had 2 jabs and can plan to get back North. I am happy that my immediate family have survived the pandemic. I am saddened for the number of friends and colleagues who have experienced losses or stress induced illnesses. This football season means little except ICT are alive and kicking, we booted the Tinks out of the Cup and we may all meet up again next season in pre=match pubs and enjoy watching from inside the grounds. Basically - Good feckin riddance to the 2020-2021 football season a
  11. Qué Sera Sera whatever will be, will be. It is now down to the "bottle" factor and at least we have momentum going and we should regard ourselves as the underdogs, pis£ a few peeps off and walk tall at the end of a torrid season. And apologies but the Grand Seer Committee will not allow me to even hint on the outcome 🙄
  12. Dont you love this forum - a bit like real life itself - a short while ago we were preparing to meet our maker and now after two jabs in the arm we are world beaters again - Its a funny old game
  13. I was never treated with such civility
  14. Typical of the Jaggies to try and take over.
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