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  1. The feckin world has gone feckin mad !! I will have to lick stamps again at away games and consume litres of vodka to deaden the shame and the pain 😢
  2. Surely bespoke is a very accurate description as the strips will all have to be personally made for a variety of fat, bald, sad old Jeggie bestards. 🤣🤣
  3. Leaving the Innes at 2.55 has never been a problem 🍻
  4. None of my mates have heard of Shaw. He looks like a stab in the dark. Boyd however has potential. Can I request that no sarcastic comments are made in reply as I can be very easily upset, especially by judgemental administrators 🤣
  5. We have been the masters of the up and under tactic for a number of seasons.
  6. Previous comparisons with other clubs have tended to make our position look less worrying. Are there any recent comparison tables ?
  7. Only problem will be facing the inquisition of stewards like "February 8th" - or perhaps you could ghost in. 🤣
  8. Best group of yoofs since the Caley Animals 😇
  9. I wish that we could go back to the safe, harmonious and peaceful times of the late seventies and eighties. 🙏
  10. See yous all in the Championship next season. The team did us proud and nobody can question their effort and determination. I doubt if any of us would have thought that we would be watching ICT on Sky in the Premiership Play Off Finals. And to be irritating and honest Shaun Rooney is some player.
  11. Last throw of the Allardice - we need a Hardy crew now. The best bet now would be for 3-0 !!
  12. 75 minutes - We are understandably beginning to look tired and the Premiership feels a long way off. Carson must be struggling as he was - and is - my Man of th4 Match. Hyde whereas is pacier than Allardice. Unfortunately it is time to go for broke.
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