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  1. Brilliant result- so proud of the boys staying cool in difficult circumstances
  2. Dodds' tactics tonight were an absolute joke. You could clearly see that both Harper and Duffy looked shellshocked and all that the players did at the goals and the number of near misses was to look bemused with a "what the feck are we doing" expression. I know that we cant afford to pay off Dodds but can we afford to keep him. He has clearly lost the dressing room and the majority of the support. Worrying times. Perhaps I am now going a tad over the top but some players may welcome a knock and the opportunity to drop out for a spell ??!!
  3. I am not joking but it looked like we started in 2-4-2-1-1 formation. The first penalty was clear cut but there was a clear foul on Carson before the second. To be fair the referee was very poor and gave some questionable decisions both ways. Another good away support which won’t last unfortunately.
  4. On my way back from the game and here is my take. We were away from against a solid premiership team who were organised and schooled and had a Harry Kane lookalike in command. We were fortunate to keep it to four goals - it could have been 6-7 at half time. Sure we looked better in the second half but the game was over, Well had moved into second gear and it had become a training exercise and a chance to ring the changes. Our only real worthy effort was a shot from Billy McKay in the second half which was easily saved. The first half performance must rate as one of the worst 45 minutes that I have ever witnessed. Well simply tore us apart and the tactics employed by Dodds were simply nonsensical and made worse that he persisted when it was clear that Well had sussed us and were playing into the wide open spaces left by our sheer amateurism. Dodds played Devine and Deas as tight central defenders but then he played Harper and Duffy wide on the touch line and in advanced wing back type positions. Motherwell got in behind them time and time again and we were only saved by a number of desperate clearances by Deas or Devine. Motherwell also had pace on the wings and hit our bye line with ease. As I said it could have been a massacre at half time. And McGregor was clearly limping from the fifth minute and how he lasted till half time was incredible. In the second half we looked better without really improving. I would toss a coin between the two Mckays for MOM purely for their effort. Follow that with a toss up between Carson and Allardyce who again put in a lot of effort but are not ball players or capable of the odd piece of class. There simply did not appear to be any real desire or confidence. There were a number of squabbles and there did not appear to be anybody taking charge. In a nutshell the heads went down and it felt that we were going through the game with no thought of winning. Big changes are needed and I am not referring to the players - who are also dropping like flies.
  5. Match reporter in crime scene and unable to provide feedback
  6. This is becoming a bit of a conundrum - How are we going to feck this up ?
  7. My grandson asked “Why are Inverness so good at scoring late goals” - out of the mouths of babes - good shout ?
  8. The feckin world has gone feckin mad !! I will have to lick stamps again at away games and consume litres of vodka to deaden the shame and the pain
  9. Surely bespoke is a very accurate description as the strips will all have to be personally made for a variety of fat, bald, sad old Jeggie bestards.
  10. Leaving the Innes at 2.55 has never been a problem
  11. None of my mates have heard of Shaw. He looks like a stab in the dark. Boyd however has potential. Can I request that no sarcastic comments are made in reply as I can be very easily upset, especially by judgemental administrators
  12. We have been the masters of the up and under tactic for a number of seasons.
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