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  2. Dear Caley Tennis, Darling you got to let me know Should I stay or should I go? If you say that you are mine I'll be here till the end of time So you got to let me know Should I stay or should I go? Robbo xxx
  3. Dougal has got a few points in that post though. It must pissss a lot of people off that our best players are offloaded now every season to the darkside. But they have an Uncle Roy and we don't. I still feel that a lot of these deals are his revenge for the years when the shoe was on the other foot.
  4. Exfeckinactly. If Robbo wants to stay let him make the decision. Don't pisssh him off. I would rather have any deal done and dusted now so that we can get a decent replacement, not a caretaker, in asap - Hopefully that will not be needed.
  5. Got a text from a mate in Preston who states that one of his mates - James Craigen - is considering an offer from ICT - strangely also reported to have been encouraged by Gary Warren. I have googled and noted that he has just left the Pars - is this another potential midfielder for next season ?
  6. Sometimes enjoys winding up the over serious and over positive ?
  7. But I could have told you Vincent, This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you
  8. As Adolf Hitler once said to me, standing on a table in the Blackpool Bierkeller - "Johndo, Mein Freund (or was it Freud?) - He alone who owns the youth, gains the future".
  9. Fox going evidently requires a capable replacement. If OFW gets the nod I will be in attendance in the Darkside Away End simply to give him feckin belters.
  10. Personally I think that you are better at dredging canals.
  11. A ready made replacement for Joe Chalmers - It makes more sense now.
  12. Any truth in the rumour that John Hartson is signing for us ?
  13. I know that I referred to him as "The sweet left foot" and I think that he did have BUT he went missing for some games and parts of others. I still feel that he is more suited to be an attacking left sided midfielder. As a holding midfielder he was average and I feel that Trafford surpassed him in that role as the season progressed. I am actually surprised that Tinkerville have chosen him. I would classify him as a good Championship player but I doubt his ability to shine in the Premiership. If he was going anywhere else than over the bridge then I would wish him luck. I hope his luxury residential caravan home leaks.