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  1. Is anyone concentrating on the Cup Final. Cellic are on the beach and possibly showing a bit of over confidence. It is a very, very big ask but it is possible. Never mind next season - Hampden is calling.
  2. For once I am with the surly detractors and would suggest that the choice of opponent is WRONG. According to the Oxford English Dictionary "Spartan" means "simple or severe - without anything that makes life more pleasant".
  3. They look more like stamp lickers to me - the generation of today never fails to amaze and shock me.
  4. Given his name it may be a different shape of ball ??
  5. brilliant- and I have to admit that I could not have done better in my hey day - but I would have had a warning by now
  6. Fer fecks sake - this needs as much local support as possible- bet more would be interested if we won the feckin thing
  7. So how about getting your offshore links to get us a few bob - and keep some for your good self.
  8. Ach at least I made a £60 profit from my Celtic mates
  9. 2-0 half time - Harper and Duffy
  10. I would have thought that most of the posters on here would be able to get their old flares out of their wardrobes
  11. Anybody actually going to the European game ?
  12. Is anyone actually surprised at the costs ? These are companies looking to make a quick buck. I am sure that the club may have considered putting into the money box but we are in debt. And there would probably be equal vitriol if club funds were utilised. At the end of the day the blame lies with the SFA.
  13. I am dun gan on about this and would wish for a swift conclusion - there are more important things to discuss
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