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  1. Mrs Bauhaus HT 0-1 FT 1-2 Dee McPake ICT White Att 4987 Bauhaus HT 0-0 FT 1-1 Dee Hemmings ICT Doran Att 5055
  2. Bauhaus HT 1-0 FT 1-1 DUFC Shankland ICT Todorov Att 7979 Mrs Bauhaus HT 1-1 FT 1-2 DUFC McMullin ICT White Att 6854
  3. Have to be clear with this, a west coast problem? Don't we continually not comment on the hoards of buses that leave the entirety of towns around Scotland to go watch the two vile clubs. Have we not listened to both these clubs away fans sing anti catholic and anti protestant songs at us, and often when they were playing on our turf they had a lot of "local" fans in their ranks. It is a Scottish problem, but it is almost exclusively linked to the two biggest clubs ( although you cannot exclude the capitals big two also, but to a lesser extent ) I think the only way to really tackle this i
  4. England are coming home. However, what a missed opportunity, in the end Croatia were a far better team than they had faced prior to this. England maybe could have had two in the first half, but talk about getting stronger as the game went on, 3 extra times in a row. Could have scored 3 or 4 in the end Croatia. Have to say it was a more humble England team, unfortunately the media weren't as much.
  5. HMMM turning into our worst nightmare this world cup. Worst one since Italia 90! Desperately supporting my Croatian relatives tomorrow, having binned my Swedish and Colombian lost family. Surely someone can stop them.
  6. Adam MacLeod has signed for Clach. Hope he is over his horrendous run of injuries, in 5 years at Strathspey only played about 60-70 games but scored 40-50 goals. In a better team and fit, I can see that strike rate increasing....
  7. Larnell Cole scored in extra time for Tranmere Rovers yesterday, in the National League play off semi final to get back into League 2
  8. Stuart Soane for Forres v Inverurie 4 April Adam MacLeod for Strathspey v Cove 4 April Stuart Soane for Forres v Strathspey 7 April Jamie Wilson 2 for Rothes v Nairn 7 April
  9. Adam Macleod scored for Strathspey Thistle ant the weekend, Stathspey 2 Clach 2 Only his 3rd of the season, but was just his 4th game. Strathspey could do with him playing a few more games, lowest scorers in highland league!
  10. It would also be good to have another local in the squad. Also if he hasnt been playing for some time, it takes a good few weeks training and games to regain your match sharpness. He was a good and important player for us before, and Im pretty sure he hasnt lost ability, just some confidence. I would take him back if he is willing
  11. dont think he signed for Chorley, believe it was Skelmerdale!!!
  12. Adam Macleod been out of game for 11 months with some injury. Scored and set one up coming on as a sub on his first game back. Strathspey scored 5, could that be a first in the Highland League!
  13. Is it not the case usually, that this gardening leave continues for the agreed timescale, or until the so called gardener gets another job. In that case Raith Rovers were paying Yogi, not us.
  14. One ray of light, although very faint, We never seem to start our season until 6-8 games in
  15. I cant disagree with anything seriously posted. Big big concern for this season ahead, it feels like we have just conceded the league after one league game. Believe Robbo will get us safe from relegation, but hey, I thought that this time last year too. Cant understand how far and quick its fallen apart, but I strongly believe that John Hughes, although he brought us our first major national cup success, he was also the start of our downfall Lets hope all our doom and gloom is wide of the mark. Maybe Coutinho has always wanted to play for the team he supported as a young lad, an
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