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  1. redandblack

    Inverness CT -V- St Johnstone

    Every thing that Barry Wilson said on the BBC is totally true. There is something wrong behind the scenes. I think that Ritchie could yet be a very good manager. The players tried there best, but their best is obviously not good enough.It was obvious to me at the turn of the year that there was no future with this team. The Inverness fans have been let down by lack of direction.
  2. redandblack

    Inverness CT -V- Motherwell

    The new system was there for all to see against Motherwell. 1-9-1 !!! The striker isolated, and the goalkeeper also stranded. That is why McKay is off the boil. Also why the centre backs are getting red cards.
  3. redandblack

    Hugh Keevins take on ICT

    He can't even spell Whisky properly , unless maybe he is an Irish/American.
  4. redandblack

    What now?

    You are correct about the team not having the same "zip" with the new management team. Also McKay doesn't run around so much as Butcher had him doing. He used to harass defenders more , but now holds back a lot, and doesn't chase the ball. I do believe in good defending as first option, that is the difference between the managers, but of course would like to see even one goal !!!
  5. redandblack

    Contract Lengths

    Your reasoning is spot on, but I think that Tremarco will not let us down. He puts 100% in every game.
  6. redandblack


    Terry said that he wouldn't touch any ICT players in the January window. I am sure he is a man of his word.
  7. redandblack


    Why is Raven not playing ? He came back against Aberdeen and looked as if he hadn't been away. The defence looks more solid with him. A bit more height to help Warren and Meekings. Shinnie could play in Foran's place, or in front of Tremarco. The three games at home under JH were all the same. Lost early goal, chasing the game, then losing another goal (except Celts), throwing on forwards, and never recovering.
  8. redandblack

    Butcher hits out at fans.

    You are talking absolute rubbish, and it only goes to prove the underlying problem with poor attendance. Proper football fans go to see live football. There is a hard core of 3000 fans who support INVERNESS. It is now time to drop Caledonian and Thistle and just call our team Inverness FC. I guarantee that the 3000 will still turn up, and I am sure it would encourage more fans to turn up. We should be proud of how Terry, Maurice and the team are performing. I would liked to have watched Man U. and Real , but supporting Inverness was more important to me.
  9. redandblack

    ICT -V- Hearts

    Terry you are a legend as far as I am concerned, as I am a bluenose since 1947. In the last two weeks you have made the smartest and dumbest decisions of your managerial career. Philip Roberts may be a good prospect, but at 18 years is not experienced enough to take what was the most important penalty in the clubs history. Furthermore he gives away possession too often, to come on as a sub, unless of course we are ahead. Surely there were more experienced players to take the important fifth penalty.