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  1. Hi everyone, a friend and I have set up a new Football podcast called the Stanley Park Beat. It's basically a Everton/Liverpool content base but also discussing football in UK and further afield. We also through in a few other things that we're listening to or watching on the tv. Have topics of the day. Have a poll for players in an all star merseyside XI And I try and throw in any Caley Thistle references I can of course. Lagging on that front mind. Name of the show is inspired by the fact that Everton and Liverpool, are one side of Stanley Park Liverpool away from each other, and t
  2. Not been on CTO for a very long time I just realised today, but I keep seeing this pop up on twitter and keep meaning to have a listen. Now following on Spotify and its getting added to the work playlist. Whats the thing about Spotify needing you to have 5 pods to be on there? My friend and I have one on there from the off. We're not very good yet so probably lowering the standard somewhat. haha
  3. I missed them because they're not out of contract at the end of the season as far as I'm aware. But yes OfW needs to go if he's not number 1. Wages needed elsewhere. Would like to keep Polworth and Mulraney. Get a taker for Susan too hopefully.
  4. Remaining players that are out of contract at end of season then are: Ryan Esson – GK coach/ player - GK • Aaron Doran - LW - wait and see • Iain Vigurs - CM - try to keep • Jake Mulraney - RW - keep, though may have to sell now to recoup money • Brad Mckay - CB - keep • Cammy Mackay - GK - keep • John Baird - FW - could allow to leave • George Oakley - FW - keep • Connor Bell - FW - keep
  5. Updated the OP with new contracts for Donaldson and Tremarco. Also added Nathan Austin with contract length TBC. So by my reckoning the only players contracts set to expire in January are Cooper (who given the arrival of Austin might be on his way) and Elsdon who hasn't kicked a ball on loan for us. So very likely that's not being extended. David Raven too will be off to pastures new. Thanks for the memories!
  6. Mulraney for me is a far improved player from last season. Still has lots of work to do in terms of the final ball but he's improved a lot, albeit at a lower level.
  7. Seems a good move for all parties.
  8. Why would you need to operate machinery? If anything it's a matter of being able to play without a disadvantage.
  9. Not so much that. I think both the club knew and Raven knew from the off that we wouldn't offer terms similar to those he's on. The club have probably offered him a deal, decent in comparison to team mates, but a significant drop for him. Not ideal with a family etc. They probably knew he couldn't really accept. But, football wise would be handy to keep around if he would. It's not that different to what we did with Tokely. Offered new terms but terms that couldn't ever really be accepted. Good to have around but not to the point where the extra money couldn't be used more efficiently el
  10. Not seen much of him but you reckon Riccardo Calder will be off? Cooper for me is a take or leave. If he's on a relatively small wage then he's a decent squad option out wide. But I'd not despair if he didn't. Raven is a certainty to go. Warren, also on a big wage, though it might be risky to move on so much experience. I think Susan is the player Robbo refers to as the other we will try and move on. Might depend on him finding another club so that we can release him at nominal cost. 2 year deal was always a risk. But then it's a risk offering 6 month or 1 year deals as they mi
  11. Seen games postponed for far less. Not sure anyone should be expected to work without any sleep, food or water and in what was probably not very warm conditions. Maybe we should have arranged a glamour friendly against Kingussie High school and used that to call the game off. Also another point. Presume there was only one bus driver. Would it not have been a risk for the amount of time they can spend at the wheel? QotS clearly caring about the money spent rather than others welfare. And the SPFL showing their typical impotence and incompetence .
  12. Of all the players up in January we need to keep big Coll. Please don't let him be in the 2/3. Raven is essentially confirmed as leaving after rejecting a reduced deal. Elsdon hasn't played. Can't see the loan extension being triggered. Susan is on a longer deal. Whether we can find a way to release him early or another club takes him on will be deciding factor there. Imagine Cooper might go too. Not sure. He does play occasionally but we have Doran coming back to fitness as well.
  13. Glad the club did at least make an offer. Although I think we all knew it would have to be on reduced terms. Also fully understand why this wouldn't work for David. He's been an absolute legend for ICT and will go down permanently in our history as one of the best. Club stalwart who can comfortably be mentioned in same breath as likes of Tokely, Munro, Golabek, Duncan etc. Players who always dug deep for the cause.
  14. It's a fair question Blair. Personally I think we've slightly been victims of our own success. After winning the cup (and reaching another final), aside from Christie, we completely failed to capitalise financially on the transfer of players their success attracted from elsewhere. So many good players have been lost for nothing. Unfortunately many of these good players were brought in through excellent scouting/trial work from Butchers teams tenure for next to nothing - if you then fail to profit from players leaving you have to try and replace them for next to nothing. It's near i
  15. Unfortunate not to nick this one by sounds of it but another clean sheet. Mckay and Donaldson seem to be forming a decent understanding at the back and the return of Tremarco and Raven has really helped. Still lacking a proper number 9. To think what could have been had we kept hold of Fisher. Think he'd have really flourished with Mulraney and Bell alongside. Ifs and Buts though.
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