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  1. Council Juice

    Managers We Never Had...

    Wasn't that Italian, Scalla or something, who applies for every job in Scotland also linked...mainly because he applies for every job.
  2. Council Juice

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    Any chance of being able to get a top sans sponsor? If goes against my believes to advertise bread................. Or at least i reckon it'd look better without it.
  3. Council Juice

    Hughes comments

    Going back to the OP. Seems to me that Hughes is essentially saying, and to use a Hughes catchphrase here, that we won't rest on our laurels. We do indeed need to do the talking on the pitch and pick up the points there to get into the top 6. We cannot ever think that because we have finished top 6 before we are somehow entitled to remain there. You have to work hard just to stay at the same level. If we start believing our own hype then we'll start to get like Hibs. Forever thinking that because they are one of the best supported and biggest clubs in the league they somehow have a god given right to just turn up and win. It rubs off on the players and they end up getting caught out.
  4. Council Juice

    Positive or Negative

    I very much doubt the gaffer or players spend much or any time on this forum and read it. Most managers try to avoid media as so they are not overly swayed by all the drivel. It would turn most mad. Also, go on any forum and you'll see plenty happy clapper, negative nancy and Mr balanced and thorough. It's nothing unique to CTO. All in all a pointless thread and if anything should be closed it's this. Not that I would encourage a totalitarian approach to thread monitoring.
  5. Council Juice

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    I believe so now yes, goin by pie and bovril I cant think of any other team that has not at least previewed their strips now barrin us :-( Clearly saving the best till last. It'll be here when it's here. Dont see the issue really. Why does anyone need it before the start of the season anyway?
  6. Council Juice

    Summer transfer targets

    If he's fit enough and Hughes reckons he has something to offer then I'd be ok with it. We need something up front. Half our team come from that level so it doesn't bother me too much if he wasn't a star down south. It's whether or not he can offer us something.
  7. Council Juice

    Season tickets

    Got a nice wee letter from Richie asking me if I could get one. Sadly I plan on being out the country backpacking through Asia having the time of my life from the start of next year so this would be unlikely.
  8. Council Juice

    Summer transfer targets

    Reckon Shinnie might be moving further up field to a midfield position with the acquisition of Baptiste perhaps. I wouldn't be too unhappy with that to be honest. If he could improve his shooting he'd potentially be one of the most dangerous players in the league. Ayina sounds as good a prospect as any. Only doubts seem to be about his current fitness. (according to Hughes post match interview v Clach) but that's something a good pre season can sort out I'd have thought.
  9. Council Juice

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    I remember Buffon had to revise plans to wear the number 88 shirt (at lazio I think) due to supposed fascist links. To do with H being the 8th letter in the alphabet. 88 = HH, Heil Hitler. A load of nonsense I'd imagine. He probably just liked the number. I'd chose 69....
  10. Council Juice


    Oh well, looks like he'll have to suffice with the own brand bottles of Claret for a bit. Haw haw haw! He can stay well away. Made his bed. I'd take Marsella back though I reckon.
  11. Council Juice

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    Oh that makes me dizzy that.
  12. Council Juice

    Can Yogi maintain our momentum ?

    I think a lot of football in Scotland suffers from rotten pitches in the New Year period, and would happily advocate a summer league, following other Northern leagues, but there's too many stuck in mantra that it's traditional. Got to move with the times. In fairness to Yogi, we lost the likes of Doran for parts of the run in, Foran was out a long time as well as others. Sometimes it just trips you up like it did to us in March/April. Lots of games, injuries and suspension take their toll. Then it can be hard to regain the momentum.
  13. Council Juice

    Ticket prices for season 14/15

    I was thinking the 16-25, could maybe get away with 25 if I shave. or with a little grey dye I could get in with you old boys as a concession.
  14. Council Juice

    Can Yogi maintain our momentum ?

    I explained a while back, something to do with Yogi being the reason everything is going to **** and all the fans wont renew tickets because of it apparently. My point was fans across the league are going to less games because the standard is dwindling, there is nothing real to play for in the top flight asides from a short Europa league qualifying run embarrassment, and ticket prices are too high to reflect this. All quite simple really.
  15. Council Juice

    Can Yogi maintain our momentum ?

    Every league has good games, and absolute stinkers, but the standard in Scotland is significantly lower. Yes there are some games in England I have no interest in, and some in Scotland I'd actively watch but that's not the point. The players are nowhere near as good and you notice it. Most of our team, for example, come from teams who have released players in league 1 and 2 and we're top 6. The teams they are leaving deem them surplus to requirements. Surely that says something? I watch a lot of English football, but I watch a lot of German football and the occasional French and Italian game (depending on who's playing) in addition to Scottish games on both BT sport and BBC Alba. You can't pull up pre season friendlies against lower league English teams as a fair comparison of the standard. 1st thing is they're pre season friendlies, the result doesn't matter too much. It's about building match fitness and getting the tactics right. Secondly the Scottish teams are usually about 2 weeks ahead in their pre season campaigns, therefore the fitness levels tends to be a little higher. Why do you think Scottish teams, aside from the odd result are in general horrific in Europe. Hibs 9-0 to Malmo FFS? Such a high standard. Our other teams were out before the groups stages too and Celtic were limp. My point is not that I think that Scottish football is rubbish (though the standard in the last 10-15 years has dropped drastically) but that the prices in the top flight are too high in general and do not reflect the product on offer. It's not like the gate numbers disprove this assertion. They continue to tumble across the board and will again next season.