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  1. Not much between the teams tonight. Dundee were less sloppy with passing but that was about it. A game entirely dictated by a referee. There were calls for a penalty on Doran but I'll wait until I see it again as I'm not sure if he dragged his feet but from where I was sitting it looked rather convincing. Dundee's number 8 targeting Vigurs as well resulting in Vigurs lashing out, nothing new. Atrocious refereeing in the first half that gradually got a bit better during the second half but not by much. I can't believe that I'm going to say this but I miss the Willie Collum days. The game
  2. There are a handful of 'supporters' like that in the main stand and honestly, it's a big reason why I don't visit anymore. Makes for a rather unpleasant experience. I do love a good atmosphere but to not even be able to think due to a few loud mouths is really uncomfortable. Stressing few here, but that's already two too many. Also why is it that the ICT YouTube channel can get highlights of a game that we lose up within a day but when we win there seems to be zero media coverage? I get that there was the altercation with Polworth and Kellacher but surely they can at least show those of u
  3. Just a friendly reminder of what OFW did for us week in, week out while he was on top of his game and injury free. I wonder what went wrong? This man needs to be back in goals. Ridgers has had his opportunity now.
  4. I reckon after a while it would have clicked for Foran. No one will ever come close to his love for the region and the club. We seem to be worse off without him. Bring OFW and Raven back into the team (despite what I've said about Raven in the past, he's clearly the better option here) as the longer you keep them out, the more their want to play for the club diminishes.
  5. This is what happens when a bunch of old media farts treat digital media in the same light. If this was published in a newspaper, then you should release a statement. Absolute embarrassment for the club. I wouldn't put it past the club to have emailed Twitter support to report pornographic material without first glancing through the terms of use to understand that twitter really don't give a **** about porn being on their platform.
  6. To be honest, I wouldn't miss him too much. I think Hughes was onto something when he was going to be let go. Seems to be 50/50 and on his last legs, imo. Definitely not the player he used to be.
  7. Calder confirmed on two year deal with Matty Elsdon joining on loan from Middlesbrough FC without mention of length of loan.
  8. The rapid increase of signings that appear from first glance to be more useful and dynamic players than signings made by both Yogi and Foran is starting to fill me with optimism for the season ahead. Perhaps Robbo coming back is a stroke of genius? Only time will tell but I'm starting to get really excited!
  9. I'm not surprised with Richie's comments. What is he meant to say? His future employers will be looking at the tapes, taking notes, he can't afford to seem anything other than professional and collected. We have no idea what bollocking he may or may not be giving the team in the dressing room and in training. I think it's better for his career as a manager to take to a cookie cutter response when he himself may be gobsmacked at the performances we've seen over the season rather than let the frustration that he is no doubt feeling show in footage that is eternally archived on the internet.
  10. The problem with the club predates Foran's appointment by a number of years. Since Butcher left, we have been entirely incapable of replacing the class of players that have left. We should have let Hughes go speak to Dundee United and should have sold Tansey rather than letting him go for free. We should have probably held on to Billy McKay while he was in form, rather than letting our top goal scorer leave for a (in football terms at least) tiny fee. At a club of our size, that can not go on cup runs season after season, we really need to be making smart decisions regarding turning over
  11. Not getting my hopes up, but if you are going to go 2-0 down, it's best to do that as fast as possible. No time wasted, nothing to lose. Fingers crossed Motherwell will tire themselves out quickly and our players show at least a little composure.
  12. Listening on OAM, what is an ibrooks? Is that one of those apples?
  13. Got a good feeling about today! Looking forward to dragging the wretched down into the battle while we climb the table with a cheeky smile.
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