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  1. I have the away 1 so far and love it. Not sure about the new home 1 but I don't hate it, I guess I'll get it too as it helps the clubs coffers a wee bit.
  2. am sure Eagle4Caley will love this, it's an outstanding top, 1 of our best in 25 years
  3. Were not in the league cup. The wafer cup is nearly as diddy as this
  4. 3-1 Forres score on the rebound
  5. 3 nil Miles at the double
  6. Anyone know if this game could be in doubt with the weather being as bad as it is?
  7. Ridgers house is not on market, I know this as I live 50 meters from him, well at least there's no sign outside his house anyway
  8. We could yet end up in the big cup final and have the play offs to look forward to at the end of the season, that's gonna be way above expectations from start of season form.
  9. No offence intended but this poll is mental. It's the Scottish cup semi-final, regardless who our opponents are it's gotta be hampden. The goal from the 1st round you enter, as players as well as fans, is to get to Hampden , that's the dream Also Dingwall or mcdairmaid would be shi*
  10. That's the term Tullochs are using for their part in the statement, I'm guessing if we haven't paid them money for it it's a gift
  11. On official site that the transfer of the stadium is finally complete and are looking also for new sponsors as tullochs have agreed to the removal of their name as part of it. Also stating we should now be In a far healthier position financially. Anyway what brands do people think would be good to sponsor the stadium now.
  12. Fair enough, that makes sense now?
  13. Are the 2 oversized lean too's worth anything at all in reality. Couple of stands with zero facilities between them have no value at all surely. No toilets no refreshments no anything, neither of which are any more than 33% full these days I just do not know what all the fuss is about. Unless the land itself has any kind of value then I fail to see why we are still waiting on confirmation of owning them.
  14. I hope after reading and hearing what the man went through with his illness people get off his back. He genuinely wants to help our team do well and he's if nothing else not short on effort as well as being our current top scorer this season. Let's for once try and get behind all our players at the business end of the season, we still have a great chance of the playoffs and his goals are going to be crucial.
  15. There's literally no chance East Fife v Partick gets a tv slot. If the highland derby dosent make one of the BBC games I'll eat Alan Simpson's regurgitated toe nail. Us and them are far bigger than East Fife and at least as big as fecking Partick. Just hope it dosent stop the caravan park from being full for the gate receipts cumin our way
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