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  1. In many ways it is a side show, with the real issue being whatever conclusion James Hamilton QC draws.

    I just hope the truth comes out, but sadly the whole episode is now casting Scotland in a very bad light.

    We are even being compared to a “tin pot dictatorship”. 

    The sooner this is over the better, as the Government has to focus on getting us through the pandemic and leading a recovery of the economy. 

  2. The London-based news broadcasts have caught up on the story over the last day or so.

    It seems Salmond will appear before the Holyrood Committee on Friday and Sturgeon next week, with the Committee due to report by the end of March.

    Seconds out, round 1......

  3. I agree. One of the defenders looked in line.

    Storey has been rightly slaughtered for the penalty debacle but he and Keatings both made a difference to our performance after coming on, and the cross and finish they combined to give us the second goal was sublime. Credit to Duffy also for his goal, another great finish.


  4. Given the position with Robbo and Kells, the club clearly sees that we need someone in, probably for the rest of the season but possibly longer, who knows.

    As it is not a permanent job, I think it is remarkable we have attracted anyone who had ongoing work elsewhere, so it implies that McCann sees this as an opportunity to prove himself and secure a managerial role somewhere.

    The club is in a difficult place right now, so I believe we should all be getting behind the club and McCann, regardless of how we view his appointment. At the very least, he deserves the next month or so to show what he can do before anyone judges him.

    We have two hard games against Dundee and Hearts in the next week, then the dreaded Alloa away, so we need to accept that we may not get an immediate “bounce” from this.

    We also seem short of players again due to injuries, with six missing out last night. That doesn’t help.

    This whole episode should remind us all that there are more important things than football. 

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  5. We have struggled against Alloa in the last two seasons, but that game was there for the taking.

    To be honest, I’d have taken a point with 20 minutes to play, but after turning it round with two quick, good goals (particularly Duffy’s) we should have gone on and won comfortably.

    We have drawn or lost too many games this season that we should have won, and we should be comfortably in a play off place.

    We had three moments that stopped us winning.

    First the woeful pass from Devine which led to the first goal. We should have cleared it much sooner and, when he did, we should at the very least have got it much further up the pitch.

    Second the poor penalty by Storey. I don’t know who was nominated to take penalties in the absence of Welsh, but I’d have gone with Keatings. It needed power so it would need a great save. He made it easy for the goalie.

    Third the lazy tackle by Harper. I don’t hold it against him as he has done well this season and will make mistakes at his age, and we should have been 3-1 up by then so it would not have mattered.

    I’d also like to see the disallowed MacGregor goal again to see why it was chalked off.

    Somehow we are 6th but we should be 5th and we have two hard games coming up against Hearts and Dundee.

    I accept that the players will be affected by the issues with Robbo and Kells so will cut them some slack, but that does feel like a defeat rather than a draw.

    To end on a positive, the livestream was much better with two doing the commentary. Iain is knowledgeable and I thought brought balance to it, with less stats as a result. 

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  6. That was an underwhelming first half. An encouraging, confident start but then we started giving away too many fouls and then Devine’s terrible pass out of defence gave Alloa the chance they scored from.

    Since then, we’ve had plenty of the ball, but just two half chances for Toddy, but both headers off target.

    We can turn this round if we pass better, but equally look like we could lose a second on the break.

    We've a young bench, but I’d bring Storey and Keatings on if we have not got back in this in the next 10 minutes or so. 

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  7. I agree with all the comments above. This highlights that while we often sound off when our club is not doing as well as we hope, it is not nearly as important as other events in life.

    It is tragic news at a very difficult time, and Robbo was already finding the pandemic tough.

    My thoughts are with him and his family, whilst I wish Scott all the best too: I had not realised his illness was as bad as it has clearly been.

    Club statement issued today:


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  8. 24 minutes ago, IBM said:

    Jordan White's second-half header gives Ross County a 1 - 0 win over Celtic tonight.

    Just looked at the fixtures. If they both win their next two games, Rangers will go to Parkhead in the last game before the split able to win the league. If that happens, it’s a good job no fans are allowed in!

    Taxi for Lennon?

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