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  1. I didn’t watch the debate but did see the discussion afterwards on Scotland Tonight, which very much reflected your comments. Anas Sarwar does seem to be doing best, but the SNP must be happy with how the debates have gone. It does seem that all parties accept the SNP will be in Government, with Ross apparently focussing on the list vote at one point, and with Labour most likely to come second. The timing of the legal action by Westminster over Scottish Government legislation that the Scottish Tories supported must also have undermined Ross’s position. Tellingly, the Greens seem
  2. Well deserved but it will raise his profile and increase the risk that he gets an offer he can’t refuse. As Lizi and IBM say, he must be our priority for a contract extension or new deal.
  3. Tonight’s results pretty good for us. On Saturday Dunfermline play Queen of the South. Anything other than a Dunfermline win will see us still in fourth going into the Dundee game which would be a benefit. I agree with Hiro that we may not need three wins to end in fourth, but we do need to target three wins as, if we achieve that, we will be in the play offs. As Hearts seem to have recovered their form and we have to play them away, a win against Dundee is very important to our hopes. It looks like it could well come down to the Ayr game at the end of the month.
  4. It is now within our own destiny as we are definitely fourth with three games to play regardless of how the game in Dumfries finishes.
  5. I’d be happy if Dunfermline and Queen of the South both lose tonight. Our target has to be the play offs so not having those chasing us making up any ground will be good. Not watching it but currently 0-0 between Dunfermline and Dundee.
  6. Something does not smell right here. Why would it game four weeks for a complaint to be made? It must be something that was missed by the referee, presumably. Allardice and Welsh were booked that evening but not Toddy. Hopefully Toddy is cleared of whatever he is accused of and those at Raith who allegedly racially abused him get appropriate sanctions. If the finding goes against him on 29 April we could lose him at a critical stage of the season depending on when any sanction applies from, particularly if we make the play offs.
  7. We are unbeaten on Friday evenings this season..... Saturday’s league games have been moved to 1200.
  8. Interesting time given there is a non TV game at 1900. Perhaps the club wanted an early kick off given the journey back north afterwards? We had an 1830 in the league before the times settled on 1900, so it is possible the time is down to us rather than the SFA. Friday is better than Sunday given the Dundee game on the following Tuesday.
  9. And I respect yours too. The SFA have a decision to make and, whenever we play, be it 1500 next Saturday or not, I will be paying St Mirren to watch the game and hoping we beat them!!
  10. Sorry, I disagree. He has done a significant amount in his role, not least in turning round the lives of many throughout the Commonwealth, not least in Scotland, through the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme, so rescheduling a few games out of respect is something that we should embrace. Early kick offs seem the logical solution, or moving the games to the Sunday (as long as the Dundee game gets moved back too).
  11. Whilst it would be good if they did, it is very unlikely Dundee will lose all their games. We need to focus on winning our last three league games. If we could pick results to suit us, Dunfermline have been struggling recently and are at home to Dundee and Queen of the South before we play next in the league, so the best outcome for us would be Dundee beating Dunfermline, Raith beating Queen of the South and Queen of the South beating Dunfermline. Chances are that won’t all happen, but if it did we’d still be fourth doing into the Dundee game. Our best option is definitely to fo
  12. Given the importance of the league games, it wouldn’t surprise me if some players are rested against St Mirren to ensure they are available for Dundee. With most of the squad fit, it makes sense to take advantage of it.
  13. The booking that it was unclear who the card was shown to turned out to be Storey for sarcastically applauding the linesman.
  14. Noted today were Sam Winnall for Oxford and Rory McAllister for Cove.
  15. Very well said. Only four weeks ago when we kicked off against Raith on 12 March, we were sitting in 9th place. Four weeks on, we are undefeated in 8 games, have enjoyed a great win against County, and have taken 14 points out of 18 in the league. If we can win our last three games, we will almost certainly be in the play offs given the other games to be played. What do we want on Tuesday? Wins for Dundee and Raith would suit, but would mean we realistically are only aiming for 4th. I would take that! In terms of today, it was not our best performance in a game either
  16. On Sportsound that discussions are taking place about the Saturday games with an announcement to follow at some point. At the very least the time will change, but quite possibly the day too.
  17. Hard fought match which could have gone either way. In no way a classic but the point probably fair. Other results did us no real harm. Hopefully Tuesday’s results go our way.
  18. We’ve just had a great chance but Sutherland straight at keeper after Vincent dummied Storey’s cross.
  19. He’s been much better since switched to the right. Just had a decent long shot. Dundee losing to Morton.
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