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  1. This weekend I have noted: Nathan Austin (2) for Kelty Andrew MacAskill for Buckie Andy MacRae for Brora Jack Brown (2) for Rothes
  2. The club’s report, which includes the goals and Dodds’ comments: https://ictfc.com/match-report-ictfc-2-0-morton-16-10-2021
  3. It shows our expectations have risen! I thought I was realistic, not negative, and the comment above about Welsh is harsh. A shout out for Allardice playing out of position, as he handled things pretty well. I also thought McAlear had a good game and gave protection on the right side. Once again Gardyne was the pick for me. I was sceptical when he signed but he has become a key player for us and has weighed in with important goals. I was please Mckay started and it was great to see him on the score sheet. His confidence must be really high now. We have a good mix of yo
  4. I felt Roddy deserved his as he committed the foul then knocked the ball away. Allardice deserved his too but handled being right back pretty well, and well protected by McAlear. Duku can feel harshly done by fir his card. A Morton player should have got a card for sliding in on Welsh with his studs showing but as Welsh jumped over him he got away with it. Could have been nasty.
  5. @crownboy: what are you on? Can I have some of it? An excellent performance by the referee??
  6. A deserved win, but on several occasions at 0-0 and 1-0 we did our best to let Morton get into the game by poor passing and some comic book defending. Ridgers’ kicking was not to his usual standards, but the one that counted was great vision and very accurate to set Mckay up for a cool finish into the corner. Gardyne pounced for the second after Mckay could have scored in the same move. We could, and possibly should, have got more against a poor defence, with Jamieson coming closest. Other than when we gifted them chances, Morton didn’t trouble us too much. I recall one Rid
  7. Mckay starts. Allardice at right back presumably: https://mobile.twitter.com/ICTFC/status/1449362559832928258/photo/1
  8. Hamilton 1-6 Partick……. Makes our display and result a fortnight ago even more disappointing.
  9. Sounds like we have some players carrying knocks in advance of tomorrow’s game: https://ictfc.com/match-preview-morton-h-2 And a request to watch where we park: https://ictfc.com/local-business-parking-during-matchdays
  10. Ali Sutherland for Brora in the Highland League last night.
  11. Credit where it is due though. We have won three of those four games 1-0 so he has been key to us (hopefully) securing second place in the group.
  12. And one of their players had a career here with Forfar and Keith!
  13. Well that was a tough watch, but job done, however unconvincingly! However it did take Denmark 85 minutes to score in Torshavn….
  14. Sorry Kingsmills, I was right to be wary! And that was before I heard that they’ve won 8 of their last 20 home matches. We have been second best in the first half and are very lucky not to be behind with Craig Gordon and poor finishing to thank. We’ve not managed to break them down and create anything of note whilst we’ve struggled when the Faroes have counter attacked with pace. Like Saturday we need a much better second half!
  15. No, just been around long enough to know how we can self destruct!
  16. HT 1-0 FT 2-0 ICT Mckay Morton Oliver Crowd 1916
  17. Just as long as we don’t mess it all up tomorrow against the Faroes or next month in Moldova!
  18. Ticket and PPV information out nice and early: https://ictfc.com/next-match-greenock-morton-h After the disappointing performance and result at Hamilton, hopefully we get back to winning ways. I’d like to see Mckay start given Duku has failed to score in eight league starts so far.
  19. Two for Rory McAllister for Cove yesterday. In the Highland League, I only noticed Aiden Wilson (2) and Jack Brown scoring for Rothes.
  20. The club’s report: https://ictfc.com/match-report-elgin-city-2-4-ictfc
  21. I didn’t see the game. What has gone wrong defensively? The back four were the players who were our defence for much of last season, particularly Devine and Deas who had developed a good partnership. I see Harper and Devine were taken off during the second half: did that reflect their performances? Any word on Carson’s injury?
  22. I see no reason why we can’t win both games and secure a final place.
  23. Mckay needs to be given a starting place against Morton next week. He knows how to score and that’s what we need to keep our league campaign on track. He and Sutherland could be the combination for us.
  24. Today’s line up. Only four subs: https://mobile.twitter.com/ICTFC/status/1446810578882859009/photo/1
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