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  1. According to Bath City he is a left back who can also play at centre half: https://www.bathcityfc.com/player/anthony-straker/
  2. Full time. 10-0. Seems like a good workout and shooting practice, but it will be good to hear from anyone who was at the match.
  3. The goals keep coming: when did we last score 10 in a friendly? This one was scored by Roddy MacGregor. Great to have him back playing.
  4. 9-0 through Steven Boyd. Good to see Boyd and Shaw both on the mark.
  5. 11 substitutions at half time. 8-0 courtesy of an Austin Samuels penalty and a goal by Ethan Cairns.
  6. Turning into a goal fest. 6-0 now after goals from Robbie Thomson and Aaron Doran.
  7. Now 4-0 through Billy Mckay and Cameron Harper.
  8. Colts and non-Scottish teams are back this season. We enter at the third round on 24/25 September: https://spfltrust.org.uk/spfl-trust-trophy-welcomes-back-cross-border-participants/
  9. Jordan Roberts has joined Stevenage from Motherwell.
  10. I don’t know the finances behind the concerts, but tickets remain available for both Friday and Saturday: https://ictfc.com/andrea-bocelli-duran-duran-concert-faqs
  11. He’s not played a league game for Wycombe, although he made three cup tie appearances, and is only 21 so hopefully another with potential: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Ram He’s a central defender so presumably brought in to provide cover for Devine, Duffy and Deas given Broadfoot has left. I still think we need to bring in a right back and ideally also a left back and a creative wide player. With our first competitive match only a week and a half away, hopefully there are more signings pending. On addition, one of our academy players has joined Rangers. I hope h
  12. It gets a big thumbs up from me. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  13. Thanks Gringo, I hope you get more participants as it’s good fun. No bonus points for being the only player to remember to predict the score in every game??
  14. Some suggestions: What plans does the club have to maintain the increased interest and support from fans that was generated by getting to the play offs? Fans feel communication is poor. Does the club accept that and will they commit to regular updates from the Chairman or CEO, at least monthly all year round? How ambitious is the club in terms of achieving promotion and, if we achieve it, are the finances in place to build a competitive team that can re-establish itself as a Premiership regular? How stable is the club financially? What are the long term thoughts about
  15. Brian Rice is quoted in the Courier saying we have got a good one in Steven Boyd. He wanted to keep him at Alloa but Boyd wanted back into a full time club. Hopefully Rice is right. https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/sport/rice-boyd-is-a-fantastic-signing-for-ict-278987/
  16. Our Under 18s are playing at Forres at 1930 on Wednesday 6 July.
  17. As has been mentioned in the 2022 Friendlies topic in the main board, Gary Warren is back in Inverness having signed for Clach. He is now 37 so presumably will be planning for his life after being a player: I wonder if he could return to us in a coaching role at some point. It is great to see him back in the area. If Josh Meekings is still at Brora this season, the games between them could be worth attending if don’t have home games on the same days.
  18. Boyd scored 5 goals in 13 league games for Alloa, so may have potential with game time: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Boyd Shaw doesn’t look to have had much game time but hopefully we see something in him, given our need for creative players: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathan_Shaw Time will tell, but both strike me as squad players rather than regular starters.
  19. Young goalie Rhuadhri Nicol has joined Brora after being released by us.
  20. It is good that all games look to be weekend games without any pre-planned midweek dates. Queens Park and Cove in our first two home games will be interesting. I can’t wait!
  21. I wonder what the club’s view of the Development Plan is. I assume they would have been aware of the Council’s proposal in advance so would have had the opportunity to state their opinion. As DD has said, I’d have expected them to be encouraging submissions if they oppose the plan. Could it suit the club given the talk of developments at the IRA site or am I making 2+2=5?
  22. If Hyde and Nicolson are ready to be fully fledged first team players, we only have 17 players, 2 of whom have long term injuries. I hope we have other youngsters ready to step up, such as Thomson, Riddle or Hennem, but it is a big ask for them at this stage in their careers and they are probably a year or two away from being able to hold down a place regularly. Look at how long it took the likes of Christie, Polworth, Mackay, MacGregor and Harper to become established. I stand by my view that we are 5 players light for the new season, although quality rather than quantity must be th
  23. Just had a look at tonight’s scores: England getting humped 4-0 at home by Hungary! We can enjoy that at least tonight! I didn’t watch the Scotland game but it sounds like we were poor until they had a player sent off but then secured a comfortable win. To win the group, it looks like we will need to beat the Irish and take four points from the two games against Ukraine, which currently looks a tall order!
  24. Two for Stuart Armstrong for Scotland in Armenia today.
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