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  1. You did in the game 1 thread.
  2. Goal and assist for Jordan Roberts for Motherwell in their 2-0 win at Hibs today. Polly only a sub again.
  3. I watched it from around 1500 onwards so missed the first couple of hours. It was only his side of the story but he was calm and collected and, I thought, he came across as sincere. Some of the SNP members of the Committee seemed on “his side” too. I hope the Sturgeon interview is televised but if it is on Wednesday it clashes with the Budget so may not get the same coverage. I’d say round one to Salmond.
  4. Thinking back to our infamous relegation season when Boyce scored 10 against us in 4 games and, along with Foran of course, played a big part in our demise, does anyone know how many times he has played against us and how many goals he has scored in those games?
  5. I was down south in from 2008 until 2016 and in 2012 spent the summer working on the transport for the Olympics but never saw any events! I got some nice anecdotes from drivers who had superstars on their buses: Usain Bolt had to run to catch his scheduled bus to one of his 100 metre rounds. Imagine if he had missed it!
  6. McCann has just given a good interview praising the guys. Good to hear. Devine also came across well in his interview.
  7. Why? I thought he had a pretty good game. Can’t complain about the bookings or penalty claims. Toddy should have got a foul late on but doubt we’d have scored.
  8. Whilst we played a great initial 25 minutes, I will take that point tonight. We showed we can compete. Roll on Dundee on Tuesday.
  9. 11356 of us virtually there according to the announcement at the ground.
  10. Toddy on for Keatings. Keatings has put in a good shift tonight.
  11. Agreed. Mackay needs to track back with their right back. Think we will do well if we get a point tonight.
  12. Goal saving block by Devine. Allardice on for Carson. Carson has been busy, with two penalty claims, but not as effective as in the last two games.
  13. Now Carson booked. Needless, but fair the ‘keeper got booked too.
  14. First 25 probably as good as we have played this season, but we’ve not managed to sustain it. Hopefully we consolidate at the break and get on the front foot again as we showed early on we can compete and if Sutherland had been able to take his chance who knows. However, equally this could go horribly wrong in the second half.
  15. 1-1. Boyce. We bossed the first 30 or so, but signs that had been coming. We’ve created a lot of space and chances so need to settle down and get back to how we were playing earlier.
  16. Welsh booked. Again a correct decision. MacKay-Steven is causing us problems.
  17. Not looking good for Welsh. Hope he’s ok to continue.
  18. Storey! 1-0!! Pressured the defender into a poor header and put it away nicely.
  19. Looks like front three interchanging a lot but Keatings often through the middle with Storey and Sutherland playing wider.
  20. He’s tended to take them when in the team. Other than shoot outs we’ve not had many in recent seasons though.
  21. Welsh, Keatngs and Storey in for Allardice, Mackay and Todorov: https://mobile.twitter.com/ICTFC/status/1365375065395761153/photo/1 Not sure who will be providing width tonight. Storey or Sutherland will be on one side with the other through the middle, presumably. Keatings or MacGregor wide?
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