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  1. Gringo, the Dundee game has closed to predictions a week early.
  2. That’s a real shame for Daniel. He has had a rough time with injuries and now this. Hopefully it is a clean break to minimise his recovery time.
  3. Sadly both lost 1-0 at home. At least Fort William only lost 1-0 so clear signs of improvement!
  4. What’s the story here? Trafford was on the bench last weekend. Have we let him go?
  5. Daniel was on MFR this morning, clearly relishing the game time at Elgin and his goal. I think the loan will do him the power of good. Hope he avoids injuries and comes back in January and starts to fulfil his potential and become a first pick for us.
  6. Four all Championship matches. We may end up on tv again. If it happens, when would the game be? Saturday evening or Sunday?
  7. Mackay has scored for Elgin tonight.
  8. Shaun Rooney made the SPFL Team of the Week.
  9. Robert

    I phone scam

    Thanks Scotty, using the site no problem this morning.
  10. Was anyone else getting a scam about i phones coming up on this site last night and this morning? I could only get rid of it by closing it down, but it would reappear when I went back to the site. Seems ok now, so hopefully all sorted.
  11. Watching the highlights, I was maybe a bit harsh on Ridgers at the first goal. Under pressure, he dealt with the cross. I think things then went wrong as Rooney was on the ground after Ridgers’ punch as he would have been closing Linn down. Carson ran half way across the pitch to try to close him down whilst Rooney also tried to get out. I think Ridgers felt Donaldson should have covered for Rooney and closed Linn down judging by the argument between them after the goal. Ridgers saved is at the death. We looked better in the highlights than my memory of the game!
  12. Surely someone could have written their names down for them. I endured Tannadice last Saturday when Dundee United we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of their colours and they had players from several generations taking a bow. All were named letting the crowd show their appreciation. It happened before the players came out. We could have done the same today. I tape the Sportscene results each week. When I watched last week’s, the reporter kept calling Jamie McCart Chris!
  13. Presumably Nathan Austin. Has he found his level?!
  14. I agree with much of that. We should not have conceded. I thought Ridgers should have claimed the ball, but when it broke to Linn we did not close him down at all so we brought it on ourselves. We were poor first half, with Walsh being the only real spark but not getting the end ball right. What a relief when Keatings played Doran in and he finished well. After a shaky start to the second half when Arbroath had a couple of dangerous balls into the box, we pretty much dominated. We got a real break with Storey’s goal, as their keeper should have saved it. A special mention for Rooney. That was probably the best I have seen from him. His energy was great and he was prepared to take people on. I have seen the criticism of Carson and Vincent. It is harsh. Both were trying to get the ball down and play it and they had energy. They are similar players and I don’t think either is really a defensive midfielder, though, which is exposing our defence. In the absence of Welsh, maybe try McHattie in that role? Doran was getting into good positions and could have had a couple more. White was getting frustrated with the service: we can’t doubt his commitment. Hopefully Storey is fully fit to start the Dundee game, but his energy helped us although he got lucky with the goal. It was a tougher game than we perhaps expected, but we are off and running. Whilst I would rather be going to a cup game next weekend, the squad have two weeks now to gel and try things. For Dundee, if our injuries remain as now, I’d start with; Ridgers Rooney, Donaldson, McCart, Tremarco Doran, Carson McHattie, Walsh Todorov, Storey Time will tell! Pre match, I was disappointed the players from 1994 who were on the pitch were not named, but a great tribute to Alan Hercher from the disappointingly small crowd of 2298.
  15. HT 1-0 FT 3-1 ICT Walsh Arbroath Doris Crowd 2385
  16. Watched The Fort on the BBC I-player tonight. Sheer respect to those keeping the club going. I really hope they are on board with having our youngsters and that it revitalises them. It would be good if a follow up series was done this season with a more positive series of results. They are in Grantown tomorrow to play Strathspey, typically a team near the bottom, so three points must be a possibility. Worth taping Jeff Stelling on Sky in case he picks up on a positive result??
  17. I support this fully. Daniel has had little game time for a year due to injury. Training with us and playing every weekend with Elgin will do him the power of good and we will reap the benefits (hopefully) in the new year. We have four keepers, one at Fort William. I would imagine Cammy will go on loan somewhere in January so they share being on the bench with hopefully getting game time. I support the club in this.
  18. Whilst I get the logic, I’m really not sure about that. Carlo is very left sided and in that game always cut back in to use his left foot. He did ok defensively but it slowed us in an attacking sense. Any word on Brad?
  19. Robert

    New Kit

    Just discovered my wife has ordered one for me and it at the stadium for me to collect. 👍👍
  20. Nothing on the club website or twitter feed as yet.
  21. If only! At least we have you the chance to update it before it was too late!!
  22. Ridgers and Robbo were giving each other pelters after the goal.