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  1. I can’t make tomorrow’s game due to family commitments so will tune in if I get a chance.
  2. HT 1-0 FT 3-1 ICT White Alloa Trouten Crowd 2145
  3. Glad it’s a non Championship side and a home game makes us favourites. I agree with DD, no room for complacency but hopefully we progress to the semis and then the final. Momentum is important.
  4. It was so tempting to vote 8 (John McKendrick) for the referee, but he did well so I voted good. Still not forgiven him for that shocker when he sent Vigurs off for nothing though.
  5. Back home now and have read my comments which are probably a bit negative on reflection. We did the job, had a comfortable win, got game time for some fringe and younger players and are in the quarter finals. Mackay really only had one meaningful save to make and dealt with it at the second attempt, whilst he had no chance with the two attempts Alloa hit the woodwork with. Rooney was dangerous, but could have been given the ball more by Storey when he was looking to overlap. Harper had a decent game, particularly first half, largely taking a safety first approach. Donaldson and McHattie has a comfortable afternoon in the main. Trafford was busy and it was a powerful shot that took a deflection. Carson chases and harried and used the ball well when he had it. I was a bit disappointed by Storey. He kept the ball when a pass could have given us better opportunities, particularly when Rooney was upfield, but his pace was troubling the defence and his cross set up the third. Doran kept the ball well, but tended to slow play down. MacGregor had two chances in the first half. The first was a difficult header from a powerful Rooney cross. The second fell to him but he couldn’t get enough on the ball. I was surprised Curry started up front rather than wide. He took his goal well and had a couple of other efforts. White was a nuisance to the defence when he came on, whilst Vincent was steady. Highlight was the late cameo from Machado and the sheer joy when he scored at the back post. Only 973 there, if I heard the tannoy announcement correctly. And John McKendrick had a good afternoon as referee.
  6. Same outcome but with better performance would do!!
  7. Great to see Machado turn it in at the back post. Comfortable win but it felt quite a flat game overall. Second half performance was better than first. Hard to see how Alloa troubled Dundee United though.
  8. 2-0. Trafford with a shot that took a deflection. Slightly better this half.
  9. I agree. Doran has slowed play. Seen little of Storey. Curry and MacGregor lively but not getting much ball to use. Rooney has created most when he has gone forward Harper has had a good 45. Hope Machado appears at some point in the second half. Todorov not in squad: is he injured?
  10. Curry 1-0. Played in by a bad Alloa pass but he took it very well. Probably just deserved as poor game so far. Only other highlights two chances MacGregor failed to take in front of goal That half is best described as scrappy. We have been too slow in the main. Alloa have rarely threatened. Hopefully a better second half will follow.
  11. Bulk of possession so far but pretty even. Curry is playing as our striker, supported by MacGregor.
  12. Warm(ish) and sunny in the ground. Here’s to a good 90 minutes! The ref is John McKendrick: oh dear!!
  13. Thanks. Hopefully more to come to give stability for now but, as others have said, we need a robust plan to avoid this recurring.
  14. Will be interesting to see the starting line up. Robbo hinting Brad Mckay will start along with McHattie, Trafford and Curry but possibly not many youngsters. I assume Mackay will be in goal. After the Morton cup game, Harper deserves another start in my opinion. We have a good chance in this competition and momentum is important so, whilst I respect that some on here don’t have a lot of time for this cup, I’m hoping for a strong performance and another win. This line up will probably be a mile off, but: Mackay Rooney Mckay McHattie Harper Trafford Carson Storey MacGregor Curry Todorov Any word on Tom Walsh?
  15. Robert

    Sean Welsh

    I see the post on the club website confirming Sean will be out for 3 or 4 months. Hopefully his recovery goes well and he comes back early in the new year. We will miss his input in midfield as we always seem more secure when he plays. Time for Trafford or Carson to impose themselves and show what they can do.
  16. Do we know who the investor is? Alan Savage?
  17. Personally I welcome a detailed report of games I’ve not been at, and it is interesting to hear how others’ views of home games compare to mine. Getting back on topic, that is so tough for Sean. Hopefully it is not as bad as feared. I always think we are stronger with him in our team. It will be interesting to see if Trafford gets a run and whether he can sustain the performance it sounds like he had on Saturday and, partly tongue in cheek, his ratio of bookings per game. Equally, Carson has split opinion on here, but I have been impressed by his application and desire to take the ball down and play it.
  18. Wow. what was Rooney doing there when we were defending?? Glad he was. I’m sure Coll will claim he meant the long ball, but it could equally have ended in row z!! Who cares! Rooney’s day and we are only two points off the top!!
  19. That was shocking behaviour. Shaun has been through a tragic experience and no one should have to be subjected to abuse. Credit to him for shutting them up with an assist and a goal. Well done Shaun!
  20. Sounds like we deserved it too. Well done to all 14 who played. Two home games, in cup and league, so time to ensure we kick on! Was White also injured when he came off?
  21. He missed last week with injury. Not heard anything though.