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  1. He was at Clyde on loan last season too, so clearly his recall by St Mirren was due to the lack of game time so it was not working out for him and / or St Mirren. Equally it could be that the club did not think he could have the desired impact, which is why he did not have game time. However, we will never know!
  2. Joe Chalmers has moved from Ayr to Dunfermline. Kai Kennedy has yet another loan spell, this time at Hamilton having returned from his loan to Dunfermline.
  3. We can’t blame Jamieson or St Mirren as he didn’t get much game time, so there was no real point him being here (from their perspective). I suspect he will go to another club on loan for the rest of the season: hopefully he does not come back to haunt us if he joins a Championship club. In today’s Courier, it sounds like Devine may be out for a time as his knock on Saturday was bad. More encouragingly, it sounded more positive about Mckay. No mention of the prognosis for MacGregor or Doran though. It also had a good interview with Sam Pearson and his reasons for coming here
  4. Rearranged for 9 February at 1945: https://ictfc.com/partick-thistle-match-rearranged
  5. Picking up on comments above, a couple of questions. What is the speculation about the injuries MacGregor and Mckay have? Has Jamieson’s loan been ended? The club’s report is here: https://ictfc.com/dunfermline-ath-1-1-ictfc-22-01-2022
  6. Yes, second half yesterday our defence was Carson, Duffy, Broadfoot and Deas. Harper was left midfield until replace by Pearson. Jamieson must be frustrated as the three other players on loan all got game time yesterday but he remained stuck on the bench.
  7. Their new ground is technically not even in Cove, but it is behind Burger King. Lol!! Back to serious stuff, in 15 league games since the start of October, we’ve only won 4. We’ve beaten Morton home and away and our other two have been on Friday night TV games against Queen of the South and Kilmarnock. If we can raise our game for TV, why can’t we raise it for Saturday games? I see the next couple of weeks as critical to our promotion ambitions. We have Killie away and revitalised Morton at home, the two teams we have 100% records against in the league so far. If we get a grip a
  8. Sam Winnall for Oxford, Miles Storey for Hereford and Jack Brown for Rothes today. Last Saturday Andy MacRae and Garry Wood scored hat tricks for Brora and Brechin with Andrew MacAskill scoring for Buckie.
  9. Another game when it is hard to find three players deserving points! I went with Ridgers for his saves, Sutherland for his finish, and McAlear as he seemed keen to get the ball down and play.
  10. Of the new loan signings, Chalmers looked lively but we didn’t see much from Pearson. In fairness, they came on when we were second best and not really getting forward much, so it is too early to judge them. Chalmers initially looked to be in the “no 10” role but switched with Walsh and was playing wide right. Pearson was a straight replacement for Harper. When we lost Devine, I don’t know why we didn’t change things round. Duffy did fine at centre half but is a right back. We therefore had Carson, Duffy, Deas and Harper all playing out of their normal roles. It may not have mad
  11. I’m starting to feel the club is not wanting to be promoted and is happy being at this level. Time for them to prove me wrong. We do seem to have the ability, but perhaps not the ambition and desire. Either that or the game plan when we go ahead is so flawed that we keep messing up. Kilmarnock away next weekend and if we lose that, we will soon be out of the play off places depending on other results and the games in hand over us other clubs have.
  12. The point is all we deserved from that. A very poor second half, and we only really showed anything going forward after we conceded. We seem unable to play when we take the lead now and we always seem to let teams back into games we should be winning. So frustrating.
  13. 1-1. Penalty after hand ball by Carson. Can’t argue with the penalty or that the goal had been coming.
  14. Chalmers on for Duku. Looms to be taking up the “no 10” role playing behind Sutherland. McAlear harshly booked.
  15. Should be 1-1. Point blank save by Ridgers but the Dunfermline player should have scored easily. That needs to waken us up this half as we can’t get or keep the ball this half so far.
  16. Players kept waiting by a missing linesman so second start delayed. Ridiculous! Looks like Duffy is a straight replacement for Devine with Carson and Deas still at full back and Harper still in left midfield.
  17. Not the best first half of football this season, but we’ve been the better team and are deservedly ahead. We’ve competed well all across the park and been the more creative. Now we need to learn from recent weeks and not let another lead slip away. Losing Devine to injury just before half time is a blow and shows how at risk our squad is to further injuries. Duffy on so we will have a shuffled pack with, presumably Deas at centre half, Carson in midfield and Harper at left back. It will be clearer when the second half starts.
  18. Sutherland! 1 up. Sneaked in behind and scored at back post from Walsh (I think) cross as defenders focussed on Duku.
  19. I had a still screen and commentary but logged back in and it’s ok, albeit not the best picture quality. We've started ok, with the Dunfermline defence looking shaky.
  20. Anyone having issues with the stream? Mine has hung twice and I’ve had to come out and go back in.
  21. We are missing key players but time for those starting to step up and get the three points. An opportunity for the likes of McAlear, Harper and Duku to impress and the time for guys like Walsh and Sutherland to chip in with goals. Duku against Donaldson could be interesting!
  22. Another front player according to the club: https://ictfc.com/logan-chalmers-signs-for-ictfc-on-loan I see he had a loan at Arbroath last season. Anyone know much about either signing?
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