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  1. Not exactly on message but my English team, Fleetwood (as I lived 8 miles outside Blackpool for 8 years but Fleetwood were their less glamorous neighbours who made an amazing rise through the leagues) got thrashed 4-1 at home in the League 1 play off first leg, finishing with 9 on the park. Oh dear.
  2. I feel sorry for Alan!! Lol!!
  3. He did sign a new contract some time after relegation so would not have been on a Premiership wage.
  4. That’s a bit harsh:
  5. I don’t have many digital photos in Scotland so this one is very easy: what is in the distance and taken from where?
  6. Only been in that part of Argyll once but a nice village. Hadn’t realised it was the home of Kyles Athletic until we passed their ground. The Waverley was passing when we were there.
  7. Met Keith Haggart, who joined in February as Commercial Director, when I bought my ticket and collected my Oor Wullie. He was very friendly and positive about the future. He has been impressed with the passion of fans he has met and feels the community is more behind the club than was the case at other clubs he has been at (presumably Dundee but not sure what others). He talked about the subway deliveries and people buying season tickets for the first time. The players are all still furloughed but they are sharing positive stories with them. They anticipate training starting in September. He wants the community involvement to increase. All very positive and hopefully results in more interest in the club and helps us to stabilise the finances.
  8. Just turned the calendar to July. Good to see the youngsters (MacGregor and Mackay): hopefully this will be their real breakthrough season!
  9. I’m meeting my brother in law around 1400 to renew as we sit together. Hopefully no queues!!
  10. I’m going to the shop tomorrow too. I’ve always struggled with the on line option and found it easier just to go in. And I’ve an Oor Wullie to collect: hope it is worth £125 or I’m in deep sxxt!!
  11. Or maybe really encouraging signs?
  12. Fisher subbed after 52 minutes and his team is being well beaten it seems. I didn’t watch it to see how he played.
  13. And he’s started at Wembley tonight in the play off final. Must be weird in a ground that size with no crowd. It must be a big anti climax for players who probably never thought they’d play there.
  14. If he’s rejected an offer from Dundee, I don’t see him coming back here. Whilst another of Alan’s favourites gets a contract in the top league....
  15. I’m told the shop was queued out the door this morning so hopefully a sign of good take up on season tickets.
  16. A standing stone but no idea where! Sorry, we should have been at the stadium tonight at Tom Jones so having a few drinks at home instead and could not resist posting that! Cheers all!
  17. I will forgive you! No upset resulted I just wasn’t going to let you off with it!
  18. Hang on guys, I just said Arbroath was famous for smokies. I was born there before becoming a Highlander aged 4!! I rest my case.
  19. Thanks, I’d missed that.
  20. Season ticket details confirmed:
  21. A rare start for Alex Fisher for Exeter in the League 2 play off and an assist as they made the final. No Gary Warren in their squad though.