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  1. I was leaving the main stand exit closest to north stand and the young group of fans were singing and drumming as they do. They were winding up some Aberdeen fans but nothing violent and aggressive just banter. From what I seen around the area of the stadium nothing involving them happened. There was a slight argument with a few older boys with some Aberdeen fans and that could be what Neksor was talking about but that was nothing. Certainly no punches being thrown or anything like that. Just some middle aged supporter making a big deal about nothing therefore starting a pointless argum
  2. Why do I get the feeling that this didn't happen or you are making it sound more dramatic than it was. If it did happen good on them, it's what some of the Aberdeen fans deserve. There was a big group of them 20-30 walking to the game from town, Aberdeen fans that is and they were definitely trying to start something. Was walking a fair bit behind them about 7:30 and they were stopping cars while they sang together crossing the road and throwing a cone and stones a bus stop and just generally being scum. You need to grow a set and realise it was probably the Aberdeen fans who
  3. Will they be there though? Since they are banned from bus and a train ticket would be far to expensive, how else they gonna get there? Does anyone know if the gellions bus is running for Motherwell, I know it is for Dundee away.
  4. Is still doesn't make sense to ban the majority of them(apart from the ones you know!!!) for the Motherwell game. Fair enough your holding "meetings" with some of them but you should be give them another chance. After all it is the Scottish cup qualifier and not just a normal league game. What point does that prove? That you have authority over everyone who uses your bus? That misbehaving will result in a one match ban? Give them your viewes on what's acceptable tell them what they had done so they know at least then unban them TODAY. We need all our fans and as much sup
  5. Im not one those boys who have banned, I normally drive done to away games when I can. I also understand you have just made an opinion and didn't make the decisin. My point is that for the Stiriling game me and a few mates decided use the very much appreciated service or CJT buses as they do a job that no one else does in organising buses. But what I did find strange was that they put 30 Teenagers in a mini bus with just the driver(too my understanding), on a 3 hour journey to a football match. What did they think would happen? They would all read books and catch up on their homework. Th
  6. So would someone from CJT please tell everyone what the reason is that got them banned? Give the lads a break, how else they gonna get to the game. Did you even give them a warning the previous time?
  7. I think this is a disgrace of a decison been made. To ban a group of teenage fans from traveling on a bus they use almost every 2nd week and who have recently raised the atmosphere of home and away games, Why? because they were singing on the bus? I think the person who made the decision to ban them should come forward and give an explanation to why because it clearly wasn't the head of CJT. These fans are as loyal to the club and team as any other fan traveling to the game. What did you expect when you packed them all in to a mini bus? Guarantee if you had put them into a normal
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