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  1. HT 0-5 FT 6-5 knowing oor luck! First DAFC - Dom Thomas First ICT - Ross Tokely fae the second row o seats in yer main stand corporate box Crowd - 4500 and a smattering of fake tanned legs and summer frocks from those of us in the first row in the away end (the glare from white pins would put our own players aff never mind yours) 😊 Buffy
  2. Bonjour mon amis 😊 Looking forward to this match too and also an important one for us. Weather wise it’s sunny, breezy and fairly braw doon by. Not quite 👙 time but getting there! Photos by request 😉 I’m dying to get back to the fitbaw as I’m sure you all are too. Streams are ok but it’s just no’ the same. I need my hugs with the pundits first and foremost as well as them tucking into my (legendary, according to Spencey) buns. 🎂 Enjoy the live stream if yer watching ParsTV today or, like me, listening to Open All Mics on the wireless. 🖤🤍❤️
  3. Nice to meet you too Lizi. It was a great day oot minus the football ?. Merry Christmas to you too xx
  4. Congrats guys. You deserved the win. We were rubbish. Nisbet was missing his partner Kiltie. Four of us on the dasc supporters bus chose Doran as our man of the match - we’re supposed to choose one of our own but none came to mind! re “The corner in front of the main and north stands was heavily stranded and the ball was sticking. Hopefully not a sign of problems ahead.” There was a pitch inspection re this particular area; officials weren’t happy with the digging which took place and had to wait on the ref (who was stuck in traffic) to make the final call.
  5. Bonjour mon amis! It’s been a while since my last visit but I’ve popped in to say that I’ll be decked out in full festive outfit aka a Santa mini dress this coming Saturday for our match. I will be in the supporters’ bar at the stadium pre match (come say hello - I don’t bite) before heading into the away end to do the Live Updates for DAFC.net I hope you enjoy the game and have a Merry Christmas when the big day comes. Love fae Buffy xx
  6. Dundee United? Whit? We’ll scalp ye three to wan! ?
  7. ? IHE! Be good to see you Sir x
  8. A wee question - do you buy tickets to the game before going to the turnstiles or is it cash gates? Cheers. Buff
  9. Bonjour mon amis Oor travelling support is raring to go for this Saturday’s day oot in Inverness and I for one am fair looking forward to it. Darn the pesky football that comes with it! One shall be with the DASC supporters bus who are stopping in Costa de la Aviemore for a spot of lunch. Should I acquire a bikini ? for the fair October highland weather or the thousand layered vest? Alas, it will be the return visit in Springtime when I next visit the famous Innes Bar — hopefully this time however one shall just gie ye aw the royal wave fae the away end. Mon the Pars and errrr Caley too! Buffy xx
  10. I gave ye a mention in ma updates tae, Sir. I'll pop in and see a match one day chuck.
  11. It was a cracking game guys n gals. I thought, withoot any bias whatsoever lol, that we were quite strong in the first half but as soon as yer goal went in that was us the heids went doon. Our equaliser was good but you showed yer calibre of premiership in the second half and it was hells bells for us. thank you to the fans who came all the way doon. you made my day with your singing and shouts - especially to the nearside linesman. He was daein ma heid in too! Cheers Alex! It's good to be back. Bluddy BBC Sportsound were aw in ma row in the PB - five (5!) of them. They got telt I'm getting a plaque oan ma seat for them next time. Cheers folks! Buffy x
  12. Guid photae - nae likeness though lol Aye, TM, that's the lippy gaun oan!
  13. Bonjourno mon amis! If ye fancy reading the latest developments from East End Park tonight for our Betfred League Cup game feel free to hover over the home page on DAFC.net by clicking on the Live Updates post. It'll be typed by yours truly, 100 words a minute (!), steam coming aff the keyboard, for every piece of excitement fae start to finish. I'll be there from 7.15pm to when they kick us oot. Hope you enjoy the game. Cheers, Buffy
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