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  1. caleyboy

    Angus Beith

    First of all I would be surprised if our injury situation was related to training or coaching methods. However I would not be surprised if our medical/ physio / rehab was not very much dictated by budgets or lack of funding.
  2. Any word of our annual accounts and AGM?
  3. caleyboy

    Angus Beith

    I dont think this is relevant as the club must abide by the contract agreed by both parties.
  4. caleyboy

    Having a ball

    Great to see the club thinking of the supporters by setting a ticket price of £120 and once again managing to **** up details. Community club - aye right! Only the wealthy few will enjoy this event so I hope the club can survive on their ongoing contributions.
  5. caleyboy

    The 'John Hughes broke my club' thread

    Merely my opinion DD. I also feel you are very much stating the obvious and i don't think your role in the ST has any relevance.
  6. caleyboy

    Women’s team finally

    Dont think you understand my post OT.
  7. caleyboy

    Women’s team finally

    probably got a lot to do with the fact we don't even have enough income to run our first team, u18's and youth squads or have a team in the reserve league.
  8. caleyboy

    The 'John Hughes broke my club' thread

    This thread is effin boring and well well spent 😪
  9. caleyboy

    January signings

    Dont see why we couldn't afford his wages if he is free agent and earning zilch
  10. caleyboy

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    if they have stopped issuing free tickets to kids it is absolutely disgraceful
  11. caleyboy

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    I thought we employed an expert with vast experience in this field?
  12. caleyboy

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    ICT issued 100's of free tickets for home games to local primary schools since the club was formed and I would be surprised if they don't so now
  13. caleyboy

    Stadium gifting complete

    you'll be getting writers cramp mannie - beginning to ramble a bitty.
  14. caleyboy

    Stadium gifting complete

    gone off topic i think sp
  15. caleyboy

    Stadium gifting complete

    JR hasn't resigned and he hasn't been sacked. That's good news imo but will he be at work tomorrow? 🤔 Just get on and get these guys playing the way you know they can. 👍