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  1. From what I hear it's not money it's length of contract that seems to be the problem.
  2. Are we staying with Puma or are we going g elsewhere? Time is running fast.
  3. If we have a number of prospects in the u18 squad we should get them signed get them training with the 1st team and get them out on loan
  4. The last Davidson we had at right back was the wonderful Roddie. Here's hoping he does as well.
  5. Pleased to hear his contract has been extended. Needs a stronger support team tho.
  6. But is No 5 skillful Bobby?
  7. Passed yesterday and it looked like we had a game on
  8. Sorry IHE I would not normally support any such actions but we go back a long way. First met in mid 60's.
  9. I probably will OCG but that's not the point. We should be able to access these sources without hassle. We just don't seem to be at the races in many areas.
  10. A friend of mine in Glastonbury tells me he has tried on numerous occasions to access ticket master and the club without success. He is an exiled Thistle fan and was looking for tickets for himself and 3 sons.
  11. Cmon the Caley you deserve it and so does Dodsie
  12. Sadly I would say a great many already have.
  13. Tommy would have loved that semi
  14. Apart from being a press legend Bill was also manager, many moons ago, of Ness Rangers in Inverness Juvenile league. RIP Bill
  15. Unfortunately Derek Dewar does not keep well nowadays. Good player and great guy.
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