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  1. Totally agree Caley D. This was talked about many years ago but one man clobbered it.
  2. Think it's an ego, control and self interest thing if I'm reading it right
  3. maybe a wee bit too early to say.................
  4. Seems to be one of Robbo's deficiencies, he should never publically criticise any player individually. We win or lose as a team.
  5. maybe not Tulloch but certainly a Sutherland connection.
  6. I think this just goes to show that there doesn't seem to be any new blood interested. A big pity but glad to see two very successful businessmen willing to come back and bring their business acumen (and money) to help the club.
  7. Come on guys - we are getting what we are paying for -in all departments !
  8. caleyboy


    Wish someone would shut this crap down cos it's not giving anyone positive vibes.
  9. Brilliant musical mind and a nice guy. RIP
  10. last I heard Euan was at Nairn but I think he may now be in the States.
  11. Sam Urquhart is Alan Urquharts son (ex Clach and Ross County) was with us as a kid, went to Aberdeen then back to us for a wee while as a youth. Big potential but didn't quite get there.
  12. It has always been my view that those who want to leave should be allowed to go.
  13. RIP Hugh. We could always do with people like you, solid, sensible and trustworthy 👍