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  1. Not the greatest interview but I believe we should give him a chance to prove he can do the job we expect him to do.
  2. I think the Boss came over well in the interview and I'm sure he will get into their heads for Tuesday.
  3. Why on earth are we bring up negatives? Our squad last night looked good and we should be talking about the positives .
  4. Brad Mackay was a regular in team so, to me, Kirk Broadfoot is like signing Beckenbauer.
  5. Was Duncan Shearer not our last Scottish International to play for the club?
  6. County have shut down their football operations because of covid outbreak.
  7. New shirt is similar style to our 1995 96 home shirt
  8. enough black imo 😄
  9. The boys not from Dalneigh. Anyway, what's wrong with Dalneigh?
  10. well spotted. Fact, he said ICT were never an option
  11. Unsubstantiated he is quoted as saying we were never an option.
  12. And what has all that got to do with our squad update?
  13. Reading he may go for £1m cos he only has 6 months left on contract. A snip at 3 - 5 times that
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