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  1. when football returns we will be back in the premiership 👍
  2. A good guy, good footballer and a PE Teacher to boot. Just the type we need to coach our kids. I hear he is keen to getting a teaching job up here so the sooner the better imo.
  3. They would all make our first team now. Some cracking players in that list.👍
  4. I'll believe that when I see it. Hope he's right but can we survive time without any income?
  5. I just hope there is an answer but having to pay wages without any income is a challenge to any business never mind one without reserves.
  6. I think Hamilton will survive. county are my choice.
  7. caleyboy


    you must really like these guys
  8. caleyboy


    don't think anyone has the answers you are looking for. speculation fuels real uncertainty.
  9. please please please keep your predictions private for our remaining games.
  10. well done guys 👍
  11. Downside: No matter, a one goal win against a team of kids is nothing to shout home about. Upside: It is highly probable that most of them are earning as much if not more than our guys. Another cup final which is very winable. Well done guys in what could have been a banana skin. 👍
  12. There was only one team playing good footie out there and that was us. Well done guys.
  13. I doubt very much if we were spending *£400k per annum on youth when we were in Premiership but then again maybe we were.