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  1. If the Football Club have been paid in full the whole situation will be and look even worse to those who are due money.
  2. Thanks I don't have a problem with that explanation
  3. Don't remember asking for thread to be removed or hidden, just moved to non football business.
  4. From what I now hear it seems lack of experience played a big part.
  5. Heard today from a major creditor that the plug has been pulled on the events company. Disgraceful.
  6. Defeats are better coming now than later in season but here's hoping we don't experience another gubbing like last night
  7. We obviously didn't try hard enough if at all.
  8. He's the kind of player who could be the difference between going up and staying where we are. We should be interested
  9. At the end of the day these B teams are probably all full time and maybe U23 so should be beating Higland League teams.
  10. In my opinion Caley and Thistle are still alive and kicking but I still wouldn't wear that red and black rag.😉
  11. Probably only made half a dozen.
  12. are we shooting with or against the wind second half?
  13. Oh where have you been Dougal..........hiding under a stone in Dingwall
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