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  1. caleyboy

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    I fully support Robbo in making the changes for this match as these players needed game time. The biggest mistake this club made was not entering the reserve league. All these guys plus the newly signed u18s would get good game time and the youngsters would develop against men and not boys.
  2. caleyboy

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    if they don't have a club they ain't earning anything so a lower wage than they were used to is better than zilch.
  3. caleyboy

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Sorry to be negative but we were playing a very young pars team which we dominated for most of the game but yet again failed to put the match to bed. On this showing I would be very surprised if we are challenging at the end of the season I hope I'm wrong.
  4. caleyboy

    Ryan Esson Testimonial

    How to show players they are wanted and appreciated. Unfortunately, we still seem to be good at that.
  5. caleyboy


    I've just read the chairman's statement and I agree this type of abuse should not be tolerated. There is however no specific mention of how long the ban will be so it will be interesting to hear what it is. He does however once again mention ICT is a FAMILY Club - does he really believe this? What exactly is a family club and what has he and his board done to make it so?
  6. caleyboy

    Our game against Killie-significant.

    The way they played last night I'm sure we could have taken them - even with their so called stars!
  7. caleyboy

    League Cup 2014/15 - 3rd Round draw (last 16)

    Queens Park could be a tricky tie away from home!
  8. caleyboy

    Christie call up...

    Good for you Ryan hope it all goes well for you.
  9. caleyboy

    Celtic fans in North stand.

    Cos the opposing fans would never have been stupid enough!!!!
  10. caleyboy

    Saturday's Ref...

    Thank god it isn't that little "man" - he gives us NOTHING!
  11. caleyboy

    Summer transfer targets

    Seemingly 2 trialists with us this week. One an African striker and the other (don't know what position) a former England U18 internationalist. Anyone got any info on who they are?
  12. caleyboy

    Mckay to Fleetwood/Frankfurt/Fraserburgh?

    Considering he is in the last year of his contract I would accept a decent bid (anything over £250k)and replace him with a loan striker with some experience. There must be someone out there who is looking to kick on at a reasonable level of first team football.
  13. caleyboy

    Rory McAllister

    Waste of time, effort and money if we pursue anyone who only wants to play part-time. Don't forget Rory tried this before and didn't have the attitude to take the opportunity when it was given.
  14. caleyboy

    Predicted Final Table

    Considering the way Yogi wants the team playing, and the players we have, I will be happy if we stay clear of any potential relegation places. On the other hand, if he can sort out our decisions in the final third I would be looking to 5th or 6th place.
  15. caleyboy

    Ex-ICT players' news

    I wondered what had happened to Greenhalgh! So he's back at Concord...I'm sure they'll be happy to have him back although I bet he feels he can play at a higher level! And he is the ONLY one who feels he should be playing at a higher level!