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  1. I do indeed. I believe he is now in Edinburgh area. His great pal at the time Mecca Lockhart is in Australia and has been since he more or less left school.
  2. Did Peter MacKinnon not have two sons Angus and Peter?
  3. if we can convert half of our home draws to wins and maintain our away stats we won't be far away next season
  4. wow. memories to make me smile. Andy Penman in creative midfield role. Harry Smith wide. Come onnnnnn.
  5. Ray Mackintosh and Billy Urquhart would do me fine. And also Davy Johnston if were doing a 4-3-3.😊
  6. Everything to prove. IMO a good solid signing obviously within our budget. 👍
  7. would be better with the wee lassie Cuthbert mun
  8. thank God for that i nearly went back to work!
  9. I'm getting excited - news better come soon or I'll need to go and do some bludy work
  10. Methinks it's time for bed SP 🥺 Night night.
  11. It may all have happened too early for this lad so, if true, he may prove to be a good addition.