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  1. fact of life guys we can only build what we can afford to build so let's not get ahead of ourselves
  2. That's the problem with footie admin Kingsmills too much talk and not enough action.
  3. Don't think that's a woven club badge...or is it?
  4. Correct. He is not a director.
  5. Andrew was always going to be a good part-time player. When he was released the club did him a favour. A good football wage and full-time work wage instead of crap wage and small chance of a regular start.
  6. Best wishes Scott👍
  7. Probably get 2 or maybe even 3 guys in for what Carlo was being paid.
  8. You're hardy shopping in that dump 😊😊
  9. Having listened to Stewart Gilmour (excuse any spelling mistakes) I would agree that our CEO did a very good job but let's not be blinkered here. Our board would not be doing their job if they disregarded our current play off position to potential SPL promotion so the published reason to vote NO was not our only reason.
  10. when football returns we will be back in the premiership 👍
  11. A good guy, good footballer and a PE Teacher to boot. Just the type we need to coach our kids. I hear he is keen to getting a teaching job up here so the sooner the better imo.
  12. They would all make our first team now. Some cracking players in that list.👍
  13. I'll believe that when I see it. Hope he's right but can we survive time without any income?
  14. I just hope there is an answer but having to pay wages without any income is a challenge to any business never mind one without reserves.