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  1. And a happy Christmas to Dick the biggest dick In the championship
  2. Can the league rulers be asked to review that p ...s performance and cancel these Red cards before the St J game?
  3. Campbell says they were by far the better team on the night but sorry old man you just weren't good enough to beat us even with us at 10 and 9 men. We may not have looked that pretty but by jove we can defend all over the pitch. What a win guys!!!!!
  4. And what about Les Fridge.
  5. Come on guys, get after these fishy characters early doors. Do everyone proud - good luck
  6. Good luck guys. Press them hard from the start and you'll succeed. You all deserve a result!
  7. W D W D and we are there !!
  8. We have a good enuf record against the smokies but we will need to be better than last night.
  9. I remember the days you were "behind us all" and we panicked every time Cat 😺 🐱 😸
  10. I don't know about anyone else but I get this feeling that maybe, just maybe this could be our year! Come on guys you're doing great👍
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