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  1. Really dont care TBH. We will do the lot of them next season 😆
  2. I agree entirely, Celtic would be crazy paying any fee to ICT for a player moving out of contract. I feel we have lost out on this one but an out of contract Ryan can negotiate better terms for himself. Pity, but that's the football world
  3. Maybe I'm missing something here . Club 1 = ICT. Club 2 = Celtic. Celtic agree sell on clause with ICT of x% of fee they receive for Ryan if they sell him. Ryan runs down contract and becomes free agent. Ryan signs for ? club and Celtic receive no fee. If Celtic do not receive a fee we receive Zero. I stand to be corrected.
  4. Why would a free agent negotiate a sell on clause. What his agent would negotiate would be a % of any future transfer fee to be paid to the player not a club he has had no connection with for years.
  5. Just my opinion but I would be giving first year pros 2 year contracts with review after 1 year to extend to 3 years. I would review every year. Their potential should be obvious to coaches during first year. It is our job to ensure they are given every opportunity to make the grade. We will lose some through late development tho.
  6. If he runs down his contract, neither Celtic or ICT would have any say in his future contract, so I dont see where any "sell on clause " would apply.
  7. From what I hear I think we should do our best to keep Billy.
  8. Speculation is all very well but unfortunately our Board have a BIG decision to make on our management and coaching team for next season. This is a priority.
  9. I'll take that starting 11 now COME ON THE CALEY ! Here's wishing you all the best boys.
  10. I agree and maybe we should be realistic and prepare ourselves for another season in what is probably the hardest league to get out of.
  11. Our attitude should not be in question. Our guys are fighting for new contracts and more money if they can get to the next level. On our day we can beat any team in this league so it depends on how much our players want it. Here's hoping for 3 points and favourable results elsewhere.
  12. As I have said before, 5th place would be quite acceptable to me but I dont see us being in a position to strengthen the squad if we stay in this division. I think we now need 9 from 9 to have a chance of going up.
  13. Nice touch, would like to see how it looks on our shirt
  14. David Carson is the kind of player you want about the place. He wanted to stay and I wouldn't be surprised if he was offered more money from others. Great bit of business by the club and loyalty from the player. Others please take note and hang yer hat in the Highlands!
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