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  1. Edit Edit Edit. Arithmetic arguably not an academic subject in the Academy. Didn't have that problem in the Tech cos none of us could read write or add up😂
  2. If only we could play that 12 men all at once IHE 😃
  3. aye the young Barry had his head up his ar.. but came back a mature laddie and a very valuable player.
  4. good experience for them both
  5. I would hate to play for this club with supporters like you around.
  6. caleyboy

    New Kit

    things just don't change. laughing stock once again. why oh why can't we get such a small detail right first time. fgs we have been doing it for 25 years!!! 😡
  7. hope this is just early season bad day at the office. we have a few days to sort it out so come on boys go get em and prove the doubters wrong.👍
  8. Last I saw it Jim Oliver was wearing it on his motor but that was a long time ago.
  9. don't know about getting some wins as they will find a big difference playing senior football. good experience for them and I hope they develope their game so that they come back to us.
  10. That's because the lot of you were no f...... use🤣
  11. I would hope our club acknowledges JB by having a minutes silence or applause prior to ko tonight.
  12. JB also had brief spells as manager of Clach and Nairn County. Lived for football.
  13. Former ICT youth coach, Caley manager and Inverness youth football stalwart John Beaton died today. I think he would have been 71/72. Sad news, football was his life. RIP.