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  1. what's all this got to do with Polworth?
  2. doesnt really matter. I still think he has made a pretty big mistake as his game still needs work.
  3. we know the club is a mess so unfortunately nothing would surprise me
  4. depends on the date his contract terminates.
  5. I accept the stats and I hope he has made the right choice of club (including ICT). However, I think their manager will need to convince him that his work rate will need to improve for him to hold down a regular place. Good luck .
  6. He didn't need replaced. What he needed was people above him who knew what they were doing.
  7. If if if if. Well sorry to say it but Saturday just shows we are a good bit off premier league standards so even if we get to the final I'm not at all hopeful of a result. Sincerely hope I'm wrong.
  8. We have been trading on a sticky financial wicket (with the odd exception) for most of our history. The demands for success on the park have dictated our basic infrastructure, or should I say lack of it. I have heard that some wealthy individuals have pumped in some serious lump sums over the years just to keep us afloat but unless they have a serious agenda how long will this continue? If we don't go up this year I can only see a vastly reduced budget along with whatever that brings.
  9. so you are blaming yogi for our financial situation. Bizarre!!!!!!!
  10. I really don't understand what you are trying to say.
  11. our financial demise started a long time before Yogi got here.
  12. Agree OCG but hospitality is unfortunately not designed to attract punters like us.
  13. a tall order yes but it's the Cup so anything can happen
  14. it would have been a miracle if we won this league with everything taken into consideration
  15. ... the successful 25 years you are quoting DD relate ONLY to FOOTBALL and not to infrastructure, business model or finances. "expectation that his contribution to the club pays his way and makes a positive contribution to the club's balance sheet." Yes this is essential and must be monitored closely and regularly He must also evaluate everyones jobs to see if they are absolutey necessary because financially we can't carry passengers.