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  1. It has always been my view that those who want to leave should be allowed to go.
  2. RIP Hugh. We could always do with people like you, solid, sensible and trustworthy 👍
  3. I wouldn't put our problems down Carl. IMO it is down to individuals not taking responsibility for their own jobs. If they did Carl is the senior statesman and should be our captain.
  4. so who would you replace Carl with?
  5. I hear the former Caley president Hugh Crout's health has deteriorated considerably. I am pretty sure Hugh will now be well into his 80's but I hope he recovers well enough to enjoy many more happy years.
  6. I think selling Ryan gives us the edge on return on investment and also think we could argue that we have had more players coming through to the first team squad. However, we have to get away from this County comparison thing. IMO a Highland "Academy" would cut costs dramatically and reduce the number of kids being given false hope and then dumped. Negotiations could be difficult and would be better held by people who have no personal positions to protect. .
  7. probably affect their jobs as well. just like not going to your work.
  8. if we are spending nearly £500k pa on youth development then we need to calculate our return on investment. I'm sure any new investor would seriously look at this.
  9. Players will develope to the level they are capable of. If they are capable, the Premier League team would pick them up and so on down the leagues to highland League. It just takes mature people to work it out and save all clubs a lot of money. It is a well known fact that the majority of kids being coached in so called academies will not play at the club's league level.
  10. personally I believe directors should have a minimum of £50k invested in the club.
  11. I don't think you will find that Mr Fyfe has any shares in the club. If he has, I will be very surprised.
  12. The existing major shareholders would probably be a deterrent to new major investment.
  13. Assuming we go into Admin surely the FT shares would also be diluted to zero ?