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  1. Questions, nothing else intended. You obviously don't have the answer then.
  2. my concern is what happens to the fans voting rights if the Trust folds? Who's responsible for communication at the club?
  3. All down to the agreement between ICT and Celtic when Ryan left us. Bournemouth seemingly raving about him. Let's hope he gets promoted and hope we get more cash.
  4. I would hope they have built in further payments after so many games etc and a sell on %. If this is the case, we should be due our cut when/if celtic receive any more cash for Ryan.
  5. caleyboy


    Good point but we don't have a reserve side.
  6. Yes, I hope the ST doesn't fall into the "dormont" state as before. Let's not forget the ST are custodians of substantial voting rights.
  7. Don't expect too much on the budget Dodds has to work on. Enjoy what we have.
  8. Not the greatest interview but I believe we should give him a chance to prove he can do the job we expect him to do.
  9. I think the Boss came over well in the interview and I'm sure he will get into their heads for Tuesday.
  10. Why on earth are we bring up negatives? Our squad last night looked good and we should be talking about the positives .
  11. Brad Mackay was a regular in team so, to me, Kirk Broadfoot is like signing Beckenbauer.
  12. Was Duncan Shearer not our last Scottish International to play for the club?
  13. County have shut down their football operations because of covid outbreak.
  14. New shirt is similar style to our 1995 96 home shirt
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