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  1. Downside: No matter, a one goal win against a team of kids is nothing to shout home about. Upside: It is highly probable that most of them are earning as much if not more than our guys. Another cup final which is very winable. Well done guys in what could have been a banana skin. 👍
  2. There was only one team playing good footie out there and that was us. Well done guys.
  3. I doubt very much if we were spending *£400k per annum on youth when we were in Premiership but then again maybe we were.
  4. I really don't know how much more people can ask from Robbo considering what he has at his disposal and the budget he has. Dundee fans must be wondering what we are complaining about. We are still in second place ffs! short memories, don't forget this team took the runaway leaders to bits.
  5. Maybe trying to get Shane in this month?
  6. Maybe Todorov will drop into CB as he has seemingly played there before.
  7. Personally I feel we can look forward to yet another season in this league if we don't sign another experienced centre back in the window. I'm not a great fan but I would take Berra from Hearts until the end of the season.
  8. personally I don't think they will give their all when they know their future is secured elsewhere.
  9. He doesn't want to be here so I would cash him in now.
  10. thankfully not coming back here then. maybe we have a cut of transfer fee coming our way?
  11. Better player than Donaldson IMO. I hope we did our best to keep him.
  12. Paying some or all of his wage would be quite normal.
  13. speculation...................
  14. caleyboy

    QoS match

    I would drop them now. Obviously loyalty is not one of their attributes.